A space where I, as an Empath, in these incredible times, describe my senses of Earth and Human Energies happening both in my inner world and in the outer, where I resolutely claim my Feminine Mind, Heart and Spirit and Wisdom. This blog is not for the feint of heart nor for closed minds, it is open to the infinite realities of this universe. I hope you join me and share with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Dirty Energy

It is 5;30pm and I am reporting on what I feel today. It didn't start off positive as I had thoughts and a discussion going on online that was none too pleasant, but this is personal and I was acutely aware of this and kept it on the shelf. I am also signed up to space weather.com to receive updates of solar activity, but nothing came in yet.
But then I thought I'd go to the nursery and get some plants for a wall basket that needs freshening and this kind of activity is always joyful. However as soon as I was outside, drove a couple of blocks, I could not wait to get back home. I thought being out mid week mid day would be a nice change from being indoors, but it wasn't, it felt ''dirty''. What I mean by ''dirty'' is the energies of the environment, as in maybe too much cell phone waves, positive ions from not enough rains, or cern, or solar activity. It seems solar activity is quiet, and not sure about cell phone towers etc as I don't think they fluctuate? So my guess is cern is acting up again, or dark energies that is personal attack and this would make sense based on the topic of my comments online but these dark energies also lately seems to work in waves.
Headache, depressing, lethargic, and irritated are the moods at large.....have spent the afternoon on the sofa watching cooking and gardening shows. I intend to shake this off tomorrow by doing some gardening early, and some cooking later in the day. Today is shot.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sense of "panic" this morning....and evening update

I had a rough night last night, something building up.
Slept enough and physically ok but dreams manipulated and too much in astral realms.
Upon awakening around 4am, thoughts of gross and nasty things shocking to my mind, all attempts to rid myself of them through all my known means failed, until I resigned to getting up to be distracted and have a cup of tea.
In the hours following a building up of a sense of ''panic''.....I do not know the source, but it is there.

I feel things in my body, mind, body and spirit, and as mentioned before, when all my process of elimination is complete, what is left is "not mine"....it is from the ambient environment. So this morning I am clearly sensing panic somewhere, something is building up and I would like to know what it is.....anyone?

It is almost 8pm and the rest of day was fine. I had also felt but did not mention, some kind of unusual quiet, and stillness that I kept looking outside to check in on and it was not normal for this kind of quiet and stillness, but did not mention it thinking it was just me over-sensing.
However I did speak to someone this morning who began to tell me of how quiet and still it was by her, and she lives in another state, and how unnatural it seemed so much so that she stood outside to just take it in. So I told her I felt the same here, and now I'm writing it here. But all seems to be well.
Thank you.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What I feel Today May 23

Today, though I am preoccupied with writing and doing various things online, I am feeling some energies. But I have a bit of a process of deduction and elimination before I loosely conclude.

I have first eliminated personal interference which there was some. check. Then I checked the weather, because I am sensitive to barometric changes...check. I also get sick when quakes happen but I have to be near them. Nothing here. Also when the environment is full of noxious positive ions which feel toxic and I only want to hide.....rain fixes that and fills the air with beneficial negative ions so I must wait. There are no solar flares, and my emotional/psyche condition is fine and neutral. All of those are personal checks and so what is left needs to be examined. I do not follow news for decades so I do not know what is happening ''out there'', these are purely my sensations at the moment.

What it is, is the ambiance of the ''pending'' ....there is an extremely tight creepy tension with alot of fear combined with a ''whats the use'' resignation, and a discombobulation, a quiet desperation, like assaults of too many at once creating a global ''WTF is going on'' and lots of silent screaming. This of course is not news, but it is when I am feeling it to this degree.

It could be heightened tension combined with fear due to many quakes and ''weather'' anomalies happening all over the place, and the ever pernicious relentless persistent threats by madmen all over in their various boots and suits and weaponry wreaking havoc on everyones psyche and emotions......these are two things one does not need the news to know because they are constants in our lives........but there is much desperation and something tangible in the air that is ''pending''. I am never definitive about anything because especially those things which are negative, whether or not they are pending, can be assuaged by various means and sources and often are. But I do have the physical signs of something in the air, and it is environmental and psychological....which in addition to the fear created by psychopathic madmen, could be the messing of various frequencies of psy ops technologies.

That is all for now.

The Trees Will Teach You Telepathy

Have you ever wondered what "telepathy" really means? Have you ever experienced it? Have you ever wanted to experience it? Well you can, and you should.

