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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Preparing to Exit Oz by Laughing Crow

Hello People,

In my quest to understand this world, its workings, its trappings, and its conundrum of repeated tragedy and pain and suffering.....we must go through every possible plausibility. Sometimes we need to escape from the sick places we find ourselves from doing research and sometimes we find some gems. I found such a gem in a moment when I was needing to escape the sickness, ironically, as I was searching online for pleasantries, namely some beautiful coloring books in Stainless Glass books which can be beautiful and fun. On such a journey of escapism into color and art, I came across a beautiful picture online of someone who did coloring books of stainless glass and went to the site for more images. There was an article tab at the top and lo and behold I found myself right back into the world of matrixville musings, the very world I was trying to escape from......However! this one was a gem because this woman was wise enough to escape the typical thinking of left brain mode and found Her own way, and has thus found new concepts of thought which I find to be a deep breath of fresh air amongst all the left brainsims touted by the left brained dominants and all his followers and parroteers. She is also a gardener which means She is connected. This woman to my mind has nailed some facts we need to face to be ON THE ROAD to escaping the matrix. Too many online speak of the matrix from within it and far too many are repeating the same old useless shit over and over again. Spiritual work is not necessary for Spiritual Beings, which granted not all beings on this planet are Spiritual Beings, they are biological beings, matrix agents, backgrond characters implanted by the matrix, drones, organic portals, etc etc.

Laughing Crow speaks from personal authentic and original, and to my understanding a refreshing feminine approach of what the matrix is and its effects upon life and humanity and it is because of this, there is that ''something different'' which we all desperately need when Einstein said this:  We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” - Albert Einstein .....Laughing Crow IS that difference.
She talks about this in all her articles which are saturated with decades of direct experience and devoted energy to discovering the means to escape from this matrix. You can find all her articles at this link here. I have read all of her articles from 2015 and have yet to go into the older ones, but every one contains keys to what we need to not only KNOW but to test for ourselves. She has gotten RESULTS and this is what we are after....what works. It is not the instant 'click our heels and be gone' type of thing but it IS information we need to test out and wear it ourselves to see what results, and I can tell you I have done this and I have experienced some inner freedom from the matrix. She has seen the matrix, lives and works outside of it, knows what fuels it. Try on what she says and see if you don't find something different.......Try it.


 ''Approaching this planetary dilemma from a spiritual aspect certainly expands one's soul, but it is not a way out of the Matrix. The Matrix is a technical prison, and we must approach it armed with technical knowledge. However, in order to prepare yourself for a new existence, the spiritual work must be done, too.'' ~ L.C

Preparing to Exit Oz

This is Part 2 of Exceeding Our Sell-By Dates. (Please read this article before continuing.) Incidentally, if you wish to know where I got that title, it's from a song, written and sung by Eric Idle called One Foot in the Grave. You can listen to it at the link, and I suggest also listening to the second track, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." One of the few things they have not been able to take from me, along with my indomitable refusal to succumb, is my bizarre sense of humor. These two qualities have kept me alive for the past 18 years. By the way, One Foot in the Grave was a BBC comedy about a depressing and crabby old fart named Victor Meldrew and this was the theme song.
Well, back to the business at hand, which is, where does it all leave us now? Certainly in a very precarious position. The most important thing for everyone to realize is that the New Age jargon of ten years ago is baloney, and if you are still trying to "raise your vibration" so that you can "manifest prosperity" please stop now. It took me well over a decade to realize that all that was happening to me was not because of anything "wrong" with me. We have been invaded and implanted with a very nasty software program that was designed to self-destruct us right before we reached a level of extreme spiritual maturity. A group of us are reaching it now. The future is still up for grabs and requires intense diligence.

And while I noted above that there was nothing "wrong" with me, I still had to go through grueling preliminary steps to get where I am. The first really beneficial step was when I got certified in a process called Energy Interference Patterning, (EIP), which enabled me to clear my DNA of centuries of past-life horrors. This process is obsolete now, but at the time, it saved my life. I worked on myself for a couple years with this process, and when it was done, I no longer recognized who I was, and in fact, I have forgotten much of my past. If I look at an old address book, I see names and have no recollection of who these people are. It's ok—it really is a good sign. We carry too much useless baggage.

