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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Energetics: Something Big is Afoot

Hello People,

I've had some signs these past few days of something. My body going into states unusual, and turns out the "ailments" were not real, but signs.
I have been up since 5am thinking of this post and decided to write something about "crunch time" and how we're in it so I got up and online.
I find an email sent last night, but I didn't get it as I got completely and suddenly overloaded and needed to shut down every sense of my being by 7;30pm, ......a very astute reader sent me an email to tell me she is feeling something huge coming and asked me if I was feeling that something huge was afoot and yes! I do, she feels it also.

My body is totally clear now of all that I was experiencing these past days, thank god, and I feel pretty good even, compared with how I've been feeling for years. This in itself is odd. I've even lost size overnight. Some process of clearing has taken place without me, and I am feeling clearer than in a long time.

So, the energetics are "something is happening" now as we speak. Some wall or barrier has been broken through, and we are in the belly of the beast, where we intended to go, yes we did.......but do not take this as a negative thing, I'm seeing it now that we are the anti-virus, and we're inside doing the deed, we're the white blood cells come online.
We're in the shift now, we're living and breathing it and this is amazing actually......if we are still cogent, sane, possess love and compassion still, and the will to be the change. Be soft with yourself.

The reasons we've been here (on Earth) are taking effect.

(I'm noticing the past few posts have been a conviction of positive change and this is surprising even to my mind as my mind does not think or feel this, but my body and wiser senses obviously do. I'll take it!)

It will look and feel as if all hell has broken lose, but hold on, hold on to your True Self, your Center, your love, your heart and do not move from that position. These are simulations run by dark lords, and they have many parallel realities to play with and we're in all of them. You who read my little blog know what I'm saying, you feel it, and KNOW it. Hold steadfast. You are stalwart spirits of a Beauty that is to Remain Alive.

I'm not saying this is the shift that changes the planet, I do not believe there is any such single event, but there is some invisible breakthrough of some kind I cannot name happening right now.

I have no idea what is to come, and I am not one for doing prep things. Though because I live in hurricane zone, we have to prepare and I have learned it is prudent, and when we did get hit, the preparedness served us all very well. But more than stocking pantry's and such, which is always a wiser course, we must prepare our spirits, however I feel that not much of this is really needed as I'm feeling that we were born for this. And when the cosmic trigger happens, we automatically come into our Stance of 'Being', who we truly are, what we were meant to do, what we were born here for.....so do not concern yourselves too much with ''inner preparedness'', we were born for this.....just know the time is now. All of us who've been bitchin the corruptions and abysmal stupidity of the patrix have served this purpose and will continue to now. "A" breakdown is happening.

Before I woke up fully this morning, while in the lucid state I was writing this message here, and alot of what I had 'in mind' is now gone but the gist is written here already.

Please share this with your other empathic people, those who are experiencing 'weird' etc, who feel sick for no reason and whose treatments do nothing when they should, share this with those who are feeling a void, a sense of pending, or looming.

The other thing that 'pings' me is ...... the term ''sleeper cells'' for the crunch time. These ones will have lived as if they had no clue who or what they are, but they come online in the moment the trigger goes off. What I'm feeling and saying, is the trigger has gone off.

Be vigilant,
Be calm
Be at peace with your Inner
Be tough
Be strong
Be quiet
Be firm.

*apologies if you receive this late, I notice sometimes a post will not go out for a couple of days, so I'm writing here the time of post is 7am on Tuesday morning.

Another point of interest is the "timeline" meme, or theme of late, its everywhere.....and there is something to this. I also feel different today, in my own environment, like ''what is this place and what is going on?''....I have a mild curiosity to go outside and look around at things, when I know exactly what is out there. Something is different.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, July 25, 2016

Recommended Listening Barbara Marchinak 2016

Hello People,...

I have finally gotten through the 4 part series of this talk for 2016.     Twice.
The first time was for the information, which again, I could find no objections to anything that was said in all 4 parts. Of course not every single word, but throughout the 4 parts there is alot of worthy information and worth the time. I'm not interested in all the astrology at all, but there are many who find it valuable. To each their own in peace.
The 2nd round was to listen deeper, to feel, to hear on other levels, and still I am in agreement. What I feel is the P's as they are referred to, want as many people as possible to know what is going on, what has been going on on this Earth, since all of his-story books are total patriarchal nightmare distortions written by the "conquerors" of both men and alien(s). And that though they've been telling us for years, still too many people are not getting it, though all the discord and perverted evidence of it surrounds us in this world.
They want us to wake UP and NOW. The feeling is there is a window of opportunity Now. Interestingly Max Spiers who recently passed, also said we are right now in a window of opportunity to break out of the matrix.
The energy of the P's is they are frustrated that so many still do not act upon what they know, or simply want to go back to sleep and continue on as if nothing is terribly wrong.

Many of us are feeling an intense frustration of something, thinking it is about our personal lives when we are in fact responding to the urgency of this planet and timelines moving ever closer to the crux of matters that need our attention or to the closing in of this timeline or window of opportunity. What to do? Apparently it is not about "doing" it is about our frequencies, maintaining our knowledge, non compliance to the Anu and Sons Machinery (my term) and minions, and I would add not breaking down.

There was nothing groundbreaking in this series for me, just lots of confirmations. We know these things, but the majority are not paying attention to the dismantling world around us, attributing these things to immature ideas which the Pleiadians are here to mature us up about and I am grateful they do. If they sound frustrated, they are and they should be, I am not Pleiadian and I'M frustrated with people!

That said, I want to be clear, I still am not a fan of channeled materials, nor of the Pleiadians specifically at all, just this series I listened to.
Nor would I dismiss what she is saying because of her accent or any such absurd criticisms. Nor would I take this 4 part series as a complete picture, not at all, not by far, there is still so much. Just that this series is recommended for all the truths that are expressed within.

I love to make highlighted pointers of these types of series but I am not going to do that, its just too much work here, but she does make it clear throughout the 4 parts, this planet is being run by off worlders for eons now, who use the ignorant and stupid for their wars, raping and pillaging. Clearly for the defamation and breakdown of the Family Unit, its a reptilian thing.

Some of this information is difficult to take in, but it is necessary to understand the realities from a truth perspective and not merely because we don't want to know it or hear it. We must grow up.

Another critical point is the Anu and Sons Machinery have installed various creatures or watchers in the "outer dimensions", guards for the after death process, to trick people back to earth for deceitful reasons, to keep us recycling, to not reach our center Soul, and that is why there are so many humans here as they are being recycled back to earth in ignorance, (karma is a bullshit lie given to humanity to willingly return) and it is up to us to realize this and to discover the ways to stop this.  "The ultimate is to restore an open corridor for humans souls to get really in touch with freedom of choice, not to be recycled." Part 4 at 36 minutes in. "Once that is restored you have stopped the tyranny, and once that is restored that will make the frequency."

My Favorite is this: part 3, 6 minutes in...... ".......as this awareness is flourishing, even if you do nothing but sit in your property and think about it, as you become aware, you begin to dismantle the system, because you don't believe in it. ....without saying a word, you change everything."
.....and it is THIS my friends, that is the power of us, the dismantlers, our minds, our intentions, our collective passion to dismantle the patrix system on this planet imprisoning people and tormenting them......it is this which is what we are doing, have been doing with every bitchin complaint about it, and every angry moment about it, and every writing, article, every conversation, email, every private moment of anger about all the corruptions and injustices that we've  been going through for all of our lives, and we know who we are!.....it is and has been this very thing, that has been the power from within, dismantling this entire fuckin, patriarchal, murderous, war mongerous, drug lords, priested, perverted, misogynist, predatorial, money worshiping, psychopathic system on this planet.
So you see, all of our lives, all of our anger and rage against it all, has been the dismantling energies of it all.

