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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Aryan Archontic A.I. Transhumanist/Transgender Agenda of Yin Annihilation

I have been watching for over 40 years the annihilation and deliberate destruction of all things Feminine, all things yin, while watching a distorted mimic of what woman is created by male minds drenching all public domains with their sick version of what woman is......I've been watching this, which has been the brutal treatment of women and all they truly encompass and organically and divinely represent, to the destruction of the feminine from within the men themselves from shunting themselves to left brained dominants with a hatred of feminine virtue both within themselves and of woman and Earth in totality......watching their hatred of the Feminine Godliness, and nurturing, feeling and loving essences as (annoying) natural peacekeepers.
All her fighting for equality and recognition, for peace and for love, for living in balance and harmony in Spirit, now through stealth and technology, the final vestiges of Her existence in Life being phased out.
But now we can watch as the aryan archons and all their duped neophytes male or female, minions, organic portals, matrix agents and essentially misogynist agents both human and alien beings seek to bring this to its final coup d'etat as the transhuman and transgender memes are being played out now with every breath we take because they have already infected humans with nano robotics with self replicating nanobots into all organic life to literally reconfigure and redesign the natural human and by making a hero out of transgenders being women due merely to hormones and operations, makeup and dresses. This is really what they believe women to be, estrogen dominants who wear makeup. Bohemian Grove anyone?

They have taught you there is only the Father. There is no Mother.

Novus Ordo Seclorum is first and foremost the annihilation of the Feminine and her essence and brain power.

is the perverted inception of the aryan male savant mind and demonstrates his low level even alien and A.I. consciousness, a consciousness which in itself is already infected with A.I. misogyny. It has not the capability to grasp what the Feminine represents in its Organic Glory. Conversely they have seen its Glory and have been hell bent on its destruction for eons. These aryan transhumanists have not explored the totality of the humane balanced being especially the Spiritual Nature, and is enamored of technology over Spirit, machine over what the Divine created which ironically they continually corrupt with psychopathy and poisons themselves, claim it is not good enough, then go about merging humans to technology. What GOD created they plunder then think they can make it better. The little gods took the original human template and cut off, diminished its divine organic abilities of natural loving nature capable of love, peace, transcendent consciousness and nuance of sensitivities of feelings, of psi abilities of self healing and regeneration, cosmic travel, bi-location, telepathy etc. This is a long winded plan from ancient times to now where they can say the human is deficient and needs technology to become a better human. "Let us make 'MAN' in our image and our likeness''.....has trumpets of truth sounding out.

You can have a Divine Father, or Father of all that is. Now we can have androgyny, but no Mother.

It is the gods who are at war.


The Mother is not.

And they are not asking you if you want to become a machine free of the ''annoyances'' of love and emotions and feelings, they are doing this to you without your consent and with the attitude that humans with no technology is being phased out, love free, and unable to reproduce on your own. Transhumanism is marketed by psychopathic villains of a batman character, as being a superman, disease free, gender free, and able to think like google.....they tell you it is not a choice, it is inevitable. It is not a choice. These men say.

You can thank those men for losing your humanity. They are devolving you into a hive computer which they believe in all their insanity to be an improvement. This the result of men who have never fully experienced being human with both sides of their brains in tact, who are playing god, who they do not believe in. They are void of any virtue. They say forget love and Spirituality, your true nature, forget empathy, inspiration, nuance of appreciation, joy, ecstasy, connection to an ineffable feeling of relationship with Earth and Life...... men are making you living robots. They want to remove all that ''nonsense'' of a feeling nature, a nature with cosmic depths of love when consciously connected to Nature, and those who love Mother , and they want to make you into something that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. At their will, they can make you do what they want because they have the controls. They pride themselves in telling you they alone will be able to change you remotely, at their will, not yours. You don't believe this? Watch the videos below to their ends and just look at life around you.

By the way, these nanobots are in you already, right now, with every breath you take. You are on the way. Never mind that morgellons sufferers is a clue to its sick nature, they consider those people who are infected with their creations to suffer from psycho-seudo delusion. They want technological control of all things, especially YOU. These are your medical immortals, linking you to artificial intelligence aka archons.