Telepathy is commonly known as ''mind to mind'' communication, without the sounds of linguistics or speaking, it is an instant form of transference of thoughts and senses. Some think it is merely ''language-less''.....it is not. Telepathy alone may be, but Empathic Telepathy is a language full of silent communion and it is this form that is natural to us.

Some of us know that thought-forms can be transferred from person to person, and even some technologies have been developed which can do this. And there are spiritual beings and entities who can be telepathic with us. They can transfer either thoughts or feelings, or both. This is a mixed cornucopia of input.

But what I am talking about is Empathic Telepathy which is natural and organic to living beings, a way of being that is fulfilling, and we can Be this way with all Living Beings.

Nature has a language that communicates itself through its sounds, scents and colors, textures and more....including its history and panoramic complexities of sentience we are at a loss to detect much less describe, and whose composition is communicated often so profoundly beautifully, countless poems throughout history have been written in humble attempts to write in words what all has been received. Many readers of such poems sense the beauty of them but it is mostly the writers response to their communion with Nature which is being conveyed through the poems and often apologetically for an egregiously inept ability to capture in writing all that was received. The reader cannot experience what has been telepathically conveyed to the writer, only what the writer has sensed and is trying to convey. This is second hand but it is still rich.

Empathic Telepathy is more than transference of thought, this is a sad left brained (sans-sentience) explanation. It is communion, communion of the highest order. It is a ''language'' of a multi complexity of feelings within and around the communicator which includes the entire spectrum of experience of what is being communicated. A higher consciousness being, especially those of the Natural Kingdoms have many senses, and many of these can be expressed. You not only get the thoughts around the communication, you get all the sentience that occurred at the moment of the experience being expressed, as well as the current feelings of the one communicating. Often what has been conveyed includes history. It is a sentient rich communion between those who are expressing, of feelings, thoughts, ideas, scents, and sounds all simultaneously, ambient with the communicators unique sensations, surpassing space and time, in an instant.

You may have noticed I am using the term communicator and not just ''person'' as it is certainly not limited to people. Telepathy is achieved most successfully with not only people, but with animals, and the Green Kingdoms, and Mineral and Etheric Kingdoms.

This involves listening rather than merely hearing.

Listening and hearing are two different things. Hearing is the detection of audible sound being spoken whose words are open to infinite interpretation. Such communications when received with a tempered mind is hearing only. You have often heard people say “I hear you” and yet you find yourself feeling a void, waiting for appropriate response and left unfulfilled.

Listening involves sentient rich receptivity and is deliciously complex and filling.

Empathic Telepathy is not just ''mind to mind'' communication but consciousness to consciousness. This involves a greater use of the brain, a multi sensory complexity within the body with which we are naturally endowed.

The loss of telepathy and empathy comes from all institutionalized forms of ''education'' and ''training''. These are processes that temper ones mind much like a steel blade is made. It is hammered and pounded, and heated, and hammered and pounded, over and over, on and on....until it becomes a blade. It has been tempered and molded by the black-smith. And so the steely mind has been indoctrinated and inculcated into being left brain dominant being likened more to a computing processor. This is a form of mind control. These are well funded and organized institutions whose goal is to make you learn what they want you to learn, most if not all of it lies, for at the very least it is incomplete. It is not education, is it fractionalized and desensitization.

Even those who consider themselves smart will hear a stream of words from a speaker and often formulate a response before one has even finished speaking. This is computing. It has a projectile nature of being a one way transaction. It is box like and of the intellect alone. It is the way of the black-word smithy to form minds into computized instruments. Information bits are chosen and pieced together and spun into deliberate creations with artistic liscense.

It is the way of the Empathic Telepath to commune openly and fully the precise truth.

Empathic Telepathy listens will full brain and body capacity and is able to receive infinitely much more information, wisdom and knowledge, sentient rich, in a nano second. Unlike the tempered steely mind which needs to acquire information and experience in a linear time/space continuum.

For Empathic Telepaths, communicating with such steely mind word smithys is entirely frustrating and fruitless. One is left with a bitter aftertaste, mixed with a complexity of discordance, a feeling of some kind of void, or being given ''spin'' or manipulation.

With Empathic Telepathy there is a sweet taste left, one is left satisfied, respected and well received, filled with much more than itself, no matter the truth.

How can we become Empathic Telepaths? Where is the teacher?

Thought-forms can be conveyed by people and technologies now, it is a one way transaction projected unto another, often without our knowing, and these kinds of projectile transferences are usually of the regressive kind. I would find a more benevolent source.

