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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jen Ward "How Do I Tell?"

Hello Everyone,

here is another gift from Jen Ward.
The wisdom of women is everywhere. Everywhere I turn I find the jewels of the wisdom and beauty of women. So so many! There are some who have hidden their inner beauty, men have never been ready for it, unless he is one who has been traumatized by this world, then he accepts the healing from women.
It cannot be helped after eons of feminine crushing, that women today focus on what the patrix has dictated they should be, and after thousands of years of women being alchemically tempered by crude mens dictates and dicks, hammers and hatred, judged as pretty or not, worthy of a mans crass attentions or not, women are now mostly brainwashed, even by entrainment, into giving men only what they can handle, the virtue of physical attributes. Society is dying due to it.
Fortunately there are many many women who are not brainwashable. I bow to them I salute them for there is nothing more honorable in our human experience than the eons long brutalized woman not emulating her brutalizers, or becoming as they, but even though broken and beaten she still embraces love, for her self, and for you. She still is trying to teach....to raise ALL up to beauty.

Women do this.

Even women buried under makeup and falsies. Ask them.
Ask them to tell you what is buried inside her.
Ask her who buried it there.
Ask her who doesn't want to hear it.


How Do I Tell ?

Someone asked how I determine which one of my books is right for them when they ask. I am a medical intuitive. Which means I can tune into the body and see where there is something off physically. But I am also and intuitive of more subtle aspects of a person as well.

I can tune into their emotional, Akashic records, and mental make up to see what is off in these areas as well. Each aspect of a person is a different layer of "frequency" or vibration. .When there are holes in their auras (layers of energy), schisms, or unaligned aspects, I can see it. Some people who have been devastated, have broken aspects of them. I can see scars from past lives and I can see when someone's energy field is simply shattered or blown away.

What I am constantly doing with my love, voice, presence and intention is repairing energy fields of people, animals, places, situation, the earth and all of existence with a perpetual love; which is an energy that I have trained myself to emanate from me; like a fountain into all of life.

So when I see someone's name, I can tap into the vibration of them and see what they are open to. It is like looking at a person and being able to see what kind of music they are most apt to listen to based on their appearance. I see their pain, resistance, thought process, desperate need to repair their relationship with energy and their own capabilities that they have been sitting on because it has not been acceptable in society to share.

My books are not merely words to read. They are a healing vibration. When someone decides to read one of my books, they are taking the initiative to empower themselves. It doesn't matter if it is the poetry book (Children of the Universe), quote book (Grow Where You Are Planted) , the book on subtle truths society has withheld (Letters of Accord), the food issue book (Do What You Love Diet) or the tapping books (Enlightenment Unveiled) (Perpetual Calendar) or (Emerging From the Mist)

Reading any of my books is liken to taking an initiation in some secret sect. Because in a male based society, truth was withheld from only those who were deemed worthy. Who decided you were worthy? Men. In the awakening of the consciousness, female attributes must flood the world and regain a place in society to balance out the ruthlessness of man. These things are kindness, compassion, support, understanding, integrity, and honesty.

In a female society, who decides you are worthy? You. In a female/male balanced society, there is no longer a need for false humility. Because people are no longer pitted against each other in a perpetual competition.

Everyone exists in an aspect of sisterhood. It is a existence where everyone is rooting for each other to succeed. Some people may have experienced this in very closed or small groups. That is why it seems so unfathomable. Such concepts of morality and kindness have been arbitrarily weeded out of existence by those who wish to control societal dynamics or even the fate of the world.

These intentions could have started out innocent enough to keep all those is a group safely rounded up with similar beliefs and distinctions. This may have kept them safe from enemies. But at some point it became profitable to someone in some way to have enemies and so the system of using beliefs to keep the tribe pure, were used to make distinctions between those of the tribe ad outsiders. We see these tactics desperately being used by those in power t prevent the world from balancing itself out. That is why the truths I share so desperately needed for one to awaken to their own empowerment.

We have been privy to a global society that is lacking positive moral traits. When I talk about female empowerment, I am talking about these traits. Nobody with awareness is ever talking about genitals. That is just the most coarse understanding of male and female energy that most of us have evolved beyond..Now it is a matter of realizing it. Everyone needs to awaken to the morality that female empowerment mandates. If not specifically within themselves, at least in their circle of influence and beyond.

So if anyone wants to know which book of mine will assist their awakening the best, I am happy to jump start the process by telling them. Now more than ever, the world needs every heart to absorb truth and emanate it out to the collective of humanity. Thank you for doing that.

Love, Jen


*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Serena, Lady of the Woods

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