Every time you see something corrupt, claim with all your rage, dont just stew in all that power, use it like a laser beam!! claim out loud.......... "YOU FAIL", "YOU CEASE TO EXIST!"

It has been a painful life, but we're doing it. It is done.

Part one is mostly about the history of the incredible interference of Anu and his Sons:

part 2, 3 and 4 is more information with lots of questions and answers from savvy people:

part 3

part 4:

Listen carefully with your heart, slowly, and take in what you can but more importantly Share, speak, talk, to everyone who will listen at all. These are the seeds planted and soon the imprisonment of humanity will be common knowledge, the 1000th monkey affected and hopefully a rising frequency of dignity restored to a broken, abused and tortured humanity will return and the break out is ON!


Friday, July 22, 2016

The Holy Are Among Us

The Holy are among us, they are us. Some of us. And we know who we are.
Some are simply here to live, play, laugh, experiment, etc. But, some who love the whole, are the Holy.

The Holy are those who continue to hold love deep in their hearts, and not allow rage to rule, not all the time. They are those who feel and need a sense of purpose and that that purpose is larger than ourselves....there is no effort in this, it simply is.

Great Souls give themselves purpose, a purpose that is not merely ephemeral but perennial.

We know we are here for a reason. This gets squelched and squashed in the din and noise of the archontic set ups and reptilian run hosts of this planet, but we still feel, quiet and deep. It shows up when we give rage and frustration a break.
The "purpose" of our selves, our lives, says "I'm still here."

Josephine Wall

We live and breathe and wonder why? why?! why?!!!?.....but that is the mind, the chatter, the noise we generate ourselves. It doesn't serve us, we need to discipline our own minds to become quiet. It may be all day every day, nipping thoughts in the bud, before they generate energy of emotions, but it needs to be done. We need to grow up, to mature, to real-eyes and see that a false mental installation has been give to us by those who would be "wardens" of this prison planet and lords over humane consciousness. But it can be done. It does not require efforting, or work, if it does, you're working and efforting. :-).......it happens with a quiet will that is also there, quiet, when the mind is finally silenced and emotions still.
"They" have given us their mind, it is referred to as the reptilian brain. This causes the problems. The mammalian brain is family oriented and feeling oriented and when I say ''feelings'' I'm referring to kindness, care of siblings, nurturing, softness, helpful and sharing natures.....all those things the reptile works against and which this patrix paradigm has tried to snuff out.

We are torn apart. We are hurt. We are betrayed. We are beaten. We are ridiculed. We are told what to do, what we can and cannot do, what we should do, who we should be, what we should act like. Listen to no one but your heart if you have one. Your heart is guided by your soul, if you have one.

In this, you know who you are. In this soul you are eternal, and in this heart you are guided. You know this world is insane and sick patrix's run and rule everything and want to run and rule you too.
You know this is sick. You know you need Mothering Powers of KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM of what is Divine contained within every being ruled by heart and soul.

Nicholas Roerich "Mother of the World"


This is the Holy One.
They walk among us.
They are us.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Silent Incipient

Hello People,

A great discourse between myself and another powerhouse of a humane being I am publishing here below. With her permission I am copying it here. There are powerful lessons in this if you are so inclined as Laughing Crow is a teacher.

Hello Laughing Crow,

I hope things are not too unbearable for you. I live in a constant state of WTF? so I have not much to say lately.

I wanted to forward this quote to you by the man who runs a space X program.....

"There's a billion to one chance we're living in base reality,"

LC Response:

I have zero doubt that we are. There are no other explanations for the state of our lives. The scary part is that the sleeping masses think its normal. But I continue to fight it 24/7 because there IS a normal reality beyond this and I intend to get there.

WTF indeed.  L.C.

I intend to get there too. I wish it wasn't a 24/7 fight......I'm so tired and I know you are too.
I am believing those who are real humans and not merely avatars playing a game must have a strength that is superhuman, herculean, to survive this long.....it helps when you find others in the same fight....


This next exchange from LC and I respond in between, my lines are in purple:

I think with those of us at the head of the pack, it is even more than just intention. It is simply a situation where staying in this reality is not an option. Period. With me it has become an iron wall that nothing can penetrate. When a baby is ready to be born, you can't keep stuffing it back into the womb. That's why we are such a threat. And wearing us down is one their last resorts, but at this point, the fact that I'm worn down is just an annoyance and not a hindrance.
​ You are an amazingly brave and courageous soul, heroic, that kind of strength and courage and wisdom should be whats in our his-story books, not the crap of warmongers, murderers who are celebrated! what absurdity!.....a life like yours is worthy of being recorded for posterity!​
And they have been beyond annoying the past few days. Their main goal seems to be to freak me out, because it's been one thing after another. For instance, about an hour ago, I went into the greenhouse to get some cucumbers and herbs for a salad and heard this crackly sound, like fire, which of course did freak me out a little. So I ran to the back door, in time to see a perfectly live and vibrant oak tree come crashing down right at my property line that ends where a half-mile of woods begins.
​WTF, I said.

So, armed with only a large rake, I beat my way through several acres of brush in 90 degree heat to see what happened. Well, what I can figure out is that some dumbfucker had apparently cut down a tree with a chainsaw and it didn't come down at the time, and has been weighing down the much smaller tree until it finally gave way. But it was still freaky.
​ yes I know that sound too! I experienced it in a "bizarre" situation: (edited out as not relevant to discourse)

The thing I've discovered, and we've discussed this before, is that I cannot get emotionally involved, especially with fear and anger. I have honed my skills at this point to be able to step back and say, yeah, that was scary, but NOT REAL.
​This has been the wisest course for me as well and I thank you for repeating this, it bears repeating often! ​ Separate your emotions from your mental perceptions. Go ahead and let your emotions feel what they do, but know at the mental level that it is only that, an emotional reaction.
This is priceless! absolutely well said! I may quote this one day......​ Once you get caught up in the emotion, they've got ya, and the domino effect takes over, and then they CAN hurt you. Keep it separated from your reasoning mind, and all they can do is be a pain in the ass, while you continue to move forward.
​ yes, indeed....you are really something...

I have found this to be my strongest weapon. They are working like mad to program us to create disaster in our lives.
yes, that is exactly what they are doing, isnt it? to get us to program our own lives with pain.....fuckers are clever and devious, and its a long life when you learn this late in the life!​
​But I find even when we can avert that self made disaster by responding emotionally, they send in matrix agents! or do something with mechanical things......they got it all covered.....​
It is an act of final desperation, because we are nearing "game over." All signs point to it. Just keep hanging on. 2016 is the year. I look for the final collapse any day.
I m right there with you as so many of us are....but we keep ourselves hidden and mostly quiet.....but we're here.​


More from LC and I respond in purple in between again:

Thank you for the kind words, but in all honesty I don't see myself as heroic at all.
 Of course you wouldn't see yourself as heroic, that is part of the definition of a real hero, they don't know they are. Again, it is not the asshole in history books who kills people and gets a badge for it. That is psychopathy and insanity. ​ I identify more with the Rosa Parks type. In the stories I have read about her and why she made that historic choice to not give up her seat on the bus, her response was simply that she was tired.
Yes, because she knew better and so do you. Its a quiet heroism, the silent incipient.

