A space where I, as an Empath, in these incredible times, describe my senses of Earth and Human Energies happening both in my inner world and in the outer, where I resolutely claim my Feminine Mind, Heart and Spirit and Wisdom. This blog is not for the feint of heart nor for closed minds, it is open to the infinite realities of this universe. I hope you join me and share with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Crystal Woman (Child) on High Sensitivity

Hello Everyone,

I will be posting more on this blog coming soon. In the meantime I am also going to post what I find to be relevant to this blog's purpose, as an empath and being from another time and place, revealing to you the many who are all over the planet feeling as "we" do....when I say "we" I mean empaths and highly sensitive people who are of a caliber that is alien to this world and its patriarchal psychopathic ways. Those beings who come into this Earth life and go into shock and horror and spend their lives trying to recover and finding they can never blend in....... those who know the deep and true meaning of "civilized", and how to live in love and who find this Earth brutal to our minds, bodies and souls. We are the aliens.

Below is a video by a woman who is young but who has an eternal soul and this is reflected in her beauty and very calm and dignified way of being. This video is only one from her channel "Humanity Awakening".  I have listened to many of them and agree with everything she says and her experiences I share many of, and find her deep introspection and honest telling to be of integrity and deserving of the highest respect.
I love putting on her videos first thing in my morning to listen to her ethereal voice and sublime poise and grace. She reminds me well of home, my tribe, my soul family. She is an excellent example, and gives good company for my soul. Her beauty and poise calms the beast of alienation.

Her references to "starseeds" or "crystal child" are not a "new age fallacy", there have always been grains of truth to this ''new age'', as there are definitely beings who quantify these descriptives, and though they are thought to be young, many have grown up over the years and are adults or elders now. I just wish this woman would change the term to Crystal Woman.......as she is no child.

I would love to contact this woman, if any can find an email for her please let me know. I am not on facebook or other media. I just want to tell her that I love her. To please keep speaking of her life and thoughts and feelings, I want to hear them, they are mine as well. To keep making videos so I can have the company of beauty in my day and hear the voice of lucidity.

Crystal Child on High Sensitivity, Psychologists, Psychiatry, Governmental Support

*As always, what is written is meant to be shared with others.
Serena, Lady of the Woods

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Conversations With Wisdom: Remi

Sometimes I get really good emails from people and this is one of them. I got permission to publish this and I will here. This email was in response to this video below by Guru Jagat (who I am totally in love with), and emails we've been sharing these past weeks, real heartful and soulful expressions. Feel free to listen to the video and read the email.

*As always anything I publish on my blog is to be shared. Please do so with the understanding that what is written is authored by me unless otherwise indicated, and please link here to this blog.*  

Guru Jagat: Take Back Our Sovereignty

 Remi wrote:

"That was indeed interesting. The idea that you can't let anyone hypnotize you unless you know how to hypnotize yourself. Anyway, this is one of the things I never openly got around to talking about as much and that is the constant social engineering and mind programming that is coming from mainstream TV and radio. I have first hand seen how these things influence people growing up even when I was younger which lead me to understating how everyone that is hypnotized by this wants to emulate what they see in popular (cult)ure which is one of the reasons why I have become so distant with people growing up to this day since nothing has changed. Things such as what makes a person attractive or desirable to be around also plays a role in this as well which is a long story in itself.

"Young women are affected by this the most and its a sad sight to see, but overall at worst it turns people in general into degenerates since it promotes a culture of trash and base instincts as a life to aspire to that involves money, fame, soulless/heartless sexual pursuits (something they really shoved down young men's throats as an erroneous indicator of achievement in life) and other material pursuit which are all dead end illusions to keep you distracted and trapped in a life of no true innate meaning. In other words keeping you asleep. Degenerates are not going to change the world, make a difference, and most of all discover the true nature of this reality! That is why they need people like that.
"Its all apart of this agenda of dehumanizing people and this is one of those things that makes it hard to tell who really has a soul or does not since it makes one become similar to someone who is soulless in a sense. 
"Training the mind to know what are your real thoughts and what are thoughts that are being projected to you is very important. Most people lack this training as it's occulted (hidden) from them. I have felt this before, but I quickly realize that said collective belief is not actually mine, so instead of blindly parroting it, I would critically think about it and test the validity of it or go by my heart based intuition if breaking said collective belief down is not necessary.

"Many people within the so-called "truth movement" and in various alternative spiritual communities need to really learn this lesson as many have not fully gotten out of that mind programing yet which is how the false light can still easily trick people who are awakening into staying in the matrix at some level! A sovereign being is someone who is not easily fooled by collective delusions no matter how many people believe in it.

"Personal sovereignty is knowing yourself and not letting anyone whether its a group or an individual judge actually try to tell you who you are since a sovereign being of high enough consciousness knows the ultimate truth about themselves while not being bothered by others own ignorant perceptions of them which is all hearsay! The media constantly always try to make everyone feel like they are not enough, especially women, and it's really sad. I always tell any woman if I can that they are fine the way they are if this topic does come up or when appropriate. Many women underestimate their own natural beauty when it comes to the topic of insecurity about their own looks.

"Even then and I say this from personal experience, or more so interactions, a beautiful personality with depth and soul outshines ones looks to begin with as I have seen toxic people who may look good on the outside, but I become quickly turned off the moment they open their mouths if they are indeed toxic, shallow, or have no depth to them, and I'm not saying this to sound politically correct or like an ass kisser (I'm no ass kisser to begin with), but out of honesty, but I know you get what I'm saying here.
"Watching the video made me understand that sovereignty is more than just knowing who you are and that you are not a slave or servant to anyone, especially those who are a part of the false light hierarchy in general who want to fuck with you, and no one has a right to dictate what you can and can't do with your life, your body, or your mind.... as long as you don't harm or infringe on other people's rights!

