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Friday, June 12, 2015


Things are rolling into hyperdrive. Decisions have been made. Choices have been made. Full Stop.

Simple statement to the world of powers and principalities, overlords, darkness, evil, patriarchy, and any beings/creatures who are manipulating, parasitizing, or hurting other living beings, especially humanity, who wants to live unharmed and who wish no harm to you. I speak on behalf of UNIVERSAL SOVEREIGN CREATRIX who are choosing Now.
WE are many yet One Voice.

Eons of time have gone by and no one, not you nor those you hurt are achieving any possible goal of any being of intelligence, which is all that True Universe supports. If your existing purpose is to keep humanity and Earth, Life, submitted into less than what their potentials are and to distort, cripple and maim, you are simultaneously limiting them and condemning yourselves as well.
No one who hurts or torments other beings is free. Have you condemned yourselves to being slaves?

Manipulators align themselves to those they manipulate by default, and by Universal Natural Law the manipulated can choose how to proceed and this choice includes you.
If you have committed to being slaves, pawns of torment, then you have admitted to having no intelligence nor useful purpose in the Natural Universe and whose fate is total demise. You are a cancer and make all you touch cancerous and whose destructive nature will soon obliterate all of life including yourselves.

Many of those you are hurting are making a Choice now themselves, one which includes you by default. Because we have been the unwitting host to an unrelenting parasitic destructive force we are taking a dramatic stance in which you are symbiotically attached by nature of your parasitism.
The hurting has gone too far, and what on your part was a control and domination paradigm has become your demise. Or your liberation. Including those who merely ''follow orders''.
Because We have chosen, you now have a choice.

The choices are, that you immediately and collectively cease and desist in your torment and hurting of others especially humanity, and choose to becoming beings who are free and continues to live, to fulfill a Universal intrinsic need for individuated purpose, now and in future, sovereign unto yourselves, to return back to Source/God/Creator and explore your own potentials for Life. Some will say this is Light, simply it is Free Living. You can live unharmed yourselves as long as you do not harm others.

The other choice is that you continue in your hurtful ways, hurting, crippling and destroying those who are not yours to hurt, and annihilation will come to both you and those you hurt. The parasite dies with the host.
Universal Laws are being revised, rewritten, by Universal Sovereign, to accommodate all that is taking place and in no dimension or reality can these laws be distorted.

ALL beings require Humanity to Succeed in becoming FREE for their own progression.

The power lies with those who CHOOSE. Those aware and affected by you are choosing NOW.
Those who are not aware of you are decaying, being destroyed by you and soon you will have nothing because New Law states that though for eons you have manipulated realities and stolen, you can no longer have what is not yours to take, not here, not anywhere. LAW. CHOICE. WILL.

Your domination and destruction of life and liberation of humans cannot continue because we have Chosen and We Have Spoken. By manipulating us you have aligned and attached yourselves to us and by Universal Natural Law you are ours.

WE have chosen to go towards Light and Life, liberated and liberating others, all sovereign unto ourselves, free of you and any of your kind who hurt. Uncompromising choice, full stop.
And you can come with us, amnesty given, crimes forgiven, we all live free.

Or you will go into oblivion with us, because we will take you.
Unless you liberate yourselves from us Now, We can and WILL make this choice for you.

Its up to you.

Sovereign Has Spoken.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. By the absolute authority of our sovereign high selves, I say, AMEN to this.
    And so it shall be.
    There is no time to waver .
    The choice is now.

  2. This Notice was published on How to Exit the Matrix.com here:

  3. Where do the beings of light gather?..there are so many parasites, even at the healing centers

    Where are the awakened ones gathered in large numbers and the reptiles are the minority?

    1. Anonymous, I do not believe beings of light do gather, I believe they are fewer in number than ever and they are scattered over the planet, few and far between. This Earth has been invaded by not-so-light beings, it is why there is so much ignorance and apathy, wanton suffering and negligence. I think the Earth is on the brink of a total take over OR turnaround. Many discussions about this on alternative and spiritual sites, but who truly knows? We must persevere.

    2. I want to dance and sing in woods with elves and faeries...

      I want beings of light to commune as we once did.

      When you become aware of the takeover, it's overwhelming.the isolation is such an intense initiation

      We need the sangha...

      I guess we have to connect in 5D

      But I want Rivendale (the realm of the elves) in 3D



    3. yes Anonymous, me too, I want Rivendale, the fae, elves, magical beings again to play, to sing and to dance....I too want that, always thought it was here when I was younger, now I think they have moved to another "realm", nearby but untouchable, I too want "Home".

  4. It is soon time. Time to love. Time to help. Time to heal. Time to be. There are no other choices. Unless you choose to not love, not help, not heal, and you then choose of course not to be. No more time.

    1. Anonymous, that is also how I have decreed it. Thank you. It is well within our abilities to make this decree. Enough is enough.


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