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Monday, January 30, 2017

Why "Nesting" Is A Spiritual Endeavor

Dear People,

I know there are sensitives who read this blog. I hope it helps you in some way.
Also reading the comments section offers more from others.

In conversing with a friend, I mentioned how since age 5 I had always ''wanted to help humanity and Earth''...that it felt all my life like some feverish need, which made me run hot and bothered, intense, and anxious. It made me sick, it truly did. It was such a fire that burned inside of me. But over time the futility of that endeavor fried me, deprived me of my essence, my chi, my prana.....because the fire to ''help'' was consuming all of my consciousness and so deeply embedded, I was driven by it somehow. I now see it as an infection, an illness, not a noble desire to assist radiating out with strength from me to the outer world, no, it was a sickness, an infection that also resulted in a fever that tried to burn it up making me weak, useless to the world but mostly useless to myself.
Useless. To. My. Self......and hence the world.
What a waste of time and energy. I never paid attention to those ''fevers''.....I plowed on, ignoring my body.
What have I been thinking?! How can I help the world? I am one person and getting sick trying to help an entire sick planet most of whom do not realize they need help, nor even want help? The problems of the world are multitudinous, with hosts of humans who are hosting parasites. I wanted not only to help humanity but Earth too. WTF? WTF! The world will continue on without me when I am gone, never knowing I existed. How could I be so foolish? What gave me this drive to begin with?

The time I'm spending now cocooning, nesting, hibernating, and doing nothing with consciousness free of guilt, I am sensing how my vital energies are coming back, because they are not being fried with the fever/infection of ''needing to help'', an entire world.
Where did that come from? Was that an implant? A brainwashing from pre-birth? Many theories ensue. 
My essence is now cooling down, literally.
I use a far infrared sauna regularly and I could never sit in there and be still, I was always fidgeting in the intense heat. Now I am cool within, peaceful and I can sit still in the sauna at 143 degrees like a monk with hands in prayer pose.

This infection to ''help humanity and Earth'' is prevalent and common in many who are considered starseeds, crystal children, indigoes, etc, evolved souls who answered the ''call''.....wanderers, the children of sorrow, etc.....all of those beings who are here can say the same exact thing: "I am here to help humanity and earth". But we have mostly gone wrong in how we went about it. I can know now, that moving about in the physical realms, in the 3D realities, was not the way to do this.
We'd be compromised as falling into maya has both amnesia and density to pull us deeper in this place as being 'real'....we got involved, engaged, we became part of it, and lost in it. Until something happens, or burns up and fries everything we've got until there is nothing left, and you either die or ''the stillness'' is enforced. The ''stillness'' is the fertile ground for our true seed to germinate. Change cannot be forced....it cannot be executive ordered, voted in, or politically coerced into being.
Positive change is a tree, a living being. Change must be grown. It must be planted in fertile soil and nurtured by divine elements. Stillness, of groundedness. Water of Life, as our bodies. Light, of consciousness.

Grow, where you are planted.


I am only now experiencing the fullness of this.

And sadly, I am realizing more and more how much this planet is truly covered by a thick layer of dark forces, ready to pounce on every weak point, every vulnerability, every moment, every day.
It grows like a cancer. And people are unawares of what they are truly dealing with.

But in this post I will share what Tom Paine wrote about this as well.
There is so much happening that words can not convey. I encourage you to read deep, to empath what is written and to join us.
Blessings of Stillness


Dear Lady of the Woods,

When you and I were talking about the concept of 'doing nothing' I mentioned that it is also a Zen Buddhist concept of 'not doing'. At which point I asked how many Zen Buddhists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: Two. One to screw in the light bulb, and one to NOT screw in the light bulb.

Then, speaking of cocooning or nesting or shutting off the din of the outside world and its benefits of nurturing the spirit Serena said that "When we think we need to change the world then the Whole World becomes our PROBLEM. ACK !!!
This caused a major epiphany for me. HA! No wonder this world can be such a terrible distraction when we try to fix it!
It saps our energy, our chi, our vital essence and siphons it away in useless avenues of wasted energy. This, it turns out to be a totally futile drain on our consciousness, a constant burr under our blanket, an itch that cannot be scratched. Why? Because the vast majority of 'people' on this world are NOT HUMAN !!! They don't 'get it!' They have no concept of higher thought and spirituality. As our friend, PL pointed out that she used to think it was part of our job to lead such people into enlightenment. WRONG. 'They' will never get it! They don't have the capacity to understand it. In fact they are jealous of anyone who sees more than they do and they only want to either drag us down into the hole that they are in or to STEAL our life force, because they begin to realize that they are ALREADY DEAD and wish to appropriate our lifeforce and energy for their own use to make them believe that they are actually alive. Vampires come to mind. The Walking Dead. The Background People. The soulless ones.