To regain our natural abilities we need to first and foremost desire to be receptive as this desire is itself receptivity and one begins to open and soften the tempered mind, make it malleable again. It is a deliberate act of will and discipline. Then we need to find a source of true telepaths, and the most benign and gregarious ones will be found in Nature. Trees especially are willing to be our sources of communion again and our friends. To find out the truth of that statement you will need to experience it for yourself. No tree will lead you astray nor lie to you, nor commune to you anything that has any ''spin'' or ''distortion'' within it. They are as incapable of this as an infant is capable of lying.

Nature in all its forms are our relatives in truth and in essence, in physicality and in origin.
All of Nature is us, people, trees, grasses, mountains, water, plants etc, we are all of the same essence....and so they are our relatives in another form yet deeply informed of us.

Go to Nature to commune. Don't just go to speak, but go to listen. This may take some practice for those who are not used to being receivers, but it can be done when you become soft of mind and receptive. They will find you. You will need to spend more time with Nature especially trees which are everywhere and many are willing to communicate with you, though not all. You will find only Truth.

You can nurture an opening of your mind which acts like a portal of connection with them and they will use this portal to commune with you. Sometimes this connection can happen quickly, surprisingly so, and some will need some time. A type of trust is needed to develop, not with the tree or whatever your source, but with your own mind....you must trust in your mind to become soft and vibrant with receptivity. For everyone it will be different.

But I can see a world of Empathic Telepaths coming into being, coming ''online'' so to speak, and this is only the beginning of regaining our connection to Source, to our Divinity, our true Natures and to feel at home both in our own skins and on this planet we were born on. We must commune with our relatives and love them, live with them. This is harmony. When all forms of communication and communion are open, flowing in all directions and natural feelings and senses permeate our beingness, this is where we sense our Family and Love.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Friday, May 22, 2015

May 1st "Hit" with What Energy?!

On May 1st, between 1-2pm afternoon, amazing how I can remember that!.....I was just taking a sip from a fresh bottle of organic tart cherry juice which is supposed to be a natural tranquilizer and sleep aid, when I was hit with sudden nausea, queasiness, confusion, foggy brain, etc and a quickly developed full blown migraine.....(in which I have to close down all blinds and lights, shut all noise as these aggravate the pains terribly)....took 2 Exedrin, put lavender and peppermint oil on the pained areas, then lied down with ice packs in the dark, and waited for relief.

These migraines are nauseating and debilitating, but having suffered from them all my life since a child, in 2009 a man offered me ''spiritual protection'' and from that day I had not experienced them again....until this day in May. So what happened?

Being the investigative person I am.....from how my body responds from food to Solar flares to why men declare war on other humans.....I had to know why. Why? Because since I was a child I had all kinds of ailments which none of my 4 sisters or mother or anyone else had, was always in the doctors with something going wrong and since my mother didn't allow them to perform the surgeries they wanted to remove my lymph glands or whatever else they wanted, nor take their horrid drugs I soon realized I had to take matters into my own hands. No one was helping me, I was suffering, and the experts were insane and my mother sadly clueless. So I had to figure this out and I began to think from what I thought was the beginning of logic, with what I was putting into my body via my mouth, meaning foods. I had this ''privilege'' of being different in so many ways, my mother used to ask me ''where are you from?!!

I can safely say now after 50 years that it is Earth and all its poisons, toxins, bad thoughts, feelings, technologies, etc which I am allergic to.
But I digress.

On this day at the beginning of the month on May 1st, I was drinking my first sips of cherry juice when I was suddenly hit with this sickness. I naturally thought it was the juice since I was just drinking it for the first time. I did wonder however, how anyone could become so violently sick from organic cherry juice (lol) unless it was deliberately poisoned, which I didn't believe it was. Soooooo.....the rest of the day was spent trying to heal this and recover. I did smudge with sage as I have been hit with such negative psychic attacks which smudging with sage did remove that I thought it also could be that, but it didn't work, so I really thought (WTF!) it was the juice!?!?
By the late evening it began to abate but I was still so sick I stayed in bed till the next day where I felt like I was beat up the day before or run over by a truck.

The mystery of this boggled my mind. Such has been my life  so that I have been forced to literally THINK differently than the majority of people on this planet since their modes and pathways of thinking and thoughts never applied to me, there was something unique in my world, so I literally had to learn how to think differently from the entirety of the rest of the entire planet.....as I came to feel about it. Yes, there are more of ''me'' around the world, but before the internet there were none.

