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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"ARCHONS": A Series ~ Part 1 ~ Introduction

 I'm reposting on this new blog a series of articles I wrote in 2012 when I had no doubts anymore.

July 16, 2012

Archon: derivative of arch


Archon (Gr. ἄρχων, pl. ἄρχοντες) is a Greek word that means "ruler" or "lord", frequently used as the title of a specific public office. It is the masculine present participle of the verb stem ἀρχ-, meaning "to rule", derived from the same root as monarch, hierarchy, and anarchy. ~

''Archons are psycho-spiritual parasites''

''Working through telepathy and suggestion, the Archons attempt to deviate us from our proper course of evolution. Their most successful technique is to use religious ideology to insinuate their way of thinking and, in effect, substitute their mind-set for ours.''

~John Lamb Lash.

I must make a disclaimer now:
This information is from my experience which I relate and write in detail so as not to lose the important context in which these experiences happen for the ''bottom line'' does nothing to elucidate on what is taking place. I am studying this in earnest and researching and testing in basic scientific modality for my own ensurance and I am sharing with you what I have learned so far. I post this to help others realize, wake up to, understand and deal with forces they may not have known are working them in a parasitic nature, and it is my desire to help others to wake up to this because it is painful to watch endless ignorance, suffering and pain of my kin when it is nothing but nefarious in nature. I do NOT have all the answers nor do I understand the entire scope of these archons, their creation, their cosmic purpose or any of those other deeper questions for I am a mere mortal. I only know what I know and am here to help others to know so they too may be free of being an unwilling and unsuspecting host to a parasite that lives out of them and causes their lives to be one of confusion, obfuscations, stumbling blocks, pain and de-volvement. I hope to help liberate you from that. That is all I can do. Please do your own research and get your own answers. You are free to disagree to your hearts content but please do not hinder the point.

