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Friday, September 23, 2016

Conversation With....."Wisdom"

Hello People,

I want to add a new series on this blog called ''Conversations With''.....whomever it is I think the conversation may be worthy of reading by others.
I believe these express what so many real-feeling-humane-beings feel but are not able to because they don't have that kind of understanding person in their lives, or people simply don't want to express these things for fear of all kinds of judgements.

I am over those concerns as you know.

And I am having conversations with another who ''gets'' everything I have to say and this is priceless.

With his permission I will post here some things I think others should hear and hopefully inspire others to also speak their minds.....the good people are just too silent......and for many valid reasons, but still.....too silent. There is wisdom being strangled in the gut of those caught up in WTF?, but lets coax it out and let it be heard.

I invite others to speak too.


Hi Serena,

I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad you told me that you struggle with dark depression every day. I sensed this, but you confirmed it for me. I too struggle with it every day. It can be like a dark heavy thick blanket of gloom that sits on me or lies on top of me that stifles any interest in living. And it takes an almost super human effort to resist this. Sometimes I don't have the energy to fight against it, but most of the time I succeed.
I see now why you are an artist in everything you do. You HAVE TO. I have been falling down in that area for quite a while, but I see now that I can't allow myself to indulge in not caring.
This brings to mind a thing that Don Juan told Castaneda. The Four Enemies of Mankind:





1, 3 and 4 are easily understood. But CLARITY is a tougher one to grasp. CLARITY is arrived at by a person who has done exactly what we have done, to explore, to dig into the secret workings of life and to discover the forces that are manipulating and influencing our lives beyond our conscious control. As you and I well know, this kind of delving into the dark corners of this 'existence' can be very frightening, disturbing and most of all it can cause a sense of futility at being able to run our own lives. And with it can come a sense of not being able to do anything about it, of even a sense of complacency.
What is necessary at this point is for one to become a WARRIOR. To be impeccable. To stand against these forces and say NO YOU CAN NOT KILL MY SPIRIT!
We have to bolster ourselves in every way we can.
We are not allowed to indulge in defeat, even unto death. This is what you are doing every day. And this is what I need to be doing every day.

I probably do have more resistance to the dark information than you do, since I have been doing this much longer than you have. But you are right in saying that dwelling in these dark thoughts can color our consciousness to the point that it becomes almost impossible to rise above it.

The Serenity Prayer comes to mind:
Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The Courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

But for you and I and other Aquarians our consciousness goes beyond just our personal selves. We see the entire human race and all living things as deserving of a better way of living. Therefore our desire to make conditions better is expanded to everyone and every living thing.

This is a self imposed idea, but we still embrace it, even if only in our thoughts.

That's pretty much all I have to say at the moment, but I wanted you to hear it.

I appreciate you more than I can say.

every living thing


Serena, Lady of the Woods

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Energetics: Warning: Mind Hijacks

Hello People.....

I haven't had anything new or different to report so I've been quiet.

Aside from the insistent unnatural heat which my thermometer is consistently confirming, it has been diabolical. A heat that is unbearable, especially for me who loves the heat and sun having been born in the sub tropics........but this is a heat that requires one to literally make new adjustments to their habits and lives in order to assuage the dastardly effects of this unnatural heat. I've had to do things differently and to even prepare for those unnatural "hot flushes" (not hot flashes) that come from that light of the "sun" or whatever it is that is causing this heat. I mean prepare alot in the way one prepares for hurricanes, or for a vacation thinking of every possible future need while away and packing and making sure one has all one needs for, different events from day clothes to dinner clothes, or for sunburn, stomach aches, sea sickness etc, one prepares. And so I have had to do this for this 'new' heat. Examples of revisions have been testing the sun by my daily morning outdoor venture and testing how long before I break a sweat and what KIND of sweat, is it one from the normal heat/humidity or is it instant profuse sweating/weakness/repulsion/cringing as one would from assault or radiation?......to using curtains to close the light inside the house, keeping the AC units on high (which isn't cooling), keeping water in the fridge in a spray bottle to spritz myself for those emergency flushes which both burn from the inside and cause hyperventilation, and recovering from these can take hours and even days, to wearing only certain fabrics, having to use wool in my bedding to absorb heat, drinking cold drinks for the first time in my life with ICE, to carefully monitoring my body for any outer thing pending or looming, and other things, on and on.
And for those of you dismissing this as merely the mid life hot flash of women, which I believe my readers are not so simplistic or stupid to assume I may not have deeply considered this, please note I have already been through that phase and those are of a different kind ENTIRELY.


There is a technology at work here causing these, and this technology is coming from outside this planet. Yes there are some technologies coming from this planet as well, but this "sun" ''heat" is more of a poisoning, which is global, is being tampered with......this "sun" that is in the sky....this is what I'm referring to. Not to mention all those sun watchers reporting great oddities now happening with the sun.
I keep hearing people saying, this is the hottest summer they've ever experienced.
I've been in South Florida FOR 20 YEARS and not for one hour did I ever experience what I'm experiencing building up for the past 2 years to being almost daily. And what I'm feeling is not merely local it is global.


On to the Warning:
Deanna Troi Reporting:

I am sensing, and feeling that there is something trying to hack my (our) mind/s entirely, not just attempts but a full on covert, back door forcing of  ''all (evil) hands on holodeck''  type of thing......attempts to hack our minds via beliefs/experiences etc, through "legitimate" awarenesses of things happening or being reported or events, or anything perceived from "reality" or realities, I should say. But even though these things appear to be happening or ''real'', in a sense they are not because they are orchestrated to create a deliberate response from us. ''They'' are trying to take our minds over by relaying or superimposing over our minds the realities they are cultivating upon us. We may feel (logically!) it is legitimate to feel or think a certain way but it is an orchestrated mind hack. They are trying to force ''our hand'' into creating a reality they are after, not us.
I've even had headaches associated with this type of mind attempt this past week. I didn't recognize it at first but this morning I do.

