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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hearing From You, Sun, and Unusual Quiet

Hello People,

Hearing From Readers:

I have been thinking of this one for a while now, and considering that those who respond to my posts mostly do so through email rather then leave comments, I thought it would be nice to both ask from you who read my blog what you are experiencing lately and if you'd be willing to share here with me, and if you could also respond in the comment section because I firmly believe that others benefit from reading/hearing of others experiences. I think it is very important that we share our feelings, whether we think they are small or big, relevant or not, but it is important to hear it all because there is always something to benefit from knowing others experiences.
In an ideal world with ideal people our inter-telepathic communions would keep us all informed at all times, but this is not the case here. So I am inviting those of you who read here to write whatever it is you feel is relevant to the purpose of this blog, which is the sharing of energetic feelings of what is happening in our environment, ambient energy fields, portents, senses, etc. I really would love to hear from you.

Additional Quiet:

On another note, I reported in my last post that all seemed quiet here, and it still is, however, there is another silence to add to that and it is strange, since being online for years now I have an expected norm for amounts of communications via emails that I get, and for the past couple of days, I have had only one which is not only bizarre, it is unheard of, considering that I follow some youtubers, and a few other sites, but nothing is coming in. I had to check to see if email was working lolol, and it is, as I got one email from a woman I spoke with on the phone, so I know email is working, but this is really odd......I cannot place this silence into perspective....unless this additional is the calm before a storm?.....in addition we are literally having storms here which I'm enjoying, but this other is odd.

Horrific Sun Heat:

Something is very different with the sun. Plants I've had outside in the all-year-shade for years are now being burnt cause they're in the sun.....its in a different place. I have learned to hide from the sun and even to close my curtains in the morning and keep them closed all day. This is sooooo unusual for me as I love the sun, but something is horrifically different about the sun these days, since last year I think, but I've never ever experienced anything like this in my life. I think I'm allergic to this new type of heat its generating lately, and I do not like it at all.
I have also had to keep all 4 window AC units on, and I've never ever had to this in 15 years in this particular house. And even when they are all going, full blast also on the highest setting, also never done before, it still remains warm inside, and the thermometer confirms it. 84-88degrees all the time!

People Having Diabolical Experiences:

Also I am hearing alot from people who are experiencing really diabolical and terrible feelings lately of the past couple of weeks, and though I am always one who feels along with the collective, this time I am not. I am in a different clear space and this is truly boggling my mind, since I am hearing the same thing from literally everyone, from lectures, forecasts, astrology, interviews, writings, speaking, hearsay etc, everyone is experiencing some terrible things, from personal dark feelings, to overwhelm, to despondency, to utter frustration to literally being attacked by dark forces......and I'm not? how odd is this? I have a couple of theories about this, one is the consistent "canary in the mine" scenario which is part of the futuristic energetic field of the empath who literally goes through things before everyone else, so this is consistent, and if this is the case, then I can tell you that you will get through this and feel some sense of silence, inner silence all the way around, and what this means I'm unsure of as yet.
The other theory is that it is more personal for me, that I've gone through the dark ''field'' of something already, and have moved beyond, and others are still entrenched in it, and this raises alot of questions for me.

In any case I'd love to hear from you, especially from those of you from Russia who seems to be my largest audience according to the stats. :D

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, August 22, 2016

Energetics: Some Quiet Days

Hello Lovely People,

I just want to report some quiet days, that are very unusual for me here and for 4 days in a row. I usually get a day like this once a month or so, but never several in a row. The weekend was quiet, you could go outside into the back gardens and hear nothing but the drone of one air conditioning unit. It was surprising. And every side of this house touches anothers property. But the heat made it unwelcome to linger. The next day was the same and I found it entrancing, I spent a few minutes standing there just listening to the blessed silence. Even if a stray sound would come, it did not disturb. A dog barked, but stopped, a siren came and went in the distance, but all remained peaceful. Then the next day quiet, and the next day quiet too....even now.
I'm not talking about only audio sounds, I'm talking about the energy of the din of noise, static and business, all seems to be still and quiet, even if there is movement. I know it is odd.
I do not sense this is a quiet before a storm, I sense something is different.

This could be a new me, I'm not sure. I will report again when I know.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, August 15, 2016

Helpful Quotes for the Mind

Serena, Lady of the Woods