My point here is to make you aware of something that exists in your life to your detriment, that you were previously unaware of. Period.
I am writing this on the heels of Ari's post and experiences..... experiences I feel need to be studied closely. I think instead of jumping or running to the next article or pretty picture, this study of archons is the most important information of our time. ALL need to be aware of these creatures/things/beings/parasites/mind-cancer/entities who exist to derail your positive frequencies in every way.
How many of us are truly aware of a force that has been working against us all our lives? Our elders lives? and a force working against our childrens lives? ensuring that no one breaks free of their low frequency fence? and how when one does break free and feels joy for a moment something happens to crush it? Has anyone wondered why this is so consistent? Persistent? why it is a pattern?
Then get to know this force and know it well, how it works, when and why.
Do not fear this shadow in your life. Look at it, fully, face on, and do not look away until you are fearless.
This spiritual knowledge is the last coup de ta in our battle for liberation as Humans on Earth.
For those who have never heard of the ''archons'' you will need to do some heavy lifting....heavy lifting of those truly heavy beliefs that say 'these things don't exist'......if you want to be liberated....you will need to remove that heavy belief, for that belief is the one thing that ensures their success.
For those who have heard of the archons, a deeper study/investigation/look/inquiry/observation is in order because they are at work, it appears, with everyone almost without exception....I say almost because there are exceptions to everything. But if you are wanting Light, Love, Liberation.....you must know you have them not just on you or over you, but IN you......allow me to explain.......
This will be a series of posts with information, let me repeat that word 'INFORMATION'.....facts......about these archons. Some of this information on their existence has now become viral and though relatively new still requires individual study, and some of it will come from ancient texts as in the Nag Hammadi Library in which beloved Mary Magdalene spoke of them......a fact which now many may get a partial inkling as to why Mary was vehemently vilified.
I will jump right into it.
This has not been an easy lesson, the past few years of this study has been difficult, but its much better now. I see more, am aware and confident and more liberated, my personal Light feels brighter and larger, and this is the reward for the difficulty of getting through this dark information, since the pall of any aspect of self loathing has been lifted and returned to its rightful source, the archons. I cannot tell you, explain to you, how freeing it feels to have negative self depreciating impulses to become virtually non existent. I have seen an "other".....a foreign entity and because of the recognition of something other, my own self is clearer. I have distinguished my self from this other, and am therefore more free. I am now more fully sentient of divine potentials and possibilities now that the cloud of this ''other'' has been recognized. I feel like I can soar, and that spiritual flying, my natural ability and birthright is alive again. I know I am of the Light.
And now I hope to help others.
I have tested and retested their existence, how they operate, when and why, dozens of times, in my own life and in observing others. They are real.
If you are already familiar with this then you can just skip to the end for how to deal with it, and make "dealing with the archontic energies" your discipline....truly, of keeping vigilance of your self, your mind, your heart and soul, and those who work against you ....... until we no longer have this force against us and such due diligence is no longer necessary......and this day shall come!
If you are not familiar, very familiar and well learned about this force and have for yourself a working and successful management of these forces in your own life, then I suggest you continue to read.
These forces are known by many names, archons, dark forces, evil, satanic, demonic, genii, etc etc etc for every culture and time period in history.....the point is......these forces have been recognized throughout human history. I am referring to forces that are non physical in nature.
They work on ones mind and emotions making one feel they are ones own. They imitate your thoughts and patterns, record them and repeat them. Especially the ones that hurt yourself. ...thoughts of low self image, failure and low self esteem. They can scan your mind and find memories of things that hurt you and recreate that frequency in your life. Some call this the ''law of attraction". They take a weakness in your body and make it an ailment. They take a genetic flaw and make it a disease. They take a wound and make it fester.
Any weakness, frailty, trauma, negative emotion, hurt, wound, crack, becomes a point of entry......they make it bigger. Their goal is to make you fail. In your failure, they continue to live. They themselves are a cancer, a cancer that thrives on your frailties and weakness. Their worst fear is that you learn they are there working on you. They fear you seeing them, for they work successfully only when you do not know of them....hence, the millennial long secretive nature of these creatures.......I have come to call them "Spiritual Pus" for they infect anything that has the smallest point of entry and make it sick. When they fail to ruin your thoughts or emotions because of your own due diligence, disciplines of high frequency, then they manifest as physical anomalies. Their powers are of psi abilities, of the mind, and like telekinesis, they can move objects with thought/mind power. They can affect traffic lights, and clocks, mechanical devices and electrical devices. Their thought are so strong they are equivalent to what can be called electrical impulses that manifest as sudden impulses in your own behavior. They can give you a craving for something to eat, and send you subliminal messages. The power of their mind is strong, what would be considered supernatural to us....is normal and effortless for them. They can cause physical pain as in migraines which was the case with me until I learned of them and someone assisted me with their ''attacks''. They can cause you to forget something or even erase the intention from you altogether. Because of this direct mind to mind relationship, the scope of what they can do is massive especially when applied to your individual mind.