"Its also about not letting others make you think that you are not good enough, or that you are dirty and need this belief system to fix it, or need a savior or else you will be damned (one of the top 5 most insane concepts on this planet)! Yes that is so true!
"Serena, you're an great example of someone who's soulfulness and loving energy bringing out a beauty that comes from their heart that looks can't offer alone, and I mean it! I have briefly come across a few caring women in my life that did show me that their heart really matters the most when it comes to attractiveness. Its not just about looks as looks are nothing if you have nothing to back it up with, but sadly there are many people out there that get hypnotized by what they see on the outside not even caring about what is on the inside.
"This all points to externalization once again since we live in a world that is trying so hard to get souled beings away from themselves to the point of thinking that everything has to be out there, and that there is nothing important in here. All the treasures are within yourself, its about finding them first. It's a slow but rewarding life long lesson.

"Overall it does go into the things we have talked about over the last few weeks including how I talked about how adults think that they can no longer be a certain way and it has to be all business and no play or play that is soulless! Doing what you want to do no matter what others will think of you for it if it means being happy as well. That is why people are so suppressed on every level whenever it be emotionally, sexually, physically, and spiritually. Being told that they can't be this or do this, and are shamed or ridiculed if they do because of these artificial constructs called norms. Norms? Many of these so-called norms are anything but normal. They range from repressive to outright insanity as these norms where created to make people in said "norm" creator's image!

I have energetically gave you a heartfelt hug of appreciation after I wrote this! You are a good example of real beauty which is something that only souled sovereign beings can create from within themselves, not that proxy version that the media tries to claim that they can give to you while shoving the idea down people's throat!

Wasn't that just grand people? woohoo, yeah!

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Turn: Life Where I'm From

Hello Everyone,

I began this blog to post empathic information I have been privy to for many many years. But there is so much going on all at the same time, I still find it more than tricky to know what is what and whose is whose, and the process of separation for me is still sticky. I haven't found many other empaths who have clearly delineated the lines between what is whose either. But we do the best we can and the rest of the time should be spent recovering, but there is literally no time as something is going on constantly, all the time, no breaks, whatsoever. I just cannot post everyday, as just as soon as I do, something else is up and then that has come and gone as well. We live in hectic times.

What I would like to do for a while on this blog, we'll see how it goes, it to spend some time writing about the worlds or realities I knew of before being born here. Life where I'm from. What I knew of love, of people, of hearts, of everything involved in living in the civilized worlds from which I come. This can become a book and I never wanted to start this because it can be alot of writing and I'm not keen on writing, per se, so again, we'll see how it goes. These posts have been harassing me to be written for years and I've been putting it off. I don't have the energy anymore to keep putting it off.

I will continue to post the "energetics" for the empathic information that comes with ease.

So this new turn will be about alot of beauty because that is all there was in every form, every nuance, every shade, every note conceivable and inconceivable.

But before I venture into those stories, I must dismantle a fallacy of belief about "balance".....you hear alot about that one, ex: " we need everything in balance", and I'm going to break that down finally. I've been wanting to write this one for years but could not find myself writing it without an outrageous amount of expletives, exclamation points and all caps, and without becoming exhausted at the mere thoughts of what I was saying.....but I will do so shortly to my best ability and hopefully it will be cathartic and hopefully those who read it will understand finally why it is total bullshit.

That will be my next post, dismantling the idea of "balance"..... and allow me to have fun with that one, a rant thats been years in the making, and though I'm sure it will not come out with grace and poise, it will come out and it and it will be clear as a bell.

What prompts this change is the feeling that I am in the final chapter of something, so that there is little time left and this is obviously something that I am meant to do. For what its worth.

I have, for the first time ever, plans for the coming year.

 Have a lovely weekend.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, December 26, 2016

Basic 20th Century Survival Kit Must Haves

Hello People,

I love to help people feel better in any way, spiritually or physically etc....just to feel better to be able to feel free to love. That's the ultimate goal is to love.

In our times we are being poisoned from every angle possible from our air, to water, to food, to thoughts, via medicine, via their drugs, emotions, everything has become toxic and our existence is in a war zone. In these times we need the most powerful and safest remedies this beautiful planet offers and I have been using many if not all of these for years and find them to be indispensable to have on hand at all times, in good quantities for self and to share with others. The beauty of these is they do not expire and have long shelf lives being natural substances from the earth itself.

Our times are harsh and too many are falling sick but this is unnecessary with these natural items. Do not wait for a problem, begin taking some of these for maintenance, such as clay, charcoal and iodine. The sick bastards that are polluting everything are using particulates and nano particles etc which once embedded in the body are difficult to get out. These things lodge in the body for a while before becoming a problem or before symptoms show up which by that time, and by design, they are almost impossible to reverse. So preventive "medicine" is the best way to counter what could become a serious problem that is too difficult or too late to treat because it was in the body too long before symptoms showed up. But the clay can attach to it and remove it and the charcoal can immobilize it and neutralize it and the iodine does pure magic.

I recommend you acquire all of these things which blessedly are all affordable as well, stored in glass containers away from light and marked clearly and kept on hand. I also recommend large quantities of Himalayan Pink Salt, or Celtic Sea Salt, or Real Salt also kept in jars for internal use as in Sole Solution daily in your distilled water which I hope is all you are drinking now spiked with the Sole Solution, and for bathing in so the body can soak in all the minerals it needs via the skin. And you will also need large quantities of Epsom Salts, also for bathing or internal use.

Here is only a partial collection of my salts for bathing and using in tooth brushing etc.......
in these three containers I have pink Himalayan salt, sea salt and rock salt......

In these larger containers, the back large container two feet in height contains Dead Sea Salt, and the front container contains Epsom salts......these are used for baths which alleviate much pain, tenseness, tired mind, busy thinking, and loosens the body. I find I need a hot Epsom magnesium bath every other day.

This is a link for them and for their uses. It is a convenient one page list which will also copy here:


Borax and boric acid contain boron and are excellent fungicides with additional wide-ranging antimicrobial properties, and also chelating fluoride and heavy metals. Ingested borax tends to turn into boric acid in the stomach.