The next day I had a conversation with someone and when she asked me how I was doing as all conversations begin, I told her of my mysterious sickness of the day before and how confused I was and that the poor cherry juice seemed to be the unlikely villain!!....she immediately said.....''I know what happened, can I tell you what happened?'' (enter dumbfounded look here).....''yes, of course, please do!"
What she explained to me was not totally confirmed as she said, but I will try to give the gist without giving away what she asked me not to talk about.
Basically there was an event which happened in the astral realms, involving the living organic beings of Earth = all living beings from trees to humans, and those who are soul/spirit connected, all felt this event. Apparently it was a positive thing for humans, but as infections tend to be painful as they are being cleaned out, it hurt. This is one explanation for what happened and since no other explanations outside of the tamperings of cern have come up, and neither were there solar flares which also make me ill, I must rest on this explanation for now.

In closing, what happens in the astral realms, and for that matter in other dimensions.....happens here, to *us*, in our body fields and minds, and canaries-in-the-mine will feel it all. We humans who are Organic Earth Beings, symbiotically related, have multi-quantum spacial experiences which are far from being limited to our bodies, we are huge in Beingness and so must our minds be so huge.

* "us" is a term I use loosely, as when I say ''us'' I mean those truly organic *ensouled/*spirited beings who feel all there is to feel. After studying human history and observing life for over 40 years, I firmly believe there are those who do not feel and this is because they are not ''connected'' literally and metaphorically, are not entirely human nor humane. Some ''people''...another term I use loosely......are simply animated biological creatures void of some true essential Nature. We see their deeds and workings all over the planet. Many people feel they simply need care or love to be ''returned'' to their humanity, and while I used to believe that too, I no longer do.
It is clear to me there all kinds of ''beings'' walking around disguised as humans.

*''soul'' and ''spirit'' "enlightenment" "awareness" etc.....are also terms used loosely. I have not definitively defined these, and many people use these terms interchangably and others have their own definitions, but I use them loosely until I am sure.
I do not ascribe to ''knowing'' something when it is merely a ''believe'' or an ''opinion''.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Miracle Healing from Mother Earth of March 21, 2015

*Note: this is an email I sent out to my friends and posted on a couple of sites I'm on.

Hello everyone. 

