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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's OK to NOT Want to be Here on Earth, You're NOT NEGATIVE

I just want to express some things that have been on my mind for about a decade.
I want to address those people who think this planet is a rough place and so miserable on so many levels they simply do not like being here.  I am one of those, have been since the age of 4 years old.
This is normal for the being who has any heart left in them or brain cells that are not fried by EMF's or poisoned by flourides from water or sky sprayings, or traumatized by ceaseless incomprehensible violence to human and animal alike. This his-story of violence for so long many become inured to it, even believing it to be "normal"......and become passive of evil, of violence in culture.

There is alot of judgment of those who are rightly sad and depressed, morose, or gloomy, insatiable or who find no joy in simple things on this earth.

This is normal for a real humane being at this time on Earth. It is normal to feel these things.  There is even an entire industry that is making possibly billions of dollars on those who are depressed, unhappy, with a ubiquitous nameless unhappiness of life here......an industry of books, workshops, positive thinking courses, drugs and therapies, groups, blogs, newsletters, audios etc ad nauseum even, to try to "treat" or "assist" those who are feeling this way, and I find this rather arrogant in many cases and in many ways.

First of all, billions of people on this planet who are lets just say ''Unhappy people" due to the violence, brutality, murders, rapes, wars, psychopathy, killings and pedophiles, political circus's, murderous religiosities etc, have every right to be unhappy about all of this. They have normal responses to this and in our day and age it is proper to feel all of this unhappiness and sadness about the tragic state of affairs on this Earth, and with people, an endless and growing stream of decay and debauchery for which there is no end in sight. This is why even young people are committing suicides and they are being assisted by more madmen who are creating and distributing designer drugs on the streets for them with encodings to cause suicidal tendencies. There is a pandemic happening now with this in some states affecting mostly the young men who flock to these types of drugs.

In the media and television there is a plethora of horrific shows of blood and gore written by countless men, lots of sick stuff coming from them, which they call "entertainment" but which your brain knows no difference from experience.
They have fantasies and fetishes of all manner of heinous corruptions of humanity and they produce them in books, movies, artwork, etc and they flood the media with this. Hybrids are being bred by those franken-fuckers who have organized human kidnappings where they steal women from all parts of the world and forcefully impregnate them with cross bred contaminants of all kinds with all mixes of DNA. Some of these are born to the horror of the mothers, and some do not make it. Men are cloning people, stealing women, making hybrid monstrosities who are immune to Humane Virtue. These hybrids are designer monsters born and bred to serve a psycho patrix.
What human being doesn't go into an emotionally paralyzing shock!? We know these hybrids are among us, we can feel it and we can watch them carry out the psychopathic patrix agendas worldwide.....all these the inception of that male mentality, and executed by them.

They are making women whores, and children sex objects and manufacturing serial killers, is the Saturnian Brotherhoods goals. Their "artwork" over every form of media rife with women as every sick fantasy they imagine freely fostering misogyny over the world.

You are being methodically traumatized at every turn.

There is an assault upon the human species that is so overarching, so all encompassing, and so thorough it is mind boggling that there are people who are able to ignore it all and simply live as if none of this is happening. These are what I refer to as 'fringe' people, people who do not believe in paying attention or who refuse to respond to their environment or the people around them, the circumstances, or poisons, they simply live for themselves. These are fringe people.

*edited input: There are so many non-real humans on this planet by now, I had estimated years ago the percentage was around 80% non-real humans, or those without out soul. Animated by ''spirit'' but no soul to see/experience their greater existence beyond this 3D simulation. The male mentality of controllers along with their allied powers and principalities are in direct control of this system of control and those who see this are attacked. Those who follow their system are not bothered. Those who try to exit their programs come up against a force that begins with obstacles and ends with direct personal attack even to the poltergeist type of interference. Those people around you will act against you too. Real humans will feel this and these are the ones who wonder WTF?! is going on here.

Most on Earth are suffering, some quietly and some not so quietly. But anyone who has inner virtue of compassion and care are looking, seeing and responding to the atrocities worldwide appropriately with emotion, but however not with wisdom in how to handle all of this, either personally or collectively. Many are psychically suppressed even when they don't look because there is no escaping the collective or whole of our symbiotic relationship to each other and to Nature.

What people are not seeing is that there is a direct and orchestrated war upon humanity to divide us so that an abysmal stupidity gets in the way of people uniting in their humane qualities, and being divided into warring amongst ourselves. This is the design. These archons and lords of control are artificial beings, highly "intelligent'' in computations, and they have shared memories which keep them a tight knit group of units of cosmic pirates and buckaneers with hive minds. Humanity has been divided with languages and differing cultures to keep us all separated, erasing our histories and implanting absurdities as "human history" and we have no memories to guide us. Now there is the Mandela Effect full blast, changing realities and driving people nuts.
People are still arguing over democratic, republic, tax or no tax, which god is real and which not, etc, this is all the stupid gaming of those overlords or archons using the entirety of humanity as their avatars in their gaming, using real life and real humans on the planet as their field of play, instead of the insipid computer CGI crap they give to us as toys......they are using us, the real thing, us as their avatars for their ''gaming''.
Dont you see this?

Yes there are countless victims on this Earth, always have been. Do not allow anyone to warp this fact into making you guilty for what you do not do. Countless victims on Earth from the beginning of time, from innocent children being raped and murdered to more brutalities, who are truly victims of a sickness which needs to be purged from this planet. I want to stress also that the word "victim" has been marginalized also by the psyops of wily hidden hands who tell you they do all this at your own request and because they love you.
I ask you: what is the definition of insanity?
It is the insane who create victims, they are the perpetrators of unwanted deeds. This is their doing, not yours. Let victims care for each other. It is the perps who twisted this into victims blaming other victims, so the perps have deflected proper attention away from them. This has been a clever tactic of psychic warfare upon human psyches.

