A space where I, as an Empath, in these incredible times, describe my senses of Earth and Human Energies happening both in my inner world and in the outer, where I resolutely claim my Feminine Mind, Heart and Spirit and Wisdom. This blog is not for the feint of heart nor for closed minds, it is open to the infinite realities of this universe. I hope you join me and share with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Forgiving and Sending A Draco to Source

I mentioned in my first entry that this blog is not for the feint of heart nor for the closed minded or cynic and this post is one such. Though in the ''spirit'' of ''fringe'' could be germinal truth.

I wake up most mornings with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, it is horrible and often I do not know the cause. I feel gripped tightly by something that will not let go. It is distinctly a gripping feeling and it is there 24/7. I have a hard time breathing with this, I cannot do anything, nor can I live my daily life doing daily chores because I feel so sick. I have been (erroneously) told it is my own self due to my own thoughts and negativity.

I do have an ongoing ''trauma/issue/pain'' of such a magnitude for my personal being, for my personal Spiritual makeup and sense of what it means to be humane, that I am still, after 13 years having to ''deal'' with it and I do not 'deal' most days very well. I have tried to forgive and move on and to do all those things people tell you, even taking ''healings'' from various people in various ways from implant removals to Holographic Kinetics which have done absolutely nothing for me. I am still plagued.

My immediate concern and priority has been to first get myself together so that I can function in a peaceful and humane manner and then to extend that to others because I am not built to live as a single entity unto myself, I am intrinsically and symbiotically connected to other humans and to Life.....so I must find out how to heal myself, to be free and clear inside, filled with Peace and then to extend that or emanate that out to the world.

Anyone who is reading this is probably aware that we (humans) are not alone and that there are many forces, agencies, powers and principalities, entities, etc etc etc who are also in this ''game'' (a term/concept I detest) and who easily influence humans from our inner thoughts to our external circumstances in the physical world in which we live. And if you are reading this you are looking for insights and I believe I may have one today.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the usual mysterious dread (fear, apprehension, trepidation, anxiety, worry, concern, foreboding, disquiet, unease, angst) in the pit of my stomach, a sickening feeling which instigates more hurtful feelings but I am sick of feeling sick and do not want it anymore. This dread feels so foreign, so unnatural to me and regardless of how things have panned out in my life completely antithetical to my own plans and desires, I still want to be a free minded and spirited being.
So I wake up and feel this sickness and grip of ''threat'', but before I opened my eyes I went inside to the area where I feel this sourced which is my abdomen and what I call the 2nd brain as our intuition, gut instincts etc are located there and this tells me we have another brain there, and I tried to ''see'' into what it is (for the zillionth time) and to discover what I can to heal it or get rid of it whatever works.
In the spirit of ''whatever works'' I have done as mentioned all the healing modalities I have been exposed to and told about to no avail.
I felt into this area, quickly scanned my history of dealing with this dread and 'forgiveness, forgetting, loving, letting go' etc which have all been done numerous times fell to zero and just knew it was time for something I haven't done.

When nothing you have done works, then you must do something different, whether you believe in it or not, just to test other theories as to the cause, because if you really, really want to be rid of something or cure or heal it, you must investigate everything and that is what I do. I keep going until something works. When it works, then I have not only helped myself, but have learned something crucial about life, my Self, and the energetics of humans and/with others.
Despite beliefs I acquired knowledge.

So I had to go to those other ''theories'' and test them and do something I did not want to do nor did I totally believe in and here is where the magic lies, yet again. Everything we are told to not believe in......well.......I have learned several times the hard knocks way, that they all do in fact exist and not only that, those particular things seems to have the upper hand in most of our lives due mostly to the fact that we do not believe in them nor want to.

So this morning I decided to play with a theory of entities being inside us. I decided to talk to those entity/s who ''they say'' are inside us, manipulating our feelings, and creating all kinds of negativity and pain and suffering, because apparently that is their job. I have experienced thoughts which came in from outside but I thought I was clear of entities who live inside me. Who can believe this, right? I am speaking of reptilians and dracos. I have been reading of them for many years now and though I have come to see ubiquitous evidence of their deeds and workings it is still hard to believe. Really.