And so am I, and more and more of us are reaching that point of resolution because, as I said previously it is immovable and impenetrable, and that's why it is so threatening to the alien agenda. When someone refuses to comply, you can beat them and even kill them, but an energy has been released that will change the world.
Exactly, an "energy has been released that will change the world'' is due to the seed planted by the hero, the non compliant....... NOT a man who dons a uniform and goes to a field of ignorance to kill whoever moves because he was told to, but a seed planted by a sane woman who knows what sanity and knowledge really is and how vilified this knowledge is. Especially when from a woman. Only that one is sane and chooses to be powerful in a world that is completely and totally insane and backasswards, inverted, upside down and reversed in every single way possible,.....and this seed planted by the sane and powerful quiet one who goes against the 99% is the act of a hero. Of course it doesn't feel like heroic, but to live to effect that and live consciously for sanity against the 99% IS!.

And so it is. ENOUGH.

And final email discourse response from LC:

Thank you again. Yes, the insanity of the world leaves me in a state of befuddlement, until I snap back and realize that it's a simulation, and I believe at this point that the vast majority of "humans" on the planet are alien hosts, agents or pure mechanoids. Very few of us carry the true auric DNA of a human. I think it's always been like that--we're just awake enough now to notice how they've infiltrated our lives. When they are purged, the few of us left will feel like my maple tree when it got rid of the diseased branch. (see my latest farm page for the story and I also published a new article if you wish to read it. It is based on our recent conversation). They are both on my Home page.
~end discourse.


Now I want to share this latest article by Laughing Crow who is to my mind one of the amazing humane Heroes of Consciousness of our times, a person who is a warrior for consciousness, for non-matrix compliance, who goes against the willful ignorance of 99% of the population to maintain real organic intelligencia, who fights alone hourly and daily to discard the manipulations and bullshit of the patrixs' matrix, and those agent smiths who seek to make us "one of them" by ridicule then force, ''back into their line'', but who simply will not have it.

Please go to Laughing Crow's site to read this latest:

"Down to the Nitty-Gritty: Consent by Ignorance"


and find out ways your mind is being worked over.

What I would add is most of this worlds population is actually not human anymore.

Yeah. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Energetics: Heat, Fry, Flashes, Ion Toxicity, Magnetism

This energetics may be personal to me but I dont' think so, so am posting.

I've been experiencing heat spikes, and positive ion poisoning. I come to this knowing the summers here are almost unbearable and getting worse each year though this is only part of it.
I am not, briefly speaking of "global warming", seeing the entire planet warming up, especially when the ice caps are growing faster than they are melting, but what I'm seeing is that each climate is experiencing extremes of whatever weather they have. Hot places getting hotter, colder climates getting colder. So here it is hotter than ever and I'm pretty done with this.

But what I'm feeling and I don't expect everyone to  have experienced this as it is extreme.....can be the equivalent of hot flashing, internal furnacing resulting in difficulty breathing, intense weakness and profuse sweating, not feeling the air conditioning even standing right in front of it. These come in waves. What I find is these are not from heat or humidity alone, both of which are causing this, but also the increase of positive ions (which I spoke of here) and way too much emf frequencies from the air's saturation of everyone in this state right now using all their air conditioning at full blast all the time, and the general psychic heated mental fields of the world at large. I am mostly inside the house and though I open the windows every day to get in fresh air, I still must close them after an hour or two because the heat is suffocating and I cannot find efficient ways of cooling down due to assaults of climate heat, excessive positive ions, and saturation of emfs. I feel emf poisoning as electrical over stimulation, a type of "fake heat" but real. Reading or hearing news causes heat spiking.

The emf "heat" waves I can remediate by being outside, but that is not an option right now because then the heat kills me, I literally struggle to breathe. So I come inside for the cool. The emf's cause another type of "heat" because they are speeding up my atoms and causing the intense speed to generate a type of false electrical heat in my body, so I am getting heated up from both the climate and atomically speeded up via emf's and there is no escaping. My nervous system is overtaxed. It is highly uncomfortable, distressing, draining, but zapping is the worst as when I get zapped by either too much humidity or emf's I can do literally nothing and it takes a couple of days to recover from that.....and it is tiresome to always feel this kind of intensity of heat and electromagnetic saturation. I would have to go to another climate which I cannot do right now......or try to find my inner bear and slow down my own metabolism and go into a type of hibernation and an emf free cave to cope with these extremes. Anyone else?

Along with this, there is the brain fry, the mental confusion, the memory loss, and eventually the lack of caring about anything even those things I love to do. I find this is also a product of deliberate poisoning too, because this condition totaling up to apathy, is what "they" want....."they" being the dark force controlling forces.

And so while the above is nothing special or new, the intensity is, and this is worth noting.

I write this as I find these energies are being experienced by other people in other climates. The heating up is extreme, coming from not only the weather, not only the emf's (electro magnetic frequencies), elf's (extremely low frequencies), and positive ions, but they are coming from satellites, and nano technologies that fall from the chem sprayed skies into our bodies so we become virtual antennae for whatever frequencies they are modulating, as well as transmitters and receivers both, more electric than magnetic and THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM.

We need more magnetic energies and if anyone can advise me on how to acquire this, please write.
Its complicated.

"They" are messing with our organic fields of electro-magnetics, and by frying our brains which produce more electrical current and imbalancing our bodies, into feeling fried by electro and not enough magnetics. Those bastards ever on the quest for imbalance, to yang this planet and its people out of its yin.

It is my sense that generally and loosely, electric energy in the body works on the brain, nervous system, and bodily functions, and mostly left brained activity, while the magnetics works on the subtle body systems, the psychic fields, the right brain and all our abilities beyond the physical 5 senses, and the hearts emanations, those that make us the beings we know we once were and could be again. Do you see why they are electri-frying this planet and people? Messing with the Schumann Resonance which is the magnetic field of this planet? Spraying the planet over, preventing cosmic energies from the sun to magnify us with its magnetic fields, and tampering with the magnetic poles to further imbalance the magnetics.

Electric is yang, magnetic is yin. Its to separate us from the symbiotics of us and Mama Earth and the sun, and to disconnect us from our many natural super-human abilities beyond the physical, disable us into merely physical beings, crippled as left brained shunted physical insensitive non empathic, non telepathic non metaphysical creatures.

Magnetic-field deficiency syndrome, or MFDS, is a term which describes a limited exposure to the geomagnetic field of the Earth.

Its the magnetic fields which are the energetics of the Heart........and they also carry the prana, chi, energy we need for life and feeling good....which is why we feel so good in Nature, not cities. Nature emits chi/prana/energy from the sun and earth. Magnetic Human Fields are the invisible information packets which harmo-genize (just made that word up) us with the cosmos.
There is ALOT going on.

 Some interesting symptoms of magnetic imbalance in the body from here:
Some of the other symptoms of magnetic energy blockage include goosebumps, light headedness, numbness in a particular part of the body, etc. These blockages can lead to severe headaches, nausea, diarrhea, pain in the heart and stomach, extreme sensitivity issues, and tiredness.

Another interesting read about the magnetic effects on our entire being here:
So the magnetic fields carry the prana, and we interact with these fields everywhere we turn. We find that green park areas that feel so healing and nurturing are filled with prana. The prana comes out of the green plants and it feels good to us. This certainly feels different than spending time in a city, paved over with cement! Our bodies take in prana, located on our left side a few inches above the hip bone. If you have a damaged or blocked spleen, complete prana absorption will be difficult or impossible. Magnetism is not confined to only physical plane matter. There is an emotional magnetism that exists in all emotions or ideals, a mental magnetism that exists in all ideas, and a physical magnetism that exists between you and all physical objects.


Then there are the Mandela Effects going on both in general public arenas and on personal levels to people individually which boggle the mind.

All of these things effect a state of mind that is not able to remain grounded, a psychic energy which is fractured and scattered as opposed to coalesced and stable, bodies that are under every form of stress 24/7 and needing Esoteric Nutritionists as opposed to ignorant medical dogmas......and it is very very challenging to gain ones center and keep it. 