I want to speak to those sad people, those (so called) "negative" people, don't let anyone keep you down or tear you apart because you are sad and cannot be repaired with temporary and ephemeral fixes and useless empty platitudes. The human being is no toy.....it must be in harmony symbiotically with all life to feel the beauty of life. And when it is all sick and dying we will feel it all, make no mistake.

It boggles my mind people are still giving birth to children.....what is their future I wonder? What are the fathers thinking when they plant their seed either into a womans body or a test tube? What are they thinking when they are creating a child to bring into this world? Have they thought to make this world a beautiful place for their future?

I want to say to the sad wanderers, to lost souls, to the "weird", to the "different", to the visitor, the starseed, to the oddball, to the alienated, to those who are longing to belong......that you feel all that you feel for dam good reason and there is no quick fix. The only "fix" possible is when the entirely of life is no longer being manipulated, no longer being poisoned by madmen psychopaths who spray all of the earth with chemicals designed to fry our brains neurons, destroy memories, and poison and age our bodies for rapid decay purposely to prevent any sudden rebellion against their actions, who feed us garbage for the mind, manipulate realities and twist time lines and parallel universes.....you should feel as you do, and no workshops, no course in miracles, no books, no therapies, no job can fix this.

Maybe they can offer some ways of "dealing" or "handling" your personal eruptions, or manage what you feel so you can function, but you are not broken, the world around you is. There is something very sick and toxic being done to life on this planet and you are simply responding to this. There is nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with what is being done to you. Yes, that is right, I said it, there is something, LOTS OF SOMETHINGS, being done to you that you have no idea of or control over and though I am NOT saying it is ok to fall on the floor in helpless fetal position to cry for the rest of your days, though that is your option and your right.......I AM saying that there is so much shit and incalculable fuckery happening to us all, to this entire planet that it is beyond human comprehension to grasp, that no one has any right to tell you how you should feel or that feeling unhappy is YOUR problem, and that to be happy is the way you should feel, despite all the iniquity you are being assaulted with every single hour of every single day by poisons, by psychotronics, by spirits, by dark hidden hands, by etheric energies, by celestial bodies and by an endless stream, an egregious population of dark feeble minded sick madmen, monstrous soldiers of evil who are hired to kill children, hired to kill people and do so willingly, from the chemtrail sprayers, to those men of war whose sophomoric war cry is to some corporate country or insane god.....men who have far too little heart (bred out of them for this purpose) and too little intelligence and way too much funding and arrogant iniquity who are literally being manufactured in open air labs to swathe this planet with their black deeds from mass shootings, to rapings, to pedophiles organized to satiate the men who run all of these things, both on and off planet and to terrorize in general. They do this because this is 'THEIR' game, their toys r us. They are bereft of human intelligencia, but crafters of war, drugs, vile iniquities, using and abusing humans for their phallacies of evil who seek to keep prisoners in secret bondage and suppression.

Yes this is a scathing piece of narrative in defense of human emotions for those who are sad beyond repair.

The planet is now drenched with the tears of keening women, and men rabid with frustration, whose sorrow is given no respite thanks to the vile men who shoot and kill on a daily basis the most beautiful of innocents on Earth.
You will not escape their sorrow either, for that kind of grief is psychically embedded into our DNA worldwide. We have been given no respite. WE have been given no rest from insane vacuous violence.

You have every right to feel like shit. Every right to want to hide, to want to not be part of society, for ''it is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a sick society'' ~ Krishnamurti.
If you feel this, is it normal, do not further berate yourselves for normal appropriate responses. We are grieving and there is process in this. There is a reason why so many on this planet simply do not want to be here, this is not our "game", this is not the way of "life", we KNOW this inside, deeply, in our divine souls.

But I will say, try, try not to dwell in them. Know it is sick, and you are right to feel grief, but try to find some beauty in any small thing on a regular basis. It is one thing to know you are living in a sick society but another to give in to it. Know who you are. Know you are ok. Treat yourself as if you love yourself anyway, even if it feels like no one does. Find the beauty. Make it a way of life to discover what beauty lies within you, even if is is simply your sense of humour, an ability to laugh until you cry.
And cry. Cry until you are done. Feed the crying to get those tears out, they were meant to feel the air, not be locked inside you for this creates a pain until they are released. Find your release. Make this release an art form.

And do not allow this sick world, to make you sick. Do not become as they.
Stand Alone In Your Heart, And In Your Power. Yes, "alone" can suck, especially if it goes on for years, but you have no choice. Talk to the cells in your body and tell them to get tough, to get stronger. If they were strong, then they must get even stronger. You must be your own avatar at no ones bidding, no ones beck and call, let no thing yank you hither and yon into any abyss of their making.
You call your own emotional shots.
Yes its a sucky situation, but you are here for a reason. If you don't know the reason, then make one up!
Create your own Purpose.
If you don't know your purpose, make it up on the spot and then walk your talk!

Its ok to feel like shit.
Just don't let shit become you.
You are heroines and heroes. Be radical and bring personal heroism to life ~

Serena, Lady of the Woods


I just want to repost on my blog here an article I wrote some years ago, March 2013, this one is interesting with a good cup of tea.

*Disclaimer, my opinions of this article written at the time and up to now, are subject to change. I do not hold anything as concrete. Not anymore.

What is "SOUL"? ~ Can it be Hacked?