To measure the daily amount you may dissolve a lightly rounded teaspoonful (5 grams) of borax powder in 1 litre of water (no chlorine or fluoride). This is your concentrated solution. Keep this bottle out of reach of small children.

One teaspoon (5ml) of concentrate provides about 25mg of borax with 3mg of boron. Start with one dose mixed with drink or food. Gradually increase to the chosen maximum intake. The minimum effective dose when used as fungicide is about 100mg of borax.

For individuals with low to normal weight the recommended daily amount for Candida and parasite treatment is 500mg or 100ml of the concentrated solution; drink spaced out during the day. Heavier individuals may use 1 gram or 200ml of concentrated solution. Take this amount for about 1 month and then alternate with another microbicide. Continue taking a maintenance amount of 2 or 3 tsp of the concentrate daily. When using high amounts it may be more convenient to use borax powder directly mixed with food or drink, e.g. 1/8 tsp of borax powder is approximately 500mg, so for 1 gram you may use 2 x 1/8 tsp. However, higher doses have been used for longer, e.g. 2 grams of borax powder daily for 4 month to cure the autoimmune disease Lupus.

For vaginal thrush insert a capsule filled with borax powder at bedtime for a few weeks. With toe or skin fungus rub the powder into the wet skin. When losing too much hair rub it into the wet scalp. Borax is alkaline and in higher amounts has a soapy taste. You may disguise this with lemon juice, also see The Borax Conspiracy.

Coconut Oil

The medium-chain saturated fatty acids in virgin coconut oil are potent antimicrobial agents, effective against Candida and other fungi, viruses and many bacteria. Gradually increase up to 70 ml or 5 tablespoons of coconut oil spread out during the day mixed with food. Later reduce this to a comfortable maintenance dose. I prefer coconut oil to monolaurin, an isolated active component in coconut oil, or undecylenic acid, a related fungicide.


DMSO is not only a microbicide in its own right, it is also highly effective in carrying other microbicides into inaccessible places and penetrate biofilms in which microbes are hiding. It is especially effective against mycoplasmas. Rub it onto the skin over infected areas. You may also add Lugol's solution, non-acidified MMS, hydrogen peroxide, magnesium chloride and other water-soluble remedies, but not kerosene, gum turpentine, essential oils or oil-soluble remedies. For rubbing onto the skin over infected areas dilute DMSO to 50-70%. It is an effective pain reliever and also eliminates microbes from skin, joints, sinuses, inner ear, bones, infected roots of teeth, jawbones, cavitations, and may stop fungus-induced hair loss.

The minimum purity of DMSO should be 99% and preferably higher. A suitable combined oral and topical daily amount with chronic diseases may be 20 to 30ml in divided doses. Orally it may be taken in a drink together with specific supplements to enhance their absorption. However, certain microbe may cause a bad sulphur smell, more so with oral than topical use. While DMSO is widely used in most countries as a medical drug, in the USA it is only approved for the treatment of interstitial cystitis. In Australia it is a prescription poison not to be used for treating humans but it can be sold for veterinary purposes and as a solvent. For details see MSM & DMSO.

Herbal Remedies

In addition to the following also use raw garlic and ginger.

Moringa Oleifera has many health benefits. It is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory remedy. In addition it is a strong fungicide and works well against Candida albicans and other pathogens, even when these are protected by biofilms. Moringa leaf powder is recommended for its nutrients, try 1 rounded teaspoonful per day. Good quality leaf powder has a green or grey-green colour; inferior products dried at higher temperatures may be dark brown, yellow-brown or grey. Powder of seeds, seed shells, seed pods and bark has much stronger antimicrobial effects than leaf powder, therefore you may use both.

Olive leaf can be used as tea or powder but more commonly as an extract. The active ingredient is oleuropein. Preferably use up to 1000mg of oleuropein daily for acute infections or as peak level during the systemic program. Dried olive leaf has about 30mg of oleuropein/gram.

As the tea is bitter you may use part of it as powder stirred in juice. Simmer 30 grams of dried leaves in 1 liter of water for 1 -2 hours, top up, strain and refrigerate, and drink 3-5 cups daily.

Preferably use extracts in powder form and stir half a teaspoon in water or other non-protein liquid two or three times daily and take before meals (oleuropein may be inactivated by high amino acid levels). The normal retail form is as 500mg capsules. In this case you may use up to 10 capsules daily. In powder form olive leaf extract commonly has 200mg mg/g. Most commercial liquids contain only 4mg of oleuropein per ml but may have additional effective ingredients to give good results.

Elenolic acid, one of the breakdown products of oleuropein, destroys or inhibits the growth of many kinds of roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, flatworm and parasites in addition to bacteria, viruses and fungi. Olive leaf extract is also used with cancer, HIV and AIDS. Olive leaf extract is my preferred herbal microbicide.

Pau d’arco (also called taheebo or lapacho) is a strong anti-microbial from the inner bark of a South American tree. It has the advantage of tasting reasonably pleasant. Either use extract or make tea: one tablespoon of bark or a heaped teaspoon of powder in a large cup of water. Bring to boil and let simmer or steep for 5 to 15 minutes; drink 3 cups a day. Powdered pau d’arco in capsules or cold water does not work but you may use the extract in capsules. Use 3 x 500mg in capsules or half a teaspoon of extract powder 2 or 3 times daily. Commercial products are not standardised and can be low in quality and effectiveness. Therefore I recommend pau d’arco only as an addition to a stronger remedy.

Turmeric (main active ingredient curcumin) is anti-inflammatory, a strong antioxidant, kills all types of cancer cells, and is an excellent fungicide and general antimicrobial. Take 10 grams or more of fresh turmeric a day with meals. For better absorption mix turmeric paste with freshly ground black pepper and coconut oil, see the Internet for recipes. This is preferable to taking capsules of curcumin.

