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Monday, January 30, 2017

Why "Nesting" Is A Spiritual Endeavor

Dear People,

I know there are sensitives who read this blog. I hope it helps you in some way.
Also reading the comments section offers more from others.

In conversing with a friend, I mentioned how since age 5 I had always ''wanted to help humanity and Earth''...that it felt all my life like some feverish need, which made me run hot and bothered, intense, and anxious. It made me sick, it truly did. It was such a fire that burned inside of me. But over time the futility of that endeavor fried me, deprived me of my essence, my chi, my prana.....because the fire to ''help'' was consuming all of my consciousness and so deeply embedded, I was driven by it somehow. I now see it as an infection, an illness, not a noble desire to assist radiating out with strength from me to the outer world, no, it was a sickness, an infection that also resulted in a fever that tried to burn it up making me weak, useless to the world but mostly useless to myself.
Useless. To. My. Self......and hence the world.
What a waste of time and energy. I never paid attention to those ''fevers''.....I plowed on, ignoring my body.
What have I been thinking?! How can I help the world? I am one person and getting sick trying to help an entire sick planet most of whom do not realize they need help, nor even want help? The problems of the world are multitudinous, with hosts of humans who are hosting parasites. I wanted not only to help humanity but Earth too. WTF? WTF! The world will continue on without me when I am gone, never knowing I existed. How could I be so foolish? What gave me this drive to begin with?

The time I'm spending now cocooning, nesting, hibernating, and doing nothing with consciousness free of guilt, I am sensing how my vital energies are coming back, because they are not being fried with the fever/infection of ''needing to help'', an entire world.
Where did that come from? Was that an implant? A brainwashing from pre-birth? Many theories ensue. 
My essence is now cooling down, literally.
I use a far infrared sauna regularly and I could never sit in there and be still, I was always fidgeting in the intense heat. Now I am cool within, peaceful and I can sit still in the sauna at 143 degrees like a monk with hands in prayer pose.

This infection to ''help humanity and Earth'' is prevalent and common in many who are considered starseeds, crystal children, indigoes, etc, evolved souls who answered the ''call''.....wanderers, the children of sorrow, etc.....all of those beings who are here can say the same exact thing: "I am here to help humanity and earth". But we have mostly gone wrong in how we went about it. I can know now, that moving about in the physical realms, in the 3D realities, was not the way to do this.
We'd be compromised as falling into maya has both amnesia and density to pull us deeper in this place as being 'real'....we got involved, engaged, we became part of it, and lost in it. Until something happens, or burns up and fries everything we've got until there is nothing left, and you either die or ''the stillness'' is enforced. The ''stillness'' is the fertile ground for our true seed to germinate. Change cannot be forced....it cannot be executive ordered, voted in, or politically coerced into being.
Positive change is a tree, a living being. Change must be grown. It must be planted in fertile soil and nurtured by divine elements. Stillness, of groundedness. Water of Life, as our bodies. Light, of consciousness.

Grow, where you are planted.


I am only now experiencing the fullness of this.

And sadly, I am realizing more and more how much this planet is truly covered by a thick layer of dark forces, ready to pounce on every weak point, every vulnerability, every moment, every day.
It grows like a cancer. And people are unawares of what they are truly dealing with.

But in this post I will share what Tom Paine wrote about this as well.
There is so much happening that words can not convey. I encourage you to read deep, to empath what is written and to join us.
Blessings of Stillness


Dear Lady of the Woods,

When you and I were talking about the concept of 'doing nothing' I mentioned that it is also a Zen Buddhist concept of 'not doing'. At which point I asked how many Zen Buddhists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: Two. One to screw in the light bulb, and one to NOT screw in the light bulb.

Then, speaking of cocooning or nesting or shutting off the din of the outside world and its benefits of nurturing the spirit Serena said that "When we think we need to change the world then the Whole World becomes our PROBLEM. ACK !!!
This caused a major epiphany for me. HA! No wonder this world can be such a terrible distraction when we try to fix it!
It saps our energy, our chi, our vital essence and siphons it away in useless avenues of wasted energy. This, it turns out to be a totally futile drain on our consciousness, a constant burr under our blanket, an itch that cannot be scratched. Why? Because the vast majority of 'people' on this world are NOT HUMAN !!! They don't 'get it!' They have no concept of higher thought and spirituality. As our friend, PL pointed out that she used to think it was part of our job to lead such people into enlightenment. WRONG. 'They' will never get it! They don't have the capacity to understand it. In fact they are jealous of anyone who sees more than they do and they only want to either drag us down into the hole that they are in or to STEAL our life force, because they begin to realize that they are ALREADY DEAD and wish to appropriate our lifeforce and energy for their own use to make them believe that they are actually alive. Vampires come to mind. The Walking Dead. The Background People. The soulless ones.

For those of us who wish to communicate our understanding of the world, it is necessary to limit our communications to those who we intuit are souled individuals. This can only be determined by astute observations of people and thru constant awareness of the signs that would reveal such people to us. Not an easy task, but gravely necessary.

Another thing that needs to be said about the difficulty in perceiving that 'still small voice' and the true signals of spirit and wisdom is that this entire planet is blanketed in a DULL LEADEN SMOG of low vibrations which are perpetuated by the intense electromagnetic jamming taking place all around us through cell phone towers, GWEN towers, ULF frequencies, WI-FI, TV, radio and satellites. Permeating this stifling cloud of darkness is the global thoughtforms and diseased beliefs held by the collective unconscious. Finding a pure signal from our higher consciousness is almost impossible under these circumstances. Only through RUTHLESS DISCERNMENT can we actually tune in to these signals from our higher consciousness and from those souled individuals who are trying to convey their truths to us.