I am wondering ……. again!…….what is Soul?…….and this time I wanted to hear, am listening deeper to feelings that instruct.
I have only a few pieces of information that tell me what ”soul” is, and what I’m learning is surprising.
I must first define 3 words I will use, and I define them so you see how I use them. I don’t care to debate this, it is my own understanding for the moment and simply define them for you to understand what I’m saying here in this article. These words are “Soul” “Spirit” and “God”.
Soul I must first ”define” for the sake of communication and clarity, but language is so inept I struggle with words, but I define it to my best ability.
‘Soul’ I define as that aspect loaned to us that is Divine, of God. “God” is another word long obfuscated with many sentiments and opinions and I will define that simply too.
“God” is that which is LOVE…..a Love which is all inclusive of all things GOOD….for which Beauty is the result. It is all Beauty, all harmonious, all magnificent, (look at raw landscapes on earth, or deep space), all peaceful, all joyful, all living, eternal. That is my definition of “God” that I am using here.
Back to “Soul”……..”Soul” is that aspect of God that we have within us. It is liken to a spark from the GodFire. It is that Living Spark of the Divine within us, because it is a piece of God. This Soul, piece of God, we have within, or that which has taken our body to express, is Divine/God and that makes us also Divine. All of that which possesses this Soul is the same…..all possess the same Virtues, the same Love and Beauty of this Soul/God. That is why when people who possess this beautiful soul live together, there is harmony and beauty. Soul does not die, it lives eternally. Which is what makes it so exquisitely ethereal. It has forever, is timeless and is very dignified. It requires palatial hearts and beautiful environments to live in. It revels in feelings. It prefers to be invited.
Though this Soul has been compromised and that is the point of this article.

“Spirit” is that which animates us, has personality, likes, dislikes, preferences, moods, etc. It is like ego, or could be the ego itself. To me this is ”spirit”. Some meta-physicians use ”spirit” and ”soul” in the opposite manner that I use them, and that is ok…..but I have my understanding in this way so will continue to do so. I also prefer to use ”spirit” as a smaller (egoic?) aspect of us because when we consider disembodied spirits, etc, they are referred to as ‘spirits’, and often these spirits have personalities, behaviors etc and because they do not possess virtue or are tormented etc, are not divine, and so I do not consider it “Soul”….just ”spirit”. Another reason I believe this is many of these spirits are typically demonic….not Divine…….and they haunt places….and some people house these demonic spirits and need exorcisms because they torment the person and others. These are spirits, are personalities, not virtuous nor divine. Also when we look at some very lackluster people…..we often say, they possess little spirit, not much animation. Spirits are not eternal, are born and die. They are born of intention of mind, such is the power of mind. And they can die with the same intention. Spirits are the derelicts of Spiritual Society, they don’t care for manners or cleanliness and live in any kind of filth anywhere. They are not choosy and only seek to live hard and fast because they know how temporary they are and vehemently live out their short lives in desperation.  It thrives on sensation. These ones require no invitation but insinuate themselves wherever there is no objection. These ones are impolite and walk in where they choose.
This is also why I believe the demonic ones, or satan etc is not of God, but a huge out of control, egoic synthetic monster of a spirit gone rabid. :D
He is neither virtuous, nor loving….simply, not of God.

Moving On.

“Soul”……I know it is of the Divine and that this Soul has been expressed through the many bodies of humans and other beings, but all who possess this One God/Soul are of the same Divine Nature. This is why they live in harmonious symbiosis because it is all of the One Soul…..even if shared with seemingly separate and dissimilar bodies….bodies of human, (some aliens?), animal, mineral, trees…..all share this Beautiful God in separate expressions we see as the 5 Kingdoms….Human Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, and Spiritual or Metaphysical Kingdom.
Yet all these Kingdoms live harmoniously as One Soul.
The Soul is eternal, all wise, all knowing, all everything. WE exist. WE Live. Eternity is Ours. The signature of this Soul is Care…. for all those of all of the Kingdoms……all of them……without exception. When caring of all the kingdoms is expressed, we are living One Soul.
This was a beautiful creation. It could have worked. But something went wrong. I’m not going into that because I don’t know precisely what. But what I can do is describe where humanity is now and what is wrong now. Yes, there is something wrong, it is NOT in Divine Order and if you think it is, then you may want to abandon this article right now.

This Soul is Sacred. There is a profound luminosity that marries the Soul with Heart, and this marriage is Sacredness. Those with Soul know very well what this Sacredness feels like…..it is like the moment we witness a new born child open its eyes and look at you with recognition. It is like coming suddenly upon a vista of mountains and trees that take your breath away. It is like the moment a human being has turned a contentious moment into a divine one by speaking words of kindness that pierced your heart unexpectedly. Your heart has felt the Soul.
Eternity is not long enough to experience the myriad ways in which this can express itself.

Soul….this Divine thing…..this aspect of God…..is what gives us Life. I think nothing can have Life without first this Soul giving it Life. Not life of Human, nor tree, nor crystal can be born without this Soul.
There is however, such a thing as synthetic ‘life’….one can use biological materials to fake this.
What has happened tragically is that this Soul has been evicted, if you will, by thieves who want both this Soul and the creations of God. They do this via terrorism, creating traumas of all kinds, and what is left of the traumatized one is animation by spirit only and a race of people who live for biological needs or superficial desires, this Soul of original Life vacated, leaves only biology behind. Aspirations and Dreams and Gardens of Delight are no longer considered. We are then in survival mode.
This has been done to the Ensouled Ones…..deliberately I find. And this means a body vacated of Soul can be occupied by spirits……of all kinds. Every ensouled being has been compromised in varying degrees on this entire planet, which has already been infested by a powerful synthetic evil. People have become shells of humanity, void of Divinity, and gullible to any parasite.
Enter the parasites. Of which there are many.
So we live with many animated beings who have had their Soul evicted and are left with spirits of all kinds of personalities, egos, and basic drives which leaves many of us with a bad taste in our mouths, so to speak. I personally find the majority of people today are these animated soulless ones. The world we see today filled with millions of people who commit atrocities, and those who feel nothing from this and few families who are bonded by kindness and love, are the evidence without question.
Parasites by nature are those who need a host to live off of. Anything or anyone who needs us in any way to live through is a parasite. Parasites can be renegade spirits or aliens who take over many bodies and live through people, even corporations. We see this all the time even if we do not know that person is without Soul but an interloper. Time can reveal this.
But scarily, parasites can be very sophisticated intelligent things which can create elaborate plans to cause massive numbers of beings to have their souls flee so these ones can live their iniquity through the very sensitive and sentient bodies God created for Divinity over long periods of years so that we do not even see it. This has been done, with very long winded intricate schemes and plans on Humanity. It has already been done. Books have been written about this and so I will not go into the many many ways it was done.