Other points of interest:
* waking up at 1;30 on the nose every morning.
* everyone else I speak to/hear from seems to feel flattened out and bed bound lately
* the eyes being super blurry
* the painful question of us being and living in an entirely false holographic simulation
* "seemingly" rapid aging, dramatic body changes from day to day

However, anything that makes me feel like a useless eater, or that life is completely futile, is rejected by some powerful default divination from my inner planes which often get me back on track to finding purpose, even if it is the "purpose of the day".....and that I exist because I am an eternal being of love.

I crave the Expanse of Mother
from the cradle to the grave...
Her form of Nature
Her Essence of nurture
Her rhythm and Lushness,
and a billion lovely faces.
~ Serena

Serena, Lady of the Woods

Monday, July 11, 2016

Barbara Marciniak 2016

Hello People,

I have given up channeled materials some years ago, vehemently actually.
For some reason these past 2 weeks or more, I've been listening to Barbara Marciniak again, some chance youtube on the sidebar from listening to other things.....and I decided to listen to something recent from her. I've been listening alot and searched out her most recent and finished part one today. I could not find any objections to anything that was said. There is empowerment in agreement.

There is alot of talk of the anunaki in this and I have to say I had also abandoned all of that "information'' as well, even having read all of Sitchen's books back when they were written, yes I read them all, but I cannot read any of it now. The anu sagas got tiresome, but.....they have not gone away, they are still coming up as the roots of the multi tentacled montsers in all the texts, and as evidence we see today points to them, so why would I dismiss them? I don't. I know there are controllers (of many stripes and colors etc!)  and these are the names of them. It seems they do not seek to remain hidden. And I would recommend knowing those who are controlling, how they do and why. Know they enemy comes to mind. I do not run from this "dark" information because first of all, they have made themselves known to me in the harshest of ways, and secondly to do so makes me ignorant and these days there is not even the comfort of bliss from it. I prefer to know as this is power. We as humanity simply must make radical changes in our ways of functioning. I intend to.

The mention of word-play in the English language such as it is, specifically of the name "Elon"....as in that ''musk'' guy who runs space X programs etc, I had a visceral response to. It just all fits.
One quote from him is : ''There’s a ‘One in Billions’ Chance Reality Is Not a Simulation''.
So there is ai which is "artificial intelligence" and the archons are this for sure, and then there is another ai, which is the "alien installation".....which are the anunaki, ETC.

There are many people who are against Barbara.M, say many things about her and honestly I don't know about her nor do I care what is said anymore. I only know everything said in this video I found to be true as far as I know and I recommend listening to her, putting aside all prejudices etc, as I have done in my quest for those who are speaking truths that birth understandings we need for openings of consciousness and knowledge that empowers. I am going to listen to the other parts later.

She, or the Pleiadians are obviously not using their usual neutral soft talk, they are being blunt as the times, also obviously, are calling for it since so many of us are dim witted lately thanks to all the chemtrails and chemicals in food and water and drugs, nano tech, and just plain old denial....and well, all of that.

If you listen let me know what you think.

 *Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind, what I think and what I believe.


Serena, Lady of the Woods

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lisa Renee: "Soul Psychology"

I haven't visited Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis in a long time. This is her latest newsletter which can also be listened to in an audio link on the below page. I highly recommend this entire missive, I could not have said it any better.
Lisa is far more diplomatic and neutral in expressing what is happening, but this kind of knowledge requires it, if one is to be able to get through it all. Read with care.


Category: Newsletter: Shifting Timelines
CoherenceJune 2016
Soul Psychology
Lisa Renee
Dear Ascending Family,
“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.”
 ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
The Controllers desperately want us to forget that we have Souls.  Even though we exist in a material world filled to the brim with many different kinds of Souls, Spirits and Consciousness, they would like us to forget our Soul. Tyrants cannot control our mind as easily, if we know how to connect with our Soul.

Without understanding the worldwide agenda of trauma based mind control, we cannot understand our participation in the constructs put in place to keep it going.  We become unknowing participants, in perpetuating these systems.  It is difficult to witness how many people on the spiritual path, and how many practitioners and session providers, have this blind spot, and are unable to see the pervasiveness of this agenda.  This newsletter will be a bit longer, in order to try and uncover this matrix of control, piece by piece, so we can no longer be fooled by it.

As an analogy, it is hard for those of us living today, to imagine a time when surgeons did not understand germs or wash their hands.  The first person to suggest a connection between invisible microbes and post-surgical infection was the laughing stock of his day.  Yet his patients did not end up with infections, and recovered much faster.  There is a connection between hidden forms of mind control, and the fact that so many humans are caught in pain traps and are being unknowingly manipulated by their sub-personalities.  When people become aware of this and can source manipulation, it ceases to have any control over them.  They also understand why it is crucial not to react to others out of anger or violence, which invites these dark forces in.  If we do not recognize and understand the dark forces, we cannot recognize and understand the light forces.  

The Border Guards, Monitoring the Matrix

We live during a time on the planet when the language used for public discourse, attempting to give some kind of expression to the existence, nature and experience of the Soul, Spirit or God, is twisted and manipulated in order to distort its true meaning.  When these consciousness experiences are described, anywhere in the mass media, they are immediately discredited, labeled as delusions in order to be discredited, or quickly defined and moved into the category of religion.  Those behind Global Mind Control do not want humanity to have the clarity, virtue, strength or peace that is gained from developing consciousness through exploring the inner spiritual relationship that comes with the Soul. They want to lull humanity into the great sleep of unconsciousness.

 The main Controller Pillars of Society expend tremendous amounts of resources to keep the human mind occupied on external and material things that keep us distracted and unable to look within. Distracting our mind with intense fears of survival, removes the creative potential for discovering our direct consciousness relationship with God, Soul and Spirit. To advance survival fears and poverty consciousness, the masses are brainwashed with very specific and limiting belief systems, which conveniently act as the self-enforcement policy for the consciousness enslavement of others. Humans in all cultures and walks of life, are mostly taught to victimize and ridicule people that want to explore ways to think for themselves.

The fields of Science and Medicine are aggressively monitored and regulated, as these mainstream world establishments are used to reinforce a variety of anti-Soul ideological beliefs into the public to help serve the NAA. The anti-Soul belief system requires terminating progress or credible evidence which could prove that states of consciousness or Soul exist. This includes the consistent elimination of the acquisition of any evidence-based knowledge that recognizes nature, animals and other life forms as fully sentient beings. There are many areas in scientific investigation that are not approved for public dissemination, and thus "white paper" research in these fields are heavily controlled and compartmentalized.

During and after the World Wars, aggressive social engineering agendas were put into place by the NAA Controller secret societies through the medical and scientific communities that had started to form the field of Psychology. Consequently, the academic and clinical disciplines of Psychology use the medical model and are therefore pathology oriented, which completely ignores the energetic reality of consciousness, and the nature of the Soul. During this Ascension cycle, we must help each other to understand the implication that this has upon humanity, and to redefine the nature and existence of the Soul inside Psychology. This begins by understanding the history and the intentions behind the field of Psychology that exists today.  The Soul is the essence of who we are, and it is that part of us which focuses upon the most authentic part of our true nature. For true healing to occur, the Soul is the part of us that is the most powerful in effecting mental shifts and behavioral changes, and can greatly improve our self-esteem and self-confidence.