So, dear Friends, these are the obstacles we face in awakening to our true selves and our true purpose.
Onward, thru the Fog!
Tom Paine

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods

Friday, January 27, 2017

When All You Want Is To Do NOTHING.....Permission Granted!

Hello Sensitive Souls,

I've wanted to tell you what I'm learning now. A little late for me, but still I'm glad I am ''getting it''.
Having grown up in New York I was groomed to be a die hard student then employee. This was congratulated when I was steadfast. When I quit the system, I was questioned and abandoned. :-)

The Set Up

This world is set up....set up for humanity to become workers, slaves, sorry for that term, there is none more accurate.....with a monarchy ''to rule them all''......as the one ring of Saturn.

When one has grown up in this world totally groomed to be a worker, to ''achieve'', to ''have ambition'', ''goals'', desire for ''success''.....all of that are hoodwinking ''spell craft'' terms that denotes a brainwashing meme for your mind for a lifetime by institutions of businessmen to planetary rulers or patriarchal monarchies, then your life has become enslaved. It becomes ''abnormal'' to think otherwise, to question why you should be working or why you need to have ambitions, all these terms are inceptions of the male mind as well, foreign to the feminine nature and abhorrent to the feminine mind. It even becomes criminal to question the need for money in the first place, which only sane critically thinking people can do.

The Background Characters

There are many in this world who will never ever question the existence of money. It is for them as integral to ''reality'' as is breathing and that is because they are the soulless ones, the organic portals, the background characters, the drones, the matrix agents all of whom are here to maintain the world wide staged appearance of this ''set up'' as normal. And you the sovereign thinking independent soul, are on the fringes of a sick society. These background characters are doing ok. They don't complain, they do their daily toil, they report to work, they eat, sleep, and repeat until they die. They blink alot when you ask them if they think ''having jobs is normal''....They "appear normal", they are not, they are empty vessels, biological robots built and designed for the stage.
All the world is a stage. And the stage was set up for you, to keep you ''everything that is dwarfed'', and the stage characters are to prevent you from questioning another paradigm, they represent the enforced ''norm''.

I want you to know some things I've known always in my soul and body, but my mind was slow to catch up, having been hijacked immediately into ''schooling'' at the tender age of 5. I want you to know what is real and true for you, but is not real and true for those ''others''.
I want you to give permission to yourself to be who you are, not what 'they' are.
I want you to begin to free yourselves, to prepare for a future that belongs to you in totality and to no one else.
I want you to please listen to me and share this with any who may be validated.
Recognize who those may be. They are pained, they are depressed, they are suicidal, they are recalcitrant, they are on drugs, on alcohol, they are acting out, they are rebels, they are ornery, they are disgruntled, they are sick, they are recluses, they are screaming, they are reticent, they are everywhere. Do not confuse these ones with psychopaths. The difference is huge when you hear them speak. Real souls are hurting for the world. Psychos are not.

Goals, Ambitions, etc are Corrupt Teachings Designed to Destroy Spiritual Intelligence

Any goals, ambitions, desire for success as defined by the business man or institutionalized world-meme is the set up for material irrelevance. I am not going to say having a home and food is irrelevant of course it isnt, but to have goals to acquire what is your birthright is beyond ridiculous, it is demeaning and reversed. These social memes are the workings of the patriarchal monarchies from mere businessmen to so called global royal rulers. They are only there to rule and control you.
You need to dismiss them as insignificant to your life and make your own ways. To follow them is to be a true cosmic royal soul pretending to be an empty vessel, drone, soulless person following orders. To do as the drones is to demean your organic royal status as an ensouled being and to stunt your numinous nature. Stop doing what they have trained you to do. Stop now. Untrain yourself. It is unnatural to every part of your being and breeds illness and dis-ease, many of which take a lifetime for recovery if 100% of your future time is spent in self nurture.

I grew up with those teachings. They put me in school, said I had to. I didn't want to because I already knew whatever I needed to know. Little did I know then that especially now, this planet of spiritual castrations is certainly a breeding ground for petulant degenerate brats who have no desire for virtue, and that by the time I was 5 I knew all I needed to know for an entire lifetime here on Earth and that everything taught in schools was total garbage, none of which is useful save for reading and writing. All of those textbooks from grade school to college written by men shunted my brain power. The schooling structured in masculine military style, speak, repeat, rote. Obey. Do not question. I got all A's.
My life was taken by insidious stupidity which steadily crushed my natural life and organic processes.......it did damage to my heart and soul. Many are now sick from this same damage.

To be taught of ''ambition'' according to the patrix (patriarchal matrix) definitions set up on Earth, is to be stunted in all forward movement of spirit, soul, mind and body.......to be confiscated of your independence and to be indoctrinated into reverse psychology. All of which leads to sickness.
Human minds are gullible.

The human soul doesn't have "goals", we have purpose, some of which are to have more and more feelings and emotions of heart, and mind and fluidity of body, nuances of sentiments which have diversity in the thousands. Souls also do not have "ambitions" as Earthly defined, we possess intentions......for the pleasure of our virtues. And we do not define ourselves by ''success'' in ones existence or life because we have constant self satisfaction much of which can be 'defined' by having a large family of loving beings to whom you are telepathically/empathically connected to whether you are ''related'' or not. "Relations" being an entire book on its own. We define ourselves by self awareness integrated with others to the degree we feel expansive and luminous. Forgive the vocabulary, it is so limiting.