My point here is ”how” was this Divine Soul vacated, or caused to flee? How does it flee and where does it go? How do you get it back. Who knew what it takes to rid bodies of Soul? and why did they do it?

Well I only have a few theories, but they fit what I’m seeing in the world. I believe this Soul is an extremely ethereal thing, a whisper of substance, delicate and sensitive, even fragile. I never believed my essence could be a frail thing, yet I suffered terribly throughout life as I experienced people and what is happening on Earth with everyone everywhere, and especially what so called ‘family’ does to one another…..the most sacred unit in all the cosmos, “Family”…..has been desecrated……how?
As I went through Life, I experienced traumas simply by witnessing crimes, or even the hurts and pains of others. What I called ”sensitivity” was really a transaction taking place in real time, in real physicality even if this physicality was invisible. What this ”transaction” was, was the witnessing of pain and hurt in others caused a piece of my soul to shrivel up in horror and flee. Because I didn’t know how to handle this pain or trauma, it fled, it could not be in the same company as pain. It never occurred to me a piece of me was leaving. I could feel a certain void, but didn’t understand.  It happens every time you witness horror, terror, pain, suffering, whether in your life or even through media, it happens. Any experience of the Divine’s Creation going through a pain from human to animal to tree will experience this on the level of Soul. A piece of your soul will vacate through stealth means in so many ways through circumstances in our reality called the matrix deliberately set up to do this. Every time you experience road rage and have to contain what you cannot express, you have a piece of your soul taken. Every time you have to work at a job you hate, you give a piece of your soul away. Every time you take abuse you give a piece away. Soon there is nobody home.

The Divine was never equipped to handle pain, it did not create it, it created harmony. Over a lifetime, with all of these experiences of pain from all directions, you become more and more vacant, more and more simply a biology that lives to sustain biology. You eat, grow old, sick and die.
Every time we witness The Pain, to which we have no answers, a piece of us flees. We find ourselves losing much of the Divine Virtues…..such as the ability to Dream, to feel joy from imagination, a desire to celebrate…..we lose these things intrinsic to Divinity. By the time we are adults, it is clear we have lost that childish enthusiasm that makes Humanity a Joy, and we become burdens to our selves. We look at children and wonder what happened to us. We bear children hoping for its return.
I know now, my soul broke, cracked into many pieces every time I experienced Pain….the evidence of the lack of Soul…..a murder, a rape, war, a betrayal…….those things we can safely call ”evil”……and that Soul cannot be near it.

I know now that the Heart is the instrument of this Soul….and that it feels and radiates this Soul Presence, and chooses how to express this soul….it communes with mind to find creative ways to do so, and lives to express God. After a lifetime, my heart no longer knew how to strum those beautiful songs of the Soul. My heart was hurting too, being an instrument that no longer knew how to play. It would swell up and ask to be played, but I could not get a tune out because too much of my soul was missing, the composition incomplete.

This has happened to an entire planet of Ensouled Beings. No land on Earth has a population of Joy.
Not by mistake, but by intent. A force that is far more cunning than Soul has done this. Soul, being pure of essence needs no such wiles and has no defense against it, has been taken advantage of this vulnerability. It took me many many years to understand manipulations, and I’m still learning, do not recognize when I see it. I don’t like it, I don’t want it. Divinity doesn’t need wiles nor cunning…..but evil does…..it has to fool everyone, and it does. It is still surprising to me to see how vulnerable Soul is…..I would think it was impervious to everything, the strongest thing in the Universe! It is not…..it is the most vulnerable in all the Universe. And so causing Soul to flee many people has been not only easy, but also surprisingly so to those who knew just who they were evicting. This ease of evicting God/Soul from humanity has caused a hubris amongst the thieves, who have continued unabated and conceitedly to show themselves, though few can believe them. They are proud of their deeds.
The Soul remains in a state of exile, evicted and waiting to be called back, to be retrieved, to return to their rightful domain of the HuManE Being.

The thieves are many. Some call them demons, some call them greys….call them what you will, they are thieves, and their names are not the question…..the question is how?
Apparently they know us better then we know ourselves. We used to know ourselves, that is until all traces of this ”knowing” was erased by many means. Erasing written history and replacing it with ape-shit. Erasing memories through technologies and replacing that with religiosity. Disconnecting us from the Mother aspect of all Life and replacing it with murderous ”father” figures only. Taking our waters, Earth, skies and foods and assailing them all with uncountable toxins for mutation upon mutation.

And in between lives there is massive manipulation. We no longer know who or what we are.
But they do. And they want more.

It seems they want not only this planet, and our bodies….they have that, it is clear. They want more. They want our Souls…..makes us wonder, or it should make us wonder …what it is exactly.
Well I have defined it above and with that I can see how they want what they are not. It is a kind of jealousy that is beyond comprehension. And these thieves have figured out how to take over, evict and compromise the Soul. This was done right in the open with our eyes open, but extreme ignorance on our part didn’t allow us to see. Some of this ignorance was also their doing, for why would they want any opposition? They set it up so there wasn’t any but when there was, there was murder, brutal murder, mass murder. Because they know how we function better than we do ourselves, they could manipulate with very long winded and elaborate plans to take over. And they did. And what warnings came from those with eyes to see were ignored. Ridicule being the most potent of blinders. Arrogance sealing it.