But this morning I decided to act upon this. I felt the dread in my abdomen, I felt the unrelenting grip of my core. I imagined a draco who may be the cause of this dread and sickness in me, and stood it in front of me. In this moment I had no energy to be angry or anything like that, I felt too defeated to feel such strong feelings, and just wanting this grip upon me to release me so I can breathe! I see him in front of me and wanted to be the power of this moment, despite my current beat up feelings I wanted to be the one to call this shot. I told him I forgive you, now I send you to "Source" (all consuming beneficent one). I imagined a light taking him away, and he was gone.

Within 2 seconds I felt the release of this grip in my gut, and a deep sigh ensued with my entire body. I saw in my minds eye in that area a hole surrounded by an intense glowing light, which I still don't know what it means, but the light around it informed me there was healing energy there. I turned over to my back and simply felt what my body was feeling and it was a luxuriant release and I was basking in it, taking it in, as I felt myself returning to my natural ''ungripped'' free flowing state of being, breathing deeply, able to take deep breaths for the first time in a week. I marveled.
I lie in bed for maybe 20 minutes when I realized I was really clear. I was clear! and got up and walked around. Am I really feeling this? Am I truly? It is already many minutes now and this feeling of being released is still consistent and wonderful. I walked outside and tested myself. I thought of those ''issues'' I have and while I can think of them, they did not grip me with dread. I tested my mind to see if I could merely conjure up the dread by thinking of them, (tricky business!) and because my will truly does not want dread despite the issues, I could not conjure up the feeling, so my mind was not the one producing it. Those ''issues'' I have were not the cause of the dread otherwise I could have brought all those feelings back by thinking of them. I even went so far as to imagining various themes of them, but my will didn't want the sickening dread and so it didn't happen. This is as it should be!

I slowly walked around my gardens and took in all the flowers and such which I do every morning but the grip was gone. I was feeling limp, exactly like when one is released, and like I was recovering from a beating. I knew I could relax now and so I began to tend to some gardening and it was so good to be able to move and do things normally again. I started watering the front garden and one thing led to another and I gardened really hard for 7 hours. All day long I kept checking in with myself, to feel this freedom, this absence of the ''grip'' and dread and it was consistently gone, the feeling of threat gone. I was peaceful the entire day. I kept testing and checking my inner landscapes for all those thoughts that can turn my gut, but nothing did.
I gardened hard.
I had Zen moments too, halfway through the day, I saw the herb bed was parched and plants wilting from this harsh Florida sun so I set the water sprinkler onto it. And watching the medicine of water upon the plants, and seeing those wilted pale green plants become emerald green with droplets falling from their leaves and feeling the parched Earth sigh with relief of receiving the water, I felt all was well in the world. All was good.

Now it is 24 hours later and still I am still free and clear of the ''grip'' of terror and the dread feeling is gone. I even had pleasurable dreams in which I was taken in the ocean in a water ride by some expert women "ocean players" through huge waves of oceans, almost tsunami's but playing with them and we had a blast. After coming back from that someone made me laugh hysterically with his humor. When I woke up this morning I was still free of the dread, and still testing this by thinking of my issues, I was not feeling anything terrible. I could think of them without reacting. The dread is gone.

What am I to make of this? It seems I have discovered the problem was not me. Once again. There is a persecuting population out there even in the ''world of healing'' that wants to make us out to be the cause of all terror and pain and suffering. I am finding, consistently, the opposite. (Typical I am running against the grain of 90% of the rest of the world).
I have tested and tested many modalities of healing and systems, and philosophies etc, from ''you create your own reality'' bullshit......(I have books to write on that one!) to healing with forgiveness....but where? forgive who?......to Holographic Kinetics which removes spirits or entities who got into you because you ''play their game''....more pernicious bullshit......telling you ''you invited them in''  because you at some point felt sympathy or compassion for something, or didn't ''want to be here anymore'' or you asked god to please send you a friend.....or because of something your ancestors did, that such feelings from compassion to loneliness means ''invitation for possession''. Then there are Christian memes which say that all icons are demonic or that even piercing your ears brings in demons into your body. Then there's Theta Healing and Reiki which I became certified in,  to regressive therapy.........I can't keep track of everything I've tried. All the accepted and popular modalities I'm sure work on different people for different issues, but they do not work for all people all the time. Even the same person will need different modalities of healing or therapy or treatment to effect a cure for different situations.
And while I am sure all of these modalities mentioned work for some people some times, none of them worked for me at any time! And there are those tricky spots, those difficult ones, that no one seems to be able to get to, not even the most professed ''successful'' ''healer''......most of whom are unaffordable.
And this requires going to the unthinkable, to the deep end of things, to the unbelievable, to the unknown, the outrageous, the ''impossible''....... right? if you want to be healed you WILL try anything....you are no longer in a position to say what is true or not, what will or what will not work, and NO one can tell you either what is going to work for you or not.
Beliefs and opinions become merely distractions or obstacles to exposing any truths and to discovering what is trying to remain hidden. ALL must be put on the shelf and one must disarm themselves of any and all things which may interfere with the intended outcome which is to be free of the sickness or ailment. Suspend all beliefs and opinions. Experiment and test and retest. That is what I did. And something worked.