They cease to function in your love......they are powerless in your joy. They run from laughter that is born of warmth. They continue to try, but they are not successful in Human High Frequencies.
However, because they work through stealth, many are not aware and become their pawns.
The interesting thing about it, is that in our time, their existence and information about them has been virtually erased from our libraries. The only leaks about them is classified as fringe, ridiculed and deliberately vilified as being false by the archons minions, very physical beings, who don't want you to know that we in our ignorance are slaves of these archontic creatures.
I will post here some of my own experiences, and succeeding posts will be from others and what they experience etc, and some of these are from highly intelligent people who I respect.
I will begin here with my latest experience of a few days ago. There are no trite experiences every one adds up.
It was a good day. I went out to do some gardening. I called a friend and she said she would come by and watch a movie with me later in the afternoon. The gardening was done on a beautiful sunny day and I didn't work that hard, it looks pretty and I did some in the back too.....everything fine and dandy. I shower with my favorite soap, dress and then warm up leftovers. My housemate John had just come home and he picked up a few items I had needed from his store. I was in a good mood. I said "you know one of my most favorite things of all time"?? and he named a few, but I had to just say it...."LEFTOVERS' ! LOL.... I had cooked yesterday for 6 people and had a bit leftover and all I have to do is warm it up today, add the grated cheese and mineral salts and I'm a VERY happy happy camper! He smiled and went outside. And such was the case. I hadn't felt happy in many weeks. I'm clean, dressed, pretty porch all fixed up, and I soon went out with my bowl and fork eating, to see how John was. He looked really sleepy and when I asked how he feels, he said definitely sleepy. Then I said in that humorous tone that says it all "I'm fine!" and he laughed. When I say that in that way, it means EVERYTHING for me in the world is good right now.....and it was. I mentioned all the things I was grateful for, and the food in my hand being one of the great blessings of life, and I walked away to let him get sleepy. I walked in and put another exquisitely delicious bite of pasta in my mouth and thought of putting the kettle on for my guest when the bowl in my hand went flying 4 feet away and hit the cabinets and broke with the food splattered everywhere. I didn't trip, stumble, or miss a step, nor did my fingers slip or freeze or spasm. I was walking slowly, gracefully, when for no reason a bowl was knocked out of my hand. I should say, I HAVE NEVER DROPPED A PLATE OR BOWL OF FOOD IN MY LIFE and I'm a great multitasker. I'm walking slow, feeling happy and content, and this one went flying out my hand over to the cabinets.....broke one of my favorite bowls from Indonesia.....food everywhere. I had never experienced this in my life before. I couldn't move.
I called my housemate because it was just too weird and I was too shocked, and he immediately went into the refrigerator to pull out some foods. I asked him what he's doing and he said ''making more......fuck them!". He got it! right away! All my explaining over the years and he's seeing it now, the timing of it and the strangeness. I told him where I was standing and he saw where the bowl and food was, and he shook his head. It's just not possible, unless I threw the bowl. If I had just dropped it, it would have fallen down, not across the kitchen and I certainly did not exert my fingers or hands to throw anything. I happened so fast.
I cleaned it up and he made another similar dish......I have to say, though he did this for me he said he did it mostly because he knows it pisses ''them'' off when we are happy and he wants to screw them. He's had his own experiences with them. He said he knows it was them because I had just said "I'm fine" in that happy way that says I'm happy about everything. Also if I drop something it should drop down, not go flying, and I was walking slowly and did nothing to lose this bowl....it was knocked out of my hand.
Another incident.
We recently had a freak fire in the hallway. I'm in the process since last October of decorating this home into one of great beauty and comfort. And I have been making great strides in making this home and property, inside and out, home and garden, a place of beauty and sanctuary. Everyone feels it and comments on how angelic and peaceful it feels, and remarks on the beauty everywhere and how good it smells. I'm wanting a 5th dimensional feeling here. I know how to do this and I do it well.
A new pastime of mine has become thrift stores. I never did them before and recently because of financial crisis I've had to look into them. I love to buy things like glassware or linens, candle holders and such. On this day I had purchased an old fashioned candleholder, very Victorian looking and ornate detailing. It was 3 dollars so I bought it. I thought I'd put it outside. It holds just a single taper. My roommate liked it and thought I should put it inside so I did. I found a spot in the hallway which needed some ambient light anyway. On this day I did not feel well due to some mysterious ailment, not quite a cold, not quite a flu. I lit some candles and incense and planned on spending the day relaxing watching enchanting movies on DVD. I was there most of the day, when I decided in the afternoon to go out to see the new baby goldfish my housemate John had picked up that day for the pond but first I made a trip to the bathroom and looked at the thrift store candleholder and the candle was mostly burned down, had about another 2 inches to burn, maybe an hour. I didn't worry about it because it had been used before as I could see red wax at the very bottom of the holder insert and so when this candle burned down it had room to extinguish itself with no problem.