Wormwood is effective against most microbes and parasites. Commonly used for Candida is Artemisia absinthium, but also Artemisia annua or Sweet Annie can be used. Both herbs have different active ingredients, and it may even be good to use a mixture of both. They should not be used during pregnancy.

To avoid the bitter taste of A. absinthium stir a rounded teaspoon of powder in some cold water or juice and drink immediately. Use a teaspoonful three times daily. However, the bitter qualities of wormwood tea stimulate the digestive system - stomach, pancreas, liver and gall bladder. It has been used as a folk remedy to cure jaundice.

Therefore, in addition to taking it in cold water, frequently drink some as tea during or after a meal. Make wormwood tea by adding 1 heaped tsp of the herb (or 1 rounded teaspoon of the powder) to 1 cup of boiling water and steep for ten to fifteen minutes. You may sweeten the tea with xylitol or stevia, and add some peppermint.

Generally, it is easiest to take by getting it down quickly and, before breathing again, drinking something pleasant afterwards. For children you may also use wormwood powder in capsules (3 to 5 capsules 3 times daily), or use only Sweet Annie.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is excellent for controlling intestinal dysbiosis. It is very effective against Candida and other fungi while less damaging to our good intestinal bacteria. A healthy immune system routinely produces hydrogen peroxide to kill pathogens.

You may dilute 35% hydrogen peroxide, or buy 3% or 6% peroxide from a supermarket or pharmacy. Stabilizers present in some of these products are usually harmless in the low concentrations present, although food-grade available at 35% is preferable. Best dilute peroxide for daily use to about 3% by adding 1 part of 35% peroxide to 10 parts of water. One teaspoon of 3% peroxide is equivalent to about 12 drops of 35% peroxide. Be careful handling 35% hydrogen peroxide, flush any accidental spills on clothes or skin immediately with water or immerse in water.

Start taking just a few drops of 3% peroxide in a small glass of water. Gradually increase to 1 or 2 tsp or more four times daily before meals and at bedtime. If you have a reaction temporarily decrease again. To disguise the strong aftertaste, lick some molasses beforehand to coat your tongue, swallow quickly and possibly have some coffee or cinnamon flavoured drink afterwards.

You may continue this for a month or two and then reduce the intake to only once before breakfast. In addition, use hydrogen peroxide to rinse your mouth, and gargle morning and evening. It helps with thrush and to prevent colds and other infections, and also tooth decay. With vaginal thrush douche twice daily with suitably diluted hydrogen peroxide, keep it inside for some time, and follow up by applying some probiotic.

Iodine Therapy

Iodine is an excellent fungicide and has a special affinity for mucous membranes which are also an attractive hiding place for fungi. I preferred to start the systemic therapy with Lugol's solution. However, due to pressure from health authorities it is now difficult to obtain, but there can also be genuine problems for individuals with goitre, overactive thyroid, and when on thyroid and heart medication. Therefore I now recommend Lugol’s only temporarily up to about 6 drops/day for specific problems or for a maintenance dose of about 1-2 drops daily.

Full-strength Lugol's solution, called a 5% iodine solution, contains 10% of potassium iodide and 5% iodine. Each drop contains 6.5mg of iodine/iodide. If you have a 2% iodine solution then take 2.5 times more drops than for the standard 5% solution. Iodoral tablets available in the US have 13mg iodine/iodide per tablet. Iosol, an iodine/ammonium iodide remedy has 1.8mg of iodine/iodide per drop. Other names for Lugol’s solution are Aqueous Iodine Oral Solution BP or Strong Iodine Solution USP. Iodine Topical Solution (USP) contains 2% iodine and 2.4% potassium iodide. The following recommendations are for the standard 5% Lugol's solution, if you use another remedy then adjust the dose accordingly.

Presently iodine solutions with more than 2.2% elemental iodine are banned in the US as they may be used to produce illegal methamphetamine, although up to 30ml of Lugol's solution are exempt. Standard Lugol's solution is still available in Canada and Mexico. The TGA in Australia has banned Lugol's solution for treating humans but it may be used for purifying water. I do not recommend pharmaceutical iodine dissolved in alcohol.

Before starting on iodine therapy take a drop of iodine in liquid other than just water to test for reactions, but if you do have thyroid problems or are on stimulating drugs start with ¼ to ½ drop. Then increase gradually up to your preferred dose. Goitre and overactive thyroid tend to normalise with several drops of Lugol’s but iodine levels need to be carefully adjusted according to body reactions. A good way of taking it is in coffee (not hot) to disguise the taste, alternatively use any tea but not just water, fresh juices, or anything with antioxidants.

Several drops of Lugol’s in coffee or tea are good for eliminating microbes in head spaces and throat by swishing it around the mouth for several minutes and also gargling before swallowing. It can be used for disinfecting tick bites or wounds. Iodine also makes sticky mucus more liquid and easier to expel. Iodine, orally and through the skin, helps to prevent and dissolve cysts and tumours, and helps to regenerates tissue. For more information see Iodine: Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine.

Kerosene and Gum Turpentine

Kerosene is surprisingly effective against Candida and mycoplasmas or cell-wall deficient microbes while not harming our good gut bacteria. Normal kerosene boils between 145 and 300°C, but the antimicrobial effect is strongest between 100 and 200°C. The lighter fractions are mainly absorbed in the stomach and intestines, thereby cleaning the blood while those boiling above 200°C move through the intestinal tract with a laxative effect.

A suitable variety of purified kerosene in Australia is Diggers Low Odour Kerosene available from hardware stores. Also Diggers White Spirits and Diggers Mineral Turpentine are available as low-odour products with the same chemical composition as Diggers Low Odour Kerosene. The boiling range is from 149 to 194°C. Odourless kerosene has a boiling range of 190 to 230°C and is too high for purifying the blood but it can help to clean the intestinal tract.