For those of us who wish to communicate our understanding of the world, it is necessary to limit our communications to those who we intuit are souled individuals. This can only be determined by astute observations of people and thru constant awareness of the signs that would reveal such people to us. Not an easy task, but gravely necessary.

Another thing that needs to be said about the difficulty in perceiving that 'still small voice' and the true signals of spirit and wisdom is that this entire planet is blanketed in a DULL LEADEN SMOG of low vibrations which are perpetuated by the intense electromagnetic jamming taking place all around us through cell phone towers, GWEN towers, ULF frequencies, WI-FI, TV, radio and satellites. Permeating this stifling cloud of darkness is the global thoughtforms and diseased beliefs held by the collective unconscious. Finding a pure signal from our higher consciousness is almost impossible under these circumstances. Only through RUTHLESS DISCERNMENT can we actually tune in to these signals from our higher consciousness and from those souled individuals who are trying to convey their truths to us.

So, dear Friends, these are the obstacles we face in awakening to our true selves and our true purpose.
Onward, thru the Fog!
Tom Paine

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. The World Setup is specifically designed to 'consume' us little by little. Unfortunately, this world is run by aliens and sociopaths bent on getting their way at all cost, and they want to be like God and rule over God's creation. This time 'they' are not supposed to 'win' and the liberation of mankind is at hand.
    I know too well the feeling/state of being 'fried' out of Life Energy.
    The only way to get it back is to find your way to the I AM Presence, and since all answers can be found within, it is my heartfelt desire to renew/rekindle with this eternal spiritual Oneness more and more every day. There is no other way out of this hell on earth.

  2. I too agree that the electromagnetic fields which man had placed around the entire earth is direly affecting the ecosystem, which surrounds the sub-atomic level of our existence, from which proceeds the magnetic field inside our bodies, which magnetic fields surround all life forms, affecting the trees, the whales, the sea life, the bird, and the bees (sounds like a 60's song)and a thing called Love. That too is being affected. Love itself is being affected by the disconnect vibrations so that it is being endangered to the point of disappearing from the Earth. I feel it radiating out from me, this love, for the Earth, yet there is a hesitation I am feeling which is invading the human minds around us which does not let the majority receive this Eternal Love. They are definitely blocked from having feelings of compassion and love. It is apparent it was never there in their psyche to begin with. Love gravitates to those who know who they truly are down deep inside. Love cannot embrace evil. Love and evil are more than just opposites. They cannot abide side by side. There is a charged atmosphere here on Earth because the unified field theory is all about Love, which only creates paths of light to those who are strong enough to bear that Light, hence is it UNIFIED. Evil has no concept of love or light, as evil itself, is in another dimension outside that unbearably beautiful existence of Light. Evil will never understand empathy, compassion, kindness, nor Love, or Light, only to the extent to which evil thinks it gains something in return for its own existence, but what it gains is never love, or light, as it only has to do with the ego and what self desires to have whatever means to an end, evil has to obtain it. thus it is always in a battle of wits for that which it can never see or understand. The reason being is Light reveals everything, and evil cannot face being revealed by the Light. I think our prayers for those who truly want to be embraced by the light, og to those who are spiritually enlightened, and those who are seeking, and they will be drawn by our prayers. There are angels who speak through the Eternal Spirit to approve those who are of the Light. Letting go of the self, the ego, is the power which enables us to be filled with Light, and evil cannot go there. Evil has no soul, hence evil cannot be filled with those enlightening nuances which make us who we are when one is filled with the Light.

    And I totally agree with Anonymous, and Tom Paine, and of course with you, dearest Serena.

    Blessedness comes from keeping ourselves from the evil. And so we hibernate, and seek the Eternal Spirit who is peace itself. Our radiance may affect someone in India, or Australia, or even someone in our own city, as the prayers we send out are ultimately more powerful than any man-made magnetic force, as it is of an Eternal and spiritual force which cannot be destroyed and it is like rippling affects and it the UNIFIED CONNECTION we have with all spiritually, pure entities. God knows this came from the Creator. All will be well.
    Miss Teresa


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