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Monday, January 23, 2017

More on "Balance Bullshit".......

I wrote the previous post on ''balance'' without planning and when not in the mood, just wanting to get that post out of my head from the past 2 years already, and so it is incomplete. I will add to it here and am sure will keep adding to it as I remember all I wanted to include in it.

*Also, with ph balance, the acid/alkaline spectrum one cannot say the acid/alkaline spectrum needs to be in balance. In our own bodies, acid is necessary for good health in some areas of the body and for good health in other parts of the body it is needed to be alkaline. One is not good and the other evil. Both are good when they are doing what they are meant to. The skin requires acid. The blood requires alkaline. The stomach needs to be acid. The mouth needs to be alkaline. Like day and night both are necessary. Again, the component that does not belong in the balance 'equation' is evil which non thinking people parrot the slogan of "balance in all things" which includes evil as needing to be ''balance''.

Another thing in this paradigm of earthly duality is the ''predator/victim'' quandary. This is another one I do not believe should be in ''balance''.
Maybe what I am really speaking of is duality, but what I'm writing about is that many many people use every polarity/duality scenario as things that need to be in ''balance'' and what I'm saying is that is all bull.

Some idiots believe predators/victims create each other, that you cannot have one without the other, and I say if one would think about this for one sec, it would dissolve into the nonsense it it. It is a one way travesty: Only predators create a victim. Period.

Predators are the aggressor, the one who creates both himself the predator, and a victim. A victim does not create a predator.
Think about it. A predator seeks out those to hurt, harm, con, kill, etc. Imagine then a world without a predator of humans at all. Would there be victims? NO. Simple. People would live in peace, quietly and full of innocence and trust. They do NOT create predators. Predators create victims.

Only evil, ergo, is the intrusion, the cancer, the one that does not belong in any amount whatsoever.
Why then do all religions have the concept of a heaven if not to escape the horror of predators? Its because it is totally unnatural.

There are people who say the victim sends out an energy to be victimized, and I say who believes that is the energetic support line for predators who use guile to convince victims of being the cause. This is obvious sickness again. No one wants to be a victim, and to blame victims for being brutalized is the act of a sadistic person in league with demonic forces who are masters of deceit, lies and predation.....those who twist things and speak upside down and inside out to confound any mind.

More to come on these ''duality and balance'' phallacies.....ps. I spell phallacies deliberately that way to denote the fact that this nonsense is the inception of the male mind.

I hope to be done with this, but I feel like more needs to be said, But I truly want to move on to my plan to speak of Home.

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Serena, Lady of the Woods

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