Recovery on Earth From "The Set Up"

We need to recover from the 'set up' that is toxic to our beings. We all (humane humans) need to unlearn what schools have taught and to teach ourselves what is meaningful for us and reinforce it. We all need to know our souls and hearts, its contents and turn them inside out and be who we truly are, what makes our souls sing. We must dismiss the patrix ways, and embrace what they have demonized. What has been demonized on this Earth? The feminine which is in all ensouled beings. This is the part that will nurture your mind and body, heart and soul back to its original beauty, hence the campaigns against Her. There is no beauty without the feminine, and this is beyond body parts I'm speaking of. The feminine is what is closer to The Divine Spirit and is desperate for expression in all of us, and all of us are desperate for its magic and healing abilities.

There are many ways of doing this, but you must be desirous of this. If not, then question yourself, why would you deny yourself the beauty of this healing? of the ineffable magic that can do far more than the mind can conceive of? There is true magic in the feminine and this is the mystery of the feminine which has been for eons defiled by fearful sub human men and who have devised many words of evil from their iniquitous minds and perceptions to curse such a beauty they do not possess. Who would deny themselves beauty and healing? Beware of such corruption, it can be contagious. A mind that is convinced can be very convincing. If they speak of any feminine virtues in dark ways, they are corrupted. Move away. Maintain your inner cleanliness. It is the only way for you to move forward.

Doing Nothing

What is needed for us is to close off and close out the outer toxic din of the man made world. It is taken by unnatural forces who build cities of cement and cold rectangular geometry to enclose the spirit, all of which is antagonistic to your well being. Your feet must be in bare contact with the Earth, this is referred to as ''grounding'' which has scientific validity but is much more. The Earths ''gravitational field'' is a force of healing energy which is in constant transference from your magnetic/electrical body to hers, in constant cycles of movement which keeps all of your ''systems'' in harmonic movement and balance. Wear rubber shoes and you cut yourself off from magnetic and electrical energies which keep all of your bodies, from Ka to physical in good integrity.

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/33/db/52/33db522477c6b07ad1cf5d6bd5d889d6.jpg       Without this field in perpetual cycling, your own electro magnetic field goes out of balance, develops holes which then allows negative forces who are waiting for such holes to enter your energetic field to take you down and out.  Your thoughts will be hijacked and your mind compromised. Your emotional body pained which hurts your Self, and the downward spiral begins.

I am learning something very big these days and it is that "doing nothing" is the healthiest thing I can ''do'' on this Earth, in ''this reality'' as it ''has been set up''. That ''doing nothing" is the beginnings of a reclamation of my own spirit, which gives me the space to ponder and contemplate what are the organic alternatives. How those alternatives feel, and what can be achieved with in.
A friend recently said to me, I was accomplishing alot by doing nothing. Thank you Miss P.

I thought being busy was good, positive. It made me disappear from society because I blended in. I was one of them. So it appeared. Even when I left the matrix and did only gardening and home tending I still felt I needed to be busy.
I had my mind hijacked all my life to believe I need to keep doing something like schooling or working. Peace of mind was impossible in the ''set up'' by the worlds peoples whose every aspect of life reinforced this belief. Even when I had nothing to do, being a master nesting artist, I felt guilty I wasn't doing anything....not making money, not doing something ''out there'', not having a title or job description, not running around, writing, speaking, having no goals, and "lacking" ambition. What utter nonsense. Turns out, that for the ensouled being, "nesting" is the natural way of "being" and that is only the basic foundation of life, is to begin with having nothing we are coerced or forced into doing. It is having total freedom of space and mind that gives us the ability to be creative, to utilize the imaginarium to be the creators of beauty that we are.

So How Do WE Live?

So this brings us to the perennial question of ''if we dont' make money how do we live''? We create from a place of knowing that spending time ''earning money'' to just pay for housing etc is a waste of an ensouled beings life. I knew many years ago I didn't want to do this anymore, I uttered a command and statement of what I wanted which meant I couldn't be bogged down with ''having to have a job'' to pay for a home, I didn't have time for that, and that I wanted to live in a house with a quiet man who was ''handy'' at fixing things, I didn't have to pay rent cause he didn't care, and if I should get sick, I would be safe in a home. A decade later I had this.

There are other ways of creating this. Maybe you can find others who need a housemate who can do certain things in the home and that these agreements are maintained with integrity.
I take care of this entire house, every corner, and make sure it is nurturing every single day, filled with flowers and essential oils in diffusers and beeswax candles, and no chemicals in any way in anything. I do my part. So it is worthwhile for the owner to have me here.

Barter, exchange, make agreements and arrangements with people who have space in their homes. There are so many people who have so much space.
I invite you to open your homes for select beings.

We can find others who have space to share.
WE must begin to design and build homes with many rooms to have with us others of our kind. Enough space to have privacy and enough space to be social. There are many who are doing this with ''co-housing'' ideas, and other types of communities. WE must be active in finding others like ourselves. Yurts can be set up on larger properties.
Garden. Those people who tend to the Earth and soil are beautifiers and nurturers, they hold the keys to kingdoms. Have only nurturers around you at all times.

We must be persistent in creating ways of being with others who allow us to share ourselves in the best way we can, to express our virtues and share our abilities. We must make ourselves desirable.

