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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Of Peace, Kindness and Gratitude

This will be a mix of lots of everything because I have much to say but don't want to. Will try to keep it short.

First, Gratitude.........
Alot of heart felt gratitude to those who have commented on my blog especially on the First Entry.  Those people have shocked me with a kind of beauty and sentiment I too rarely experience first hand, but to read them and to feel the gratitude expressed by you, has touched me deeply. I only hope that the future brings us more of those spiritual nebulae that light us up from within. I will try my best.

To the Misfits :D, who have taken me in.....I thank you humbly and treasure your companionship on this bumpy road to who knows where. I have given you an acronym of PALAS, you know who you are.

My world:
I'm having lots of personal issues, from family, internal upheavals, battles with depression thought long gone, personal attacks, and just strange shit, all at once. In this space there is no way to discern what is mine and what is not, but what IS happening is both mine and the worlds. I am not alone and I have consulted with my Muse.

The outer world:

Is doing several things at once. It is firstly trying to bombard and crush the spirits and psychology of the humansphere with extreme psycho crap, by a very diabolical merging of illuminazi consortiums of church, state, and military as psyops, psychological operations, the inception of which is pure nefarious patriarchal sorcery.
The news of mainstream media, we all know, is tailor made for keeping matrix agents dull and for a persistent egregiously redundant stream of the same ol horror and crap show, I imagine for shock value of those who are real humans. So us clever folks go for ''alternative media'' for more truth.
However, the alternative media is now more saturated with an extremely sophisticated form of psychological operations which are aimed at affecting the emotions and psychology of the public.... whether enemy, friend, or neutral, to their aims. This is ''news'' tailor made for truth seekers and/or conspiracy theorists who are people who know there is more than mainstream media reality. And so for those conspiracy theorists there is the flood of ''information'' being disseminated specifically for us. It is disseminated by those called whistleblowers, who put out not only horrid plans and goings on of the deep dark psyches of the madmen of military, sickos of state and pernicious priests of all religiosity, but this so called ''information'' is sophisticated enough to be considered ''as more real'' simply because there are more lurid details derived from "leaks",  ''intel'' and ''insiders'' and those ''in the know'' and it is persistently unrelenting. Thought we were clever, we did.  I think there is a manufacturing plant in every country putting out tons of these guys (clones?) just for this purpose. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Elenin anyone? 2012 ascension,?

Anyone who has been around this ''alternative media'' news for any number of years can tell you that no predictions made by the plethora of men making youtubes and articles of things the ''main stream media will not tell you'', come to pass and are also paid and often are more maleficent because the so called whistleblowing is coming out of their very diabolical agenda 21 brains which slithers down and issues out of their asses a ton of bull shit specifically for ''public consumption''. You think I'm upset?!
And the reason for this is none other than to destroy the psyche of the so called ''savvy'' of the intellectuals left on Earth, those who are not matrix agents, who are truth seekers, and those who deeply want to know what is going on on this insane planet because they care and they want to help where help is needed. So a cleverly crafted maleficent alternative media has been pandemically appointed to corrupt the sane, those who thought they were escaping the bullshit, only to find the ''insider'' shit more otherworldly, dark and crushing.

I had taken 2014 off from all such news and found my psyche and spirit began to heal, though a nagging sensation to do something to ''help'' was always there. However, I am finding this may be a program inserted into my brain from birth by the dark lords of karma or some such group of demons, just to keep me nagged and restless, impossibly mission oriented and never at peace.

I go back into the alternative media only to find myself getting sick again. And so they have won. And once again I have lost. I was stupid. Fool me once........ I walked into the trap again.....when I should be spending all my energy and focus on my Spirit and reclaiming my Soul. My psyche's health is up to me. If it put it into the game of thrones, then I will become sick as they. No question. Now to rid myself of mission oriented programming and of the unrelenting invisible archontic leech.
The work continues. They invade, they slide in with friends and phone calls from family.


Secondly, in the outer world, there is so much going on with the sun and this planet that we cannot see, plasma, photons, electron, protons, magnetics, electric, pin holes, worm holes, so much.
''Things are different'', is being reported all over the world.
Yes, it is, and so something/s happening and we can pay attention or not, but it is happening, and I am glad of it. The sun is different, I feel this, the magnetosphere is different, our solar system is flying through the cosmos and we are in new territory all the time, and soon there will be a matching of frequencies. I predict this. I stand by it. How dare I do this? Because I as a child of Creator can make it so.

Thirdly, many many beautiful souls are doing wonderfully conscious things in all parts of the world to create the life of humane beings on this planet, for themselves and for others. We may die trying, but there are more of us now than ever before and it is possible that some tipping point will take place, and things rocket off into warp-speed and space. If I sound like I'm trying to be positive, I am.

At the very end, all sentient beings came on board, the tree people, the elves, hobbits, and all good creatures and things.......and we won. This time it is for good.

And for all heart feeling, soft, kind souls, who have written, who have not, who yearn......I am wanting to be kind.......

How do I serve thee?
Not by being sick with news of madmen and sorcerers, ORCS hell bent on taking over the world, and killing off most of the populations and keeping enough to serve them as slaves, NO. Not by reading about the cloning of bio-materials to create super soldiers who will slay your mother and dog with one hand. Not by learning of how otherworldly entities are fucking with our genes, DNA and timelines.
I remain true to my essence by remaining true to my essence. NOT THEIRS.
I serve thee when I am clear of that, when I negate them, keep them out, and when I have my mind heart and body connections deep with the beneficent One, The Mother, of love, of nurturance, of beauty, of truth, of life, of generosity, of valor, of strength, and of softness. I always find my purest essence there, in that place of belonging, with my Anam Cara, my friend of the Soul.

She showed Herself to me once, she was huge, 3 times the size of Earth.

I must serve myself, my purest Self, my deepest knowings of this beneficent One, and then I may serve you. I will remain true to my own news, news of my self, not alternative media, but news of my Spirit, Her Spirit,.....what is taking place there?
what magical realms is she creating to be the fertile grounds for her abundance of fruits, perfumes and the supernal?

Carpets in sacred forests of earth scented velveteen moss?


of shimmering floating seeds which whisper hints of pastoral landscapes to come?


Ancient Places of the Future for our eternal perusal.....

These worlds may not be here yet, or we may not have yet arrived there, but every breath we take we must demand it, insist on it, on OUR own will to make our lives what we yearn for.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Thank you once again dear and gentle heart for reminding us of where our true focus can be.
    The pictures you have chosen are beautiful and evocative...helps to keep us in touch with those forgotten realms where we were at peace, in love.
    The news is unfolding within us.
    Thank you for your honesty and candor.

  2. I embrace warmly all you say, wish I can be more usefol on, love and gratitude
    Alessandro S.

  3. And may we keep finding strength in that loving TRUTH, that warm and beautiful Spirit that is the source of all that is good and pure...
    Warm hugs and loving thoughts...
    - Irina


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