The next thing I worked on was Shamanism. I spent years doing past-life regressions, and especially soul retrievals which are basically a means, through Shamanic trance, to gather up all the fragments of yourself that have been scattered across time and space. I cannot begin to tell you how beneficial this was. And as for the past life work—Oh, my goodness!
When I first began that process, I found myself in the not-too-distant past, but after each one, no matter how bizarre, I was able to see through the dirty window pane just a little clearer. In case you don't know, past-life regressions are not just to find out more about yourself, they are to "rewrite" your history and delete trauma, which is also what the EIP process mentioned above had done.
The strange thing was, and this wasn't through any effort of mine, but I found myself, with each series of regressions, going back farther and farther in time. At the time I began writing the articles which appear on my current website, I was back to Ancient Egypt. I would get information that I didn't quite understand, yet it made a difference in my present life, which I also did not understand. It was like talking to someone on the phone with a very bad connection, where one can hear bits and pieces. My articles from that period reflect that. If you have read them and don't understand them, don't feel bad—I don't either. They are non-linear bits and pieces of data. As I look back now, I DO understand that what I was doing was clearing away the rubbish in my path. Imagine you are in a place after a tornado has hit. Little can be recognized, but as each bit of debris is cleaned up, suddenly the old landmarks are visible again. Yet the landscape has been greatly altered. And so was my mental landscape.

The very last regression I did took me back to the beginning of time, at least to my origins, and I knew I was done with the process. I found myself looking down a more straight path which was not cluttered with trash (distractions), and began to perceive our present situation from a totally new perspective. My next step was to learn to write web code. I was so obsessed with that, not only because I wanted to write my entire website from scratch in order to control every element without the encumbrance of software and pre-fabricated templates, but because. . . well that's the strange thing. What I didn't know was going to happen was that I would suddenly understand how we are all operating in a simulated reality, with software that has been installed in us. I educated myself so well about computers, and especially those critters we call browsers, and their process shocked me. It's all a faҫade!! When I upload a webpage onto my directory, it is just a page full of code, but the browser displays its interpretation of what I've written. As I worked with this—writing code on my Notepad program, then viewing the browser's interpretation, it left me dumbfounded and enlightened about this whole faҫade that we think is our life.

Incidentally, if you do not know what code looks like, you are welcome to read my raw code. You my access it by right-clicking anywhere on a webpage (not on an image), then click "View Page" or "View Page Source." It is fascinating, and entering this entirely new realm of communication enabled the next greatest change in my consciousness level. Until this point, everything for me had been from a spiritual standpoint. As I grew to understand code, my whole focus shifted to a technical standpoint, and then I made accelerated progress. Approaching this planetary dilemma from a spiritual aspect certainly expands one's soul, but it is not a way out of the Matrix. The Matrix is a technical prison, and we must approach it armed with technical knowledge. However, in order to prepare ourselves for a new existence, the spiritual work must be done, too.

The last step to what I call my "mature" level of consciousness was at the beginning of July, 2014, when that mass of new energy slowly made its way across the planet. I was ready for it! When it came, I now completely understood. Each month or so amped up my own consciousness level so that I could access another huge chunk of the puzzle. That still continues. About every thirty days, I learn something new, and the information from the past year of so has been truly profound, and proven, at least in my life, absolutely true. And it has been just recently that I've begun to suspect, very strongly, that we really are not being controlled by Reptilians or other aliens (although there are aliens here, but only functioning as parasites and malware). I think the Reptilians are long gone, as I've said in my last couple articles, but it is the implanted software that is causing this whole reality to self-destruct. It most likely was built into the program that anyone who began to reach a certain level of consciousness would trigger a function aimed at killing it's host. That would explain why the government and military are literally killing the entire planet. Please see Why is the U.S. Rushing Headlong into Environmental Armageddon? (The lead contamination found in the water in little tiny Sebring, Ohio, near my house, is included!) I also think that if the Reptilians were still here, the programs would be constantly updated, in which case, we really would NOT be preparing to escape. It would be impossible. But now the entire operating system is in a state of neglect and decay, thus providing those who have made a commitment to escape an ever-widening doorway.
One of my readers emailed me the question about escaping the Matrix after death. No, I DO NOT believe death is an escape!!! If it were, a vast number of us would never still be here. Death (which Jesus told us and showed us), is but an illusion of the Matrix—a trip to the recycling bin to do it all again. This person also asked me what would become of those who died. Well, I think, once we TOTALLY destroy this simulated reality, other options will open to us. I certainly don't believe that those who have died will be forever doomed to imprisonment. However, there are no free rides in this, and EVERYONE must do their own personal work before they can enter the realm of true freedom, or we will have a repeat of the current reality.

I've made a bunch of notes of where I am in my perceptions of our current situation, and I will now present a few rather helter-skelter, because, again, it's really non-linear. These are the elements I personally am using to prepare my escape from Oz. They are ideas that have proven true to me, and I think most of them contain keys that will unlock.