I can tell you that ensouled empathic beings are desirous to have around you, they have gentle energies and are very loving inside. Give them shelter and comfort, space to live and be free and they will reward you tenfold.

We must find our safe homes. A place where we can live out our lives in peace, either alone by choice or with others by choice. Then we must allow ourselves to live as needed which on this Earth means first to be in recovery from Life on Earth, convalescing from the harshness of the ways the patrix has set it up using our bodies for their labor, convincing us that money is necessary, and degenerating our minds to be nothing but parrots of their sick teachings.
I was 10 years old in classroom when we had the history book open to where they were teaching Christopher discovered America. I was appalled inside in that moment and then and there vowed that I would no longer take any schooling to heart, that I would pass all their tests, but "learn" nothing from them. School taught me nothing. It was total inane stupidity, a waste of my life.

 Nurture Your Selves Back to Your True Selves - Take The Time - Give Yourself A Year

We must relax and breathe for hours, days, weeks or years if need be until we have a natural desire to do something. As long as this is feeling good in the body, then it is needed. WE must find peace and quiet for as long as need, even to the point of ignoring the 24 hour day/night cycles. For me the nights are not long enough, the morning comes too soon. So I am making it darker inside, and lighting beeswax candles which make me feel peace (unlike synthetic "wax" candles which never did). The peace I feel from beeswax is palpable and has become an aspect of the loving mother of nature affecting me with her organic nurturing, which I can no longer live without. It is necessary to me now. I understand now why churches have always only burned beeswax, there are mystical properties to burning it in the atmosphere, knowledge the priests kept to themselves, along with the knowledge of the power of living in domes as opposed to squares and rectangles, but that too is for another book.

I thought initially a few days of this cocooning would be enough. It turned into weeks. Now months. Of course giving myself a few days is the thinking of a well trained earthling agent. A few days was not nearly enough. There is a process happening here which I do not understand but utterly respect.
I have no idea how long I need to be convalescing from my life. They say it takes a month of healing (under ideal circumstances) for every year one has been sick (or a slave). So it could take years. I can tell you, so far months of being in cozy candlelit darkness with Himalayan salt lamps for lighting dark corners, feels great. So this is not depression. I sigh with deep breathing once I close off the harsh light of the too brilliant Florida (fake?) sun, and it feels nurturing. This is feeling good. If I were depressed nothing would feel good and the dark would compound it. So I am needing the cave of the Mother, like a womb, and I need to be here for as long as it takes. I am fine with it now. It took me a while to accept this was happening, but as long as it feels right, and I feel something positive coming from it, I will keep doing it. I can lie down all day, listening to lectures or talks, and then I can sleep at night. I literally do nothing else but eat, tend to a few things in the garden, and then back inside lying down. Being a New Yorker and bodybuilder, this is shocking to my mind. But but my hipjoint pains are slowly getting better.  My physical body is healing from many traumas of this life including several car and motorcycle accidents, but I feel those have healed mostly. What is odd are the bruises I used to wake up with, and the battles I feel I've been in during sleep time which for years felt like I never got any sleep and in fact felt only like I was at war, fighting and getting very hurt. There is something about that I feel I am now healing from.
There are odd things happening with humans on Earth and we cannot know them all, and some things truly are left a mystery for the sake of our sanity.

I invite any who can, who are able, to set yourself up for time to do literally nothing for as long as it takes to find a peace that comforts, and a place inside that allows your mind to go silent or to wander. And then find others and help them.
Set yourself up for nurturing through simplicity, herbs, organic fragrance, natural fibres against your skin, sublime lighting and colors to suit your mood. I have bought 6 silk scarves in different colors to put up on the windows and I choose colors to suit my moods. Lighting needs to be changed and not remain static every day nor all day, it compromises your brain. Avoid overhead lighting completely and utilize many small lamps throughout your space and change which are on and off on a daily basis. No natural light remains static in nature. It changes every hour. The sun rises and moves all day creating different shadows and plays with our perceptions and the mood chemicals in our brains that keep those areas alive and connected, and then the sun goes down and darkness too has is nuances. You too must keep your home lighting changing. A simple and cheap way is to buy white Christmas lights and put them in creative places in your home. Frame your bed, or a mirror, or around plants.
Find beauty and bring it inside. Flowers, rocks, seashells, crystals, your own artwork, stones, a simple glass of grass.

Make them friends and eternal companions. Play with them, until you're smiling inside.

Compose every item in your environment to make music for your soul.

Always pay attention to moods and question their existence, their message. Learn from them and then treat yourself accordingly. Follow nothing and no one but your own organic processes as long as they are moving you towards more feelings of peace and all things desirable.
Discover those things that would nurture you from fragrance, to textures, to color, sound and lighting. If you need ideas the internet is full of them, google ''relaxing ideas" or "spa ideas", or just ask me.
Do not stump yourself because you don't have something you feel would be essential to those needs, reach out to friends and ask, discard pride, and allow others who can to help you.

Wear ear plugs for silence.

Take baths to nurture your emotional body. You didn't know caring for the skin takes care of emotions? Well now you do. Bathing is for emotional intelligence. Not just pampering ladies. The skin is the most mysterious organ, which thinks, eats and sheds, and breathes, and changes with every thing you do. It loves water. The emotions are taken care of through the skin. Taking baths or lots of showers, and anointing your skin with vegetable oils infused with essential oils of your liking immerses your emotions in a cocoon of care. Try it.