I have been away from the writing and speaking platforms for a while because I needed to gain more knowledge. Let me be a bit more clear about that, I needed to gain knowledge, not information, two different things. Information changes like the winds, but knowledge remains steadfast and is helpful.
I want to talk about the healing I received from Mother Earth but give a bit of background.
Lately I've been listening again, after a hiatus for a while from alternative media and all such things, to those who are speaking about what is happening beyond lame stream media. When I left it, my specialty or focus or passion was and still is to reveal the hidden controlling beings behind all of human activities. Be they natural, human, non human, jinn, archons, interdimensional, aliens, what have you, it is my goal to inform the greatest amount of the human population as possible of these forces which have been manipulating humanity in the most negative ways, beings who prefer to remain hidden. I do this because since a child of 6 I have seen this planet is in such an indescribably unnatural state it has been heartbreakingly difficult to merely survive here. But humans need more than anything to understand and know why we are in such a state. There is nothing natural about what is happening on this planet, however everything happening is considered ''normal'' merely because it has been taking place since human memory.
I left the media for a while and came back to find there are many speaking about this same subject to my great delight, the term ''archons'' being now widely used to describe more than archons and their nefarious purpose, but many manipulative beings are under the umbrella term of ''archons'' or as ''archontic'' behavior. These media people have courageously suspended belief systems because their desire for truth superseded any belief systems, as their integrity demanded ''the truth'' no matter how much it hurts or how bizarre, they want the truth, and in finding it, it explains everything we are seeing from historical perspectives to the present.
What I have realized since a child is how little humanity is connected with, in love with, The Mother....specifically Mother Earth, or Gaia. I have found this an atrocity of the human condition and yet have seen why this is so with misogyny as a cancer metastasized within all of Earth's consciousness via patriarchal controlling systems and institutions all across the planet. So. Humanity suffers, how else could it be when the Feminine is so heinously and violently opposed. I will speak more on that another time.
However, this was not going to be my mistake. I have love for Gaia and all Womanhood and have seen the most heroic, humane, tolerant, forgiving and loving deeds repeatedly throughout my long life by women in our world and yet never recognized. I would not make that mistake either. Except I had.
Somehow, over the years, living in this matrix or patriarchal matrix called the patrix, I have gotten lost. I got lost in the way of life created by them, lost in father time, and father presidents, and father priests, and father militaries and father bosses, and father gods, and father laws and father bureaucracies, and father media, father entertainment, father chemtrails, father wars and father this and that, and no where was the Mother. I could not find her except in my own small heart. The patrix won out because apparently my ''reality'' is soaking in their holographic matrix that is 100% saturated with the creations of all kinds of ''fathers'' in every system we encounter from the moment we open our eyes, to even our sleep state to when we open our eyes again in the morning to the sound of rude alarms telling us little slavelets we must get up to ''earn a living''. I never understood why I had to earn something called ''money'' to have a home to live in on a planet I was born on! This irked me and still does.
Living in this reality has made everyone sick, especially me.
I learned however, by the age of 21 that my ailments were due to all foods that were natural but were moronically altered by those who control our foods, to the point that I was having horrid reactions from eating what the aberrations they called ''food'',namely white breads, pastas, sugar and all those things. Doctors wanted to remove my lymph glands, and remove this and that before I was 18 years old. I had to take matters into my own hands and learned natural medicine and healing. For over 30 years I've been living this way eating organically as often as I can afford, and making my own medicines and healing myself and others in my life of any and all ailments I had, with the medicines that came from Gaia, the Mother.
I've only seen myself as a model hard body to my dying breath.I was a natural bodybuilder for over 20 years, I jogged 3 miles 3-4 times a week, did stretching, calisthenics and yoga since I'm 21 years old. I planned to die a hardbody at any age.
However, recently I've had something I could not figure out. Somehow my ability to walk was diminishing and as an athletic type for 35 years now, I could not have imagined such a thing. I would go for my walks and jogs and not be able to do so without pain. I know pain well, I lived with fibromyalgia too for over 20 years and this is pure body pain, but I got rid of that with a machine called a Molecular Enhancer. I know how to work through pain and know when to push and when to stop but mostly I push through.
But this walking pain was not getting better even as I laid off. One day returning from a walk when I reached my porch I realized I could not lift my leg to take the two small steps up. I had to literally pick my leg up with my hands to make them. I realized I had a problem then. I took a break and assumed it would heal, but it didn't. I found that as I sat at the computer I could not get up properly, and had to wait a few seconds before being able to take a step and then when I could I was hobbling. I didn't pay attention to this much either, until one day I couldn't move at all. I had to locate the specific area of pain and it was the hip joints especially the right one. I could not walk around the house unless I was held up by the walls and hanging onto furniture.
I thought it would just go away because I commanded it to, and since my body has been under my care and control for over 30 years, I commanded it to heal, but nothing changed. I could not go out, I could not garden, I could not work, nor sit at the computer for all the hours a day it takes to do my research. I could not sit and watch lectures, the pain was excruciating. For over 7 months I've been in agony, and in a humiliated demeaned state of cripple, and this was never in my plan!
One day, I felt a sickness in my stomach when I couldn't move. The sickness was fear, something else I am not good at, I don't like fear. But there it was in my gut making me sick. I began to imagine myself in a wheelchair and no one around to push me. I had no one. I could not afford to be cripple, not even sick. I do not believe our bodies were designed to be sick, they are designed to be in equilibrium, always in a state of repairing and healing, so I never ever imagined I could fall ill to anything. Yet here I was unable to walk and no one around and feeling the sickness of fear. I had no clue what was happening. The agony was daily and all night long. I was aware of every move I made during the night and could not move myself to turn over unless I hoisted myself up with my arms to move and drag my leg. My right hip joint was much worse than the left. I knew I had to take this seriously and treat it myself as I do not go to doctors since I'm 21 mostly since they wanted to do so much surgery and give me drugs but also because I do not work, no insurance etc. I try not to engage the matrix at all. I had to heal myself. I am the type of person who will do all the necessary things to heal. I do not procrastinate, once symptoms appear I get right to giving my body whatever it needs, from the right nutrients, to herbs, to supplements and I will take anything to heal. But this time I was slow. I was inured to pain.