First of all, I've discarded most of what I had originally believed about the whole "awakening" process. It played its role, in getting me inspired, especially the works of Shakti Gawain, and her Creative Visualization books. We can, and always could, manifest the physical out of non-physical energy. Jesus did it easily, and told us we could, too. But we can't as long as we are here. When we truly awaken, we will leave Oz, just like Dorothy did, or like we do when we awaken from a dream. The people and things we were dreaming about weren't real, and we never think they are once we're awake. Same, too, in our grand escape. I do not believe it will be here. All the garbage we read about creating better communities, money systems, etc. is BALONEY. It would still be the Matrix. We must escape the Matrix, to where things function in a totally different manner, and where I suspect the laws of the universe operate much differently. Oz vs. Kansas; Dreaming while asleep vs. Being Awake. Totally different realities. We cannot fix this one, nor should we want to.

Some people think this is simply part of a cycle. No, it isn't. If it is part of a cycle, then we would still be in the Matrix, just of different cycle of the Matrix. Where we are heading is something drastically different—a return to our original selves. And that is what my past-life regressions taught me. It is an existence of timelessness, vs. the ravages of time. It is a place of non-duality, which is why no one will get there until they are fully prepared. We need to adjust our mindset to letting go of everything—it's not real anyways. When we awaken from a dream, we don't miss the people and things we are dreaming about. Furthermore, once we are released from prison, the blocks will be removed, and our creative abilities will be restored. We can create anything we want. We have been suppressed for so long, we cannot see the archaic manner in which we operate.

So, if none of this is real, why should we be concerned with chemtrails, the most evil and heinous crime that has ever been carried out on this planet, along with GMOs, Fukushima and all the other toxic disasters confronting us. If nothing is real, are they even real? This is a conundrum I've struggled with for a couple reasons. One because I've found that the more I operate outside the physical realm, the more inner progress I make. When I am pulled back, I find myself stuck and earthbound again. We can't escape the Matrix while participating in it. That's why we have so many distractions hitting us—the idea IS to keep us earthbound. As more of us see through the illusions, the more distractions there are to keep us earthbound. I am finding myself less involved with activism, and reacting less to anything in the physical world. If you must participate in the Matrix (and we all have to at this point, to some extent), then be careful that you do it without emotional involvement. Do what you must do then let it go.

The chemtrails are a bit of different story. If you have not read my article Back to Reality, you must read it, and also watch the episode of Red Dwarf. The crew finds themselves in a false reality, while their bodies are still in their real one, due to the effects of the ink sprayed on them by the Despair Squid. Holly, the ship's computer, keeps trying to contact them before they commit suicide, by raising her broadcast frequencies. She is finally able to communicate with Kryten, the mechanoid. In the false reality, he "hears" something telling him to open a fire extinguisher on a building, but when they all wake up, they see it was actually a gas he turned on in Starbug, the exploration craft they are in, that cleansed the air of the squid's ink, enabling them to return from their hallucination.
The chemtrails are having the same effect on us as the Despair Squid's ink—keeping us in an illusory reality—truly an hallucination. Certain people have been implanted, passed down genetically, as the destroyers and prison keepers. All these fucking stupid asshole politicians think they're so smart and in control, but THEY are being controlled by an implant as much as the rest of us! The difference is that THEIR program is malware. No sane person would of their own mind deliberately spray poison across the whole planet day in and day out. My God! They're poisoning themselves, too. When the spraying stops EVERYTHING on this planet will change, another cog in the wheel that's gonna roll us out of here. And, as Holly raised her broadcast frequencies to contact Kryten, we are receiving higher and higher frequencies, as a result of the new energy mass that has crossed our planet, (See my article Short and Sweet—and Very Urgent). But if the spraying doesn't stop, I still think those of us who are keenly aware of how all this works to screw up our minds, will be able to overwrite the effects.

So with these thoughts, I will end here. In my next article, I will share ways I've discovered on they are attempting to control our brains. I am now extremely aware of the subtle ways our minds are being invaded, and this is not only scary stuff, but it takes all my energy to counteract the efforts. Meanwhile, I hope everyone gives this material serious consideration, because there isn't much time left. Oz is self-destructing. We need to get back to Kansas now.

Laughing Crow is a modern-day Shaman
who has been immersed in the study of
metaphysics for over 35 years. She is an
organic farmer, environmentalist, animal
rights activist, artist, and holistic healer,
(and a little bit of a geek).


 Serena, Lady of the Woods