Apart from an acceptable boiling range good kerosene should also be low in aromatics, this is what 'low odour' means. To see if products from other companies or in other countries are suitable go to the website of the manufacturer and look up their Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS. It may not be sold as kerosene but rather as naphtha petroleum, hydrocarbon solvent, white spirits or mineral turpentine. Look for petrochemical based aliphatic hydrocarbons, and not half-synthetic isoparaffins or special solvent mixtures available from art supplies as aromatics-free mineral turpentine.

Shell Chemicals has 2 suitable products free of aromatics: ShellSol D40, with a boiling range of 145 - 210°C, and the lower boiling SBP 100/140. BP White Spirits, low in aromatics, boils from 142 to 200°C. These products may be available in stores for building materials and paint supplies, larger hardware stores, or from the Internet. A suitable low-odour product in the US is Klean-Strip 1 Kerosene, see www.wmbarr.com/product.aspx?catid=35&prodid=71; you can get it at Wal-Mart and various hardware stores. In Europe you can get Shell-Sol D40, SBP (Siedegrenzbenzin) 100/140 and Gum Turpentine (Balsam Terpentinoel, see "Baumarkt"). If a low-aromatic product is not available then even normal kerosene/petroleum may be used. It is not more toxic but only has a stronger odour. The toxic benzene boils at 80°C and is not present in fractions boiling over 100°C. Sales of kerosene products are less restricted in the UK than in many other EU countries. Kerosene is usually called paraffin in the UK, Southeast Asia, East Africa and South Africa. Paraffin oil is more viscous with a high boiling point.

Dosage and duration of a course are rather flexible. One may start with a few drops or half a teaspoon, then continue with one teaspoon for a week or two and gradually increase up to one tablespoon for a week or two until ending again with one teaspoonful for a total duration of about 6 weeks. The higher doses tend to cause diarrhoea and liver detoxification. While this is basically beneficial, it can cause unpleasant symptoms, in this case reduce or temporarily stop the intake. This may be repeated as needed or one teaspoonful may be used periodically.

It is best taken before breakfast or at bedtime, possibly with a small amount of molasses: lick some molasses to coat your tongue, then take a spoonful of kerosene and wash it down with a small amount of drink or food. For children several drops on sugar have been used. For further information see Kerosene - A Universal Healer.

Gum Turpentine is a highly effective antimicrobial and was a trusted home remedy for thousands of years. It may be used instead of kerosene in countries (e.g. EU) where suitable kerosene is hard to get. It has been used as a tsp of turpentine mixed with a tsp of white sugar; start with only a few drops and increase gradually. It may be used daily for a week or two and then twice a week for several weeks longer. It is especially effective for intestinal parasites. I was surprised how pleasant it tasted, like a pine-flavoured lolly. However, it causes stronger reactions than kerosene. In high amounts or when keeping it for a while in the mouth it can cause temporary balance problems or brain effects, therefore do not use more than 1 tsp as adult dose. Drink something afterwards to wash it down or eat a piece of fruit.

Instead with sugar it is better to take it mixed with an equal amount of paraffin oil or olive oil. I also like to use a combination of 2 parts each of kerosene and paraffin oil or olive oil with 1 part of gum turpentine, taking 1 or 2 tsp of this mixture as a dose. If you do not want to treat the intestinal tract but rather a localized infection such as in the bladder, the throat, sinuses or an arthritic joint, then you may frequently rub some gum turpentine on the affected area. For problems with the inner ear rub or dab it with a finger around the base of the ear where it is attached to the head.

MMS – Sodium Chlorite

Sodium chlorite (NaClO2) also known as Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS, is very alkaline and stable in solution but when acidified it forms the unstable chlorous acid and the gas chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which are strong all-round antimicrobial and parasite remedies. MMS may be used for an initial clean-out, and is very effective in high doses with acute and serious infections.

Start with 1 or 2 drops of MMS and gradually increase up to 15 drops daily. Mix the MMS with five times the number of drops of lemon or lime juice or vinegar (may be white). More commonly a 10% solution of citric acid in water has been used but this tends to produce a more unpleasant and possibly nauseating taste. Three minutes after adding the acids add half a glass of water, or possibly herb tea, or juice without added vitamin C, e.g. apple or grape juice but not orange juice. Do not take any antioxidant supplements close to MMS; generally keep them 3 hours apart.

You may also mix equal numbers of drops of MMS and 4% hydrochloric acid (HCl) and dilute with water or juice 20-30 seconds after mixing. This produces a much higher concentration of chlorine dioxide but seems to be better tolerated than using citric acid crystals.

With an acute and serious infection you may immediately use a high dose, such as 10 or 15 drops. You will probably vomit and be very uncomfortable for about a day but it may immediately overcome the infection. However, for chronic conditions and general health improvement it is best to increase by 1 drop each day until you feel some nausea. It is better tolerated with some food in the stomach.

Then cut back by 2 drops and stay at this level for several days until increasing again by 1 drop a day. In this way you gradually work your way higher, reducing and then increasing again to keep nausea under control. You may reduce problems by dividing the daily dose into a morning and a bedtime portion.

To quickly stop nausea you may take 1 gram or more of vitamin C, but this also stops the antimicrobial activity. To avoid or minimize oxidative damage I recommend taking MMS only in the morning and evening or only once a day and use a combination of antioxidants, including vitamin C, at lunchtime or several hours away from the MMS. To minimize unpleasant side effects try to alkalize the body before going on a course of MMS.

The main danger after a high dose of MMS is from low blood pressure and hypoglycemic shock due to fluid loss after vomiting and diarrhoea. In this case take immediately a high dose of vitamin C to stop the reaction, lie down, and drink lots of lightly salted and sweetened water. For rehydrating after vomiting and diarrhoea drink a fluid with 6 level tsp of sugar and 1/2 level tsp of salt dissolved in 1 liter of water, or alternatively use salted rice water. Individuals with G6PD deficiency, an enzyme deficiency with a tendency to haemolytic anaemia, must avoid MMS.