I have found the most powerful illuminating question to be ..... ''What if......."

Now I must consider all the ''crazy'' stuff about reps and dracos. I did read somewhere which I found ludicrous even within the fringe, is that some of those dark entities want to be healed. Imagine that.
Have I stumbled upon, in my desperation and being a minority on this planet, that something so very bizarre even within the bizarre realms, is true?

What if......there are dark entities, who have been for millennia harassing and tormenting humans through their incredible psychic abilities?  For what reason do they do this? And is it even remotely possible that some of them would want to stop? why would they now want to be redeemed?

I am going to take this fringe even further and express something else now, that could be my own imagination or not, not sure.
I thought, while I was in the kitchen preparing food that draco had returned, but not to cause me dread but that he didn't go back to Source as I had sent him, but back to his personal boss. He said he was under orders from his boss who made him/them do these things to people and if he did stop tormenting me/us, that he/they would be excruciatingly tormented themselves by their boss, but that going to Source would mean he/they would cease to exist.....not reincarnated or anything like that but that he would turn to nothing, to dust....and he didn't want that.

I do not know what to make of this....was it a conversation or my imagination? subconscious revealing something I need to see?

All I know is that I am free of the dread and grip and something I had a very hard time contemplating and considering as a ''normal'' persons thoughts, has worked to give me release.

I wonder, wonder deeply at this world we live in and at all the energies that flow through us, despite our beliefs that our skins and bones are some kind of barrier. What lives inside us and around us? and why?


  1. OH Serena ! This is such a momentous break through ! The fact that you could address this one and send it on is impressive as is the fact that is is holding and you had your energy to do hours of gardening.
    I don't doubt it was an actual dilemma for this one to be facing its overlords and then be faced with annihilation if not fulfilling its "purpose"....it all makes so much sense to me. I do wonder now how many are affected by these entities, and if just knowing of them would be enough to issue the command as you did .

    1. Thank you again Lily for your interest and presence. Yes, it seems to be a breakthrough, however now I have to consider what it all means, the draco presence, their purpose, for how long has it been, how often? I also do not believe it is merely me, I believe it is everyone who is born into physical incarnation.....it is a condition of being human. The ''reptilian brain'' is an indication. Human history is rife with sickness of psychopathy and war and sickness and suffering which is increasing with our increasing populations.....so there is obviously an influence, when so many want to live in peace and in love, there is this ''other'' bringing good people to their knees. It is the proverbial ''elephant in the collective consciousness''.. I do believe being aware of this presence is something, but not enough. I believe it requires something else within our spiritual integrity that can send them away, maybe something like Grace of Spirit, a magananimity who takes the reigns of power over negating influences upon oneself. This takes practice.

  2. Serena -- beautifully&thoroughly said, and well done!, not to mention an excellent reminder. Delighted too that lily linked us to this today.

    I'm always amazed when something actually works in this realm -- ha! Carry on!

    May All be free. alby

    1. Thank you alby, for commenting and reading. I wish I knew more, concrete knowledge, how to proceed in a sovereign way, and for all of us to be free...yes!

    2. Hello serena --
      "... how to proceed in a sovereign way"(?) -- that's certainly the quest in a well-phrased nutshell (or perhaps a "nuts' hell', as the case may be...). Many/many have sought answers over the millennia, though even our sense of memory/time&history may be quite manipulated. Humans seem a spiritually disoriented/disconnected&homeless race, a species&existence with profound amnesia, with little capacity for discernment, let alone the will to truth&freedom. So much has been undermined, if not stolen, and we have been made to forget who we really are -- infinite consciousness.

