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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Energetics: Kryptonite and Full Moons *updated

Hello Everyone,

*just adding an update seeing many are speaking about a "magnetosphere reversing" for 2 hours? I don't know what this means but what I was feeling took days and began around sunday  the 24th.....and this "magnetosphere reversal" happened on the 25th....so unless I am responding as the canary once again which is totally viable, and have been in recovery since......." So. had to include this perception though I don't know what it means at all, if anyone cares to explain it to me. I am tending to think along the lines of something in the aire completely changing my brains wiring, it felt like serious drugs which I abhor but atmospheric sun activity is also common for me to respond to in such a way.*

Just a quick energetics report of what I'm sensing. As always my personal energies are weeded out so I can feel into the outer energies and though I thought initially these past 3 days were my own, turns out they are not, so I'm posting.

Also I do know these energetics do not affect everyone, only some of us. The 'canaries' as it were.

I have felt completely drained, no energy, no will, no desire, no interests etc and this happens often but sometimes it is due to my own diet, weather, etc.
But these past days I feel now are not. It is not my diet, and the weather is gorgeous actually, a rarity I've not encountered in all my years here. But the drained feeling means that I cannot even push myself into working out or doing something to energize me because it will put me under.
I just tried to force a walk/jog and I schlepped the whole way. I tried to pep talk myself as I do enjoy this when I have the energy, I love feeling energized and often the walk/jog will give me energy, but I could not even do that much. I went through all the factors and I could not understand why I was feeling this way. I layed down yesterday the entire day from morning to night and I do not remember doing that ever through any ailment I have had. I did get up to walk to the gardens periodically but could only lay down with relief every time. I had no pains or anything, just felt completely zapped.
I do not want to move. The sun is too bright, every noise exaggerated and painful to my brain, movement too vulgar. I really need to be in a dark quiet cave deep in the mountains, cool with a trickle of fresh water and only a bare reflection of movement in the water to calm all my senses.

I thought today would be better, it had to be. Though I could not sleep last night and I did not want to be up another night too, I did have small something to eat with red wine to knock me out. I went to sleep feeling quite euphoric so I was pretty sure the next day I'd have energy for my walks. I did not.
As I forced it anyway, I could not build up speed, nor track my energy at all. I used monumental effort of will and that drained me even more. As I neared the halfway point I asked myself what the hell is this?! as I knew it was not physical and not caused by the normal things, my feeling by now was it was something external somehow, and with great incredulity asked !what is going on to cause this!, it doesn't feel like ''me''.....and then I looked up and saw a car with its trunk door open and with large bold print on the outside it said "KRYPTON'' and I knew.

The effects are being felt as kryptonite.

 Something is happening with the earths energies, from the outer spheres is all I can conjecture. Every time I struggle with trying to find out what has zapped me, I usually find out late that there is something going on in the atmospheres of the planets.
And while I have seen nothing to tell me this is so, I know it is so. Some energy breach has occurred.


I am not a fan of the moon. I do not feel it is a natural celestial body, and it causes lunacy for a fact.

With the full moons lately, for months now, maybe 6 months, I am noticing that on the full moon night, I am wide awake, cannot sleep and have too much energy I dont know what to do with.
I always could feel the moon throughout my life, but never like this. What I usually felt was some kind of restless, alertness that was piqued but it never kept me from sleeping.
The past maybe 6 months, the full moon night has been keeping me completely awake, alert, not sleepy at all, wide awake.....a feeling that is very odd for me especially at night since I love my sleep. I do not sleep much on those nights maybe 4 hours, and I do not seem to suffer from it either. It is almost as if I don't need the sleep on that night. Whereas before if I did not sleep I would suffer.....these full moons of late are energizing and not causing suffering later.......ODD.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Bit of A Talk To No One And Everyone

Hello People of Earth,

Mental Focus:

I have not been writing any energetic updates because of many things, but mostly because I am ''focused in mind'', which means I am cut off from the larger world of senses, focusing on my Self and this physical reality. I had to to do this to get some of my health back. I was going off track and this is not my way. I love Healthy body, mind, spirit and heart. It is interesting how focusing the ''mind'' on achieving something in the physical cuts one off from the greater feeling of spirit. This is a huge difference in world, in the space I occupy. Focusing on the physical, how to heal ones body, buying nutritional foods, how to prepare them, when to eat them, how to make sure one digests them, processes, eliminates all properly etc can take some work. Mentally preparing for physical exercise as a routine again changes ones life. Though I am at a place where I would love to not have to use this body anymore, let it gently rest and just be quiet of mind and soul, but the body does have an uncompromising need for movement otherwise it causes suffering of all kinds which does mess with the chemicals in ones brain to cause mental order or disorder. We are inextricably connected to our bodies and movement of the body causes those positive chemicals to keep ones brain in balance there is no escaping this. So I must exercise again. When I do, I love it, it just feels so good.

The focusing on all of this takes the space of my consciousness unfortunately so there seems to be no room for the other senses. I feel this is part of the ''shut down'' of humanity done by those other beings who have messed with our DNA, genetics, etc...those with the techno wherewithall. Some of us escape that some of the time. But it is clear to me how ''focusing'' on the physical world takes one clearly out of the non physical much larger reality. It is even painful to me to remain in physical focus. And there is a very valid reason for that too. Mind is not our friend.


I don't know how coffee drinkers do it, because coffee specifically yanks one straight out of the larger non physical reality into the mental/matrix reality. That is why coffee is available on every corner in every continent all over the world. When ''they'' want you to have something, they make sure you do, and coffee keeps ones mind grounded in the patrix, because they certainly don't want populations of people walking around quiet, and immersed in intuition, non physical reality, because they'd see, sense, feel and know too much and then using the tool box that is the left brain/matrix toolbox, relay it to others and ''they'' would have all ''their'' secrets known. Toolboxes want everyone to be a toolbox.

But I feel for those who are locked in the mental world, short cutting the spiritual world. Those who drink coffee as a addiction, they just ''have to have it''.....they don't question why it is so available all over the world, it is certainly not a kindness of the controllers, they created slaves so they need to create a substance to keep them that way, so that people remain locked in the mental realms, the physical, where you cannot see anything but the 4% of that realm, using only the 4% of our minds to interpret it, ever questioning, ever inquiring, never really ''getting it'', except how we need to move our in the physical. So we are essentially nearly completely closed down. Locked down. It makes sensing through all our other senses, of which there are hundreds, diminished, on hold, as minds (seem) to have ''more clarity'', but its just of the mental physical 4% of reality, and less of the greater 96% realities of spirit.


They want you ''awake'', but awake in their patrix.
I do not mean to be insulting to coffee drinkers, forgive me, but this is my understanding of it. I have questioned why some substance which is addictive is so readily available all over the world at affordable prices for anyone anytime, and it is never a positive thing for the people, but is a clear indication of the controllers PRESENCE and their devices.

I drink coffee as a (dangerous) ''treat'' maybe 6-7 times a year when I feel utterly drained or exhausted and cannot function at all but have lots of work to do. Once I drink it, I feel it so very clearly how my mind has been hijacked into this matrix reality in such a hard core way. I feel it every time, my brain yanked ''here'', in this reality that occupies so many people and takes away all their time and energy.

But those non thinking days are normal things, the spaces we need to be in spiritually, consciously are different than the spaces of ''thinking'' so called ''clearly'' as on coffee. If we're ''thinking clearly'' we're not sensing.
Normally I wake up clear and thinking with no problems. But coffee causes me to shake, a feeling that is really creepy. I see some people shake on coffee, like my housemate who drinks the stuff straight up espresso black, and his hands shake. He doesn't care. He doesn't care his entire nervous system is under the control of a substance which doesn't allow him to control himself, but takes control over his nervous system pulled right into the reptilian part of the brain as its reactor to everything in the physical world, when under the influence of coffee. That is what coffee does, it keeps one grounded in the reptilian part of the brain, reacting to everything in the world from there. Enough about that.