If this Soul is not the iron clad fortress I thought it was, being a thing of God, then its vulnerabilities became known to the thieves and they ran with it. We, not knowing about this, were gullible to it. It has been written in almost every sacred text about these thieves, and they are called many things, but the common theme is they are after Souls……why have we not investigated this with more passion? Because passion is a thing of the Soul and that Virtue went with it when it fled. Apathy replaces it.
The thieves work on us not only in our lives, through traumatic birthing processes in clinical hospitals surrounded by stainless steel, strangers, and unloving inorganic lifeless surroundings, that the Divine Soul born through a baby begins to already feel a need to flee. Then once vaccinated and circumcised is further traumatized. This is apparent by the crying. That is right, crying is a sign of distress. Mostly these days, the traumas begin long before birth but during a loveless conception by parents who unconsciously conceived. This unconscious conception invited a soul but the environment was too hostile to remain, so it left and a vacancy was created and a soulless spirit animates the baby. Often they are born this way, often it happens after the birth. Then it goes on in so many ways, that an inhumane life style is what this child is born into because our life is an entirely alienized one filled with machinery, detached emotional bonding of family units, many of whom are incapable because they are without soul but in possession of wayward spirits, and technocratic lifestyles which deliberately tear us away from our Green Kingdom families……far away….so far we don’t even recognize them as family. All this is an alienized reality, a false matrix created for us by a cunning manipulative set of thieves who have infested our world long ago. Indigenous peoples knew this, but of course they were systematically and brutally eliminated from our lives to erase any reminders of what it means to be HuMane.

The thieves also work on our Soul in between lives. And this is where it gets interesting. How do they do this? Well, being the ”sophisticated, highly intelligent, top of the food chain” species that we are (!?), I would say, that we don’t know….that is, the general public do not know. But those men who have been in collusion with these alien/demon thieves have formed unholy alliances with them via masonic handshakes to ensure this takes place….these are the ”blessings” of our father/leaders.
In between lives, the thieves see this Soul either as a field of impulses of electricity or magnetism or plasma or something…..but they see it and can access it…..then they hack it. They seem to be able to impose their own imprint in some way though they cannot destroy the original pristine one. It also seems, they can take this Soul and imprison it in between lives. I don’t think they want to destroy it, but are trying to mutate it in all manner of ways to infuse themselves into it, to get to merge themselves with Soul. This is pure sickness, psychopathy at its abysmal depth. I do not believe this Soul is corruptible, but it can be manipulated into leaving and remaining in hiding. But they can never truly contaminate it in any way.

It seems the thieves also postulate themselves in between lives in the ethers and pose as guides and such and tell people they need to return, either back into bodies broken in accidents or to another new life to continue to be a vehicle for their iniquities or simply a passive aggressive minion. This implies there are massive numbers of these spirits wanting to live through humanity and there are.

How do we do get Soul back?
We try to understand the nature of this Soul….we try to understand what the thieves know. They know its vulnerabilities, and therefore we must know them too. They know how to make it flee and therefore we must know this too. They know that incessant trauma and terror are instruments used to cause Soul to flee or to break into pieces, and we must know this too. They know that Souls can be retrieved through this knowledge and we must know this too. They know that Souls are frequencies invisible to the naked eye but measurable by behaviors of those in possession of Soul. And we must know these behaviors too. They know that Soul is the only legal occupant of these bodies and that once we realize this we can re-occupy our selves in totality and that when we do this, they are gone. We need to know this too! They know that once we realize they are here and doing this massive scale eviction of Souls from Humanity through their instruments of terror, horrors, wars, psychotronics, technologies, movies, machinery and every abomination created by the artificial intelligence of evil who is against the Divine, that we will come to know who they are and what they do and they will cease to be effective upon us. As is everything else on this Earth, it is all a tragic paradox….that synthetic evil controls organic good. This is our situation. We must reverse engineer what has been done. Look into history and see it from this point on back, and retrace our known history and then begin to treat our current states with the opposite of what has been done!

I do feel the false matrix realities they give us needs to be entirely dismantled so the natural truth of reality of Soul can be reinstated. This will require massive amounts of people engaged in calling back to them their Souls.
I dont know where the Soul goes when it flees a traumatized person, maybe hopefully to some pristine place in nature until it is called back to the body it was given. But I do know we need to engage in earnest to do this, if we are this being who was meant to be Divine, with Soul, and the expression of every Beautiful thing ever imagined, then we need to be reminded with that tiny spark of Soul we still may possess, to find a way to ignite it into a flame and regain some strength of dignified spirit to being this work of reuniting our bodies and souls into a Divine Union. I believe Real Love, intense Love of Soul, of Self, and of God can call this Soul back quickly.
I don’t think we have a moment to lose. There is no one to help us with this. The Soul, God itself is willing to come back but only into a body that is friendly and loving to it, and who will protect this Soul within and give it a Palatial Heart to live within. This Ensouled One then moves it’s Caring on to others, then on to other Kingdoms with this Soul…..to all of Gods creations demonstrating the Essential Nature of Soul…..expressed to all within the Singularity of the One Divine Being.

We need to do this now. Time is of the essence.

A thousand blessings to all,

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, June 27, 2016

Energetics and Mandela Effect in My Life

 Hello Good People of Twilight -Ville.....

Just wanted to share an energetics and the Mandela Effect in my life.

First energetics: I am completely drained of life force, alot like the krypton effect I wrote about here.
It is not making any sense to me, how I live, what I eat, or anything. Nothing I do is affecting my energy in a positive way, even when juicing and relaxing....something is definitely messing with Human energies. Nothing more to say about that, except this is taking a monumental effort to sit at this computer and think and write.
I got up this morning feeling ok, but as the hours pass I become drained and the pains off the charts.

Mandela Effects in my life.