      The ancient gnostics offered strong sensibilities about the origin of the ongoing issues&holocausts here -- via a false/mad demiurge&(mis)creation (the kind of mind/body parasitism you have been dealing with, but writ large), and were then eliminated for their truths&orientations by the shadowy ptb. Don juan in the casteneda works showed us a pretty detailed view into the matrix over more recent decades. David Icke&others have hugely expanded the territories of perception/knowledge&possibilities around what we "moderns" might have called "myth" not so long ago. We are in good company these days, doing our best global version of sherlock holmes, putting the puzzle together, watching the details emerge into a pretty stunning picture of global&cosmic control. The veil of ignorance&isolation is failing.

      I am very heartened by the shifts of awareness Inside over the last 15years or so (much of it kicked-off&shoved into hyperdrive by the obvious/surreal&evil events surrounding 9/11), as well the worldwide research&exchange of essential news/materials&sources via the net -- both current and historical. My developing sense is that the goodguys are workin' it from both sides of the matrix frequency fence&firewall. "Here" we are awakening, breaking the trance of mind-control&limitation, as well breaking down the psychic/energetic gates of the prison. On the other side of the veil, true source&creation are dealing with the larger dimensional issues&players. The Light seems to get in through the cracks&glitches in the matrix field, and the trickle seems to be increasing, even as the shadow players turn up the heat -- possibly because they know their time is almost over.

      Being new to your site&blog, i have no idea what your level of interest or perception may be concerning the larger issues -- though the question i quoted at the start seems to cut right to the chase. If none of this fits, please feel free to let it go or omit. Since almost first breath, have spent much of this life sorting&sifting through the junk&jailyards here at rancho-bizarro, and if you wish, can provide some pertinent/useful materials to explore&consider. Then again, you may already be up to speed, if not able to share further details&insights. Please forgive if i'm stating the obvious in this letter.

      By the age of 6 or 7, i knew innately that it was all wrong here, false even. For whatever reasons&origins, i came in at least partially equipped with essential comparatives, as well nostalgia for Something Else. Those intuitions serve a purpose, as well a driving will for full remembrance&freedom, to once more be Home&Whole. We shall see. Things are heating up out there, so this is our moment.

      May All be free. alby

    3. ha! alby, most excellent feedback, thoughts, input, ideas and contemplations, you are a perfect fit if I may fall to prosaic expression, but please do continue as I read expecting to find the gem amongst the fake. Your last paragraph I could have written myself! lolol with more colorful language I'm sure ! "For Something Else"....~ yes.....and definitely ''partially equipped with essential comparatives.....I always wondered why they do it that way here, are they sick? :D....and nostalgia.....you are welcome here and fit perfectly.

  3. Comment from Alby via email in 2 parts:

    Hi again serene-a &All -- thanks for your comments&encouragement -- nice to meet ya. Considering recent posts, perhaps some of these (a)musings may be of interest&use. The hologram's definitely overheating, and the creeps@creepcentral are turning up their bigdial -- so ward (y)ourselfs well. And FWIW, according to those that delve there, the astrology of the last few weeks has been bizarro -- redlined&pedal-to-the-metal (medal/meddle/muddle/etc).

    Just completed a grueling passage with a slow-dying family member, witnessing nigh-hourly how the archonic realm intends&parasites the suffering of Life&Love, setting-up regular roadblocks in the way of easing pain and paths/access Elsewhere. We were both taken aback with the un-benign focus, at the daily parade&charade of interference&bs that went on for months. In the final moments, things came together beautifully for a "good" passing -- love&perseverance certainly furthers -- yay! Still, a rather horrific though minor event in the scheme of nigh-infinite holocaust all around, and a reminder of the level of necessary awareness/intent&energy in managing steps to equilibrium/peace&freedom. The process would have seemed to derail&drain us utterly, but strength&will prevailed, and something "other" as well, tapping on my shoulder. I will circle back around to this in a moment.

    In the prior weeks&run-up to that unfolding&central focus/event mentioned above, i needed to set aside other motions&projects, which was a big/backdoor gift in its own right, offering time! for quiet&changing-channels. Within that pause, all kinds of fortuitous/timely data&support flowed in from Elsewhere. One of the gifts was beginning a book suggested by alex -- "the gnostic religion" (though i'd say the book is somewhat mis-titled) by hans jonas. In strange/wondrous fashion, it has felt like reading about m's/Self -- reflections within the writing mirroring the journey&landmarks of developing experience&gnosis throughout this life. All of which has been relevant&essential in moving through the fallen zone(s) of this miscreation (gnostic cosmological sensibilities there), if not eventual escape/release from same. Graces&prompts kept arriving from varied directions&compass-points, quite spontaneous/surprising at times, seemingly with their own energy&access. It is an odd&interesting contest&contrast of will&energies, yes?... not to mention a freakin' crooked path!