At first I thought this may be arthritis since I was ''diagnosed'' with arthritis at the age of 13, but I got rid of that. But maybe after decades of jogging I may have done some damage so I treated it for arthritis and took everything I knew to heal it. It didn't work after a month of tenacious treatments, from supplements to far infra-red sauna, nothing helped. Some days it appeared to be much better then the agony would return. Since it didn't respond to that I thought maybe it was an injury I somehow sustain during my sleep time since I did nothing during the day to cause this, it had to have happened at night. We do travel and do many things in our astral realms during sleep. So I spent a month treating this as an injury and rested alot, literally doing nothing during the day, giving myself injury treatment, hobbling from room to room. But my hip joints didn't respond to a month of rest and healing treatments either. It was not following any known pattern.
I didn't know what it could possibly be. I know the body is always in a state of healing and repair, so what was causing this agonizing pain to remain no matter what I did or ingested?! I became desperate because a wheelchair was not how I was going to spend my days. I have come too far with too much, and this I came to realize was not natural, or a normal ailment.
I know I suffered from migraines all my life, horrendous debilitating migraines, until one day in 2009 a man offered me spiritual protection. I didn't take it seriously until after 3 days of no migraines I had to question why this was so. I never went 3 days in a row without a migraine for over 25 years, so what was different now? I went through everything I had done and eaten the past 3 days and found nothing different. Except that man who offered me spiritual protection. Days went by and I watched for this and when after 2 weeks I had no migraines at all, I sloooowly came to understand what had been happening all these years. I was not sick, had no ailment, no disease.....all those sickening nauseating migraines had been dark forces attacking me, which spiritual protection removed. When I realized this, and I had no no choice but to accept it as real, I fell to the floor and bawled and cried in rage and anger and hurt, that something I had never believed in, namely dark forces, had in fact been affecting me despite my belief otherwise, and were the cause of such a lifetime of agonizing blinding migraines.
I have experienced dark psychic attack in the forms of depression, confusion, bewilderment, even suicidal tendencies, and intense pains and discovered smudging with sage and sea salt showers can remove these. It is quite amazing what the invisible entities can do to a body and how it can create pains and ailments. I wonder how many people are physically sick and in pain suffering from entity attack which smudging with sage and sea salt would remove, albeit repeatedly?
This was my rude awakening. I learned about dark forces and what they are capable of. And whether one believes in them or not, they can and do affect us.
However, it did not occur to me this was the case, until recently when all my treatments of these hip pains did not respond when according to the laws of the physical body, they should have. Something here was unnatural. Dear god, what is going on?! I was being made into a cripple and nothing I did was working. How do I deal with this?
I commanded my body, I prayed to god, I meditated, I relaxed. I did everything. But I certainly was not going to accept being cripple at all. No. This is not my way and I will not succumb. I decided one day a couple of weeks ago then, because this seemed unnatural to me, that it could be another dark attack, an illusion, much like all the other migraines and other pains I've had which smudging with sage removes immediately. But the smudging didn't work. I decided to plow through the pain and go for a walk to see what would happen. It had been almost a year since my last one and in all this time I only walked to the edge of this property and back inside. I began very nervously forcing one pained leg in front of the other and hoping no one would see me hobbling like this. I was determined to plow through this and see if my will would make a change. I was gritting my teeth, fists clenching and breathing shallowly as I walked in agony. I looked ahead of me at the stretch of road and thought to take a short one and hope I could make the return trip. Once at the end of the stretch I had to turn around and make it back and I was hurting so much I thought I'd have to sit on the ground and hope some kind person would offer me a drive home. But being in that vulnerable position was not acceptable. I would plow through the pain and walk back on my own. I did. I made it home and I could pick up my legs the two short steps on my porch. I was not worse, so this was something positive to me. I did it again the next day, and it was the same. More painful at first, then fading a bit, but not worse when I got back. This is strange. It didn't make any sense.
Recently I've been listening to someone speaking about connecting to Mother Gaia for our reconnection to Source and the planetary timeline. Her name is Lily Earthling. I knew this to be true, but somehow I got lost. I was not speaking with Mother nor communing with Her as I used to. I could hear the love in this womans voice and knew her to be speaking Truth from personal revelation. Listening to her I began to feel this Truth again in my own body. I was physically reminded in every cell of my body what it feels like to be connected to Divinity and to Life. I was sorry I had gotten lost and forgotten.
A couple of days ago I was in alot of pain but refused to accept it anymore and I wanted to walk. I began as usual with pains, hobbling and gritting my teeth but forcing it. Then I remembered this woman who spoke of reconnecting to Mother Gaia and speaking with Her. On my return path, I thought could not make it home that I would have to sit on the ground and wait for a kind person to offer me a lift home. This again disgusted me and I said no, with all the strength I could muster after all this time of living in agony all day every day I decided to speak to Mother Earth and ask her to heal me now. I did. I was so determined to walk normally again and to run again, but the pain I was in was secretly hoping for a ride home. I decided again no, I am not only going to walk, I am going to run and run now. And I started jogging like a crazy person while commanding Mother Earth to heal me now. So, either I was going to break my hips or I was going to get healing. As I jogged I slowly started to feel less pain. My stride got longer and my pace faster. I reached the home stretch. I was feeling better, significantly better! Oh Mother, something WAS happening! I slowed down and took an internal stock of my condition and realized I was feeling much better. I had to test this. So I turned around and did the stretch again, walking and jogging intermittently, and found that I was in 80% less pain. I made it home jubilant and in awe. Could it be?
What happened? Mother Earth happened.
I had energy even when I got home to do all my tasks without a problem. In the evening I had so much energy I was feeling a bit warm and took a cool shower. When I came out, I felt normal, 100% free of the hip pains and walking and moving around like my usual self. But more importantly I was in the midst of experiencing a miracle.
I walked around the house and moved my leg up, down, around and bent and did all my movements and no pains were to be felt in either hip. It appeared I was healed.
During the night, no pains, I slept. The next day am still free of pains and moving normally mostly. Today 3 days later, there is only a small remnant of the pains but I am walking normally and went for a jog today too. I have my energy back too, so that I am not exhausted by 11 am. I have lots of my normal energies.
I have been healed and I am in such a state of gratitude and awe and delight and joy. The Mother Gaia healed me and I am wanting to be more in touch with Her and to hear more of what She has to say and to teach me. I got off course for too long, lost for too long, disconnected for far too long. I love Mother and what She has done for me. I will never forget.
What is your relationship with Mother Gaia like? Can you afford some of her beneficence?