The word Psychology derives from Greek roots that define the study of the psyche, or the study of the Soul. In China, Psychology grew from the philosophical works of Lao-Tsu and Confucius, and was further developed from the doctrines of Buddhism. This body of ancient knowledge involves exploring the deep insights that can be drawn from personal introspection and holding a pure observation of the external. These mental practices are what help to grow a strong inner core and spiritual foundation by developing observer consciousness. Ancient wisdom teachings are about practicing techniques for focused thinking and acting with an emphasis on purifying the mind, in order to increase the virtue and power of the Soul.  Prior to the late 1800’s, the study of our inner mental life was the study of our Soul, and the inner workings of our deepest self or essence. This is the true meaning of Soul Psychology, a system of understanding, which allows for the necessary integration between the functions of the mind and the Soul, acknowledging and supporting the human consciousness framework into harmonious co-existence. Soul Psychology is an important tool for helping us to retrain our mind from being easily taken over by external forces and other people. We learn to refocus ourselves, to shape our mind to become subservient to our true Soul purpose, which makes us stronger people. For these reasons, Soul Psychology is an important basic key for supporting humanities consciousness growth in Spiritual Ascension. Becoming truly self-aware and conscious is dependent upon our ability to listen to and gain the intelligent wisdom of our own body, mind and soul. They will help to inform us about our true nature, so that we can consistently improve our internal coherence and strengthen our moral character. 

Mainstream Psychology

Current mainstream Psychology is the study of behavior, thoughts and the functions of the mind, which attempt to explore concepts that include all aspects of the conscious and unconscious experiences that make up the current human condition. Many people believe that the current field of Psychology has the ultimate goal of creating a more improved and humane society. However, without the necessary components to allow the integration and comprehension of the structure of the Soul, Psychology remains completely antiquated in addressing the real and varied impacts that the mind has upon the Soul. To intentionally disconnect the existence of the mind from the existence of the soul is extremely destructive and damaging to all human beings. This fact is what contributes to the manifestation of disconnected and chronically miserable people who intentionally create harm without moral conscience.

Soul disconnected people behave in a similar manner to artificial intelligence robots, as they are shaped by mass media to make decisions based on survival and selfish desires, with no authentic thoughts or emotional states of their own making. Disconnection conveniently pushes forward the basic agenda of Psychology to be very effective in furthering the Transhumanism agenda. Today, if people are unhappy and disconnected from their mind and soul, they are given a pharmaceutical drug to take control over their bio-neurological system functioning, which leads to lifelong pharmaceutical dependencies and addictions. Administering synthetic drugs to impair bio-neurological functioning of the brain further  impairs and damages the Soul body, making it nearly impossible for a person to experience Soul embodiment or perceive the nature of their Soul.

The Soul body is made up of a complex webbing of energetic receivers, which connect to the central nervous system and brain wiring. Inducing certain artificial stimulus into the central nervous system and the brain, will short circuit the soul body and brain receivers, effectively damaging the wiring connections that transmit electromagnetic signals.  This is common in people who hear voices in their mind, after they have had some kind of extreme trauma reaction, to drugs or hospitalization. Thus, applied Psychology without understanding the real existence and nature of the Soul, easily leads to biological and social engineering experiments of mind control, by prescribing drugs and carrying out therapies that shut down the energetic receivers that exist between the brain, body and Soul.

Organized Religion and Scientific Atheism are both schools of thought imposed by the NAA, which result in indoctrinated humans that suffer from the control system that extremely polarizes thinking. Each side of the opposition, present an all or nothing model that severely limits the scope of human intelligence. The agenda is to keep people arguing in circular debates with no resolution, so that we waste our energies being distracted by ineffective projects or topics that lead nowhere. Political and financial interests dominate angry egos jostling for status or position, over finding the common ground that unites us to put our collective energies into serving humanitarian causes. We must stop contributing to the deadlock, and become a positive cause in finding the common ground, by focusing on the much larger picture. Always speaking compassionately and kindly towards others is the best place to begin the dialogue.

The Soul and Mind co-exist together in an energetic reality that greatly influence each other, independent of any religious doctrine or scientific dogma. If you are incarnated in a human body on the earth, it means that both the experiences, and the structures of the mind and soul are intricately enmeshed with your true consciousness. The Soul body is not ruled in its natural existence by any form of Religion, just as the mental body is not ruled in its natural existence through any form of Psychology. Humanity must get past the limitations of polarized thinking and engaging in circular debates that label people who experience their personal Soul nature, as religious zealots or as delusional. As well as opening their hearts to the potential existence that the Soul is consciousness energy, which can be measured and quantified in the day-to-day activities of sentient beings.

Impacts of Scientific Atheism 

The Global Mind Control agenda wants all humanist philosophies or direct experiences with our Soul, Spirit or God, defined and catalogued by one of their belief control system intermediaries; Religion, Medical, New Age, Scientific Atheism or Transhumanist community, etc., any one of these store fronts will do. According to some Scientists and Technologists, Soul, Spirit or God is a delusion made up by ignorant, superstitious people that use religion as a crutch, to cover up their own denial and fears of humanities inevitable destiny with death. If we observe the wars, violence and destruction wielded by church going religious megalomaniacs throughout history, the reasons are clear that many educated, scientific and rational minds abandoned the tyranny that they found in religion, and promptly replaced it with some newer version. Although in some atheistic circles, the goals are to promote a humanist world society based upon credible scientific evidence, which is noble and sincere, it cannot achieve beneficial forward progress without acknowledging the vast existence of the nonvisible spiritual energetic realms, such as acknowledging the existence of the Soul. Atheism seeks to terminate the power abuses of religious based prejudices made through the imposition of their own brand of confirmation bias, which is validated by the science communities’ version of informed consensus.

Unfortunately, when people are disconnected from their Soul through the rigid belief that they do not have one, they will not gain higher consciousness or higher sensory perception ability. In order to perceive beyond the illusions of the material world or third dimension, we must connect with our spiritual bodies. When we are connected to higher dimensions of consciousness while in a body, we greatly increase our capacity to perceive the many layers of the spiritual-energetic nature of our reality. Thus, we know that informed consensus between the people on the earth does not yet exist. Earthlings have not been informed of the extraterrestrial nature of our real origins, or the regular intervention and control that is made in planetary affairs by the off-worlders. When the mass population is not informed of the truth in these matters, and is continually lied to in order to base their existence on piles of mass deception, there is no such thing as informed consensus.

Thus, Scientific Atheism has a critical relevance in shaping current systems that control beliefs in the mainstream areas of Science, Medicine and Education, which unequivocally affirm that we are alone in a cosmos devoid of supernatural realms.

The anti-soul agenda seeks to create division through polarization of people’s thinking into holding staunch oppositions that they will defend at all costs in order to win their argument. Their assertion is that there is no credible scientific evidence for the existence of a God, Soul or Spirit. Yet, as we are well aware, there is no acknowledgement of the scientific evidence that validates and describes:
  • Why and how we fall in love,
  • How deep emotional bonds between people communicate telepathically,
  • Human communication with many kinds of supernatural forces and entities,
  • Transcendental, intuitive and empathic consciousness experiences of at-one-ment,
  • Synchronistic events, which hold deep meaning in our lives for no apparent logical reason,
  • Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), proof of Afterlife or Soul Projection into other dimensions.

Millions of people experience these kinds of consciousness experiences throughout the world every day, no matter what kind of belief system they have. Science as it is being controlled today, will never be capable of explaining these consciousness experiences related to our soul, with empirical data based on informed consensus. It is important to always remember, there are beautiful and kind people that can be found within every kind of scientific or medical field. We need to focus on our common humanitarian goals, and always be kind and compassionate to the people involved, no matter what their belief system.