I can only list a couple of them here because I am so tired, but this last one happened just today. Forgive the mundane descriptions of life but they are necessary to take you through a tour in my shoes.
I shop at a little Italian market called Doris's. I was driving home today with two little bottles to store my vitamins in as I abhor plastic jars and labels etc, when feeling content with my organizing projects of late I thought it would be nice to stop and pick up a couple of things from Doris shop so I pulled in. Once parked I always look up at the environment as I like to take in what and who is around me, and I noticed a new restaurant right next to Doris's, a Vietnamese restaurant no less and I love Vietnamese food. I should also say I'm always looking for new Asian restaurants and Indian as well, but there are far too few in this neighborhood....so seeing this new one was a pleasure. They even had a little table outside with two of their workers sitting outside. I walk up to it and look at the window and take in all the details and then walk in and everything looks nice and new. No one was there but the waitress who thought I was there to eat but I only wanted to check it out and pick up a menu so I can have it on hand for when I am craving Vietnamese foods which is regular. I said ''no, I'm just checking it out, here, how nice is this! How long have you been open?'' She says.....about a year.      !!!

Ok....so I go through my memories of how many hundreds and hundreds of times I've shopped in this store about every week for 15 years, parking outside and knowing every store in this plaza and this restaurant is right next door, literally the wall behind the veggies section of Doris' and I NEVER FUCKIN SAW THIS? NOT POSSIBLE PEOPLE!
I ask her again? ''how long?!"......''about a year'', she says.

I want to look in the menu there, my usual inspection, but I was too Mandela fucked to think straight.

There is no way I would have missed this, for one I am always looking for Asian restaurants for when I'm in that mood, for another it was literally the wall next to Doris's which I have seen hundreds if not thousands of times and third I'm always looking around me when I get in or out of my car to take in the surroundings.
I never saw this restaurant until today. Because it was never there. A beauty salon was there. I didn't even bother to check if it was next to it, I simply am having too many of these experiences to play detective, it doesn't pay. I asked the waitress ''then where is the Greek restaurant"? she said a couple doors down, which it was. I was there once for my birthday. I remember that. But this Vietnamese one was not right. next. door. and. I. never. saw. it.

The last time I told people of my experiences of this kind, I'm sure they thought I was nuts, or disoriented in some way, but I can speak of them now, why? because they have a name and many people are speaking of it now, called the Mandela Effect. And Mandela dying  years ago in prison was not my first one let me tell you.
People are experiencing different things than their memories tell them, most of this being in print, media etc, but few are having their own experiences. I am thinking that some major fuckery is going on, not merely glitches, but this ME has a cause and the cause are archontics who are messing with realities big time. I am thinking that there have been installments of people, maybe tons and tons of ''false'' people, from a parallel universe who have been installed into our reality but who have different memories of their past, and some of us who have been around the block for half a century are seeing the "original" memories along with the new "false" ones implanted. So the installment of parallel people are having their memories clashing with our "original" ones. And 'someone' is having alot laughs.
Another is that realities are really simply clashing, with parallel universe people along with ours, many duplicates of our selves, and this could account for the huge numbers of populations on this earth, with all kinds of "truths" that are true for some but not for others. The thing is, what does it lead to? What is the meaning of realities being such shifty fickle things?

Speaking of duplicates, just yesterday I was shopping yesterday for a specific cabinet drawer in Bed Bath Beyond, and the one I wanted was not in a box, but the sample was there, two of them and I wanted one so I got some help from a woman who works there. When she was free to help me, we looked for the one I needed, I had measuring tape in hand to measure the thing myself and she said, "oh, I remember you, I helped you the other day, you bought a bunch of these, you had your measuring tape in hand and all"......"uhhhh......no......not me, I didn't buy anything, I am here now and I just need the one". She looked at me like I was on drugs. She repeated that a woman who looked just like me, (which is rather tricky I'm told), was there just days ago, with measuring tape (pointing to the one in hand) and bought a bunch of the same (exact) item which is probably why there are none there. "ummm no, it wasn't me". She frowned and said humfph......and we found some stacked up high nearby. She was very confused, according to her face.

One woman Cynthia Sue Larson has written about this Mandela Effect for over 19 years, so she's also been observing shifting realities for a long time.

Another one was this 3 years ago:

I go for my walk or jogs daily, living here for 15 years in this area, walking the same route. One day as I just began my walk about 5 minutes into it I see a house on my left, a really really cute house and it struck me because there are no cute houses around here at all. No one really cares for their homes except to have a lawn service, but gardening and landscaping is beyond these peoples cares. So when a house is gardened and landscaped it grabs your attention. And this house was really cute, for this neighborhood anyway. It had white iron scrollwork on the front porch with 4 healthy beautiful hanging plants from it. Around was planted lots of beautiful plantings, carefully thought out. I had most of the same plants too but they didn't look this pretty. I stopped and stared at this house and took in all the details of what was done and how I might take some tips for my own house, but I didn't want to just stand there staring, I thought, I wanted to get on with my walk and I would study this house on my way back. I walk and jog and on the way back I look for the house to study and I could not find it, I must have passed it. I will look for it tomorrow thought I. The next day on my walk I looked for the house in the same area but I must have missed it again because I didn't see it. I thought I would look more carefully on my way back from the walk. On the way back I looked but again I didn't find it and thought I must have missed it again, looking up too late. I would look again the next day because I wanted to see this houses details and how different it was compared to all the other uncared for houses. The next day, 3rd day, I said I'd begin looking straight out from the walk and I didn't see the house with the white iron scrollwork with hanging plants and garden plots. On the walk back I studied every house and it was not there. Ok....what's up....where is this house? I studied every single house I have walked for over 15 years......this one was not there. Now I am angry.....I am determined to find this house that I saw and stood in front of and studied for a few minutes, and I must find this house again. Unless the owners decided suddenly to take down the plants, remove the iron scrollwork, and uproot perfectly beautiful planted plots with healthy plants and replace them with the weeds to look like everyone elses, it didn't make any sense at all because even if they decided to do that, it could not have been physically done in half an hour!
I determined to find the house, because houses don't disappear in half an hours walk right? So I get into my car and thought I'd drive the entire walk path and search for this house, but there was no such house. It was gone. I have not seen it since.
This was 3 years ago. When I told a few people, they just tsk tsk'd me and said it was strange, and they must have quietly thought I was losing my shit after all my lifes' shit, but were too polite to say anything. Mind you I only told this to those who also know of paranormal things and anomalous metaphysics, but again, none of them could relate.
Now.....the Mandela Effect seems to answer this.

