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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Energetics: Something Wonderful Comes This Way

Hello People,

I have been away for a while, from blogging because things have gotten hectic. I'm sure none of you know anything about that, right? !

But for weeks now I've wanted to write about some underlying energy I've been feeling, not being sure if it is my own or not, and now it seems its not, so I'm definitely picking up on something..... (drum roll)..............................

Maybe some of us thought we'd never see or feel the day we'd feel that the tide is changing for the good here on this Earth or in this plane of existence, but I am here to say, I'm feeling it. For us all, not just me. That is the news.

What this is I do not know. Where it comes from one can speculate a hundred things. It could be all of them. But this energy is a ''good thing'' I've been feeling even though my personal health has gotten worse, I still felt this positive underlying energy that something good is afoot.

This energy is for all who are of Light, who are humans with souls, who want goodness, who speak of it, who work for it, who live for it, who pray for it, who share it, who want it, who desire it, who write about it, who long for it, who intend it, who manifest it.....who live and breathe goodness.......
we are all here.  And we did and are doing something good.

It seems the sleeper cells have awoken in power. It seems things do have to change. It seems we are the change. It mattered not what condition our bodies are in, it only mattered that our essence was of the Light and that we lived and breathed. It mattered that we never compromised. It mattered that our Light or Love was non negotiable. It mattered that when attacked, we may not have always gotten back up but we certainly didn't back down. It mattered that broken bodies or even broken minds, never gave in......that mattered alot!

We are freer now, to create, to manifest. It doesn't mean all is clear, it means we have freer space and less obstacles. That's a good point.....there are now less obstacles.

Just when we thought we really could not manifest.
Just when they thought, they had us in creative confinement. 

I suggest we all begin again, with remembering our dreams.....our desires, remembering the beauty, the family, the love, the peace, the joy, the silliness, the running through meadows with wild abandon, or playing games as children and adults, the joy of the scent of the sea, of flowers. Remember when just smelling soup on the stove made your day. Remember when seeing a smiling face made you smile. Remember.....remember the joys and think and feel only them. Dust them off and dig them out. Become your own Creative Archeologist.
Only the joys.
See the other and discard it as unreal..... tell it it is unreal. Command it fails. See it fall......to dust.

Feel the joy....this is creating your world. It can and does happen.

We are creators and we are creating what we feel. We don't realize just how much we are creating now.

It is unfortunate that so many are so resigned, so despondent, so depressed they feel the damage is already done, that it is too late....this is the trick, the lie.....it is not. That is what ''they'' (the matrix system and its minions) want you to feel because that is when they have you and that is when you are not creating. They want to keep you there. You must tell them they are an illusion and they dissolve like toxic mist into a void. They cease to exist. It is you who makes them unreal. This is key. It has been important to know they existed and that they operated everything behind the scenes, unseen, silent and watching and maneuvering. This is so they didn't have us to interfere with them. But we know they are there and now with our creative abilities we can dis them, into oblivion, and then create what we want, not be the paint to their brush.....we are now the artist, both the painter and the paint, and the canvas is ours. The canvas is blank. 

This is not about ''saving the world''......this is about saving your own world and the one in which you live and breathe and those of the others who live with you. There are many conflicting realities taking place. We need to create our own. It can be tricky to think or believe we are living in many worlds.

We must remember. WE must create.

To be passive is to allow the others to create for you. This is not good for you. Do not be passive. Create.

Love creates the same things, so when all do it in love and for us all, we will make it.

Thoughts must be trained. Cleansed of what you do not want to think. "They'' are also planting those, to repeat them in your head even when you don't want them. You must cleanse them, remove them, evict the one/s who repeat them, because they know your thoughts are what creates. They cannot create, so they use us to create for them....we think it, then feel it and it manifests. Cleanse your thoughts of their programs. Create your own and never ever give up.

Dig into your dreams, your hearts and breathe life into them. Revive your imaginarium. We are doing this! We are getting there, it is happening!

Now more than ever this below is underway.........

From Brian Piergrossi......Love is the New Religion.............

Love is the New Religion / The Spiritual Conspiracy/ The Silent Revolution – by Brian Piergrossi

Love Is The New Religion / The Spiritual Conspiracy
On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark
But calmly and quietly, at the same time, something else is happening underground
An inner revolution is taking place and certain individuals are being called
to a higher light
It is a silent revolution
From the inside out
From the ground up

It is time for me to reveal myself
I am an embedded agent of an secret, undercover
Global operation
A spiritual conspiracy

We have sleeper cells in every nation on the planet

You won’t see us on the T.V.
You won’t read about us in the newspaper
You won’t hear about us on the radio

We don’t seek any glory
We don’t wear any uniform
We come in all shapes and sizes
Colors and styles

Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes in every country and culture of
the world
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys, in farms and villages, tribes
and remote islands

You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice
We go undercover

We remain behind the scenes
It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit

But simply that the work gets done

Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way so no one will notice

During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs
But behind the false storefront at night is where the real work takes place

Some call us the “Conscious Army”
We are slowly creating a new world with the power of our minds and hearts
We follow, with passion and joy
Our orders from the Central Command
The Spiritual Intelligence Agency

We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no ones is looking
Kind words
Meditation and prayer
Social activism
Random acts of kindness

We each express ourselves in our own unique ways with our own unique
gifts and talents

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
That is the motto that fills our hearts
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place
We know that quietly and humbly we have the power of all the oceans

Our work is slow and meticulous
Like the formation of mountains
It is not even visible at first glance
And yet with it entire tectonic plates shall be moved in the centuries to

Love is the new religion of the 21st century
You don’t have to be a highly educated person
Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it

It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings

Be the change you want to see in the world
Nobody else can do it for you

We are now recruiting
Perhaps you will join us
Or already have….
All are welcome…
The door is open

-Brian Piergrossi from the book The Big Glow.

 *As always, what is written here is meant to be shared. Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods http://serenaladyofthewoods.blogspot.com/