Thoughts Impact Soul Colors

Our thoughts and the way that we think have a great impact upon others, as well as directly impacting the quality of light and frequency that our consciousness directs, which shapes and forms our soul and spiritual bodies.  Positive and loving thoughts emanate intensely bright colors of high frequency light, sound waves and shapes that shift and oscillate within a spectrum of colors throughout the energy field. As the focus of those thoughts shift and change, the pattern of colors in the aura and the quality of the light source, also shifts and changes. The brighter and higher the frequency of light that is generated from our developed consciousness, the more strength and influence, that light source has upon others as well as uplifting the environment. Spiritually strong people have a strong Inner Light that is built upon a foundation of a strong, clear and focused mind and heart.  As the result of developing a strong, clear and focused mind and heart, intensely bright consciousness light travels far and wide, as it spirally reflects outwards from within a spiritually strong human being. Their inner light moves in many directions simultaneously to be absorbed by the souls that are located within the sphere of its energetic influence.  When high frequency light and color is absorbed within the soul-spirit body, this same color and frequency becomes a permanent part of its aura.

Negative and unloving thoughts emit dull, gray and dense colors of very low frequency light and sound waves. These negative thoughts can become things that gather into distorted and grotesque shapes and sometimes, grow to become entities littered throughout the energy field. These dull grey and black colors are dense and form a thick wall of black substance that inhibit or block the person from gathering in and circulating brighter light sources. A person with excessive negativity manifests a black wall that acts as a covering around their body that deflects and repels light away from them. In many cases, this kind of black force surrounding a human body attracts many kinds of negative spirits or satanic forces, which they co-exist with and think is a part of their own identity.

It is important to clarify that recognizing and discerning darkness, shadow entities and black force substance when it is present in the field, is not the same as contributing to negative thoughts and negative energies. When observing satanic entities, or even those dark forces who attack Starseeds and light workers regularly, the goal is to observe them as they are, study their nature and understand that they are disembodied entities, suffering and in bondage to tremendous trauma and pain. Starseeds must learn how to discern these dark forces so that they can deflect and neutralize dark attacks, as well as to defend their right to exist on the earth. The New Age has taught many people to live in denial and only accept the existence of pure light filled benevolent and loving forces on the earth. When we refuse to discern or acknowledge that the darkness exists as a type of consciousness on the earth, we allow ourselves to exist in denial and deception, which make us easy targets for dark force control and manipulation. As we spiritually mature, we will eventually access more of the truth spirit, which observes and discerns all of the varied energies, both dark and light, that make up the many realms of Universal Consciousness.

Destructive Thoughts form Destructive Doorways

When we allow ourselves to express negative thoughts or destructive emotions, these negative energies enter our body and aura through the doorway we have consciously or unconsciously created. When negative thoughts are amplified and made forceful through repeated unchecked negative ego behaviors, the more volume and intensity of the related negative emotional energy and its essences will gather.  When people obsess, ruminate or loop in their mind about something that gives them feelings of anxiety or pain, this behavior grows negative energy like gradually blowing air into a balloon. At some point, when it reaches maximum capacity, that balloon is going to pop, and the contents explode out into the environment.

An example of when there is excessive negative energy accumulated, is when a person loses control of themselves and explodes in a rage of intensely dark negative reactions through an emotional outburst. Sometimes, the person can appear momentarily possessed by these negative emotions, losing control of their personal faculties and not remembering the extent of their outburst. This situation is intensified when a person takes drugs, alcohol or other consciousness altering substances. When negative outbursts occur the vibrating negative energy of that person’s emotional experience, is felt by negative spirits in the dark realms that have the same vibration of negativity. They are attracted to this vibrational essence and tune into the mind of that person, before, during and after the outburst.  Once this negative connection is made, it can serve to amplify the negative thoughts and emotions to be carried out into even more destructive levels. The stronger and more forceful the negative thoughts become inside that person, the more likely it is they will give in to acting out these destructive behaviors, which are being amplified by negative spirits. That person may become rage filled and thus in that moment, be unable to choose their reactions. They may act out destructive actions against themselves or others, even if it goes against their own belief systems. All intrusive negative thoughts and violence are emanated from the source of blackness that makes up satanic and dark forces, and these dark spirits are seen in and around all destructive actions. All actions of destructive violence and insanity that can be observed in the world today are the result of negative spirit influence or satanic possession of a person with massive spiritual wounding. These negative spirits co-exist in our world, from other dimensions in time and space, such as the underworld or dark realms. Negative spirits constantly attempt to take over the human mind and body, to use the human body, by placing the person in dark servitude, in order to carry out the telepathically transferred agenda. Thus, all Imposter Spirits are negative spirits that use mind control and deception to achieve their goals through the manipulation of human beings, at all four levels of their bodies, while existing in the material world.

This is a very real danger for humans in the exact moment of being emotionally triggered into negative emotions. To remain mentally and emotionally able to choose, if that destructive behavior is truly being acted out by personal will, or by allowing our mind and body to be controlled by outside forces.

The critical importance of resisting these negative thoughts and destructive actions that are being falsely projected into our mind and body telepathically, cannot be over emphasized.

The tragic consequences of a person that allows themselves to be controlled by destructive thoughts or negative spirits, which further lead them to commit destructive actions, is that the energetic debt of that destructive action is now the responsibility of the person that has committed the action. If a person commits destructive actions, that person is now in the consent and authority with the dark forces that have mind controlled them to commit that action. As the person carries out repeated spiritually destructive actions, he or she is now subjected to the physical laws or mind control that has been manifested by the dark forces, where that person will not recognize the Soul or be protected by the Natural Laws of God, through their own harmful choices. The Soul is gravely impacted by carrying out destructive actions and the aftermath of this destructive energetic residue is left recorded within the cells of the human body, therefore corrupting the energetic integrity of the entire body, mind and soul. This is especially devastating to the Soul when people commit depraved actions in the name of religion or serving their God, believing that they are committing these heinous acts of destruction in order to rightly justify their violent religious beliefs. These groups of destructive people bring extremely negative energies into their human body, which leads to full blown possession and bondage to these negative spirits, which manifests and aggressively spreads diseases throughout the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Soul Trauma and Disease

There is a subtle balance that exists between the energies of the body, mind and soul which are responsible for the manifestation of states of health, or disease in every person. Soul trauma and constant exposure to negatively stressful circumstances are the cause of all psychiatric disorders and many pathological diseases. Extreme states of stress that are created from negative energies and negative spirits, will cause breaking points or soul fractures in the weakest links within our genetic record and accumulated cellular memories. When these energy fractures occur, they send electromagnetic signals to message in our cells, which record that imbalanced energy into our body systems, and this impairs the functioning of our body, mind and soul. The imbalanced messaging changes the brain chemistry and body metabolism, which may cause a variety of injuries that will manifest from the genetic record of that soul's trauma. That weak link in the record of the Soul's trauma is determined from the ancestral record or family genetic connections, until these ancestral records have been cleared from impacting our spiritual bodies. Ancestral genes carry the links to the expression of the accumulated imbalanced behavior or emotions that are recorded in our cells, and that will determine the type of weakness, disorder or disease, that we are susceptible to having.  Negative energies promote diseases and if it continues without correction, it allows for further accumulation of negative emotional energy that deepens the state of disease into the bodily matrices. The determining factor of which kind of disease will manifest is genetically determined and is a function of the memories within our own unique genetics.