They destroy the Feminine Divine and all She represents, then create technologies as god and yang dominants easily fall for this. Can you see how this has been planned for a long time? Do you see how the set up of misogyny and all that the woman and her divine nature represents has been phased out through brutal traumas that left us in left brained worship mode? so that we now are vulnerable and gullible to anything that speaks to the 4% left brain who is feeling-less, blind to the rest of the 96% of reality and abilities contained within the right side of the brain, and so now the retarded human is ripe for the kill......and begin to destroy humanity from the inside out. First destroy your Spiritual and Loving Nature, your feelings and love of Life. Now you are sufficiently diminished and spiritually crippled enough and mentally retarded enough so all that is left of you is left brained dominants ripe for the final ensnaring for an attraction and worship of artificial mind which no full brained spiritually natured balanced loving being would fall for. But this is not the society we live in. We live in a society rife with hatred of the feminine and worshipers of machinery.  So, now is the time. Humans sick with the left brained dominance they have shunted us into, stupid enough to believe in ''leaderships'' and ''founding fathers'' and ''science'', and now is the move in for the stealth....which has been in action for decades. Now they, with nanorobotics, make machines out of humanity to ''evolve'' us into what aryan men perceive as a more efficient species.
They are devolving the Divine.
I question their humanity. This is not merely inhuman, it is beyond demonic.

They have never experienced true love and harmony especially love for woman on this Earth and now they are moving towards making humans into machine, removing the last possibility of the Feminine to rise, to come full circle into her own on this planet, by implementing with surgical precision misogynist agendas all throughout human history, now making a mockery, a caricature of what they perceive to be woman (Bruce Jenner) and publicizing this all over the world as being the new human.
It is not that they are merely changing the human to machine, they are annihilating the feminine and all she stands for. This is the final coup d'etat of True Source of All That Is. 
They want to create cognitive dissonance of human identity by simultaneously demasculating what is left of a true feeling man and morphing him into a superman and the destruction of all feminine essence and virtue, by creating two things, a man who is transgender, a caricature of woman, and androgyny amongst all. As the Feminine in her rising fullness is relentlessly destroyed, replaced by a monstrous mimic, inorganic and fatal.
Transgenderism and transhumanism is both the destruction of the feeling human and the complete annihilation of the Feminine Essence and Nature. It is not merely removing the reproductive abilities of women, it is destroying the True Spiritual Nature of Woman as the Divine living representation she is (when not driven to patriarchal insanity), so that the removal of Loving, Peaceful Harmonious, Joyful living in balanced ways which is the role of the Feminine, ensures the end of the potential of the Humane Being, through the death of the Feminine.


You have your fathers to thank for this.

Soon humanity will be screaming for Mother.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Friday, July 24, 2015

"The Wave", "Wave X", "X Factor" And NASA's "Cloud Fluff"

*This post is a blend of fact and gnosis and dream.

There is alot of talk about ''waves'' of late. There are at least two, and names and descriptives for each have been hijacked.....as is everything else.

There is someone posting about "wave x" who admits to being an asshole years back, but he still is. He is posting everywhere and I am sick of seeing how nonsense is always the most popular, repeated and parroted ''info'' or ''intel''. It is also ridiculous to see still how people remain so gullible, desperate to hear anything positive and then confirming it out of desperation and blasting it everywhere. Why aren't the parroting repeats a warning signal of matrix agents and antics?

Many men promote themselves as experts in all fields when their vestigial minds are atrophied slaves of only what they can perceive which is fatally scant, 4% of all ''reality'' is trapped in the left brain.....I call these ''experts'' 4%'ers....... and because they have self imposed such extreme yin intelligent limitations due to their yang exclusivity they are true matrix agents, violently defensive of their sophomorism, dangerous to society, social health, true intelligence, and the creatrix of the imaginal realms, the birthplace of all creation. They need immediately to be restrained, contained and given electric shock therapies and kept away from society. These ones are truly the hormonal and hysterical.
Fuck off.

