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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"ARCHONS": A Series ~ Part 2 ~What they are How They Work

July 17, 2012
Some of this information on ''how'' archons work will be my own information yet it all corroborates with what others who are studying them will say which I will post here and in the near future.

I must make a disclaimer now:
This information is from my experience which I relate and write in detail so as not to lose the important context in which these experiences happen for the ''bottom line'' does nothing to elucidate on what is taking place. I am studying this in earnest and researching and testing in basic scientific modality for my own ensurance and I am sharing with you what I have learned so far. I post this to help others realize, wake up to, understand and deal with forces they may not have known are working them in a parasitic nature, and it is my desire to help others to wake up to this because it is painful to watch endless ignorance, suffering and pain of my kin when it is nothing but nefarious in nature. I do NOT have all the answers nor do I understand the entire scope of these archons, their creation, their cosmic purpose or any of those other deeper questions for I am a mere mortal. I only know what I know and am here to help others to know so they too may be free of being an unwilling and unsuspecting host to a parasite that lives out of them and causes their lives to be one of confusion, obfuscations, stumbling blocks, pain and de-volvement. I hope to help liberate you from that. That is all I can do. Please do your own research and get your own answers. You are free to disagree to your hearts content but please do not hinder the point.

My point here is to make you aware of something that exists in your life to your detriment, that you were previously unaware of. Period.
As predicted there is a need to remove beliefs, those heavy ones I mentioned, to understanding these archons from the minds of people who want to insist that archons work and operate in anthropomorphic ways and this is not my job, it is yours. It is not my job to remove those megalithic ancient stones blocking your path to enlightened information placed there by the archons themselves. Mine is only to present to you the facts of their existence, what they do and why.

What archons are:
People tend to apply human attributes, understandably, to these creatures and can NOT understand how archons are not anything we can possibly relate to or understand. Not at this time. It is only important at this time that we become very aware of their existence in our reality.
Many people especially women have a hard time understanding, imagining, or dealing with anything that does not operate the way they do, especially that which does not have their soul or their heart and think that anything will do well if you send it enough love or healing energy or light. I will ask you to do something different and imagine these things as cancer and to put aside misplaced compassion for it does nothing positive for them, they cannot convert or become something they are not, they are impervious to anything pro-life for they have nothing to do with organic living beings human or otherwise. They are not just another ''species'' for which we can attribute things like feelings as with animals, because they are not a species of natural creation.....they are more like an ''un-creation''. It is almost impossible for a light based being to fathom something it is not. But try, for this is what we're dealing with.
You must know there are organic living ''things'' being created in laboratories by what I refer to as Franken-fuckers", really sick psychopaths who are playing with DNA and flesh, creating anomalies by mixing species, splicing genes, and creating abominations. Anything created in this fashion while alive, and biological, is without soul. Soul, to me, is Source..... is a constant, a living thing that will be found present in Light and through Love, and is re-born in those where Light and Love is present. There are many soulless biological beings alive and walking around thanks to loveless conceptions, reptilian invasions, archons, and other things.....and these ones especially are zombie hosts for the archons. Far from being the stiff robotic creature they present on tv, they are animated with personalities too.
Again, think cancer, a black all LIFE consuming blob with only your mind as its host. It doesn't want you dead, only dysfunctional so it can live through you.