But do set your self up to be the antithesis to the enslaved workforce humans are being used for now. By doing this you will free yourself and create a template in the aethers for others who can tap into this and become empowered by your own maverick ways.
You are breaking free.

Give yourself a year and see how you feel. It will take no less time.

Please share this with others and give them also permission to be free of the patrix.

*Also please read the comments section for more from others.

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jen Ward "How Do I Tell?"

Hello Everyone,

here is another gift from Jen Ward.
The wisdom of women is everywhere. Everywhere I turn I find the jewels of the wisdom and beauty of women. So so many! There are some who have hidden their inner beauty, men have never been ready for it, unless he is one who has been traumatized by this world, then he accepts the healing from women.
It cannot be helped after eons of feminine crushing, that women today focus on what the patrix has dictated they should be, and after thousands of years of women being alchemically tempered by crude mens dictates and dicks, hammers and hatred, judged as pretty or not, worthy of a mans crass attentions or not, women are now mostly brainwashed, even by entrainment, into giving men only what they can handle, the virtue of physical attributes. Society is dying due to it.
Fortunately there are many many women who are not brainwashable. I bow to them I salute them for there is nothing more honorable in our human experience than the eons long brutalized woman not emulating her brutalizers, or becoming as they, but even though broken and beaten she still embraces love, for her self, and for you. She still is trying to teach....to raise ALL up to beauty.

Women do this.

Even women buried under makeup and falsies. Ask them.
Ask them to tell you what is buried inside her.
Ask her who buried it there.
Ask her who doesn't want to hear it.


How Do I Tell ?

Someone asked how I determine which one of my books is right for them when they ask. I am a medical intuitive. Which means I can tune into the body and see where there is something off physically. But I am also and intuitive of more subtle aspects of a person as well.

I can tune into their emotional, Akashic records, and mental make up to see what is off in these areas as well. Each aspect of a person is a different layer of "frequency" or vibration. .When there are holes in their auras (layers of energy), schisms, or unaligned aspects, I can see it. Some people who have been devastated, have broken aspects of them. I can see scars from past lives and I can see when someone's energy field is simply shattered or blown away.

What I am constantly doing with my love, voice, presence and intention is repairing energy fields of people, animals, places, situation, the earth and all of existence with a perpetual love; which is an energy that I have trained myself to emanate from me; like a fountain into all of life.

So when I see someone's name, I can tap into the vibration of them and see what they are open to. It is like looking at a person and being able to see what kind of music they are most apt to listen to based on their appearance. I see their pain, resistance, thought process, desperate need to repair their relationship with energy and their own capabilities that they have been sitting on because it has not been acceptable in society to share.

My books are not merely words to read. They are a healing vibration. When someone decides to read one of my books, they are taking the initiative to empower themselves. It doesn't matter if it is the poetry book (Children of the Universe), quote book (Grow Where You Are Planted) , the book on subtle truths society has withheld (Letters of Accord), the food issue book (Do What You Love Diet) or the tapping books (Enlightenment Unveiled) (Perpetual Calendar) or (Emerging From the Mist)

Reading any of my books is liken to taking an initiation in some secret sect. Because in a male based society, truth was withheld from only those who were deemed worthy. Who decided you were worthy? Men. In the awakening of the consciousness, female attributes must flood the world and regain a place in society to balance out the ruthlessness of man. These things are kindness, compassion, support, understanding, integrity, and honesty.

In a female society, who decides you are worthy? You. In a female/male balanced society, there is no longer a need for false humility. Because people are no longer pitted against each other in a perpetual competition.

Everyone exists in an aspect of sisterhood. It is a existence where everyone is rooting for each other to succeed. Some people may have experienced this in very closed or small groups. That is why it seems so unfathomable. Such concepts of morality and kindness have been arbitrarily weeded out of existence by those who wish to control societal dynamics or even the fate of the world.

These intentions could have started out innocent enough to keep all those is a group safely rounded up with similar beliefs and distinctions. This may have kept them safe from enemies. But at some point it became profitable to someone in some way to have enemies and so the system of using beliefs to keep the tribe pure, were used to make distinctions between those of the tribe ad outsiders. We see these tactics desperately being used by those in power t prevent the world from balancing itself out. That is why the truths I share so desperately needed for one to awaken to their own empowerment.

We have been privy to a global society that is lacking positive moral traits. When I talk about female empowerment, I am talking about these traits. Nobody with awareness is ever talking about genitals. That is just the most coarse understanding of male and female energy that most of us have evolved beyond..Now it is a matter of realizing it. Everyone needs to awaken to the morality that female empowerment mandates. If not specifically within themselves, at least in their circle of influence and beyond.

So if anyone wants to know which book of mine will assist their awakening the best, I am happy to jump start the process by telling them. Now more than ever, the world needs every heart to absorb truth and emanate it out to the collective of humanity. Thank you for doing that.

Love, Jen


*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, January 23, 2017

More on "Balance Bullshit".......

I wrote the previous post on ''balance'' without planning and when not in the mood, just wanting to get that post out of my head from the past 2 years already, and so it is incomplete. I will add to it here and am sure will keep adding to it as I remember all I wanted to include in it.

*Also, with ph balance, the acid/alkaline spectrum one cannot say the acid/alkaline spectrum needs to be in balance. In our own bodies, acid is necessary for good health in some areas of the body and for good health in other parts of the body it is needed to be alkaline. One is not good and the other evil. Both are good when they are doing what they are meant to. The skin requires acid. The blood requires alkaline. The stomach needs to be acid. The mouth needs to be alkaline. Like day and night both are necessary. Again, the component that does not belong in the balance 'equation' is evil which non thinking people parrot the slogan of "balance in all things" which includes evil as needing to be ''balance''.