There are ''waves'' of various natures both natural and ''man/creature'' made.
The wave I refer to when speaking with few individuals has nothing to do with being created by anything other than the natural Universal Forces of Nature, A Nature, by the way, which is not merely limited to this planet Mother Earth, this Force of Nature encompasses the Universe...... and these are always beneficial to Earth and Earthlings. Most have no idea. Awareness boggles.
It will fry the souls of the inorganic and A.I. Indeed is driving them insane now.
A quote was made about this by Black Elk many years ago but I cannot find it anymore, but I still believe this is what will eliminate by photons, frequency and magnetics all that is unnatural and life destructive. It will raise the magnetics of this solar system which has been inundated by electric, negative scalar and false technologies which were designed to sabotage all natural electro magnetic fields and beings and the Jewel of this Cosmos, Earth. It can and will reanimate and reinvigorate the organic living systems within those which are redeemable and will burn out that which is not. It is the cosmic T Cell of alpha,delta,beta and theta. By the way, love is a scalar wave of the highest order.
I have referred to this for over a decade as an "X Factor' simply because the X factor is a mystery no science nor 4%'er left brained dominant (and his unfortunate indoctrinates) will ever grasp. It remains a mystery, but is on its way and has already made its effects known which is countered by ''the Wave'' .......a technology......this is the one which is getting attention.

NASA has found a 30 lightyear wide highly magnetic Interstellar Local Cloud which they refer to as "Cloud Fluff" in 2009, so they say, and have not spoken of it since. A Photon Belt (photons are light) was also discovered but quickly discarded by all media and revamped vehemently by naysayers as merely ''a spiritual'' thing or ''new age''. How does a scientific discovery suddenly become only spiritual? My visceral response to this Photon Belt many years ago was one of elation. This is the friend of life affirming harmonious lifeforms, and is an antagonist to false intelligence and A.I. They cannot speak of it again because they have already sussed its implications and so remain silent but have retaliated with many off-world forces with another Wave X courtesy of your local savants of god mimics at CERN.
True Light will destroy the mimic.

Be warned of which frequencies you align with. Many are outer, one is inner. Many will kill you, the one give you life. Some do not possess inner one, they will fry too.

A world of Beauty and harmony and peace is the dream of the Universe and inhabited by the sleeper cells here who protect it from within. It is the Natural Order of Universe which is organized, yes even when a super nova explodes orgasmically. Chaos is man made, the distortion of intelligencia.
The Beauty is obtained by heart-fully connecting and tuning in to the organic Universal Mother of All. I am grinning here at the knee-jerk responses people have to this "Universal Mother''......it is a shock to duped cognoscenti and anathema to all brotherhoods. :-) who will die hard for it is the gods who are at war. The Mother is not.

One must learn to differentiate and discern between what has been demonized and what is demonic. Those who posses true Universal Love in a feeling, caring, nurturing, life respecting and autonomous emotional heart, mind and body.....and with Her genius of sensitivities are the rare Daughters of Phoenix, will know and are the Keepers.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day For The LIGHT

*Update: this was a false/positive. It turns out I am in a process and this sense of peace was more like a free falling void.

I should not be here online today. I should not be coherent nor able to function in matrix ways on matrix equipment, but somehow I am here and able.
I am feeling despite all the odds, some kind of nothingness inside, like some tension has broken, a line broken and I am no longer tethered....tethered to something that shouldn't have been.
There is a void inside, some can call it calm or peace. It is high strangeness especially for me right now, and Ana and Alby know what I'm talking about.....but still there is some peace that is transcendent. I cannot even conjure up some kind of memory, trigger or charge. There seems to be nothing there. Apathy comes to mind. I've never been in that state before, but time will tell.

I sense this is not only me and is why I'm writing to you, but for many of us right now and I'd like to hear from others who do?

.....the gossamer chains are finally fried, broken and we are in free fall, and only one thing to do but to float.....and once untethered where do we go, but up.

We're in another direction now and all there is to do is go for the ride.