See http://mmswiki.is/index.php/Main_Page for details of MMS procedures and protocols.

Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) is now available over the Internet as a concentrated solution of the gas in water. It is easier to take than acidified MMS and does not seem to cause nausea. As it is strongly oxidizing use it mainly short-term for acute infections. See the Internet for detailed instruction.

CDH - A New MMS Protocol: CDH means Chlorine Dioxide Holding Solution, and stands between classic MMS and CDS. It is less nauseating than MMS, causes less stomach upset, once made it does not need activation and it lasts for weeks

For making CDH use a ratio of 22 parts of water with 1 part MMS and 1 part activator. To make 240ml of CDH put the ingredients In the following order into a 250 to 300ml glass bottle with a well sealing plastic cap:

220ml purified water, 10ml MMS, 10ml of 4% HCl or 50% Citric Acid (it tastes better with hydrochloric acid than with citric acid). Immediately cap the bottle tightly so that no ClO2 gas escapes. Shake the bottle and repeat shaking later. Put the bottle in a dark place at room temperature for a day and then keep it refrigerated; once cooled it can be used and lasts for weeks.

Each ml of CDH contains 1 pre-activated drop of MMS; so just dose as usual, but instead of counting drops count mls of CDH. E.g. instead of adding 5 drops of activated MMS to half a cup of water you now put 5ml of CDH in half a cup of water. To make 4% HCl add 1 part of concentrated HCl (e.g. from a hardware store) to 8 parts of water. To avoid clashing with a frequent vitamin C or lemon juice intake have one dose after rising and another one at bedtime.

Protocol 1000 with CDH: Use 1 litre of water per day loaded with 8 to 24ml of CDH. Take one 120ml drink every hour for 8 hours. With severe life threatening illnesses, increase the amount of CDH.

The rectal absorption method is good with problems in this area, such as rectal or prostate cancer, irritable bowel, and infections, cysts and cancers of the female organs. First have a bowel movement and an enema, and then try 2 activated drops in 250ml of water. Hold for several minutes, then expel, clean again with an enema and finally insert 4 to 8 activated drops or 4 to 8ml of CDH in 250ml water and hold for a longer time or up to 30 minutes. You may also add some bicarbonate to make it less acid. Protect the anus with some fat or Vaseline. There tends to be no direct discomfort, but for several hours afterwards energy may be low, and several cleanout bowel movements may follow. You may try this once a week with gradually increasing doses.

Non-Acidified MMS: Medical-type patents describe the use of stabilised sodium chlorite in oral, topical and intravenous applications for treating autoimmune diseases and chronic infections, also hepatitis and lymphoma. This also helps to counteract the neurotoxic effect of acetaldehyde produced by Candida as it oxidizes this to acetic acid or vinegar. This is also suitable for kidney and bladder infections. In these cases the solution is not acidified! This is much less damaging to antioxidants in the body than prolonged use of acidified MMS, and the incidence of nausea will be greatly reduced.

As an average dose try 5 to 10 drops of MMS once a day after the evening meal or at bedtime in a drink. However, non-acidified sodium chlorite just like acidified MMS, does react with glutathione in body cells. Therefore use it only for limited periods, e.g. for one week every other week, and limit this program to 6 to 10 weeks (3 to 5 cycles) before a longer break of one or more months. Alternatively use it 5 days a week for 3 to 5 weeks. During breaks use other antimicrobials instead. An occasional high dose of 20 drops can destroy the bio-film protection of Candida in the intestinal tract and cause large amounts of stringy slime to be expelled through vomiting and diarrhoea.

Other Methods

Alkalizing: Candida tends to cause chronic overacidity which in turn increases inflammation and pain. This can be controlled with alkalizers such as potassium citrate, sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. Use half to one tsp of bicarbonate in a glass of water on an empty stomach once or twice daily. Bicarbonate solution is also effective in direct contact with fungi such as for rinsing the mouth, sinuses or vagina, or as packs over sites of fungal infection and tumours. Potassium citrate may be used in drinks or directly mixed with food, use up to a level tsp 3 times daily. For details see Alkalizing.

Electro-Medicine: A wide range of electromagnetic therapies are available and may be used in addition to biochemical and homoeopathic methods. For examples see Electronic Zapper & Magnetic Pulser, and www.spooky2.com for a cheap and apparently very effective Rife machine. Also Radionics may help but depends very much on the abilities of the practitioner.

Other Remedies Homoeopathy can be effective against specific infectious microbes, see a homoeopath or search the Internet. Lufenuron inhibits synthesis of chitin and may be useful as an additional anti-candida remedy.
~ http://www.health-science-spirit.com/ultimatecleanse.html

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Upgrade to The Understanding of a Four Year Old by Jen Ward

A Friend sent this to me, and I find it to be A masterpiece, of the genius of common sense of loving beings. I am reposting here with permission from the Author Jen Ward whose other writings are equally compelling and worthy of consistent engagement available here:

Written by Jen Ward.


Upgrade to The Understanding of a Four Year Old by Jen Ward

I imagine the generations that survived during the war. The people quietly living lives of meaning with the whole world crumbling around them, raising children, providing for love ones and seeing each other through with no sense of when the madness would end.

I don't imagine that they sat around and perpetuated the negativity of the situation by talking about it incessantly and how awful it was. I don't think they wanted to acknowledge the madness in which they were living. Perhaps their greatest survival tool was looking for glimmers of hope where they were giving little evidence of it.

The same powers that enjoyed conflict back then try to sweep the land and kick up controversy and hate so as to pull the masses into that whole experience again. Those who did not get enough of the "excitement" in a past life, may be leading the brigade this lifetime.

Notice how experienced battle fatigued veterans are not over zealous for war? Many of us incarnated this lifetime are battle fatigued. In fact, the majority of us would really like to experience the flip side of the experience. We would like to dip our toe into the perpetual presence of Universal peace. That is an intention worth feeding.