I have since experienced other things, good things, which I will post on next.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First Entry: What I am Doing and Why, The Beginning

Hello and Welcome,

This will be my online journal of the energies I am not only clearly sensing now, as I have discerned on several levels in several ways including the proverbial holy 2x4, but also the energies of our relatives, the greater bodies of the cosmos felt as Celestial Symbiosis, as I'm calling it now, and energies of falsely manipulated energies as from technologies of all kinds from ELF's, EMF's, Cern, cell towers, spiritual energies, entities, timeline manipulations, and others.

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Though I will try to keep these loggings short, they tend to run into explanations as I try to make myself clear and only more words seem to do that, so forgive me if they run longer. My ideal entries would be something like this:

''Today I experienced (fill in blank), I discovered it was from (blank) and I remedied it by (blank) and it was taken care of but I learned from it.'' ~end.
But alas, this will happen in time. For now I must play catch up, and then the entries will shorten.

Though I have put this off for years, I have been prompted by my Spirit to begin this journal for us. I sense not only energies moving around in my personal life but in the world as well and often these are clear to me, often validated later through other "Sensitives" (bless those women!) but also because I have the 'gift' of being one often referred to as ''the canary in the mine'' but in our days of course doesn't refer to miners gases, but the ambient environment on the surface or in space, which includes all of the energies and sources mentioned above and then some. There is ALOT !

* These energetic updates will NOT be daily.....only when I feel something distinctly and strongly.

And since I know I am not alone, I am writing this online hoping to reach others who need to see there are others like them, like me, who are feeling these myriad things..... to share, to relate, to bring us to better understandings of who and what we really are, so we know we are not so alone. I hope to meet experiencers, Sensitives, Earth Sensitives, Empaths, Intuitives, Kind, Intelligent, Heart based, Caring and loving beings and bring those Beings of Loving Living Light into my new circle of friends. I am not much longer on this Earth and I wish to spend my last years in the company of such Beautiful Souls.

In the future postings of my ''senses'', and so that I can be as precise as possible I will be giving dates and times to the best of my non linear ways. I experienced time and calendars as types of prisons and as a Spirit I needed to extricate myself from those devices to begin to Be. It has served me well to do this however I often do not know what month it is, nor do I care. I go by Seasons and by Nature.

One example of recent energies was on May 1, 2015. I experienced a sudden deep ''hit'' of nausea and sickness, queasiness and migraine, as if a sudden magnetic or electrical field went ''wrong'', and for the rest of the day I was out, as in bed sick. The next day I found out why through a woman who is in contact with other Earth Sensitive Beings and there was an event that caused my body to respond in such a way, being connected symbiotically to all of Earths Energetics, and those humans who are truly human.
There are people who are not connected, but that is for another blog.

I feel we need to keep abreast of these things, know why we're feeling them and be wiser to what is happening around us, rather than being merely tumbleweeds to these energetics. WE need to know how it affects us, why it affects us and what we can do, if anything.

I will be brainstorming every angle leaving no stone unturned in my quest. Everything is investigated. This blog is not for the feint of heart nor for closed minds or those invested in ''believing''.

I will be offering my thoughts and feelings on all these various energies, as well as solutions because I know there are solutions for everything, and I am solution and correction oriented. I find this has been the single greatest character advantage in my life which has molded me to being not only my own personal healer but I have helped many people along the way. I have a trail of people behind my life path that have benefited from my medical intuition as well as practical experience, knowledge of nutrition and herbs and foods, from being organic and athletic and studying the body and what I call Esoteric Nutrition for over 30 years. As of now I am regaining my youth. I do not have papers or initials after my name but I have gifts and many skills.