Splitting the Mind from the Soul 

Without this critical knowledge of the Soul, Psychiatrics as it exists today, covertly exacerbates the NAA spiritual abuse conditioning through its social and biological engineering methods. Thus, it functions to reinforce medical care methods that induce mental body splitting, that ultimately create soul fracturing in the human public. Social Engineering is a type of mind control that seeks to manipulate people from their own right to privacy, into becoming knowledgeable and self-informed, so that the social structure can exploit them with misinformation that is used to take control of their behaviors. The primary method is applied via bullying, intimidation and deception tactics through controlling perception and by generating personal or mass fears, real or imagined in their targets.
Thus, this includes an anti-soul agenda to enforce the basis of standard Psychiatric medical care to be fully governed and regulated by only western medical and military corporate conglomerate interests. These controlling interests only consider the revenue and resources generated from the physical pathologies that they have produced, in order to diagnose the public using their catalogue of pharmaceutically treatable disorders and diseases. Inducing and maintaining disease states to create lifelong medical consumers not only greatly suppresses human consciousness it generates multiple billions in revenue worldwide. The American Psychiatric Association or APA, offers a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM. The DSM primarily evolved out of the US Army after World War II. It is currently used by every governing agency that is intricately connected to the many laws and policies that make up the current medical establishment, such as; drug regulation agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance companies, clinicians, hospitals, the World Health Organization, as well as for military psychological profiling. Naturally, the DSM has tightly guarded copyrights that continue to make millions of dollars just from the publication and distribution of the manual itself.

The combination of growing massive corporate medical and drug profits, damaging bio-neurological functioning through prescribed pharmaceuticals, standardizing psychiatric diagnostic categories for dehumanization agendas, and medically treating humans as soul-less entities, creates the perfect front for the NAA. This allows them to continue to enforce abusive standards of medical care that are intentionally used to split apart the mind from the soul, contributing to the creation of disconnected and violent humans. Medical professionals and patients are indoctrinated to commit and accept the abuse of their fellow human being as appropriate, while stripping them of their human dignity, choice and wellbeing, all in the name of health care. The obvious motivation is that this greatly weakens and confuses many human beings, making them vulnerable to every kind of deception and dark manipulation. This leads to easy forms of mind control, social conditioning to accept anti-human behavior, taking mind altering pharmaceuticals, believing that a pill will cure problems, serious suffering while in disease states, and finally dark force possession.

When we can comprehend the larger picture of what is happening on the earth, the reasons behind this dehumanization agenda in the psychiatric and medical field becomes clearer and clearer. Why would these structures be put in place with the image that they are designed to heal and help people, when the primary motivation of the structure is to make money from the continued suffering and disease of others? Have you noticed the reversals inside these structures, compared to what they are actually marketed to represent? As an example, a medical research organization may represent them selves as devoting millions of dollars in grant money, from drug companies, toward finding a cure for cancer, but in reality they do not want to find a cure because it’s not profitable to the drug companies. It basically becomes a shell company to move money around to the people that play ball with the NAA. The answers lie behind the mechanisms that are used in society to disconnect people from their direct spiritual relationship with Soul, through the same tactics used in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Abusing Spiritual Principles to Control Minds

We define all forms of hidden, intentional deception and manipulation, applied with the intent to control the minds of other people, so that one believes the abusive content that is being projected into his or her mind is actually being generated from inside themselves, as one clear definition of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). SRA is a trauma-based method used to achieve the result of completely controlling the mind, in order to take complete control over people and further abuse their bodies and souls. Thus, within all structures of mind control used on this earth, the architects behind it, abuse spiritual principles in order to isolate that system of control from the truth of God, Soul or Spirit. Their agenda is to dehumanize all human beings by stating the soul is nonexistent, degrading people purposely into not believing that they are spiritual beings, so that they will become animals that are only capable of animalistic reactions. This way, life itself is not valued or revered, thus committing torture and killing in all forms of life, is made more easily socially acceptable.

A very important principle to understand, that is used to control all people on this earth by the dark forces of Satanism, is to incite fear, anger and confusion toward any concept that describes the nature of God, Soul and Spirit. When people are continually subjected to forms of pain, trauma, grief and loss, when they feel that their only choices are to be the victim or become the victimizer, then people can be easily manipulated to commit and enforce any kind of heinous behavior and depraved action. Through people's self-hatred, the dark spiritual forces of hatred are directed towards life and all things sacred to the nature of Soul. This is expressed through people's lack of empathy, to which they have no moral conscience to the pain, harm and suffering that they create. These destructive beliefs and actions deeply wound the mind, body and soul of that person, along with the people that have been subjugated to that dark influence or reign of terror.  People (along with their inner child) may consciously or unconsciously be conditioned to believe that we are condemned to live in a hellish world designed by a hateful God that makes us suffer terribly, because we are bad and sinful creatures. This is what many religions have told the masses. Thus, great efforts are made by the NAA in the global mind control scape to ensure that the people of earth believe that God has rejected them. Or that other people’s Gods are violent and evil and they must be killed, or that the nature of God and Soul is nonexistent and was fabricated by the delusional minds of religious tyranny. This is the NAA mind control setup of humanity rejecting their inner spirit as God. When we hate God or hold fear based concepts about the nature of God, we violently reject our own inner self and Soul light, through that same force of hatred we have been programmed with.

The Worldwide SRA Agenda Summation

Although unpleasant to comprehend, there is a worldwide Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) agenda, which promotes the main methods behind the Archontic Deception Strategy that can be easily seen covertly operating in a variety of social structures, such as the medical system. Once we are informed by how this method works to create sociopaths, as it is reinforced in the unconscious minds of the people, we can safeguard and protect ourselves from being further manipulated. It is our informed awareness and spiritual commitment to serve our highest expression that ultimately protects us from being used and abused unconsciously. For this reason, we have summarized the basic recipe for grooming sociopathic minds through SRA methods:

Trauma Based Mind Control for Enslavement: Intentionally create conditions that manifest as much pain, torture and trauma at the earliest stages of childhood, and reinforce and grow that trauma response, into the stages of adulthood, so that spiritual abuse is normalized and accepted within the self, others and in the societal structures. SRA is trauma based mind control used to enslave people.

Abuse Spiritual Principles to Reject Soul: Abuse spiritual principles in all forms of social control that isolate and disconnect that structure and its people from feeling their natural co-existence with unified spiritual consciousness. Intend to groom self-hatred and hatred for that which is most sacred in the spiritual principles of God. Condition people to unconsciously commit grave harm to themselves and to others without feelings of remorse or taking responsibility for personal actions. Introduce and reinforce a variety of anti-Soul ideological beliefs into the public. SRA mind control is used to agitate people to get them to feel rejected, angry, and victimized, to desire retaliation against their oppressors (or others they blame), which sets them up for the bondage loop of consciousness enslavement.

Disassociate, Fragment and Dehumanize People: When people experience extreme pain and trauma abuse, (especially, when trauma events are repeated and never given the ability to heal) they will disassociate from their body and the reality to get relief. At the moment of disassociation, they fragment in their mind, emotional layers and spiritual body. This disconnects their lightbody layers and the functions between the mind and soul, which results in an energetically fractured, dehumanized and extremely fragile self. Abused and abusive people have no sense of emotional coherence, personal boundaries or self-respect, which allows for them to be easily mind controlled and prepared for further dark infiltration and consciousness enslavement. The individuals are purposely dehumanized to think of themselves as animals and to behave as animals (or even less than, generally, animals do not torture for sport). Dehumanized, they are easily fragmented, weakened and confused.

Attract and Spread Negative Spirits and Satanic Forces: Painful spiritual fragmentation creates energetic splitting behaviors, which disconnects all components of the many layers that exist within the human being, separating aspects of their consciousness into different realms of time and space. An example is the agenda to split apart the inner female from the inner masculine consciousness to produce external sexual misery and misogyny. This internal split and fracture of the Soul attracts negative spiritual entities that can form attachments.  They take advantage of energetic weakness by manipulating that person’s pain, in order to gain further access, to control some layer of their mind, body or spirit. The negative entity feeds on the energy yielded from the source of pain that human being creates. This cycle of parasitism increases the spiritual wounding, which will produce sub personalities.