I have had many experiences of this kind, too many to write and too many to even remember.
It is one thing to see things "mislabeled" or words changed in bibles, or text, or anything, or hear of the dead being undead, but it is quite another to experience these in ones personal life in so many personal ways.
This Mandela Effect is real, has been happening for a long time, and is now happening to many many people, or many people are now looking out for it.

I wonder what is happening. I do know this. "Reality" as we ''know'' it, is not reality. Laughing Crow says it is ALL a computer generated program. And the programmers are now having a field day.

I am very tired today, as I was yesterday, and I really really need to rejuvenate somehow.

Take good care people, take good care of yourselves, and those around you.
Be love.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, June 20, 2016

Urgent Visions on Condition of our Planet

*Thank you to Alana for your discourse with me, your concerns, for forwarding to me the audio of this lovely woman Lady Yeye who is moved to tears for the Mother and moved me to tears. And also thank you for your fasting for clarity in these times. You are a jewel in our cosmos. It is because of you that this movement is now in the hands of thousands of other people, passing hands now to others. Many blessings to you.

Hello Everyone....
There is an urgent plea from the Mother Earth Herself for help. I want to share this as I feel and know this deeply, that this planet is in trouble. Many of us KNOW this. Some are receiving visions and messages from the Mother Herself asking for Help at this time.
​Lady Yeye Osun has had a vision along with the State Oracle for the Dalai Lama and ​
I want to respond to this call for help because without ​Mother and Her waters NO one lives, so this is a call for help from us all.

I beg and plead for all to participate in an event centering around June 25th but can be done anytime before or after or even continually. Listen to the audio linked here and below in the email sent by Yeye for the full experience and allow yourselves to be moved in your heart, to feel into the truth of what is being said, that we know deep in our core.

I do not know how to reach the hearts of all who read this, I can only say that this is a visceral, deeply felt urgency from those who are connected to the Living Spirit of this Earth, the Mother, who is in a condition that can ​barely if at all support us as she is being poisoned and destroyed at every possible level. She is not merely dying She is being destroyed. We Know this too. Those who depend on Life Waters and Air and Earth for Life and living must take up the mantle of responsibility and care for assisting the wellness of that which gives us life and we must act through our very Being and Life energies and powers which are our Spirits, our Love and Intentions from the Heart. It is for those who live on this Earth who are Spiritual Beings, who have hearts, who have love, who care for LIFE and Earth and all upon it to DO all they can to assist the dire conditions of this Earth and of humanity who is also, as is the Mother, sick and dying. I for one do not want to go to my grave without doing all I could do.
The future literally depends upon us, for the life of the future, for the children of now and for Nature.

Listen to her story here. http://www.yeyeosun.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Conference-Call-...
Many have given their energies to the darkest of news media and become despondent and hopeless, this contributes to the dying of Spirit and Life​ as we are not separate from this Spirit of this Planet Earth​.
​ It is proven that combined intentions, love and prayer changes realities. It is proven that the Heart in Action can change realities. WE are being called upon, all of us who are Humane Beings to assist when assistance is needed and it is needed now. We need all, not just on this site, but all people the world over. ​
I ask you now to ​put aside the mental mind, events, news etc, and switch to your core power, to Heart based energies, to life affirming energies, to the Power of "Yes, we can do this" to enliven Earth and Humanity alike with your own love and heart and intentions.
​You can ​Do this alone or with others​, yet a joined effort on June 25th is magnified many times over​. ​ There are no set ways to do ceremony for prayer, simply authentic Heart Intentions are asked for in unison over this period of time.​ Info below.

Please listen to the below audio in full to hear ​the moving, heart based experience of Lady ​
Yeye Osun's experience of the messages she received ​from Mother along with the State Oracle for Tibet who also received ​​just 2 days earlier the same messages from Mother of the Urgent Visions of the Condition of this Earth.
Please be with us​ for the time of June 25th (before and after)​, and ​please please ​share this with everyone you know, on every media, and let us all gather, physically ​and spiritually in love from Heart to offer true Spiritual Healing for this Earth, for Our Selves as symbiotic beings of this Planet.

I would ​discreetly ask that all refrain from judgement of names, cultures, titles, etc, and know that the messages below are for ALL OF HUMANITY and Life on Earth​, from a place of Love and Care​.

Blessings, Serena



Be Part of the Vision 
Call to Four Elemental Mother Ceremony
Saturday June 25th 
@ 6.15 am EST
Asheville NC 28806
Save the Date
I Invite You to Be Part of the Journey
Dear friends,
I have not forgotten the promise to Kuten La, The Tibetan State Oracle, to encourage others to do ceremonies to the Elemental Mothers in order to appease "the great suffering" predicted simultaneously in his and my vision.
I have been in meditations for week praying on what the ceremony should look like. I knew it had to be a universal cross cultural appeasement. This morning in a state of meditative trance it burst forward. I saw the details of one main multi-faith ceremony to begin with where the Elemental Mothers are invoked and  propitiated. I also saw many other smaller ceremonies held in people's own cultural ways across the country and world. There appears there may be a few more main multi-faith ceremonies held. 
So, as always with spirit there is one major catch, the first main ceremony to be held has been set by the oracle for next Saturday June 25th 2016. I tried to get out of it, but the oracle said no it must be this date. I have been very anxious about it, but many women and men have come forward to help hold the ceremony. Many have also offered to hold smaller ones in their location. 