Interesting it is Independence Day when I feel this paradox....is this the wry humour of Cosmic Divine?

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Empaths, Intuitives, Humane Beings Etc Have A Purpose

I've been wanting to write this one for years but never had enough articulation for this, and I still don't but I feel something needs to be said about it.

We, the humane beings of earth, the ones with heart and who want to live in peace and love....you know who you are.....also have built within a great power.
Power is a word much maligned because those who have had ''power over'' others have abused it to horrendous proportions. This is not power, it is merely megalomanic aggression and violence.

However the power I refer to is the Power of Virtue, and that is of the Divine.
Humane Beings have this. Empaths and intuitives however, have more of this particularly because their capacities literally feel that which they are standing in and what is surrounding them, literally, and this is a continual wealth of knowledge. These ''feelings'' that are picked up and honed on are not only there for feeling/knowing but is information meant to be acted upon. Empaths are receivers but have extra abilities for being equalizing, neutralizing and correctional. All the information coming into the empaths serve as the offering up of what potentially needs a counter force in some way.
Empaths are both receivers and transmitters. They can correct.

I used to think everyone felt what I did. I was wrong. For example, they didn't know that the man standing there smiling at you was actually thinking of doing some horrid thing to you. They merely saw a man smiling. Empaths can feel the intentions of that man. The difference is huge.  

I have always wondered why I, basically a Flower Child of the Cosmos, has had the life I've had, also why such peaceful others have been so persecuted by the systems on this planet and suffer greatly, live in poverty and simply do not understand ''the ways'' of this Earth. I am getting it now. It's taken many decades.
I have written in my last post about the ''information'' media stream which is highly engineered for a specific outcome. Their purpose is to do many things on many levels, from controlling frequency, to disabling other frequencies to creating.
Everything is energy, frequency. We all know how we can feel ourselves as different (frequencies) based on what we are feeling. Anyone ever have a good hair day and everyone smiles at you that day and everything you want is on sale? Or you feel like crap and everything falls, breaks and you keep tripping over the same rock. This is ''frequency 101'', kindergarten stuff.
I'm talking about HUGE planetary, even cosmic frequency. Often mostly, it is manipulated.

It is all about feeling. What is it about feelings that is so powerful? How does it create? Matrix engineers know all about creating through frequency, utilizing the feelings of the incredible resource of human emotions. Usually they engineer feelings that are violent and painful.This is their specialty.
Feelings are knocked out swiftly and with laser sharp precision in every organization where men rule. Military, governments, corps, law, schooling, etc, all of it. And oh! my favorite, the churches and all religions.....because they do want only one, just one feeling from you and that is your worship. Just think of all the places men rule, this blog is too short a space to list them all. The wizards at the top of the totem pole know exactly the power of feelings with humans. It can create anything. Feelings are also the Great Detector.  That is why those who are feeling beings are ostracized. The wizards of oz don't want their agendas interfered with or stymied by morals. Try to add to your resume for any of their organizations that you are a sensitive, or an empath, or intuitive. This is not part of their ''job'' requirement, they need obeying robots, who do not question, do not feel, and do not think, but follow orders and the system with precision, can perform terrible things and continue to do so.
However, the wizards of the black ops know how to utilize those who possess these feelings still intact, but using them in corrupt ways.
And just look at what the wizards are putting out.
They put out information, people hear it, read it, believe it, and it is created.....even when it didn't exist when they first put out the so called ''information''. This is high magic of the black sort, again the patriarchal sorcerers who own all media in all forms now. The ''self fulling prophecy'' is man made. Humans are a resource of energy and frequency on a very high esoteric level, but only the Wizards of Oz and their ilk know this.
People, we were never in Kansas, but don't stop tapping those red slippers!

Bless those who are speaking out on their own figuring all this out and making their own media through shows, blogs, websites, youtubes, etc. Humane beings who honor and cherish good feelings and expose, expose, expose, the dark engineers.

Empaths are those people who literally feel what others are feeling. If someone is nauseous in my presence, I will feel it. Keep taking this out to the greater world and you will know why empaths are mostly homebound, once they comprehend what is happening with them.