I spent about 5 minutes outside looking at the new fish swimming around in the pond when I wanted to lie down again and came inside. When I opened the door, I couldn't see and thought my eyes had blurred over but soon realized the house was filled with smoke, blindingly. I smelled smoke and my stomach turned but I ran in and through a haze and clouds of smoke I saw bright light coming from the hallway, light I've never seen before. When I turned that corner I saw the fire from the wall to the ceiling. Somehow in less than 5 minutes the candle that had about another hour to burn had been consumed along with the candleholder itself, the wall was on fire to the ceiling as was the floor. I ran around like a mad woman somehow putting the fire out, opening all windows and doors, turning on ceiling fans and then calling the fire department for the first time in my life. When they got here, even after all I did, they found it too full of smoke and went back out for masks.
It took amazing efforts for us to clean up after all of this.
Next Incident.
2 weeks after this fire, the hallway was painted white by John, the picture and angel wall sconces back up on either side as before. But I wanted something more beautiful and decorated and tried to figure out what to do....with what I already have and yet make it lovely.
I was in my room when I had figured out what I wanted to do. I am easily moved to joy and happiness, people, so I was very happy when I thought of doing some stenciling or stamping with some beautiful Moroccan designs with a light golden pearl paint. I was impishly happy because I could see in my minds eye the finished look and so I decided to do it then. I was in the room singing as I was tying up my hair when I heard a crash in the hall. I was alone in the house so this was shocking. I panicked because once you smell smoke and see fire in your home you never forget it and your instincts become sharpened and heightened to this smell. I panicked with this crash because I had two tealights lit on the angel wall sconces that were on either side of the picture and thought "OH NO. NOT another fire!!""....so I looked into the hallway to find the picture on the floor by my door and one angel sconce on the floor, wax everywhere. I picked up the picture right away to make sure nothing was going up in flames but there was no fire. When I looked at this I realized that the picture did not fall down from its place, but was somehow knocked off the wall to land in front of the door about 3 feet away. The angel sconce too was knocked off and these two things are about 6 inches apart from each other on the wall. I looked at the nails and hardware to the picture as I thought the brackets must have fallen off, but no. The nail on the wall were still secure. The brackets on the picture secure. The angel sconce bracket secure and its nail on the wall secure.....so nothing had function failure, nothing had broken. The only thing left to think is that these things were knocked off the wall, which is why they did not fall straight down, but were feet away. The angel sconce was broken in pieces. It made no sense. However I was not afraid, I was pissed. Because I know what is happening. In every case, it happens within minutes of me feeling happy, when I'm singing, or feeling gratitude or joy. Every time.
My roommate's experience.
I had to explain this archontic business to my roommate because I could see them working in his own life. I began this study of the archons or dark forces in earnest in 2009. I have since tested it with myself and others. They were taking his depression and making him despondent. He thought it was all him. So did I. For 10 years, I thought it was all him. I thought he was the most morose being I had ever encountered.
My housemate had developed cancer. It was a scary thing to have to deal with. I felt compelled to tell him how archons work, on ones mind and emotions making one feel they are ones own. They take a weakness and make it an ailment. They take a wound and make it fester. They take any point of entry as in a weakness, a frailty, a negative emotion, an addiction, a hurt a wound, a crack, and make it bigger. I told my roommate to look out for this. To try to sense his own true feelings by connecting to his own heart to get to know himself and to thoughts that don't make sense, that feel like intrusion or are distasteful, thoughts that do not resonate with his own. I told him to pay close attention, to try it and see for himself because he had nothing to lose but darkness. I told him to try to discern his own thought and feelings from something that may feel foreign or untimely or sabotaging.  I told him to tell those thoughts to fuck off in no uncertain terms and see what happens. He told me this: One day in his despondency during his cancer, he was sitting outside feeling terrible, and some lyrics to a song he hadn't heard or thought of in over 20 years was playing over and over in his mind like a broken record annoying him. The lyrics were: ''this is the end, my only friend.''  Naturally he thought 'spirit' was telling him he's going to die from the cancer. He decided to try telling it to leave. He did. They left. He said within minutes his mind was clear, no broken record thoughts and he felt peace. He learned a powerful lesson. He's since been testing this. He says that now since ''they'' know they are being watched even in his own mind, they work less. He is now cancer free and no longer depressed.
It is what it is.
They are real.
They have always been here.
They do not want you to know they are here.
They work best when you are ignorant of their existence.
Once you are aware of them they cannot be efficient and this pisses them off.
To remain ignorant of their workings on you makes them successful.
To be vigilant of them makes them weak.

How to deal with them:
is two fold:
1- When they show up, send them away with your full divine authority. Saying "FUCK OFF!" works just fine when you mean it.
2-Convert and Refuse to accept less than loving thoughts and feelings in your mind and emotions.

I will elaborate more later.
I will end here because I have more information about these energies and forces and will post them shortly.


Walk in Beauty She Who Walks in Two Worlds "Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo" "a star shines upon the hour of our meeting", an Elvish greeting. Love the Mother with all your heart, and you will know Love.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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  1. Absolutely stunning in its clarity of description here Serena ! I have sensed this but never put it to words.
    Thank you for helping pull the curtain aside. Vigilance IS the price of freedom.
    THANK YOU .....


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