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Friday, November 11, 2016

Anyone Else Experience This? - An Odd Pattern *plus*

Hi Folks.....

*the plus*.....I have written this, my personal experience of the 'pattern', however, and this is a huge 'however', I am seeing in the past few days, even as of this morning just after publishing this post....that some are feeling downright sick....ill, nausea, feeling as if they've been hit by a truck, and completely out of sorts, afraid/bravely admitting to fears, and needing desperately something safe to cling to.....I do not for a nano second believe what I'm experiencing and these others, is coincidence.

I haven't done a post in a while cause there has literally been so much happening, but with so much "debris" in the way it has been hard to see clearly, and as soon as I have an idea of what is happening, it changes. I know things appear to look the same but they're not.

Also it seems there are so many who are of various opinions that it is hard for us to get on the same page and if we do, its not for long. I feel this is a strategy to keep us in discord. Its working.

People are finding it hard to believe what is difficult to believe, and this is unfortunate as it is precisely what is difficult that is true in most cases. Also, it is more comfortable to believe what one wants, simply to maintain some kind of personal equilibrium. I don't blame you.
Truth can drive you insane.

What I'm going out on a limb with here is something personal, (and I have not planned this post, as usual but am writing literally as I think of it)......is something I've been experiencing for some time. I don't know how long as I only, a couple of years ago, realized it was a pattern.
I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this too or has some educated-wide-spectrum-360-degree-brain capacity-guesses as to what can be taking place. I have ruled out many things due to its pattern; an all encompassing degenerative nature, its slow build up to critical, then complete and total sudden release.
Please comment or email.

The Pattern: is that I'm going about my life but steadily and surely things feel and seem to be going a bit awry, in every way. Things not working out, the body going into some kind of downward spiral, the mood going down, spirit, creativity, motivation, everything.....(hold on and don't jump to obvious conclusions, this is neither monthly cycle nor biorhythms) ..... there seems to be confusion, pain increasing, tiredness becoming exhaustion, a complete inability to function even the most basic of tasks, the lack of brain power is the worst I think.....and the closer you get to critical it spirals downward exponentially even more quickly so that the final day is one of desperation.

First it is a slow build up or slow drain of all energies and harmonies.....over a couple of weeks.
During the "build up" for some bizarre reason everything you dislike is amplified, and everything that can go wrong does. It seems the universe is conspiring against you. You can think you imagine it initially, but then you take accounts....you count how many of your peeves are happening, and how fast and how often, and realize they are all happening at the same time instead of being spread out over time. Whatever ailments you thought were gone return. What things you got over, return.
Then as you get into a space where it is clear you are ''down with something(s)''.....it escalates on the final day from feeling like total shit to feeling like you are dying....the pain is off the charts, nothing helps, no matter what one takes (within legal means) and the mind is completely off limits, cannot function, hold a conversation, or do anything. You cannot do anything but lay in the dark, desperate for relief or release, with no noise and even that is disturbing because all you can feel is the pain and that your mind is not functioning and all you want is one thing and that is relief. You try all your remedies or tricks, and even all at once, but as each hour passes on this final day of the crescendo nothing is working even if you double doses or remedies.....and your mind is in total flux wondering WTF is going on??!!......

Then finally against all odds, you fall asleep, and you wake up feeling totally normal....no pains, no ailment, mind back to normal, spirits fine, and all ready to live another day as your ''normal self''.
Every. single. time.
That is the bizarre point.
Though everything described can be attributed to some 'common' ailments, with those there is a slow build up back to normal. This is not slow, it is immediately the next day.....total complete back to 'normal' state. That in itself is not normal. And the fact that I may have taken aspirin, wine or another medication, too much food to medicate etc all at the same time trying to find something to work, I should feel what I normally do when doing those things which is very ''off''', but I do not, I feel OK.  !

I have been into health studies and organic living and studying the body and functions for over 30 years and I have not come across anything like this, nor have I heard of others who are experiencing this though granted, one, it is NOT something most would volunteer to talk about and two, it is not something that is easily or readily noticeable.....you'd have to notice this in a sort of Pavlov's Dog fashion and even then the mind may dismiss it as it is simply too bizarre.

Has anyone else experienced this? not something similar or close, but this crescendo of spiraling down over weeks only to get complete relief as if nothing happened the morning after the worst day, and for this to be on 'repeat' about every 2 months?

I'm going out on a limb here because I really want to know what is causing this. Its just not "normal".

Serena, Lady of the Woods