    Really needed that Infusion though! Gifts, and where from? The Light somehow seeps in through the glitches&cracks -- always wondered about that. And if a trickle, why not a waterfall or flood? If it wasn't for a steady streamlet of such over the decades, i'm not at all sure i/we would have made it over the distances. And congrats! -- we made it this far! -- stunning in itself.

    Also of late, scott&i have been sharing some personally significant details/waymarks&comparatives, which have helped highlight individual efforts&quandaries, so as not to feel so isolated in these rarified wanderings&explorations. Our "styles" match up pretty well too, so that tends to equalize&ground our intensities. We can hardly annoy or scare each other! Ha! Thank you scott. And of course blessings to the Misfits out there that are wondrously charting a course through the sleep&madness.

    What's been tugging at my attention, if not asking/finagling for a more complete presence&awareness Inside -- is the sense&recognition-remembrance of infinite consciousness&being. And just as importantly, that driving divine dynamo of Nostalgia/Connectivity&Will via original Self&Home that energizes&traces a path. The stumbling blindness&disconnects brought about by this hostage reality have made us dissemble&forget who we truly are -- yet the displacement itself is "only" a hypnotic trick.

  4. Alby part 2:

    The central aspect&feature is this -- the inter-dimensional parasite/predator knows all too well the tentativeness of its illusion&position... simply because, in order to exist&maintain, it is completely dependent/addicted to mining/extracting what in essence it doesn't itself have -- the original eternal imprint/spark&fire of Life&Consciousness. It knows exactly what we are, even if we don't (having been made&played to forget) -- part&parcel of infinite Source. It really does have a tiger by the tail. And if we might pause to recognize&face ourSelfs directly, letting go of the fear/impotency&illusion (de)generated&projected by the distortions of this false creator/creation -- my sense is we can give ourSelfs a leg-up in the Inner ascension process (that Inside Job) whilst still "here", as well on the way outta dodge. And that may be misleading too, as there is only Inside to go -- All of Everything is right here. The hostage illusion needs be switched "off".

    The very reason the parasite hangs on to its theatre&host so intensely/jealously is that the defacement&displacement of Spirit is its only food source. Spirit is infinite&eternal -- it cannot really be diminished&drained, only paralyzed/flummoxed&fooled into thinking/feeling that is the case. To that end, there's a constant rollercoastering near-death/suffering experience within the holocaust hologram that "manufactures" sustenance for the creeps. Recognizing it as such, detaching best as can from the up/down thrills&chills, has made a significant difference in perception, as well an incipient change in the state of being. Calling bullshit on the illusion is rather empowering in itself -- ha! -- a simple act of recognition&will, utilizing that quintessential matrix antidote -- flinty humour! Over recent weeks/months, with the fullcourt press on circumstances&loved-ones here, it has been a profound checkpoint to witness how Life&Love endure, and ultimately cannot be sucked dry or destroyed. Matter of fact, speaking for m'self, i've not only felt resilient&alive, but energized&full, a kind of interim wholeness&connection methinks... till such time as the Big Enchilada Changes&Restorations arrive (c'mon cosmic cavalry!).

    The connecting&connection with true Selfs&Source (as alex would say -- the high attractor) is vital, providing assureness&strength -- taps&pats on the shoulder along the freedom road. It's that loong thread to hold onto, on the way out/out/out of the underworlds. And be aware/beware the rollercoastering here -- that's the creeps trolling for supper. Ha! Forewarned&flexible, detached best as can, if not evoking those spiffy martial arts moves to dump harmful/unkind energies -- these are at least partial strategies&practices. And those fabulous antidotes to matrixville too -- humour/joy/beauty/love/etc. Everytime you/we crack a really good cosmic joke&laugh it chokes up an archon.... Ha!

    Take care, it's crazy out there... alby

    ps -- as odd/crashing&crescendoing as the moment feels, my sense is that we are readying for a jump. In service of that, much of the human wounds/traumas&programs are getting intensely/outrageously scoured out -- towards a truer/more essential Self on the way Homeward. The process hurts (how otherwise?), releasing that too-familiar crap&baggage -- Lightening the load. Go with it, let it go -- just like that profound moment&move with that poor sadsack parasite. Hopefully We All get to go Home. Also, feel it's vital not to offer up the sovereign/essential s/Self -- this is not the time/space to surrender anything.... except the superfluous -- there is little/nothing to save here -- this construct is not only false, it's toast.