Another thing in this paradigm of earthly duality is the ''predator/victim'' quandary. This is another one I do not believe should be in ''balance''.
Maybe what I am really speaking of is duality, but what I'm writing about is that many many people use every polarity/duality scenario as things that need to be in ''balance'' and what I'm saying is that is all bull.

Some idiots believe predators/victims create each other, that you cannot have one without the other, and I say if one would think about this for one sec, it would dissolve into the nonsense it it. It is a one way travesty: Only predators create a victim. Period.

Predators are the aggressor, the one who creates both himself the predator, and a victim. A victim does not create a predator.
Think about it. A predator seeks out those to hurt, harm, con, kill, etc. Imagine then a world without a predator of humans at all. Would there be victims? NO. Simple. People would live in peace, quietly and full of innocence and trust. They do NOT create predators. Predators create victims.

Only evil, ergo, is the intrusion, the cancer, the one that does not belong in any amount whatsoever.
Why then do all religions have the concept of a heaven if not to escape the horror of predators? Its because it is totally unnatural.

There are people who say the victim sends out an energy to be victimized, and I say who believes that is the energetic support line for predators who use guile to convince victims of being the cause. This is obvious sickness again. No one wants to be a victim, and to blame victims for being brutalized is the act of a sadistic person in league with demonic forces who are masters of deceit, lies and predation.....those who twist things and speak upside down and inside out to confound any mind.

More to come on these ''duality and balance'' phallacies.....ps. I spell phallacies deliberately that way to denote the fact that this nonsense is the inception of the male mind.

I hope to be done with this, but I feel like more needs to be said, But I truly want to move on to my plan to speak of Home.

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Serena, Lady of the Woods

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Bullshit of "Balance" *Updated

Hello People,

I hope today I can offer some clarity on beliefs about "balance".....some of it is credible, but alot of it is not.

*Updated: I want to be clear here (for those male mechanical mind who misread what I am saying then try to "correct" me): I am NOT saying that the extremes of polarities or dualities are the problem. Dualities are absolutely fine. Compliments to each other when in harmony. What I am saying is that people are speaking of "balance" as being the middle or neutral point of these polarities and this middle point called "balance" is where we want to be in all things from up/down, day/night/, woman/man, hot/cold/, light/dark, and good/evil. THAT is inane. Examples are given below.Because even with day and night the hours are not even. Neither is the 'balance' between woman and man as we all know, and neither is hot and cold a polarity that ''should be in balance". But especially what has been thrown into that inane mix is the concept of good and evil. No where does evil belong, in any measure, in any spectrum. If you feel you need evil to be in your spectrum of living then you are the one keeping evil alive and well.*

I hear people saying ''balance is needed in everything'', ''everything in balance'' is the way to go. Balance in women, in men, in hard times/ good times, good/evil, balance in the body, balance ...... with you name it, fill in the blank.

The obvious truth is no and I am horrified I even have to say it, but there is a black hypnosis that has been laid over humanity's eyes to prevent them from seeing clearly since they don't know what to believe with all the philosophies of elementary thinkers throughout human existence.

Let's just take this belief of ''balance in everything'' and break it down shall we?

Imagine a world with ''everything in balance''.....

Balance in day and night.....ok, that works, because who wants to live in all daylight every day, or all nighttime every night. I love the day following the night and the night following the day.

Balance in women and men.....is obvious and its lack of 'balance' in everything between men and women is showing up today as abject insanity in all things, a world that is dominated by male thinking, male control of all world resources from food and water to everything on the surface and below....male written textbooks in schools, to religions, to corps, to business, to how cities are built, everything in business and personal life has been governed by the male mind. Women are still struggling against the domineering force to insert her natural ways, but it is rarely accepted and not the norm.

Balance in cold and heat.....? really? I think the medium would be nicer, warm and cool sound better, and preferably when needed like cooler when too hot, and some warmth when too cold.

Balance in up and down? sounds ok.

Balance in hard work and rest? I don't think this is a good one. Unless one absolutely loves the hard work, it quickly morphs into stress, and then far more rest is needed to counter the stress which no one heeds today.

Balance in good and evil.....there is the problem, the huge problem.

I have seen and read of people who say there is a balance needed in this ''good and evil'' and I think they are sick. Even if you give them that 'balance' in their personal lives, they don't like it one bit.
Lets just imagine this.....examples of good being, love and caring, safety and food. Examples of evil being, being hated and beaten or raped, under threat all the time and starving. Do you want there to be this so called 'balance' of good and evil in the world? Do you want this in your life? Lets say, in a years time....do you want 6 months of the year to be of being beaten, robbed, raped, and starving, and the other 6 months of being loved and cared for and well fed? This is balance of good and evil in ones life isn't it? This promotes nothing but sickness and ill health and every degenerate thing imaginable.

I hear of people who say there are deliberate ''shit stirrers'' who come to earth, who are ''sent'' just to keep this so called ''balance'' of life on Earth in line with neither good nor evil dominating but keeping them both ''balanced''.......why???!!! What sickness decrees this and enforces it? What kind of fuck-tard believes it should be this way?

