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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Dirty Energy

It is 5;30pm and I am reporting on what I feel today. It didn't start off positive as I had thoughts and a discussion going on online that was none too pleasant, but this is personal and I was acutely aware of this and kept it on the shelf. I am also signed up to space weather.com to receive updates of solar activity, but nothing came in yet.
But then I thought I'd go to the nursery and get some plants for a wall basket that needs freshening and this kind of activity is always joyful. However as soon as I was outside, drove a couple of blocks, I could not wait to get back home. I thought being out mid week mid day would be a nice change from being indoors, but it wasn't, it felt ''dirty''. What I mean by ''dirty'' is the energies of the environment, as in maybe too much cell phone waves, positive ions from not enough rains, or cern, or solar activity. It seems solar activity is quiet, and not sure about cell phone towers etc as I don't think they fluctuate? So my guess is cern is acting up again, or dark energies that is personal attack and this would make sense based on the topic of my comments online but these dark energies also lately seems to work in waves.
Headache, depressing, lethargic, and irritated are the moods at large.....have spent the afternoon on the sofa watching cooking and gardening shows. I intend to shake this off tomorrow by doing some gardening early, and some cooking later in the day. Today is shot.


  1. Hello dear Serena,
    I wanted to share with you that my friend who has a cottage on Lake Erie, and myself have been sharing impressions of the current energy flows, for years now. Often our impressions coincide, sometimes they are generated by more personal goings on. I live in central Ohio ( land locked and very urban ) but we have created a lovely waterfall that mitigates a lot of "noise"....my morning reflective walks help so much too.
    I am feeling great weariness lately, feeling we are in some sort of loop that keeps repeating, in some inexplicable holding pattern. Going through necessary motions on the survival level ( work, shopping ) but feeling so "finished" with this chapter ! Plants are so important to me, and usually I plant many beautiful things with GUSTO but this year I had much less motivation....
    I have learned to focus on the birdsongs, in spite of the almost constant sirens, or trains .....
    I look forward to reading more of your impressions, and wonder if you can share where you are in a general way ( location wise)....Mid-Ohio is fairly stable in terms of calamities....the energy here is rather "fixed" it seems and that lends itself to somewhat of a predictable place....as much as can be in these times. Ohio also has the ancient mounds ( The Great Serpent as well as The Circle and The Octagon in Newark, Ohio.
    Thank you for your blog.Hoping to hear from others as well.

    1. Dearest Lily Hello and thank you for writing. I am in South Florida, I think I should put that in here somewhere, but since I've been here for 13 years now, it has been a wacky crazy energy since I moved here and is when I first began using that word ''energy'' because it was invisible and yet affected everyone in a strange detached zombified though electrified kind of way.
      So thank you again. I have done the process of elimination for today but yet I feel these things and can only surmise they are external and wish I knew what they were and what to do. Sometimes I have things I know to do, but sometimes like today, I can only hide....close the blinds, turn up the AC and lay low.
      I hope you received my other comment to you?
      Yes, plants, my saving grace, however, today, and this has never happened before, I bought the plants, gorgeous though they were, but felt so sick with the energies that I wanted only to come back home. My housemate was with me, I had asked him if he would please accompany me as I really didn't want to be alone, and I only do this maybe once in 10 years!
      Soooo....there was something out there even he could feel, and though it is disgustingly hot, it was more than that. I feel soul sick....if that makes sense?
      The repeating loop makes alot of sense, and would explain the soul sickness.....I keep telling my housemate who is the only live person I have to speak to (uninterested and clueless as he is, all my local friends moved away) that we keep getting manipulated with timelines, repeating, taking us back and then back again with every step....so we feel stuck, and nothing seems to be changing as it should according to Universal Law.....creepy. Thank you again.

  2. How extraordinary- I am at this moment visiting my friend SERENA in Ruskin Florida- she had such a serious back surgery on lower back, and she is SUCH a fiery Leo and a doer, I knew I had to come and help her walk the dog, fix good food, chat with her. She is like family to me, and this year alone I lost 4 friends in the first four months of this year ( 2 to cancer ) 2 by their own choice to leave this madhouse.
    So I am feeling so bereft of family. I am twice divorced, have 4 grown sons by my first marriage, have a partner now of 4 years, but he is not at all interested in the spiritual path but is respectful of my views.
    I am on the Manatee River and hope to kayak with some folks on Tuesday, but if you should like to chat by phone ever , let me know and I can share my number.
    I am feeling a certain entrapment in this dimension, because I don't aspire to much that is offered here as "choices" and I have a keen sense of love for natural beauty and can see clearly the corruption of it ...so hard to bear. It is lovely you started this blog, and I hope to learn and share a lot here.
    Hugs to you as you lay low and sort this out.
    OH and yes , a sadness for hopes and dreams for this earth life experience that have not flowered...where does this journey take us , dear heart ?
    Why do you say you are not long for this world ?
    More later.

    1. Lily I forgot to say how very lovely and Humane of you to do those things for your friend. Yes there is the sadness due to entrapment yes, and other things, lack of forward change, it seems to be regressive. I will explain why I say my time is short if we speak. But lovely, my heart goes out to you for your kindness to your friend!

  3. AHHHH I think my comment to you was just deleted somehow !
    I wrote to say that amazingly I am now in Florida visiting my friend who just had back surgery , named SERENA !!!! I am in Ruskin.
    Let me know if the longer version of this came through as I tried to push publish only to have it appear empty !

    1. I got them both it appears, Lily, and yes :D amazing, you are visiting another "Serena" in Florida. Ruskin is 3 1/2 hours away from me. Send me a comment with your email and I will respond to you via email, and not publish the comment....how's that? would love to chat with someone about all these things for sure!

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