The psychic band of power is always at play, it seems, goading us to stand up for our rights in a peripheral way. They use the best fear mongering that propaganda can buy. They have the best tactics of sectioning us up in demographics and prodding us to defend these imaginary divisions to death. They have programmed us and conditioned generation after generation to the affect that we have lost the ability to question or to implement common sense.

The truth of the matter is that if the powers that incited us to war really wanted peace, we would have it. That is not their true purpose. Their true purpose is to immerse us in infighting and reacting in fear so much that we lose sight of our unalienable rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are not being stripped away from us by the enemy on the other side of the world. These are being dwindled down by our own government and institutions that we trust; regardless of what area of the world we live.

Our best defense from becoming a world of puppets supporting a global police state is to think and discern for ourselves and question every group that we have given blind allegiance to. So many of us are like the adult child whose independence is stunted by an over strict parent. It is a distortion that everyone can see except the parent and child.

It is disturbing to hear anyone in a position of authority salivate over using power. But what is even more disturbing is watching so many competent individuals stand by and witness such a thing and do nothing to address it. People need to understand that the media and anything with mass audience is polluted and distorted towards power.

Power enjoys razing things to the ground. Power enjoys creating devastation and seeing innocence suffer. Power considers individuals as a necessary sacrifice. In fact, the more emotion that power can exploit through the suffering of individuals, the more it is fed. Need an example? All those videos of the soldier returning to surprise their child in an emotional reunion at their school event.
We all cry and love them. Who gets angry that the parent and child were separated to begin with? These videos feed the cogs of power that have created the pain in the first place. I refuse to watch them. The participants don't realize their tender reunions are used to normalize a heartbreaking separation.

All this emotion feeds warmongers. Who is excited about joining the military? New adults that are so hungry for opportunity and adventure that their hormones are bursting to sign up. It is no different than the young girl being deeply devoted to the first man who makes her feel like a woman. The military seduces our young people in a similar way and yet that is fine. In fact, I may get attacked ruthlessly for speaking against such a well oiled propaganda machine as the military.
Those support of the military that we see propagated by our precious football teams, is paid advertisement by the military. It hits people when they are all immersed in the sportsmanship of our favorite game and gets us to believe that we are all on the same page about the military. It is like getting a husband to agree to something by buttering him up. That is what is happening with war being advertised during football.

But someone has to crack through the facade. And you are not seeing truth happen in the media or in any group at all. Because all groups are a finely woven interplay of different means of robbing the individuals of their God given rights of empowerment and discernment. Anyone who subscribes to a mentality and conditioning that was implemented during the dark ages is still living in the dark ages.
I am not trying to desecrate what others hold sacred. But if it leads us to policing each others body and sending each others husband and children to war, then it needs to be questioned. People have to stop romanticizing God as someone who wants to degrade individuals and be worshiped. If you think about it, that sounds more like political power brokers that we are all seeing wield power in current events. Can God not do better than that? 
Can we not raise the bar on how we perceive the Source of all life? Can we not see it past gender or needing its ego stroked. Can we not see it loving individuals with at least as much kindness and unconditional compassion as a mother loves her child? When the systemic diminishing of woman happened during the dark ages, so were these altruistic qualities stripped from our understanding of God's virtue.

The fear, and threats of perpetual hell are what we have been deduced to by the power plays that use our devotion to the divine to diminish and control us. We, if not in hell, are at least in a purgatory of which the bible once wrote about. Purgatory is earth. When they stripped all references to past lives out of the bible, they also stripped out the belief in purgatory because they realized that some day, we would figure it out. I was four when I did. It is time for humanity to upgrade to the understanding of a four year old.

I am like you. I don't like to offend. I have been polite and have been non confrontational while the rest of the world stumbled on truth of their own accord. But with each crop of new adults truth has been dumbed down even more. Young people don't even realize that a few short decades ago, you could actually get clear facts reported on the news with no slant or guile. News reporters where mandated to stay neutral and were fired if they wavered. The younger generations may never realize truth unadulterated or free of corruption.

The only way some people will ever know truth or be able to discern it for themselves is if people stop being polite and start speaking truth as their native tongue again. As it is now, truth as gone the ways of the language Latin and is only taught as a intellectual exercise. People must get over their need to be polite or over the fear of being bullied for speaking truth. Anyone who is brave enough to do so, is protected by the Ancient ones in sharing truth and advocating for those who are so lost in rhetoric or programming that they will spit at you for your efforts.

Individuals sharing truth is how this world will be salvaged. Going along with the group consensus in any way that diminishes others or propagates fear is a desecration of truth. Talking about how miserable current affairs are without offering a resolve or a way to empower others is merely indulging the power mongers with free press. We are all better than this. So many may resonate with this message and yet unless they share truth and add their goodness to the mix, truth will be like damp kindling.

Look at our commercials and you will see glimmers of truth. Don't be fooled that this is perpetuating truth. It has merely ensconced it in a soundbite to perpetuate the enslavement to materialism. Advertising collects what we hold dear to feed back to us merely to hook us back in. Advertisers are like using pieces of fish on their hook to catch bigger fish. They troll for what humanity cares about only to hook them back into mass appeal. Please stop falling for this.

People of a spiritual nature will talk about free will to leave others to suffer in ignorance and this has created a systemic apathy. It has also created a glass ceiling on our spiritual efforts. One has to wonder if even the most profound group teachings have not been railroaded by a male agenda which has left most of those who feel advanced, duped in a most dubious way.
People would have free will if they weren't all sinking in quicksand. It is cruel to sit on the sidelines while someone is drowning and lecture them on having free will. Pull them up out of the mud first, clean them up and give them a meal and then when they are on a level playing ground, leave them to free will.

If the spiritual community feels that their teachings are beyond reproach, I challenge them to challenge anything that they have been told outwardly and direct themselves back to the more subjective inner realms for an upgrade. The Ancient Ones are using all those that are open to truth to break the mass enslavement that humanity has been pummeled with.