Take a day in your life....you want good and evil balanced in your day? take the above examples of evil and good and split your day with them and see how you feel at the end of the day. No amount of food or love is going to take away the pain and suffering of the brutality of the beating or being raped. Your day is ruined, your life is ruined...and if this is the way of life, which it is, then all is not well, and there is no such thing as balance anywhere for anyone. Damage has been done and a half day of rest will never cure this. This is exactly how damage, permanent damage is done to souls, to beings, who can never recover because there wasn't enough time, nor enough caring and appropriate treatments.

How about balance of positive bacteria and negative bacteria in your body? With this ''balance'' you would be either dead or in the hospital. You need far more, billions more positive than negative for health.

How about balance the amount of time you spend awake and asleep? You will not have health. You can do with far more hours of awake time than asleep time. 15 hours of being awake in the day is good, say from 6am to 9pm. If you slept 12 hours each night, there is something wrong. Not good.

How about half a day of sheer noise, lawnmowers, planes, loud music, etc, and half a day of quiet....is this ''balance"? Would half a day of quiet be enough? Only to start again the next morning?

Or half the time being sick and the other healthy?

How about ''balance'' of female to male energies within one individual? this may sound good but it is not. Today in our world and reality male energies are negative, damaging, violent, domineering, aggressive, non thinking, volatile, impulsive left brained shunted and too simplistic in faulty logic.....if this is ''balanced'' with female energies which are passive and receptive, trusting, gullible, you will have a bullying male dominating over the gentle female. What is needed for an individual to be healthy is to have more female energy than male. In our society male energies are dangerous to life and to natural essence. 

Think about this concept of ''balance''....its what ''they'' are trying to make you believe, to repeat, and to eventually create by your own parroting of this absolute nonsense. It keeps 'them' here.

How about the same amount of peace loving men to murdering men? It only takes one man to kill many many people and survivors may never recover from their brutality. We live this every single day.

Evil is what doesn't belong. It is the cancer of the cell, destroying life and causing suffering. We each want to be healthy all the time, not some of the time. And cancer has no place in ''balance'' nor in anything good. WE all want to be happy all the time, not just half the time. 

I can never understand people who tout this ''balance concept'' as if they are saying something wise, ''there needs to be balance in all things, day and night, men and women, good and evil, hot and cold.....".......is total bullshit and they are not hearing themselves. When someone says this to me I must stop them and give them examples of what they are saying or ask them to give me examples, and soon enough they are tripping over themselves, backtracking and ''explaining'', what they cannot.  Its insanity.

In the forest, there must be billions more positive bacteria to keep trees healthy.

What we have in this dimension is a reality that has duality in many things, up down, right left, woman man, day night, hot cold, etc, there are many, but what is definitely egregiously out of place is the good and evil.....people are just not thinking and this nonsense belief should be eliminated from our vocabulary.

Only few things actually need ''balance''.

I hope people start thinking about the balance thing and realize it is not balance in all things that is needed at all. Sometimes, the daylight must be longer than night time, and sometimes there must be more women on this earth than men to keep life going for all the killing men do in their wars, fracking, logging, etc, and sometimes, it must be cooler than it is hot like for roses who need cool nights to bloom in the hot daylight sun.
No.....we do not need balance.

What we need is harmony. Harmony in all things, be they up down, man woman, weather, etc, whatever it is what is needed is harmony. Balance is an individual thing and is not to be confused with duality.

And for harmony to Be, there needs to be the clean slate for pure goodness, and no amount of evil is acceptable. It is like a bully which in tiny amounts corrupts the whole. A small amount of bacteria can kill an animal. Tiny amounts of mercury in the body poisons all its systems. No amount of evil is acceptable. One gunman kills many. You get the idea.

Imagine a world of pure love, harmony in all things good. I can. I come from there. I can tell you the concept of 'evil' is non existent and is the basis for the ineffable beauty that is love, that is holy, that is harmony and all things the humane soul lives for.

I hope this has cleared things up.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Crystal Woman (Child) on High Sensitivity

Hello Everyone,

I will be posting more on this blog coming soon. In the meantime I am also going to post what I find to be relevant to this blog's purpose, as an empath and being from another time and place, revealing to you the many who are all over the planet feeling as "we" do....when I say "we" I mean empaths and highly sensitive people who are of a caliber that is alien to this world and its patriarchal psychopathic ways. Those beings who come into this Earth life and go into shock and horror and spend their lives trying to recover and finding they can never blend in....... those who know the deep and true meaning of "civilized", and how to live in love and who find this Earth brutal to our minds, bodies and souls. We are the aliens.

Below is a video by a woman who is young but who has an eternal soul and this is reflected in her beauty and very calm and dignified way of being. This video is only one from her channel "Humanity Awakening".  I have listened to many of them and agree with everything she says and her experiences I share many of, and find her deep introspection and honest telling to be of integrity and deserving of the highest respect.
I love putting on her videos first thing in my morning to listen to her ethereal voice and sublime poise and grace. She reminds me well of home, my tribe, my soul family. She is an excellent example, and gives good company for my soul. Her beauty and poise calms the beast of alienation.

Her references to "starseeds" or "crystal child" are not a "new age fallacy", there have always been grains of truth to this ''new age'', as there are definitely beings who quantify these descriptives, and though they are thought to be young, many have grown up over the years and are adults or elders now. I just wish this woman would change the term to Crystal Woman.......as she is no child.

I would love to contact this woman, if any can find an email for her please let me know. I am not on facebook or other media. I just want to tell her that I love her. To please keep speaking of her life and thoughts and feelings, I want to hear them, they are mine as well. To keep making videos so I can have the company of beauty in my day and hear the voice of lucidity.