How they work:
A general rule: If your own heart is ruled by your mind, you are its perfect host. If your mind is ruled by your heart, then you are an unwelcome mat for archons. Your choice. The mind of humanity is a weak thing, always has been, for the mind was created to be a Servant to the Divine.....designed and meant to be ruled by the Divine High Heart the Seat or Throne of the Divine....by LOVE.
In our patriarchal world the mind, a servant, rules us, heart based divine beings......preferring just more of it self, a finite intellect drunk with information bites.....over the infinite wisdom of heart. And the heart as Master or Mistress has been displaced to the detriment of the whole of humanity, as any one with eyes can see. It may be a little clearer now how archons rule so easily for the mind being weaker than Heart is prey to a parasite when its intended overseer, the HEART, has been vehemently dismissed. Now that the Heart has been displaced, the vulnerable finite and non intuitive mind becomes game for anything stronger to take hold and infect it and does not have sense enough to see a predator or recognize a virus....not like the Heart does. Archons can rule easily that which was meant to be the software, the mind, while the strength of Heart and Love has been waylaid by the regressive archon....and they easily take over the mind so that it becomes theirs. They implant their mimicking realities superimposed over a mind designed and meant to be ruled by the other......THE HEART, and we give our minds to them willingly because the Heart based Human has already been crushed by the weak but aggressive mind who forcefully and violently submit the strong but passive heart....eons ago. The mind gives in to the intoxicating nature of information bites and becomes addicted to it because the archons are addicted to ''intellect'' because it is all they have, they have no soul or heart. Whilst the true Heart Intelligencia within waits patiently to be chosen, it becomes a sad and tormented thing living in a body who is governed by a foreign entity. This world we see is the result of the archontic mind, a parasite, a virus that has taken over a green/heart based planet. But it had help too, from several violent aggressive species who physically carry out the archontic memes of ''takeover and destroy''.
In a loving race or species, the archons have no power. This is, I pray, our future. It is up to us. The first step in achieving this is becoming aware of in the first place that ''the enemy dwells within.''
I am speaking to Beings of Light here.
But unlike religiosity, it is not that you are the terrible one, born in sin, or full of karmic dept, all of that is the archontic implant. The sin is not you who were created in Light, the sin within is the one who dwells there without your consent AND WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE........UNTIL NOW.
Please do not continue to fall for the ''I chose this miserable life.....after life.....after life business"...that is not the Divine speaking.....its the archons....and the ''choosing'' if any, is done from a place of ignorance in most cases. You are made a spiritual cripple dizzy from the rinse cycle for eons, believing in these disabling concepts born of an insidious nature.
Instead why not rise to the Truth, to knowledge and light of information that chooses and says, 'this darkness is not mine, not one bit of it is mine, nor do I claim any amount of darkness. I am of the Light.'
Does the sun have shadows?
Do stars have shadows?
Do you not know as a Being of Light, you are made of LIGHT and that does not include a mix??
If your mind is your own, you will act accordingly, liberate yourself from any and all beliefs that you harbor darkness as a part of you, and the organic result of removing these disabling beliefs is that you move forward and progress with more Light and therefore more Love. Are you ready for this? Are you ready for ease and grace in life and to live this way with others? For peace?
This is the true meaning of the pending "Great Separation"...removing the parasite from the host.
If your mind is the archontic one, then you will continue to believe in your own imperfection and have endless lives in trying to make a correction that will never be corrected for your belief in the imperfection becomes your hardware, and therefore your reality....the archontic meme that has taken it for themselves, and you no longer exist except as a pawn and litany of archontic beliefs and the archons have a willing host lifetime after lifetime. Remember most have ''chosen'' in ignorance. You can choose differently now.
What the archons also do through their minions, lizzies, human boyz clubs & societies, etc, is the inception, forming and set up of structures in our world that will physically manifest their limitations imposed upon us.....structures such as religions especially patriarchal ones which all of them are without exception, business, money, human trafficking, church, government and state, all are prisons to cover every angle of control of the human from mind, through heartlessness, to body and spirit.....all structures are anti human, but especially anti feminine, in other words misogynist in nature which is also plain to see for those with eyes.

Why most of us are here now is specifically for the liberation of humanity from being an enslaved species to an unknown parasite, to one of a Liberated species that is free to move in evolution and joy. Knowledge is indeed Power.

Rinse and Repeat Cycle: archons have those who work for them, some of which are reptilians and other regressive types considered to have ''super'' human abilities. They have taken over the very next phase of life into what we call death, the astral realm which is where they live, their home base, and created a false light that some see when they pass over. They see this false light, are told they have a mission to complete, or ''lessons to learn''..... a huge archontic implant......and are returned to 3D....to continue to live out a life that is feeding them in the astral....they have thusly prevented another human from entering the True Light. This is appropriately called by Lisa M. Harrison the ''rinse and repeat cycle'', it is forced reincarnation, and others like Lisa Renee speaks of this as do George Kavassilas, and many many others now who are also becoming aware of this. This is a secret no more, esoteric no more. The archontic influence goes up to the 5th dimension, I believe, some say 6th, but this is not the most critical thing for us to know at this point. It is only critical to know how they work.
It is my observation and belief or knowledge as a Light Being, that we as Light Beings do not have ''lessons to learn'', a Soul is immortal, of Source/God, born of light and love and has everything needed already....anyone who believes Source created us as stupid blank slates made of flesh with infinite lessons to be learned lifetime after lifetime as we watch the world die from growing toxic pain, war and ignorance is not seeing through eyes of light but through archontic eyes.
''lessons'' is a dark meme from an in-organic source, a painful implant, implanted as a program in our minds for those susceptible to them so that when ''we don't learn'' them after eons, and had our memories of lifetimes of supposed ''learning'' erased to relearn over and over again.....are clearly serving the other .....your choice.
You really need to begin to think better of yourself and of the Creator Divine who created you out of Love and to begin to live as if you believe you are of Light and nothing else. Entertaining the ''shadow'' as ''self'' is a point of entry for their nefarious vampirism of YOUR divine energy.
There are those who require learning, and it is the types who are desperately trying to imitate the Divine Human EnSouled Being.

What Beings of Light DO have to learn is how much interference humanity has lived with, and how to eradicate it once and for all......for all.......now is the time. Wake up.

