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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Crystal Woman (Child) on High Sensitivity

Hello Everyone,

I will be posting more on this blog coming soon. In the meantime I am also going to post what I find to be relevant to this blog's purpose, as an empath and being from another time and place, revealing to you the many who are all over the planet feeling as "we" do....when I say "we" I mean empaths and highly sensitive people who are of a caliber that is alien to this world and its patriarchal psychopathic ways. Those beings who come into this Earth life and go into shock and horror and spend their lives trying to recover and finding they can never blend in....... those who know the deep and true meaning of "civilized", and how to live in love and who find this Earth brutal to our minds, bodies and souls. We are the aliens.

Below is a video by a woman who is young but who has an eternal soul and this is reflected in her beauty and very calm and dignified way of being. This video is only one from her channel "Humanity Awakening".  I have listened to many of them and agree with everything she says and her experiences I share many of, and find her deep introspection and honest telling to be of integrity and deserving of the highest respect.
I love putting on her videos first thing in my morning to listen to her ethereal voice and sublime poise and grace. She reminds me well of home, my tribe, my soul family. She is an excellent example, and gives good company for my soul. Her beauty and poise calms the beast of alienation.

Her references to "starseeds" or "crystal child" are not a "new age fallacy", there have always been grains of truth to this ''new age'', as there are definitely beings who quantify these descriptives, and though they are thought to be young, many have grown up over the years and are adults or elders now. I just wish this woman would change the term to Crystal Woman.......as she is no child.

I would love to contact this woman, if any can find an email for her please let me know. I am not on facebook or other media. I just want to tell her that I love her. To please keep speaking of her life and thoughts and feelings, I want to hear them, they are mine as well. To keep making videos so I can have the company of beauty in my day and hear the voice of lucidity.

Crystal Child on High Sensitivity, Psychologists, Psychiatry, Governmental Support

*As always, what is written is meant to be shared with others.
Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Thank you so much for sharing that video, Serena - I feel calmer just from watching it (and more by her). What beautiful energy she has... It is just like coming home, as you say. I found her email address on her YouTube channel - on the About page. ansusanna (at) live.de

    1. pia you are more than welcome sweet soul. I am touched that I can share what calms me with others which calms them too. Yes she carries the vibration of sanity and this is calming. Thank you for her email, I will email and share my message with her. thank you.


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