Crystal Child on High Sensitivity, Psychologists, Psychiatry, Governmental Support

*As always, what is written is meant to be shared with others.
Serena, Lady of the Woods

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Conversations With Wisdom: Remi

Sometimes I get really good emails from people and this is one of them. I got permission to publish this and I will here. This email was in response to this video below by Guru Jagat (who I am totally in love with), and emails we've been sharing these past weeks, real heartful and soulful expressions. Feel free to listen to the video and read the email.

*As always anything I publish on my blog is to be shared. Please do so with the understanding that what is written is authored by me unless otherwise indicated, and please link here to this blog.*  

Guru Jagat: Take Back Our Sovereignty

 Remi wrote:

"That was indeed interesting. The idea that you can't let anyone hypnotize you unless you know how to hypnotize yourself. Anyway, this is one of the things I never openly got around to talking about as much and that is the constant social engineering and mind programming that is coming from mainstream TV and radio. I have first hand seen how these things influence people growing up even when I was younger which lead me to understating how everyone that is hypnotized by this wants to emulate what they see in popular (cult)ure which is one of the reasons why I have become so distant with people growing up to this day since nothing has changed. Things such as what makes a person attractive or desirable to be around also plays a role in this as well which is a long story in itself.

"Young women are affected by this the most and its a sad sight to see, but overall at worst it turns people in general into degenerates since it promotes a culture of trash and base instincts as a life to aspire to that involves money, fame, soulless/heartless sexual pursuits (something they really shoved down young men's throats as an erroneous indicator of achievement in life) and other material pursuit which are all dead end illusions to keep you distracted and trapped in a life of no true innate meaning. In other words keeping you asleep. Degenerates are not going to change the world, make a difference, and most of all discover the true nature of this reality! That is why they need people like that.
"Its all apart of this agenda of dehumanizing people and this is one of those things that makes it hard to tell who really has a soul or does not since it makes one become similar to someone who is soulless in a sense. 
"Training the mind to know what are your real thoughts and what are thoughts that are being projected to you is very important. Most people lack this training as it's occulted (hidden) from them. I have felt this before, but I quickly realize that said collective belief is not actually mine, so instead of blindly parroting it, I would critically think about it and test the validity of it or go by my heart based intuition if breaking said collective belief down is not necessary.

"Many people within the so-called "truth movement" and in various alternative spiritual communities need to really learn this lesson as many have not fully gotten out of that mind programing yet which is how the false light can still easily trick people who are awakening into staying in the matrix at some level! A sovereign being is someone who is not easily fooled by collective delusions no matter how many people believe in it.

"Personal sovereignty is knowing yourself and not letting anyone whether its a group or an individual judge actually try to tell you who you are since a sovereign being of high enough consciousness knows the ultimate truth about themselves while not being bothered by others own ignorant perceptions of them which is all hearsay! The media constantly always try to make everyone feel like they are not enough, especially women, and it's really sad. I always tell any woman if I can that they are fine the way they are if this topic does come up or when appropriate. Many women underestimate their own natural beauty when it comes to the topic of insecurity about their own looks.

"Even then and I say this from personal experience, or more so interactions, a beautiful personality with depth and soul outshines ones looks to begin with as I have seen toxic people who may look good on the outside, but I become quickly turned off the moment they open their mouths if they are indeed toxic, shallow, or have no depth to them, and I'm not saying this to sound politically correct or like an ass kisser (I'm no ass kisser to begin with), but out of honesty, but I know you get what I'm saying here.
"Watching the video made me understand that sovereignty is more than just knowing who you are and that you are not a slave or servant to anyone, especially those who are a part of the false light hierarchy in general who want to fuck with you, and no one has a right to dictate what you can and can't do with your life, your body, or your mind.... as long as you don't harm or infringe on other people's rights!

"Its also about not letting others make you think that you are not good enough, or that you are dirty and need this belief system to fix it, or need a savior or else you will be damned (one of the top 5 most insane concepts on this planet)! Yes that is so true!
"Serena, you're an great example of someone who's soulfulness and loving energy bringing out a beauty that comes from their heart that looks can't offer alone, and I mean it! I have briefly come across a few caring women in my life that did show me that their heart really matters the most when it comes to attractiveness. Its not just about looks as looks are nothing if you have nothing to back it up with, but sadly there are many people out there that get hypnotized by what they see on the outside not even caring about what is on the inside.
"This all points to externalization once again since we live in a world that is trying so hard to get souled beings away from themselves to the point of thinking that everything has to be out there, and that there is nothing important in here. All the treasures are within yourself, its about finding them first. It's a slow but rewarding life long lesson.

"Overall it does go into the things we have talked about over the last few weeks including how I talked about how adults think that they can no longer be a certain way and it has to be all business and no play or play that is soulless! Doing what you want to do no matter what others will think of you for it if it means being happy as well. That is why people are so suppressed on every level whenever it be emotionally, sexually, physically, and spiritually. Being told that they can't be this or do this, and are shamed or ridiculed if they do because of these artificial constructs called norms. Norms? Many of these so-called norms are anything but normal. They range from repressive to outright insanity as these norms where created to make people in said "norm" creator's image!

I have energetically gave you a heartfelt hug of appreciation after I wrote this! You are a good example of real beauty which is something that only souled sovereign beings can create from within themselves, not that proxy version that the media tries to claim that they can give to you while shoving the idea down people's throat!

Wasn't that just grand people? woohoo, yeah!

Serena, Lady of the Woods