Also this morning I've had my first "collective dreaming" fostered for deliberate collective consciousness 'think', of the standard ubiquitous tsunami, this old school, lame, burnt out, overdone, redundant dream they have been creating in the astral field by the Disney of Diabolical Disaster Dreamscaping Designs.
I watch dreams and dreamscaping vigilantly because I learned that all of my intense dreaming of my entire life has also been an orchestration of both astral realm manipulation where our consciousness goes while asleep, and as a spiritual being. We go to ''sleep'' at night, and roam in the manipulated astral realms and then we wake up ''here'' in another completely manipulated, invented reality, a false one. And we are utterly unawares of how it all works, whilst our ignorance is being used against us. And it is extremely unpleasant to realize this.
So I watch dreams vigilantly and I am finicky about interpreting dreams, I've studied the energetics of them for decades. I have come to dismiss more than 90% of the dreaming in the astral as another false "reality" not of my making or intent, but I still watch them to see who, what, where, when and why.
So this morning after having this standard tsunami "dream" and watching/observing myself whilst in it and having it, I realized it was the collective I was finally experiencing as there has been a breach in my own "guard", so to speak, which will have to be examined at another point in time. I need to get this warning out to you.
So upon awakening I was immediately aware from my "knowing One" that this was a 'dream' extracted from the reels of a blockbuster collective consciousness movie, almost as if from the supermall of dreamscaping, a starbucks of dream-flavors I somehow have tapped into, or wandered into by some ''breach''.....either intentionally for a moment of inquiry, or something has gone wrong which again, I will have to investigate shortly.

But what I will say about this tsunami dream so many are having is that most who are having this dream are those who have lived tsunami before, as in previous global (created) disasters by dark lord composers, such as Atlantis and other technological world demises. And these memories are being tapped into for a ''collective'' source of trauma that has been recorded by 'them' and being replayed over and over for those people so when they have and report this dream, instead of it being recognized or perceived as a memory they are being perceived as prophetic and so people can be creating another dastardly timeline that is being energetically fueled by one from the past. Most people perceive dreams as ''prophetic'' because they have not in THIS life time gone through this, so they immediately in that typical immature human species style perceive the dreams as prophetic, or about to happen, or that will happen, and they trust their ''intuition'' so it must be the future. However, and this is a huge however......it is not prophetic, it is a memory that is being tapped into and manipulated. Peoples minds, memories are being used.

When the ancient libraries filled with knowledge of life of human of nature of spirit of mind were burnt by men filled with hate and run by the greatest evil forces in the universe, greed and hatred for women, and when Hypatia a great scholar, wise teacher, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and lover of humanity (both female and male) was ritually killed by a gang of jealous zealot patriarchs who killed her for being a wise woman and who mutilated her body in public for the trauma of this horror of their destruction of beauty combined with their utter iniquity of misogyny so widely publicly distributed throughout society, it reverberated through the minds and souls of all who lived in those times, and true knowledge in material form was destroyed and fled to the un-material realms where dark lords could manipulate all when they could not in the physical world and where humanity the world over would hence suffer amnesia, pain and confusion.

Futures are not being created by conscious minds, they are being duplicated and replicated by previous unconscious ones. Disaster is on RE-PLAY.

What Hypatia says of thoughts and teachings is the basis of all women at heart. Until they are corrupted in the schooling of patriarchal thinking and living in patrix paradigms created solely by them and for them.


Since then patriarchs have filled libraries and school books with false heinousness.

As for what many refer to as ''intuition'' is not "intuition" because unpleasant orchestrated feelings, experiences and beliefs smother it and so it is not an intuition, it is a meme which is why religion was invented, so the minds can be controlled and futures created via memes. True Intuition is rare. I would more accurately call these ''untuitions'' simply because they have nothing to do with genuine "intuition" which is an accurate sensing of what is truly plausible and possible and pending.

So these tsunami dreams most people are having are to my mind, mostly a collective remembering, that is caught in the astral realms recorder which those bastard masters of astral dreamscaping and manipulation are using AGAINST people as both a devise of torment, AND AS A DEVISE OF CREATION,.......for people, humans, real humans, have the divine ability to CREATE and if enough people put enough energy and thought into something, anything, they can create it.....and those dark lords are utilizing the astral realms and collective memories as dreams for the purpose of lulling humans into creating a reality of the dark lords choosing. They use the power of humans but is the dark lords orchestrations foisted upon a humanity that has no clue how they are being used for this aspect of  "dark creations".....which they can then, in a form of 'truth' later on, say ''we created this reality".......which in essence, we did not, we were totally unaware of the technological manipulations that guided a power source such as ourselves (unaware of our powers) into something we never would had we been aware of it in any way.

Mingled in with these full on attempts at mind hacks in this recipe for ''you created this disaster'' composition, is the ''flipping and re-tracking" of timelines! There is a conductor guiding all of this!

Besides my vigilance, my monitoring, my questioning, my digging, my searching, and questing, I have had other signs of confirmation. So of this I am sure.

So I am telling you now.

Be warned.    Be vigilant.    Be unmoved.     
Be Good.     Be the Antithesis. 

Serena, Lady of the Woods