So ''focusing'' on ones health, its return, why I went off, how to get it back and stick with it has been my world of late. But still I am sensing some things and though they may not be new I want to express a few. Also I just cannot handle the ubiquitous confusion, when some things are simply so clear. Leave me be.

Listening to the Din of the World:

I am still listening at times, less now than before, but still listening.....to some people about the world and the ''alternative community''. I am seeing such a level of confusion, it boggles my mind. I cannot see any two people agree about everything, some agree about some things, but everyone agrees about nothing. How many ''truths'' can there be? One for each person? Is reality that varied that ''truth'' about reality is strictly individual and belongs only to each person? This requires some pondering.

I know people will believe what they want, and some of those change with time for some people, but does believing something make it ''true''? Of course not, NO. The world demonstrates this every second of every day, like those still waiting for their messiah, or those who believe love will cure a psychopath. This I know, believing something doesn't make it true for I myself have believed quite a few things in my life, totally and completely, so deeply that even when its contradiction showed itself to be true, I could not believe the contradiction......I went into delusions of denial and comfortable with my beliefs. I continued to believe ''my truth''.....which essentially turned out to be a lie.....(at least on this planet). And I have come to live long enough to see that most of what I had believed to be true, indeed were lies. (here).
So believing something does not make it true, or a reality. It is simply what you believe and those can be changed as you walk into the superstore of beliefs, choose your flavor. Like people born in the east who believe in those gods there, and then the others in the west who believe in that god there....etc etc.......I learned long ago, that what I was taught was only due to this location I was born in, that had I been born in the east I would be taught those things there. Beliefs.

 End of the World Meme:
Another thing I am noticing everywhere, is that there are still people who believe this world is going to end soon in one way or another, the classic cataclysmic meme. And this includes alot of people, from preppers who believe in the demise of this planet through political and govn-mental agencies and the Georgia guidestones etc, to spiritual people who believe their god is coming finally, to those others who realize that since their god hasn't showed up, they will themselves cause the ''end'' to happen, to those who believe in other worldly beings who believe it will come through the aliens etc, to those average ones who have no particular beliefs in aliens or gods who just see the insanity of this world is so intense, it simply must explode as it cannot possibly continue as it is.
There seems to be a common meme of ''ending'' through any number of means, and legends both old and new have been inculcated into the minds of all people the world over covering the religious, the alternative, the agnostics to preppers, all groups and types have been covered.......given the meme of the end of the world. Every one of those memes have been created by the psychopathic patrix. Has anyone noticed this? I am watching them. And it is ending, but not the way they are telling us.


There is a great deal of insanity yes, and it has (mostly) always been here yet in hiding, but we are seeing the realities of all of those ''controllers'' clash in hollywood blockbuster style. All we see is due to those who have remained behind the scenes, hidden hands, and manipulators who are infighting egregiously. The world and all its false realities are all collectively going insane but now publicly.

Some are completely oblivious to all this and this I think is by choice. Could there be anyone who truly sees nothing? Maybe, scary though.
I see so many who are determined to remain positive and this is a good thing for it does no good for everyone to go negative or doomy gloomy, depressed and despondent. I too have had to teach myself to remain positive if only to keep my personal health in my own control. I don't want to be a babbling idiot burden to anyone, so positive is the key to my health and sanity. I do not remain ignorant of what ''they'' are doing however and this is the difference, some choose not to know or when told, disbelieve. The ends roll around anyway.

But those I find are the prevalent energies of the world, the total convex points of energy of an entire world hovering on the precipice of ''end(s)'' of some kind. And this is not a bad thing.
I think, (no beliefs of late)......that there is an ''end'' of many types and shapes and forms in the works, and two of those ''ends'' is the way most perceive reality locked into the left brain workings and the reptilian function of the psyche of humanity in general.