Empathy is not merely compassion where one feels ''for'' another, either through having lived the same thing or just having concern and care. Empaths, simply, basically literally feel the others feelings. This is something animals do naturally and is why then can sense when one is filled with fear/hate, and they behave accordingly to that person.

There are some empaths left on Earth still in tact, those who have not had it brainwashed out of them either through schooling, beliefs, religions etc, and these ones have suffered on this planet a great deal. Empathy is not, on this planet, a pleasant ''gift''. But still very useful. Mostly useful to do the helping we have also been built in with.
However I want to go further with this usefulness, take it much further. It is far far more than useful, it is absolutely critical to being the very force and organic engine of correctional energies.
I call it the Mother Equalizer.

How it works.

Empaths tend to be listeners, inquisitive about many things, even if they don't want to, they are simply bombarded into knowing.......if they haven't been so traumatized by what all is happening on this planet and gone into hiding, or become reclusive. But even then the Equalizer can still be effective and I hope to reach some of those who have gone into hiding and light up your gift.

Empaths, through their direct feeling senses, having the literal sensations of what is really taking place with another or a thing.....whether a person or city or planet, you are without filter facing the reality, the truth of what ''is''. Having that piece of info, you are now in the position to flip over to the correctional energies. And here is where the beauty lies......the incredible  gorgeousness of the Wisdom of Mother who has gifted us with this.....when you see what is happening, you are not only receiving, but through the boundless genius of Her Human engineering this silent stealthy correctional ability of empathy within the body of humanity, the Empaths receptivity, also being a transmitter.....by sheer intention of Will, your energy literally acts as an Equalizer.....definition follows:
''a passive network designed to modify a frequency response, especially to compensate for distortion.''

So in effect....empaths as a collective are the human built in Equalizer to neutralize distortions.

I used to think this gift was only just to receive the information and offer healing of some type, but I am no healer. Or so I thought. I was just thinking wrong. The dang brain thing! Empaths or Empathy as a whole on this planet IS THE HEALER ..... collectively. We simply negate what doesn't belong, or demolish, or revert. Humane feelings do not tolerate corruption.

But here's the catch......we must not hide from knowing. We must not hide from the information of what is happening however it may make us feel, we must not allow the sickness of the news to get inside us, to corrupt us......for this disables us and we feel we cannot do something even though we can.......the toxicity of the news diminishes our belief in our selves.....scrambles our energies and even our desire to correct it. When our frequencies are scrambled, we are not collected enough, ''tight'' enough, to equalize the energies we are facing. I know this now.
We must be strong, and KNOW what we are doing!

I have vacillated with this bit of knowledge for decades. My head telling me this was nonsense. Of course these are the archons speaking to me. But my knowing inside, deep within, never wavered. Over and over and over again all of my life, I have known, that by looking at the worlds corruption, the ways, the systems which enslave, that I, as Empath can and do demolish them.
Criminals are less likely to act when they know they are being watched. Even more so when you say NO.

Actually more people can do this too, but empaths are specifically built to do this passive neutralizing due to the fact that they literally feel more of what is going on in far more detail all the time. They cannot ignore it, it confronts them. We must return the favor.
So what I say when I witness things that are unnatural and harmful, I say, ''you no longer exist'', ''You shall fall into nothingness''...and ''not on my watch! ''. And I do this over and over and over again. It is my will. I am, by my Will negating something that exists, and my frequency of intention changes it.

Do you think this does not work? Have you ever experienced the power of prayer or strong thoughts from anyone standing in front of you speaking? Were you not affected by passion?
Think about this, but not too much. It works this simply when it is utilized.
The Fact is that what is Truth is usually too simple to contemplate. Yet it remains fact.

Empaths are Mother Earth's network of Equalizers designed to modify frequencies to compensate for distortion.....and neutralize or annul them. This is our power.

Now.....lets passively, peacefully, confidently!.......face all there is to compensate for distortion, and correct it or take it out.

WE may be small, but we can and do change the courses! 

Serena, Lady of the Woods