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Thursday, June 18, 2015

"ARCHONS": A Series~ Part 5 ~ Lisa Renee

July 27, 2012

A snippet from Lisa Renee's article. I recommend the whole article be read, even if you do so in bits and pieces to integrate. It is difficult to retain truthful information when false programs and mindsets have been in place for eons within our collective mind matrix placed there by the archons *which is inclusive of a hypnosis that denies the truth when it is in fact, revealed.

However, some of us see this as clear as day.



World of Forces

Friday, 06, July, 2012

".................This planet’s invaded architecture includes sophisticated mental belief systems with software that promote these distortions in the human mind, throughout the current paradigm of human belief. These are “hardware” systems, they are not just plasma thought forms, although the human created plasma of thought-forms and 2D instinctual body (psychic forces), are used to power up these alien systems to keep them running in the hologram. Negative alien implants, mind slides are used to keep the perception suppressed, controlled and limited, so that multidimensional awareness and accuracy in assessment of circumstances is obfuscated. * Ever asked the question as to why so few human beings look up and show concern over the increased UFO’s, chemtrails, moon bases and weird phenomena in the sky? Because most humans are mind controlled to “not see what they are looking at”. How many times have we heard disinformation about UFO’s, E.T’s and the denial of their existence? (Hey you crazy lunatic for seeing that UFO, that’s a weather balloon, or swamp gas!) Of course they do not want the population to know they are here, it puts their power at risk. Naturally if those of us in the light-worker family are serving freedom and ascension for the human race, we can be targeted quite easily through the victim-victimizer software, especially if we have little discipline over our mind and emotions.

Remembering that the planetary mind is invaded, means that the collective human mind has been invaded, (via the ego functions) as the reptilians (i.e. archons) have downloaded their mind into this planet. Therefore, it has leaked its sickness and sociopathy into the human mind. The global brain is magnetic, and keeping these machines operating will give us a clue as to what the lunar forces and the moon are being used for.

All of us have the choice and the power (by developing our inner life force and spiritual core) to stop this ego sickness from invading our sense of wellbeing, and controlling our mind to play out and inflict these sick behaviors on others. All of us here on earth are recovering from this ego sickness. Yet, being committed to the development of more compassionate kindness and tolerance for the human race is desperately needed.

By taking personal responsibility for the direction of one’s energies, at any moment one can choose what words and associations one will use as the filter to perceive or imply mental-emotional states. This responsibility of owning one’s thoughts and emotional state, are the way to build self-mastery and avoid being mind-controlled or manipulated, by any outside force.

As one becomes responsible for one’s behavior and being aware about the World of Forces, we avoid being used unconsciously to create dramas, pain and karmic loads on our self and the others around us.
This also equips us to deflect these forces when they are in the various stages of abuse through the alien manipulation and its software.

There are various strategies of targeting light-workers (all persons that are influencing positive changes for humanity and the planet) such as the following:

1. Manipulating the Psychic Forces of a person, so they will act out or believe something not true
2. Projecting false images through holographic inserts into the astral plane, esp. in dream states
3. Using negative forms, and their residue energies, from being traumatized in other timelines
4. Using painful memories from current or other lifetimes, that person can be controlled by
5. Using isolation techniques of victimization, defamation, and singled out as a “lunatic” to lose credibility with peers
6. Acting out of pain or betrayal scenarios in partners, spouses and other close family relationships
7. Possessing of unstable personalities bodies for the use of directing dark forces to inflict harm

The Unstable or Wounded Personality

Tempering our knowledge with the fact that we are in a heavily manipulated reality from alien involvement, coupled with the fact that unstable people are being used as portals for these dark forces, is an important distinction to make for an appropriate action. Unstable people are used as portals for dark forces. What is the characteristic of an unstable person?

Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is a condition characterized by impulsive actions, rapidly shifting moods, and chaotic relationships. Many times because of insecurities they seek to control the environment and others in order to make things around them fit into their belief system. The individual usually goes from one emotional crisis to another. Often there is narcissism, dependency, separation anxiety, unstable self-image, chronic feelings of emptiness or sadness.

Only by accessing higher consciousness, which is unbiased and nonjudgmental, are we then capable to be pro-active in meeting creative resolutions when faced with such confusing scenarios, such as dealing with unstable people. Because so many people on earth are not equipped to deal with the changing planetary terrain and the changing self, we have a great many unstable people. Clearly personal discernment is required when in contact with people that are fully run by their egos, are unstable, and running around like a loose cannon imposing their urgencies on you.

There is no person run by their ego that is within personal integrity and are capable of being trusted. The ego is always self-interested, self-motivated and is untrustworthy.

Real integrity only comes through spiritual consciousness embodiment. Integrity is not a mental construct.

Dominating egos are wounded personalities that are prone to inflict their position upon you or disrupt a group setting, as their wound drives them to control others to feel a sense of order in the chaos around them. That sense of control makes them feel safer. Sometimes if they do not get their way, they become “enraged” (have a tantrum) and are extremely vulnerable to dark force manipulation and full blown dark possession.

A dominating ego does not have the personal vision to comprehend that the health of the whole outweighs the desires of a lone ego. This is why the ego (undergoing spiritual ascension) must be sublimated and released of its entitlement. Many of us on the spiritual path will experience humiliation, as to learn to become humble. Many light-workers have chosen a partner relationship with a dominating ego to learn skills to better define the spiritual-self boundaries. This can also be a source of confusion yet, offers a great lesson for mastering relationships with others. This planet is leaving individual consciousness and moving into group consciousness, which requires we learn better compassionate communication skills and how to relate better with others. This is why so many of us in this light community are attempting to find ways to strengthen a sense of community with practicing group consciousness. ........."

please continue the article here http://energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/1756-world-of-forces-newsletter?tmpl=component&type=raw

Serena, Lady of the Woods



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