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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Energetics: Full On/Full Blown Astral/Psychic/Spiritual Attacks on All Fronts

Hello People,

I haven't made an energetics post for two reasons: first, I had so much going on in my personal field it was hard to discern what was mine and what wasn't. Second, I didn't have the heart to post what I sensed going on lately as it could be too depressing for some.

But today I am issuing a heads up as it is so clear now and we need preparedness. I have my particular flags which inform me and this morning I got two.

Recently I had a situation which was totally spiked with demonic energy and this household was virtually disabled with it, through the mind, imaginings, thoughts, images and insistent dark prophetic false imagery that was beyond belief, for someone as myself who is hyper sensitive and conversely my housemate who is the opposite, quite closed down, un-sensitive, non-empathic and totally not interested. We both had the same attacks unbeknownst to both of us as we didn't even speak of each of our own experiences until we were 3 weeks into it. It appears to be over now.

One of my clear indicators is something that my body does without the knowledge of mind, beliefs or thoughts, is that I tend to crave drinking nothing but pure cool water infused with Sole Solution. I crave it every 5 minutes and no matter how much I drink I keep running for that bottle of cool water. This morning I was doing this, but soon realized why....... it is astral and psychic attack full on and full blown. I also woke up this morning early with a terrible dream which woke me up with life threatening panic and searching outside for confirmation of those, only to find it was ''just a dream''. Its not, its the energies at work.

But this morning my body gave an indicator that massive ''workings'' of the darkest kind are loose.
For some reason the latest workings of cern keep coming to my mind. I had given up trying to understand what cern is about so do not think of it, yet it is coming up on my radar insistent that it has something to do with these astral/psychic attacks upon all. Especially the small percentage of true humans left on this planet. No matter how much I read bout cern, listen to those who speak of its true workings, its meaning, its purpose and goals, from those who speak of it from the religious perspectives, the alien perspective, to psy-science perspectives, I still can't put together a cohesive picture of understanding that I am confident in. What I keep ''seeing'' are the cern and lhd colliders underground throughout EU and other countries as false implanted veins of dark energies to counter the natural ley lines of Natural Earth and her veins. Their metals forced and implanted poison into the body of Earth is the cyborgination of an entire planet, not just humans......''they'' are not just trying to create cyborgs or transhumans out of humans but are doing so to the planet as well. This includes recalibrating the natural magnetosphere to something else entirely with their ''collisions'' and ripping holes in dimensions. Added to this the continual worldwide spraying of chemtrails metals of aluminum and barium as well as frankenstein concoctions of biological materials, inundating this earth with heinous monstrosities of mutations and metals to create an insane/cyborged body of Earth. It is a quest for the deformation of something beautiful which already organically exists to creating heinous monstrosities is beyond insanity, and therefore not the reasons they give for their ''experiments'' born of vacuous inquiry. Those metal veins going underground pumping out disastrous amounts of electromagnetics etc, is reconfiguring the aethers of organic life, the spiritual blueprint for natural organic lifeforms while creating openings, tears and rips for things that do not belong.
Lately, there has been noted through graphs etc, that cern is behaving strangely, has been ''strange'' since Nov.13, Friday, which for many is indicative of black magic and sorcery, and also their lead ion experiments are making no sense to those who have been watching cern. Lead is the metal of war and mental sickness and is the element of saturn and the saturnian brotherhood. For those who don't know the ''properties'' of metals it is the lowest vibration, known to keep ''Fairies'' at bay, Fairies who are themselves the conscious Aetheric form of Nature who live in plants, animals and some people. It was the introduction of lead weapons, swords, knives etc, which drove the ''good fairies'' of Mother Earth away, into the nether regions, into other dimensions where their Nature Essence could no longer be effective here on our 3D plane. A benevolent source driven underground. There are many epic legends, stories, myths, accounts, and reports of this.
A good analogy for those who believe events are ''softly disclosed'' via media/movies can see this orclike/blacklord takeover of the dark (saturn/sauron/saruman) brotherhoods and driving away the beautiful Elves in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.....and once the Spiritual Aspect of Benevolent Nature is driven away, it remains for those here in the physical to contend with the physical, orcs, darklords and all their creations.


Keep in mind the lord of rings also belongs to saturn and all his ilk as the rings around saturn are the visual to the symbolic.

The Saturn symbol is composed of two design elements. The top cross, which is symbolic of the culmination of matter as well as the function of a intense focus. The second component of the Saturn icon is a crescent an element which it signifies receptivity.
This lower "crescent" portion of the Saturn symbol is also reminiscent of a scythe or sickle. These are of particular interest because the symbolism of the planet Saturn (and the agricultural Roman god Saturn) often addresses themes of death. Note that in the archetype of death, this personification carries the sickle to acknowledge the opportune moment of harvesting current life.
This theme of harvesting joins with the Saturn symbol meaning of recycling old to new. Underlying mythological themes further reveal the god Saturn dethroned his father, Uranus. This dethroning symbolizes the changing of an old regime (death) to a new one (rebirth), and this ties in with Saturn's symbolism.
In Chinese Symbolism, the Saturn symbol embodies the concept of rulership, imperial control in regulation.

I am giving this energetics heads up for those who read this to do everything and anything you have in your spiritual and heart based arsenals, to be on guard, ready, and prepared for the slew of shit that is here and coming. And I do not mean heart chakras or anything related to those implanted systems, I mean the pure love and spirit, the divinity that lives within us, some refer to this as the meta-gene. The time is now for full activation of those.

Serena, Lady of the Woods