Produce Alternates and Sub Personalities to take Control over the Body: In severe cases of mental splitting when the extreme pain drives that person into disassociation, at the moment the person disassociates from their body, the soul-psyche manifest coping mechanisms to survive. To disassociate from the painful trauma felt in the body, the soul and mind will split into sub personalities, or create alternate identities. These are called alters. Disassociation and hidden alters with demonic binding are especially common in rape cases and with extreme physical brutality. The alters are hidden in the unconscious mind by the fears of the inner child, which act to protect the conscious mind or the physical body from perceiving any more painful trauma. Many times people cannot remember exactly what has happened to them, until they have another major injury, or are hypnotically regressed, or brought into altered states of consciousness. It is common for the person to remember what happened to them many years later, because they have blacked out the time period where the extreme trauma abuse had occurred. Many people ignore past extreme trauma because they feel pressures to survive in the world. Alters can be unintentionally created from splitting during any kind of traumatic event, or specifically created and programmed as identity attachments that have certain belief systems. Alters that are programmed with specific belief systems can perform certain functions automatically and unconsciously, when they are triggered into that specific behavior. Alternate identities are used in programing minds when blank slating or consciousness wiping methods are used. People that have many alters, also have many satanic bindings to those alters, and they lose control over many aspects of their own mind, body and Soul, as a result. Most people are not aware they have sub personalities, and yet this is extremely common on planet earth. The sub personalities are what are easily suggestible to forms of mind control programming, and will act out these behaviors when they are triggered to do so. When people go unconscious and lose control of their mind or body, such as flying into rages where they cannot remember what actually happened, it is because they have an alternate identity that took control over their body. This alter is generally also being manipulated by a negative entity or satanic force. There are black military programs that create assassins to kill on command, using trigger words, based upon SRA programming methods of spiritual abuse. These can be partial attachments made to programmable alters or full negative spirit possessions. A person with hidden alters created through trauma abuse, can easily flip flop between many different profiles of personality, that they show as a mask to the public.  Essentially, they are actors and actresses in a movie that is being directed by negative spirits or satanic forces, in which they are not aware they are participating.

Falsified Projections for creating Destructive Acts, Self-Deception and Escapism: Negative entities (both human and non-human) intentionally create more pain and trauma in a person they perceive as weaker, to get them to commit actions that will place that person’s mind and soul in bondage and servitude to their agenda. Victim-Victimizer programming is reinforced throughout society to incite thoughts of disconnection and powerlessness. Negative entities act as the Imposter, imposing on people’s minds. They falsely project negative behaviors, images and actions, in order to get the person to believe that the harmful option is the only way out of their pain, trauma and anxiety. Or believe that the false projection is the escape path that will bring them bliss and happiness. The reality is that when the person commits the self-destructive action, it amplifies and accumulates painful energies, which makes the sensation of inner pain or addiction much worse. In cases of astral bliss, the person lives in a delusional state in order to avoid any discomfort or pain that would be caused, if they were to really see the truth of what happened.

Believing Deceptive Lies form Demonic Bindings and Astral Cords: Anytime we reject the truth to remain comfortable within our beliefs, or from our fears of self-annihilation, we easily accept lies. When a person believes the negative thoughts they received from a negative entity, are actually coming from their own mind, and they act out that destructive behavior, the entity is successful in deceiving them. This manifests as splitting, with astral cords or satanic bindings. Generally, entities use an emotional bait hook based on manipulating the type of pain or trauma that person carries. The dark force will bind itself to the wounds of that person, through the consent that was made during the destructive behaviors that person has acted out in the past or present. When people allow negative and unloving people access to their genitals, sexual bindings and entities can also be passed through intercourse.  Now that person is being drained and manipulated by a dark attachment that has corded itself to some part of that human’s body.

Producing Sociopaths and Psychopaths: Finally, when the person reaches their breaking point and cannot take the painful trauma anymore, they disassociate and lose the ability to access emotional feelings through a broken and blackened heart. Some of these people reincarnate again and again, in this wounded and splintered Soul state, reliving the same traumas repeatedly. Maybe they use forms of escapism through drug use, addictions or other ways to numb out and withdraw. Maybe they decide to be victimizers, to continue the abuse cycle to inflict the incredible pain that they have suffered at the hand of others. One thing is certain, people are being used as pawns in the checkerboard SRA game of the NAA, and many are unaware of the spiritual reality in which we are living. The lack of empathy and compassion we have for ourselves, as well as for the many serious abuses that are committed against others, is what produces narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. When the human heart is broken and the Soul is disconnected, it generates extreme distortions of sick and diseased behavior. These are the main goals behind the Worldwide SRA Agenda.

Educating the Spiritual Community to Compassionately Witness

If we disregard the spiritual dimensions of mind-control slavery and its history of experimentation on the human public, as it is happening on the earth, then we are neglecting to see the foundations of the entire mind control system that stems from the NAA. Many of these SRA methods that relate to creating the desired results of mass human puppeteering, were given to the Germans under Hitler, by the Nordic Aliens that are connected to the Black Sun Programs. The primary vehicle for SRA programming is to incite total terror in their victims by finding ways to repeatedly invoke that terrorism and fear without reprieve from the pain and anxiety.  To incite total terror into their victims, the SRA programmer and NAA Controller, intends to gain absolute control over every aspect of that person.

As a result, many SRA victims have deep phobias and powerful fears that they will never be believed that these horrific abuses have been committed against them. Many therapists that are trained in mainstream medicine and Psychiatry severely traumatize SRA victims further, by denying the authenticity of their experiences. Traditionally, psychiatrists have treated these victims as if their abuse is nothing more than psychotic delusions and nonsense, instilling in them even more traumatic feelings of guilt, shame and fears of ridicule. For an SRA victim to overcome their incredible internal fears to tell the truth publicly, after many years of threats to not to tell their story, is a humongous obstacle of pain for them to overcome. As a part of the spiritual community, we must become aware of the fact that rampant abuses are committed every day to the human race, through a variety of SRA methods. The Psychology profession is not equipped to address any of the mental or spiritual dimensions of humanity, let alone validate the existence of the incredible trauma involved in SRA. Total non-judgment and compassionate witnessing for these individuals is desperately needed, while being aware of the propaganda to tell the public that SRA does not exist, and is a made up fantasy from a group of psychotic people.

The truth is difficult, but it is what sets us free, along with nurturing our direct relationship with the power of God’s eternal loving spirit. All forms of denying the existence of the spiritual dimensions, ultimately generates deceptive harm in our life. We cannot reject the very nature of what and who we are as spiritual beings, and must recognize that we are sharing this earth with many other kinds of spiritual forces. We have a physical body and mind, but they are interconnected and intricately enmeshed with our Soul and Spirit, thus, we need to integrate all of our bodies to help bring them back into balance, to be able to heal the true heart of humanity.
We pray that these words are united in one heart as consecrated to the sacred self-sovereign eternal light of God, held inside the love-light power of truth telling and self-knowledge, that is dedicated to serve the complete authority of the Christos-Sophia. The Fallen, the satanic hierarchies, have no power or authority here, under any Imposters name.  We pray to God, to Humanities Collective Soul, and to the Holy Spirit of our Cosmic and True Mother, to release, transit and purge all devices and structures used to promote suffering in human beings that connect them to the fallen entities of the satanic spirits, you are cast out and have no authority here! We call upon the Spirits of Christ, the Spirit of Purity, to flood this work and its energetic container to be fully represented in the eternal power and authority that is the Cosmic Christos Consciousness. May peace be with you, in body, mind, heart and soul.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


Serena, Lady of the Woods