So now what needs to happen:

  • I need help finding a suitable location that can be donated to hold ceremony in Asheville
  • I also need women who can help hold the energy of the Water, Earth, Fire and Air Mothers to attend Asheville ceremony
  • I need men who can help hold the ancestral energy to come down to ceremony in Asheville.
  • If you want to hold space and ceremony for the Four Elemental Mothers in your local area let me know. I will make a list all such ceremonies. They will posted on Yeye Osun website and also soon on WaterSongline Website. 
Ceremony information
Main Ceremony
  • The ceremony will take place in mandala medicine wheel
  • It will take place first in Asheville and then perhaps in various other locations
  • Four Elemental Mothers will be represented at each quadrant of the ceremony circle. There will be various main mothers represented from various cultures. So Tara, Osun, Changing Woman, Oya, will feature strongly. 
  • The Mothers will be invoked, offered apologies, offerings and allowed to speak and dance in the balance
  • Water will help open, close and hold the energy of the ceremony 
  • Ancestors from all cultures will be invited in and honored 
  • Naga spirits will be propitited 
  • Meditations to purify the mind and body will occur
  • Supporting Ceremonies
  • Will be held in everyone's own cultural ways and practices
  • Will be held throughout the rest of the year
  • Example of supporting ceremonies include Caitlyn Flynn who is holding a beautiful Earth Blessing to balance the Earth Energies tomorrow. 


Venerable Thupten Ngodup, Tibean State Oracle welcomes Yeye Osun to Dharamsala India to Share Urgent Visions on Condition of our Planet

_DSC1546_Dalai Lama Talking to me and family

(linked recording)

Listen to Recording of Recent Teleconference Trip Update


  1. Press play button on above (link) audio player to listen recording
  2. Right Click on audio player icon above and click on “Save As” command to save recording
  3. Share recording by copying and sharing the following link with friends and spiritual circles  http://www.yeyeosun.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Conference-Call-...

Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers Ceremony

This is the Answer to the Call to Balance our Earth 

Omi profile

Attend the first main ceremony or hold your own with others or self. Every drop becomes a river

Main Ceremony Location & Time

Saturday June 25th
@ 6.15 am EST
Asheville NC 28806

Save the Date, Further Details of Exact Location to Be Given Soon

This is the answer to meeting and visions between Yeye Omileye, Chief Olu Derrick Lewis and  Venerable Thupten Ngodup (Kuten La)  Tibetan State Medium for the Nechung Oracle to balance the earth to avert the “great suffering” in the form of huge natural disasters to come. The call is for us all to all to begin ceremonies to balance the Four Elemental Mothers. The process will begin with a main ceremony on June 25th in Ashville NC. We call you to join us or to do your own with others or yourself.

Every drop makes a flowing river

Let us know about your ceremony

We will begin to honor each section by listing it on this website and WaterSongline

Recording of Free Teleconference Available – Spread the Urgent Visions Among Your Spiritual Circles

I shared the urgent results of this trip in the free teleconference with you. Now the recording is available. Please spread this urgent message and visions amongst your spiritual circles.   If you want further information please e-mail omileye@yeyeosun.com

Tibet An Inner Journey2



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Our Allies In Space" huh?!

I found this quite INTERESTING, considering the decades long campaign to tell the public, there is nothing in space but the asteroid belt and other debris:

From the Prez:

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

Letter from the President -- Space Report

Dear Mr. Chairman: (Dear Senator:)     (Dear Representative:)
I transmit herewith, in accordance with section 1613 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (Public Law 114-92), the report and classified annex on an integrated policy to deter adversaries in space.
The report is the result of an interagency process with the objectives to reduce risks to the United States and our allies in space; and to protect and preserve the rights, access, capabilities, use, and freedom of action of the United States in space.  Success will require a multi-year effort and commitment across all departments and agencies, and I look forward to your continued support.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

All is Quiet, But Suspiciously so, >another attack on the horizon? *UPDATED

*this sorry heartbreaking update comes only a couple of hours? after making this post.....I have come to learn though the oddest means, of finding out about yet another very psychopathic madman killing yet more people in Orlando, Fl.....came across this by accident as I wanted to hear the latest from the Dalai Lama and clicked on his talk of just today the 14th June, a man who says he hopes the law enforcement agencies raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so he could martyr himself.

And yet another "man" (beast) kills a beautiful young girl, an amazing singer, he simply shot her dead. Yet another psycho man killing strangers.
Women do not do this. Yet how many men throughout human history have killed for self glorification or some decree from a voice in their sick minds telling them they are god and that their god told them to do this?
How many of these men must we live through? how many women and others must die before we understand the sickness that lives amongst us that will never allow us peace? This human race is doomed and is dying a slow painful death at the hands of madmen all throughout the world.....and women..........they suffer soooo much at their hands. I am distraught when I thought I had no more in me.
I will post here one of my favorite songs of all time.....a song sung by that beautiful young singer Christina Grimmie who was shot by a "man".....in the spirit of woman......"I Will Always Love You"

Hello all,

just wanted to post a sense of peace actually which is quite nice for a change. The weather here is brutal over 80-100 degrees with a consistent 90% humidity which will wilt you, drain you of essence and leave you vegetating, but there is a sense of peace that comes with weather too hot for life.

I went for my walk this morning after some days of highly unusual feelings of ailment, sickness, fluelike, then not, headache, then not, all kinds of things too numerous to mention or even remember. Last night I took my homemade Queen of Hungary Formula, some aspirin etc, and went to bed, today I feel fine except quite beat up.
So on my walk I usually have more interesting internal dialog than not on a walk and I felt the peace in the energies, which I am always ALWAYS grateful for in the deepest way. However, I also noticed it is quite a pattern that is showing up after years of paying attention to the quiet and then the attacks that seem to come. There is a proverb that arises from this which is ancient so this is also noted by others, which is to say ''the quiet before the storm''. I hate to sound cynical but it is far beyond cynicism it is a pattern, clear and distinct.

However right now I feel the peace and quiet and just hope I am wrong about yet more of the endless breed of madmen disturbing the world with his insane violence.

Peace to all.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

''If Sharks Were Men'' by Bertolt Brecht

Hello, Everyone.

I was just sent this short 3 minute video, which sums up the state of affairs on this planet.

Serena, Lady of the Woods