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Thursday, June 18, 2015

"ARCHONS":A Series ~ Part 6 ~ Cobra

*Note: the integrity of this man cobra is not verifiable by me, but he did have bits of information relating to this series so I am keeping it as part of it.

August 11, 2012


He is one who says he has come forthe to give the people of the Earth the truth as new events unfold on Earth. I have listened to every interview he made, I believe, (*note back in 2012) and I feel he is telling the truth though not the whole truth for the usual reasons.

He says he was part of a "certain quite secret mystery school, he's gotten the best occult training available on this planet."

In this interview (link no longer working) .....he speaks of what this series is about, the Archons, and what they are and what they do. He speaks of the following which I highly recommend you listen to it, but I highlight here the most crucial aspect which is the hypnotically denied aspect that these archons are totally absolutely anti feminine.
To use his words, "the Feminine Principal has been suppressed for the past 5000 years, and this created an imbalance on this planet, and we are finally reaching the point where real peace is finally possible." He also mentions the anger of men being manipulated by the cabal and the resulting complications within relationships, and also the cabal has also created the way in which women perceive love, keeps them in a box, that the cabal has manipulated it all, ''archons are completely and absolutely allergic to Goddess energy. When the Goddess energy arrives, they get completely crazy".....and he goes on to explain how and why women, "this energy of love has been held captive, its been manipulated by cabal in very strict rules, how, when and what circumstances this love can be expressed, and so women lose touch with their own feminine essence".

The feminine on this planet has been within direct suppression which keeps the whole of humanity under the rule and power of a weaker more aggressive force, and people you have no idea of the massive implications of this and the so called "imbalance" is only the tip of the iceburg.

The interviewer explains how her guides have told her how the archontic forces have manipulated the relationships of the many ''lightworker'' women and compromised their abilities by manipulating their circumstances in life, working negatively through the weak male, causing even divine partnerships to disintegrate and thus keeping a weak relationship structure on this entire planet, preventing sacred partnerships and thus much less light work being done on the planet.....and keeping her forced to work in a male dominated financial structure for basic survival. She asks cobra if he is aware of this and he says ''oh yes, oh yes, and I can expand a little bit more on this .... ''

And also he speaks about money, the meaning of it, the dark magic placed on it and why women especially the ''light worker'' women are steeped in poverty......very interesting stuff.

blessings, lady

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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