  5. Well, in the spirit of being transparent, I must also add, that when the draco said he didn't want to be annihilated, I also told him that I was willing to be annihilated myself, if this continues with me (and the others on this planet).....that eternal non existence was better than this and I wasn't afraid nor so self concerned to cease to exist that I wouldn't be willing to do it myself. He thought about that.

  6. Thank you for the honesty&transparency serena. Humbly/respectfully, i see you.

    Will respond to your longer post soon. It stirred such warrior outrage/frustration&powerlessness within, as well memories of the first decades (in ny) that it will need to settle a bit. Wish there were more than mere words and this reality to hold&heal, at least&last.

    Pretty much at the edge of the tether&cliffside of possibility&sanity for a long time/too long -- know it well, as does ana. Your response interacting with the parasite was true&heartful -- how often has this being, and/or most/any of us really, come to terms with such essential conditions/knowledge/honesty&feelings? -- which ever hover just below surfaces Inside, if we will allow them. What are any of us willing to continue to put up with? Life wants to live!, but all this is waay beyond bizarre&unacceptable.

    There is energy/sovereignty&power in that place though. The ultimate risk blends into an ultimate blessing, strange as it may be. I feel similarly.

    May there be freedom/rest&respite for All. alby

  7. I am perusing your posts which I have not had the pleasure of reading. The draco seems to have no hope either direction...no eternal life, and his boss hounding him to 'do a good job on the humans'. I wake up feeling entities around me at times, even feeling their warm breath upon my face for a fraction of a second as I begin to awake to the actual reality of my human presence. My experience seems to be 'other-worldly' when I am asleep. I wake up talking to the entity and tell it to leave me alone, and sometimes I address Satan to his face. The 'resist the devil' phrase and 'he will flee from you' scenario. Yes, a hearty laugh at the demons probably causes them some type of rage because they can't really 'touch' you. You are protected, but they sure can play mind games at times when our vibrations are low, or we are experiencing their nasty, diabolical, unearthly fumes of degradation. Which, I have no desire to even know anything about what their existence is like. It has got to be one foul dimension they live in, which would creep any of us out. And there is a line drawn, but, like your experience seems to be like mine, upon awakening when our mind has been more susceptible to 'entry' is when we experience the 'low' or 'backwash' of trying to be 'entered' through our thoughts and minds, which 'they' find so aggravating because we are so full of light.
    So, let's keep blinding them with our light. Their doom seems sure, as some where along their back journey, they were given a choice to follow their boss, or to go toward the Light. They chose the latter, and there is no turning back for them. Sad, but true. Yes, I would risk all, in order to be saved from a black ending such as their own. But, I don't think it ends for those who are full of light. We 'go on' toward the Perfect Light of Eternity, beyond all of 'this' nonsense. But we can resist the dark forces to save other human beings from 'them.'

    1. Hi Miss Teresa,
      thanks for reading. And yes it does seem these experiences upon sleeping/waking up times are such vulnerable ones for some of us. I'm not sure still what thats about unless its simply the obvious, we are vulnerable then.....pretty cowardly time to be doing dark deeds. I used to think all these things were just the fancy delusions of shaky minds, but since 2009, they've been making themselves clear to me without cease and there is no way I can ignore them or deny them or push them into some realm of ''not real'' when it is in fact real. All esoteric teachings of all religions are filled with this type of information however they rarely give effectual ways of becoming impervious to all of it. We can be rid of some of them some of the time, but not all of them all the time. There are so many dimensions and layers to all of this, we are all still just dabbling in the enormity of it all.

    2. Thank you! This information was very helpful. Please keep writting

  8. I heard you talk about this on the DTC show tonight, it ties in with some other idea's that have been put out there recently.

    One Came from Casteneda's book"The Active side of Infinity" The passage was titled "Topic of Topics"
    It suggests that the hack was that the parasite/inorganic being, gave us it's mind. That's what causes hu-mans to behave in the way they do, furtive, sneeky, greedy, fearful & generally nasty. This fits well with how you dealt with your problem.

    There is an entity there poking & prodding our minds, until we stand up & tell them I no longer consent to this,it will continue. I feel we are right on the edge of critical mass & BIG CHANGES are going to be in this reality, real soon. Much love and thank you for sharing tonight. Jimbomcc.


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