Conversely, anyone who feels something and would like to bounce it around with me, contact me.

What you should know about me.

~ "WHY"....is my favorite question......I must KNOW.

~ In metaphysical terminologies, I am referred as many names, which I will not use because not only are they claimed falsely by too many but the English language is entirely an ambiguously euphemistic form of linguistics easily distorted by any listener or reader so I will refrain from many terms, using them loosely only for reference. I will try to keep all my writings very simple and to the point. I do not believe in ''presentation'' or ''spin'' I find those routes to gain interest of a persons mind through ''the back door'' abhorrent. In fact I find all kinds of manipulations of any kind from the obvious to the very subtle intolerable. I like clean clarity and being succinct, leaving no room for error. Empaths know this and find language a crippling form of communication, hence the intolerance for ''spin'' or ''set up''....which I consider cunning, clever and demonic, for only that sort need to 'spin' anything for your mind to their directives.

In my ways, in my world, Empathy is the only form of truthful communication which is so pure and light, efficient and thorough that it is far more than communication, it is Communion. Its lack on this planets peoples is the block to all truth and petri dish for deceit and corruption. For through empathy there is literally no room for deceit or error because the 'inner being' senses (feels) All in a second, nothing can be hidden, there is no confusion, only pure truth. But in this world, people do not engage this and use only intellect, their minds, speak what they want, in the tone (frequency) they want hoping to elicit specific responses. This is not only primitive, but reflects cunning hidden motives.

~ I much prefer people to ''see'' me from the inside, clearly, feel my heart and see all there is. This is the only way to "know" a being.
There is an expression used in the movie "Avatar" where the woman teaches Jake how to see more. Their greeting expresses this, they say "I See You".....which means they see all you are from the inside out, you are connected to me, you are family, you are home. 

~ I have watched this world and questioned its insanity for over 50 years now and have gone into many rabbit holes to find out all I possibly can about this insane world. I am not afraid of truth, though often it sickens me. I have seen and known the root cause of all sickness and the hypnosis to keep it hidden.

~ I am resolutely Feminine of mind and heart and because of this Wisdom continues to fill my bones and my cells, they literally speak to me, give me information, knowledge, insights into various things, from the workings of the cosmos, to an individuals needs. I never guess. I never speak what I do not know. Though I am ever searching for more truth and filled with query. The 'male' side of me is also in full capacity, simplistic in its essence, being primarily of logic, reason, step-by-step mechanistic thinking or scientific thinking for which I am grateful as these are basic tools which I keep and use always. However, they do not run my consciousness and this is why I have a greatly augmented knowledge base as I do not limit myself to its 4% box of popular theories nor have I allowed them to make the left brain my only reference for 'learning' as they tried to do to me in school. This is intellectual and Spiritual castration. By the time I was 10 years old I understood this deeply and resolved to not only NOT let them ''mess me up or take me in'' but to watch for other methods they use on unsuspecting children to falsely teach, indoctrinate, lie to and derail. I have been vigilantly watching these things for over 40 years and their sources. I have seen alot.

~ My GOD is My Spirit which is a fractal of the Whole of the Divine Creator, Source, GOD, One God, whatever term you care to use. But my Femininity is what has given me the grandeur of what it means to be Humanely Human.

~ I live organically, am a gardener at heart, an investigative journalist and a firm believer in living in pure joy and bliss eternally. I try to grow as much of my own foods and veggies as possible using strictly non GMO heirloom seeds because I do not want to become a GMO being from eating mutated foods. I garden during the day. I eat naturally concentrating on the greens of the plant kingdom as their Mother blood of chlorophyll is what keeps my red blood cleaned and informed and connected to the Wisdom of the Green Kingdoms. I cook all my own meals, surround myself with flowers and beauty. I have given up the slave work force for living as a Being of Spirit, resolutely live in opposition to clocktime,  the matrix and the patrix (= 'patriarchal matrix' a term created by Alisa Battaglia). I think spherically, and excel at the rejection of all the patrix insanity.
I do well.

~ I am not here to impress, for ''likes'', for popularity. I have nothing to sell, I am not an author, I do not do workshops, seminars nor am I on FB or any other media. I keep it simple. I neither care what anyone thinks nor should anyone care what I think. I am here for sharing, a service for those ''sensitives'' on this planet.

I may add to this list as time goes on (which I have done a few times already :D)

There is alot more I can share here, but I will stop for now.

Since I have recently experienced in a short time several huge changes for ''no apparent reason'', I must backtrack a bit here and begin with my Miracle Healing of March 21, 2015 which will be my next post.

I hope to hear from you soon.