 What Needs to End and Is Ending:

These are two aspects coming to an end shortly, albeit in a rude, crude and ugly way, but some things need to be ripped apart having been so tangled in a deliberate created chaos for too long. So ''realities'' in ''essence'' will soon be ruffling out her feathers to be neat and smooth again so we can fly. I welcome these ends. I just am not going to begin to discuss the world's ends with anyone, this is part of the insanity, or left brain lock down is discussing the insanity with the hopes of making sense of it. Insane. Discussing it to share and see is one thing, but to ''make sense of it'' is another. All we are seeing right now in the world are the vile results of male made constructs of all kinds losing their shit for all the world to witness. Actually, they want to be in your face and up your ass now in their mass hysteria, and they are. Try to make a move anywhere without getting a phallic nudge to get back in line?

I too perceive these inharmonious, controlled, regulated and toxic realities as being false ones overlaid upon true ones, which most do not see because of the millennia patrix brain lockdown, reptilian dominance and the forced shutdown of intuition, body-cell learning/awakenings replaced by book and rote learning......and all of those indoctrinations by reptilian dark overlord constructs. Add to this the 'cock-tales' of poisons inserted into vaccines, electronic fences of all kinds, food, air and water and you have a race of peoples who are stupefied clueless without a choice.
Yet, many still manage to escape the complete fuckery of the cock-trollers and can see there is quite a huge ubiquitous effort of old time to now time that is at work, and they are here to report what they see. Father time is also a false construct, don't believe in time, his clocks, or his calenders, they keep you in his realities. Its all lies. All of it. Every bit of it.
It helps.


I also see, there is not a need for those who do see to be very active in the physical. There is something of a frequency they are about and that is all. Living. Does the job.

Some of us are alive and do not see the point of ''here'' or ''why''.....this is not a death wish, it is a valid question of placement, of choice to not live the insanity ''here''.....to be with the sane ''there'' where we wish to be.....a beloved place of beauty, sanity, love and exquisite feeling. Yet we are here. It is the living that holds the space for the living. The sane hold the space for the sane. The beauty-full hold the space for the beauty-full. It matters not if we are mute or broadcasters, researchers or not. We hold, keep alive.


Frequency Matching:
Frequency Matching is what I have been working on for many years. I hold that this is the fairest way for each to exist, to live. Whatever you are, you will wind up with your own kind....and be with them. Think about that. It is poetry.

Some are saying the world is splitting in two. What if the world is doing what all cells do and splitting not just in two, but many more than two, a sort of mitosis or meiosis....where many keep replicating......in Frequency Matching this will keep each of the same with its own.

In my shamanic "journies'' with clear mind, I have seen many many worlds as bubbles with each ''type'' creating them with and for each other, and each being populated with their own kind. This was harmonious for all the good ones though the bad ones hated it because it is they who ''need'' others to torment or abuse or torture....only the bad guys need others......good people do not need others. Huge difference.
So this is why the Frequency Matching theory is a good one......for all.

Bacteria and Microbes Determine ALL

I want to mention to those who listen, that our inner environment creates quality of thoughts and feelings. It seems to be bacteria and microbes are the collective determinator of what, how and why of everything from our inner worlds to our outer. I have learned that the quality of bacteria of which there are helpful and harmful needs to be deliberately sussed and fed properly if we are to be in the state of health we wish to be, or do nothing and let the ''outer cock-trollers'' feed us their poisons via air, water, food and electromagnetic field tamperings. Harmful bacteria and microbes can take over ones body without their knowledge, but will wreak havoc and cause unbelievable bad feelings, thoughts, sickness, pain, fatigue, tiredness, world-weariness, disease, and every manner of ailment there is.
If one has an injury the first call of action is to keep it clean from infection. That is an outer breach. But what of inner breaches? when bacteria of the harmful kinds get inside and breed? Then we need to feed the positive helpful kind so they can take care of those. These positive ones literally instill and return to one the feelings of natural love, kindness and the desire to be of good in the world. This comes in the forms of fermented foods.

