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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oppressive, Pre-climactic Tensions & *UPDATE*

It is 4;26 pm, and though I am definitely feeling something that is personal which is related to weather and planes here.....there is still something else happening. I asked my housemate if he feels anything ambient. I taught him this a few years ago when I needed a ''check/balance other''. I made sure he differentiated from his personal feelings, to what is around him. Gave many examples of times we have both experienced, broke them down, so he understood. But now I can ask him what he senses and usually it is spot on. Today he was spot on.
So, checked with my housemate and he agrees very much that there is something feeling like ''it is filled with tension". Something "wants to break'' or ''something is about to break'', giving examples even at this job of many highly unusual accidents there.

The weather here is one of storm clouds building for a week now, and yet no rains which we desperately need. I am hoping that this is the same metaphor for what I am feeling in the greater world, that what is about to break, namely rain, is what is greatly needed and will offer us all a sigh of relief.
The planes here all sound like war planes and indeed a few are army crap, but there is too much activity going on from early morning 7;30 am to 8;pm all day with only seconds between. Horrid!

However, that is not what I'm feeling. I am feeling the tensions at peak state of people, tensions of realities, emotions, hell, cern (who is at breaking record strength right now), some crushing thing ....... about to break in or break through, through both known and unknown causes....a pushing for something. Like the chaotic 4th dimension is trying to push through a gossamer thin film and break into our reality. Whatever is there is coming in, the 4th dimension is very very very close upon our 3rd density and we are seeing alot of that in quick-time. 

< I am not saying it will happen but it is pushing. >

Animals are freaking out.
People who I've been in contact with (not many at all) have stories of their past week experiences that make me exhausted and want to hide.
News is horrendous and emotionally shattering.
I have body pains that make no sense. They seem to be aggravated by something.
Lassitude strong.
I feel something (out there) hugely oppressive and heavy, filled with tension and on the brink. Not sure what it all is. Just sayin.

No fear, stay strong, I am calling in several times a day, Highest Spirit to consume me and take over my mind, body, emotions and guide me.

*updated June 6th: I am confirmed now that alot of what ails me physically and psychologically are scalar, microwave, and technological devices of many varieties both on and off planet, we are being bombarded, some of this through cerns activities too. Many people are reporting being newly sensitive to EMF's etc. Humanity is under attack and duress through technologies. Alot of what I feel is also the collective of the suffering, which manifests as pain in my body but all EMFs cause this as well. Not to eliminate esoteric happenings, but this technology is very strong right now.
I would suggest others who are feeling these, to avoid meats and dairy, sounds too cliche I know but these cause inflammations/pains of all kinds....to drink lots of tumeric tea or ingest capsules, ingest lots of chlorophyll through liquids and deep green organic veggies, in juices and smoothies, to drink lots of distilled water spiked with Himalayan sole solution, and to get down and deep into your body and of Earth and soil and sun (via intention) and call in Highest Spirit into themselves all day and refrain from left brained activities which is what is mostly affected by these technologies. The right side of the brain and body is what can assuage the over stimulated activity of the left, and will connect us to a re-energizing organic respite.

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