If anyone is still concerned with a particular stance in any way; and is butting heads with others to perpetuate an agenda, they are still immersed in the power plays at a subtle level. But if one is tuned into the suffering that happens beyond their station or privileges in this life, then perhaps they are more tapped into truth than their inflated ego of self importance.

Those who are tapped into truth will be free to incarnate into better conditions. Those who perpetuate an agenda, no matter how adamant that they are that they have a direct line to the grand poobah, will need to incarnate back into the conditions that they have contributed to creating. This is the free will that so many use to quantify an arrogance stance. The later is indeed a choice that so many are in need of correcting. 
~Jen Ward

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Energetics: Emergency Units Online

Hello People,

I have interpreted the energies flowing through me strongly and they are emergency/crisis units have been deployed or are "online", in the field. I cannot say if this is in some future of our reality or if its taking place in another of which I am a part. Apologies for no further clarification on this.
These are not the 3D type units of course, the firemen, police, medical etc, but these feel like a completely multi-layered efficient (other) worldly system of deployed emergency units which both remove people from harm AND move to comfort. Unlike the units here in 3D where they may get you out of a fire, but you're left on your own after, no. These groups are efficient in humane treatment of people by both removing from the crisis and then moving into safety and comfort where the effects of the crisis are also tended to and healed. Emergency/crisis deployment is incomplete unless the trauma is healed as well.

I seem to be part of the deployment aspect and I'm giving orders and assignments and it is tiring. I am wondering where this is taking place.

The reason I write it here is not to cause alarm, be savvy. The reason I post it here is just in case this is a timeline for our reality I'm a part of with many many others and what we can do is say NO to this timeline potential. That is why I post some things, is to give us the choice to say NO to it. You see I'm not careless.

That is all I have to say on the energetics of late.
I am making another post right after this for in fact something related, in our 3D world, is a care package I highly recommend everyone acquire.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Beyond "Motivation", We Need Nurturing

A totally spontaneous post.....

A series of emails, phone calls, events, etc has patterned an awareness that I want to speak of right now.
I am seeing the downtrodden, the pained, the sick, the tired, the weary, being "told" they need to be more motivated, more energetic, more optimistic, more.......fill in blank.

I want to say bluntly, that this world has tormented ensouled beings from before birth, and every minute since. Whoever has survived this planet without going insane has plenty of congratulations due to them. Many have gone by the wayside, slipped into the oblivion and dark places we work and struggle with daily to avoid. If you are still here, you have medals of honor and badges of accomplishment to reap. Better yet you deserve a life of peace in beauty and harmony.

I am not only "tired" I am sick, literally, of living life on such a hell bent patriarchal planet which has been conceived, designed and built by and catering to the male mentality, his life, his needs, his body, and his morals, his ethics, his business, his trauma based mind control,.....his malls which he believes ''serves womens needs''....is a twisted projection, but it is a way of understanding how he thinks, what he believes women to be as he inverts his beliefs by saying malls serve women when in truth malls serve the businessman and nothing else. I am tired that they have created a nightmare of a planet that has neglected the feminine gentle spirit OF BOTH WOMEN AND MEN BUT ESPECIALLY WOMEN THEMSELVES!.....of needing more nature, more quiet, more space and time...... for 'being' rather than 'doing'........, more places of nurturing in the landscape to cater to quiet times, inner wandering times, for ventures into the imaginal realms, for meditation, for down time, for disconnecting from crap, and for reconnecting to what is real, those feminine circles of honor which appreciate women for the wisdom they posses to keep life harmonious which is not happening on earth in any place......and is directly a cause for the demise of an entire human species. But I am beyond tired of good soulful sensitive people being told they need to ''do more'', ''be more''.....change anything about themselves to suit a deceptively "progressive" or "positive" ''motivational lifestyle change''.....when in fact what people are needing is spiritual hospitalization and convalescence.

What real humans are needing is lifetimes of respite, respite from the endless wars of men and their ceaseless psychopathic death/rape/pillage/hate/anger urges, his splitting of heart from human - man from woman, or even passive rejection of woman, etc etc....... We need respite from landscapes raped bare of nurturing green life, trees, flowers and water and pollens which enrich the ethers of the air which nurture thoughts. We need respite from the mentalities that tell us we need to be controlled, that gentle kindness is weakness, that rulership is what humans need, and all those psychopathic ravings of the hysterical hormonal male. In fact we need respite from him altogether.
We not only need respite from these, we need environments catering to needs of wearyness so we may reinvigorate, we need caring humans with soul and hearts so that we are reinvested with faith in life, we need quiet so the mind can wander and stroll playfully through the imaginal realms and create there and then manifest here.....We need technologies to be frozen in its monstrous tracks so that the spirits of humans can thaw out from being deliberately frozen in its evolution, and recover from the monstrosities of tech progress which has engulfed spiritual progress. We need time to develop skills we've been tricked out of, reanimate abilities the inquisition type minds have violently coerced into submission. We need freedoms to develope our humanity of spirits, and heart, to investigate who we are as beings of love and souls, and to build worlds to cater to kindness, innocence and beauty.
We command the right and freedom to destroy on the spot any who get in the way of that.


We must live in peace but recognize the psychopath and bully who comes to us with his slithery claims of helping when it is he who seeks hosts to parasite from, it is he who we need to dispose of upon sight!

We do not need ''more''  motivation, more money, more pipelines, more politicians, more cities, more positive attitudes!.....we need absolute asylum from the patriarchal death urge and his abysmal stupidity and atrocious lack of spiritual intelligence.
We need woman energies, not the male interpretation of woman or what he has turned her into against her will, over thousands of years of his tyranny, ......we need the natural organic woman! We need to recover, to convalesce, to heal, and we need everything on Earth to support that.....

we are all in critical condition! the feminine in both women and men is in dire straits! 

We don't need more......... we need less of everything this world has been created by and for!

Serena, Lady of the Woods