Fermented Foods The Only First Step in Retrieval of Self AND THE REBUTTAL TO CHEMTRAIL COCK-TAILS;

I highly highly encourage beg and plead for everyone to begin to ingest on a daily basis the 3K's of helpful bacterias which can literally change a persons feeling about being in the world. Helpful bacteria literally cause one to feel joyful. LITERALLY. The 3K's are Kefir, Kombucha, and Kimchi.
The way I have come to understand why this Trinity works so f*@king well, is they encompass 3 kingdoms of natural food sources, of animal via dairy, herb and veggies. Kefir is the beneficence of the dairy, the kombucha is the beneficence of the herb kingdom, and the kimchi the beneficence of the veggie kingdom. No one told me this nor have I read anything remotely close. The 3K's taught it to me.


The bacteria and microbes literally create a state of mind. Kefir for example is a type of fermented yogurt but much more powerful. "Kefir" means ''good feeling'' in the language native to its origins, and this is for a reason.

       Kefir can be found in larger supermarkets and all health food stores, but it is better to buy some grains and make it yourself as I have been doing for months now. Within the first week of drinking this I began to have a mysterious joyful mood, or the negative one was simply gone. Which indeed was the case. I have learned that the bacteria of the kefir, replaced the negative ones that come in through food, air and water, and gave me the positive helpful bacteria that is necessary for human health of mind and body.

The other "K" in the 3 K's is Kombucha,
   (I have mixed berry and plain and ginger kombuchas here)

which is also bought in stores, but also more powerful AND CHEAPER to make oneself as this also needs to be drunk everyday. When I began drinking this I could smell the metals and plastics coming out of me for a couple of weeks, then it was gone. Kombucha cleanses the liver, boosts its function. The liver is the General of the body organs and I would do all I can to assist this organ.

The 3rd K in the 3 is Kimchi,     

which also needs to be eaten daily. And once you make it you will want to it is so delicious. All of the K's are and I cannot get enough of them. Or you can simply have a tablespoon of the kimchi juice. My body consumes them with joy.

Youtube and the internet if full of info on how to do these. There are all kinds of kimchi. One form of which is commonly known as sauerkraut, but kimchi itself is the Korean version of fermented veggies. It turns out one can ferment any veggies and totally personalize what one likes, as long as it is fermented, deliberately turned into the positive type of bacteria for human health and then eaten or drunk. These three K's have transformed my inner biology and state of mind into one that is far more ''normal'' giving me the wherewithall to ''deal'' with or ''handle'' the insanity of this world in my own way.
I totally know for a fact that many many people who are ill with depression and sadness, an intolerance for this world is not just because of its insanity, but because of the insanity of the bacteria inside them which has taken over and created a negative consciousness which is totally reversed when the right bacteria's and microbes are consumed to replace those harmful ones that have gotten out of control, and the helpful are keeping ones inner ecology balanced and thus allows one to think and feel alot more clearly and calmly. These are the organic ''serotonins'' we make ourselves personalized to our liking.
We will not gain our natural health without taking this matter into our own control and hands, and it is very interesting even fun to do so and make them all at home.

I cannot rave enough about this important aspect of regaining ones personal ecology from the polluters who want to keep us sick, that the 3K's are the answer and first step to regaining this though inner ecology. One cannot do this with out the help of positive bacteria and microbes, we are made up of more bacteria and microbes than there are cells in the body and it behooves us to feed our bodies with what is needed to be of any type of integrity of mind and body. No one can do this without the proper amounts of bacteria and microbes that comes in the beneficial form of fermented foods and liquids. One must take control of our own body ecology to stay on top.

One can start by going to the store to buy the Lifeway brand of kefir. This is what started me off and when I felt within days a positive upliftment of mind and joyful thoughts return ''for no reason''. I researched some more and learned. I spoke and wrote of this elsewhere and those who did try it also experienced the same dramatic change of negative to positive. It also removed the agonizing pains I had in my my hip joints which was keeping me away from being able to do anything and falling into a pit of despair. The kefir took all that pain away. It did the same for my housemates mother who is now able to walk normally again and is therefore going on her yearly cruise again. The results can be dramatic depending on what you are experiencing.
I cannot stress this enough, there is no improving ones personal consciousness without increasing the positive bacteria in their bodies.

I have given some food for thought and literally food for spirit.
Please be wise.
I am here to help those who want to help themselves.

Serena, Lady of the Woods