"Gnostics preached that there was an invasion that occurred about 3,600 BC and, about 1,600 years before the Nag Hammadi texts were buried, they wrote that this invasion was like a virus and, in fact, they were hard pressed to describe it. The beings that were invading were called Archons. These Archons had the ability to duplicate reality, to fool us. They were jealous of us because we have an essence of some kind, a soul, that they don’t possess, and the Nag Hammadi texts describe the Archons. One looks like a reptile and the other looks like an unformed baby or a foetus. It is partially living and partially non-living and has grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes. The Archons are duplicating reality so that when we buy into it, when we come to believe that the duplicated, false state reality is the real reality - then they become the victors."
Rense: How are they duplicating reality? Is it by using consciousness?

Weidner: Yes, according to the texts, they can get into people and can manipulate people to do things very suddenly that are very odd. But also they are actually responsible for the deterioration of culture, so unlike the culture of the ancient Greeks or Chinese but a cheap fa├žade of a culture. As the Archonic presence has spread across the earth and has escalated in the 20th century, you can see that they are responsible for sprawl and the mass ugliness that is everywhere.

Television is an example of Archonic imitation.

Humans are imitated on television but the imitation is altered and is nearly always obscene and profane because the Archons not only do not understand the sacred but they hate it. They are jealous of the natural world and of human beings with the natural world. Also of sexual relationships: loving couples make them angry and they love violence and are sexually titillated by anger and war and death. They create war to consume energy from the dying.''
~ Jay Weidner

John Lamb Lash speaks a great deal about archons but I would take his theories with a grain of salt as he is an unparallelled mythologist which means he creates myth out of myth......he creates myth.
As he says:  "In my usual habit of attempting the impossible, I propose three definitions, or three levels of definition": (not posted here because I can not validate it as I was not there at the point of human creation but you can research this for yourselves) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_archons02.htm

The ontological status of the Archons is dual:
they exist as an alien species independent of humankind

they exist as a presence in our minds, rather like a set of programs operating in our mental environment


"Although archons do exist physically, the real danger they pose to humanity is not invasion of the planet but invasion of the mind.

~* note by me: though he says they exist physically I believe he means in an astral type of body that is unseen by us. Then again, there are the reptilian kind who do have bodies, may be shapeshifters etc, but this is not my field)

"The archons are intrapsychic mind-parasites who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion.

Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda, except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans, which they do not really have.

"For instance, they cannot access human genetics, but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that humans fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real. In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. This is the essence of "archontic intrusion," as I call it. The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion.

"In the cosmic perspective, the archons present a dynamic aspect of the evolutionary scenario of humankind, through which human potential is tested. The Gnostic view of their role closely matches the "flyers" in The Active Side of Infinity, the last book of Carlos Castaneda, who says that the flyers are "the means by which the universe tests us."

There are numerous close parallels between Castaneda and Gnostic teachings.

"This profile of the archons is not speculative. It follows what can be gathered from the Gnostic writings. For instance, NHC texts describe how the archons attempted to rape Eve - clearly a mythological rendition of genetic intervention. Such passages appear to support the claims of alien interbreeding so widely discussed today. But in the Gnostic account, the alien intruders did not succeed in this act of cross-species intervention: they tried but failed. ~end.
In my experience they work very much and very well in the dream state also the astral realms in which we go to in our second bodies when we sleep. Just last night they tried to get to me again using the most painful experience of my emotional life, creating dreams and scenarios that involved me deeply so that I may believe and experience it as if it were real....involving a loved one......so real that when I woke up I felt this world was not real, only what I was still feeling from the dream....still reeling from. I am aware by now about how they work the dream state and that I must disassociate myself from all emotions that stemmed from them. I must completely disengage. I was also told by a Patroness of Love in no uncertain terms during a walk as I was imploring Spirit for some answers about these nightmares....the surprise came to me clearly thus: "do not believe the images you see in your dreams, they are not who they present themselves to be". End.
In that short statement, I understood, was downloaded with the falsehood and imitation of dreams mimicking real people we know and real life. I was tormented by the same nightmares for around 20 years, the same situation appearing in differing ways.....like how many ways can I torment you with the most painful and hurtful thing to you? I suffered terribly until I received this information by a patroness Goddess of love, who informed me, empowered me, and I no longer suffer from those superimposed dreams coming from extremely talented archons who rule the dimension we drift into when we sleep.
I will end here. I need to cleanse my mind of these ones as seeing them with my inner vision to describe them is not fun and feels dirty. 

What More We Can Do:
I will go to put on some pure essential oils like Rose Otto, listen to whale songs or bird song, listen to the thunder storm outside now...... anything from nature will cleanse the aura......I will drink some green veggie juice, and light some candles and probably watch Mary Poppins. I mention these things so you also know what helps to disperse their energy.
blessings, Lady

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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  1. If you are close to nature and the earth and therefore wakan tanka I think it will be hard for the archons to hurt you


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