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Friday, January 27, 2017

When All You Want Is To Do NOTHING.....Permission Granted!

Hello Sensitive Souls,

I've wanted to tell you what I'm learning now. A little late for me, but still I'm glad I am ''getting it''.
Having grown up in New York I was groomed to be a die hard student then employee. This was congratulated when I was steadfast. When I quit the system, I was questioned and abandoned. :-)

The Set Up

This world is set up....set up for humanity to become workers, slaves, sorry for that term, there is none more accurate.....with a monarchy ''to rule them all''......as the one ring of Saturn.

When one has grown up in this world totally groomed to be a worker, to ''achieve'', to ''have ambition'', ''goals'', desire for ''success''.....all of that are hoodwinking ''spell craft'' terms that denotes a brainwashing meme for your mind for a lifetime by institutions of businessmen to planetary rulers or patriarchal monarchies, then your life has become enslaved. It becomes ''abnormal'' to think otherwise, to question why you should be working or why you need to have ambitions, all these terms are inceptions of the male mind as well, foreign to the feminine nature and abhorrent to the feminine mind. It even becomes criminal to question the need for money in the first place, which only sane critically thinking people can do.

The Background Characters

There are many in this world who will never ever question the existence of money. It is for them as integral to ''reality'' as is breathing and that is because they are the soulless ones, the organic portals, the background characters, the drones, the matrix agents all of whom are here to maintain the world wide staged appearance of this ''set up'' as normal. And you the sovereign thinking independent soul, are on the fringes of a sick society. These background characters are doing ok. They don't complain, they do their daily toil, they report to work, they eat, sleep, and repeat until they die. They blink alot when you ask them if they think ''having jobs is normal''....They "appear normal", they are not, they are empty vessels, biological robots built and designed for the stage.
All the world is a stage. And the stage was set up for you, to keep you ''everything that is dwarfed'', and the stage characters are to prevent you from questioning another paradigm, they represent the enforced ''norm''.

I want you to know some things I've known always in my soul and body, but my mind was slow to catch up, having been hijacked immediately into ''schooling'' at the tender age of 5. I want you to know what is real and true for you, but is not real and true for those ''others''.
I want you to give permission to yourself to be who you are, not what 'they' are.
I want you to begin to free yourselves, to prepare for a future that belongs to you in totality and to no one else.
I want you to please listen to me and share this with any who may be validated.
Recognize who those may be. They are pained, they are depressed, they are suicidal, they are recalcitrant, they are on drugs, on alcohol, they are acting out, they are rebels, they are ornery, they are disgruntled, they are sick, they are recluses, they are screaming, they are reticent, they are everywhere. Do not confuse these ones with psychopaths. The difference is huge when you hear them speak. Real souls are hurting for the world. Psychos are not.

Goals, Ambitions, etc are Corrupt Teachings Designed to Destroy Spiritual Intelligence

Any goals, ambitions, desire for success as defined by the business man or institutionalized world-meme is the set up for material irrelevance. I am not going to say having a home and food is irrelevant of course it isnt, but to have goals to acquire what is your birthright is beyond ridiculous, it is demeaning and reversed. These social memes are the workings of the patriarchal monarchies from mere businessmen to so called global royal rulers. They are only there to rule and control you.
You need to dismiss them as insignificant to your life and make your own ways. To follow them is to be a true cosmic royal soul pretending to be an empty vessel, drone, soulless person following orders. To do as the drones is to demean your organic royal status as an ensouled being and to stunt your numinous nature. Stop doing what they have trained you to do. Stop now. Untrain yourself. It is unnatural to every part of your being and breeds illness and dis-ease, many of which take a lifetime for recovery if 100% of your future time is spent in self nurture.

I grew up with those teachings. They put me in school, said I had to. I didn't want to because I already knew whatever I needed to know. Little did I know then that especially now, this planet of spiritual castrations is certainly a breeding ground for petulant degenerate brats who have no desire for virtue, and that by the time I was 5 I knew all I needed to know for an entire lifetime here on Earth and that everything taught in schools was total garbage, none of which is useful save for reading and writing. All of those textbooks from grade school to college written by men shunted my brain power. The schooling structured in masculine military style, speak, repeat, rote. Obey. Do not question. I got all A's.
My life was taken by insidious stupidity which steadily crushed my natural life and organic processes.......it did damage to my heart and soul. Many are now sick from this same damage.

To be taught of ''ambition'' according to the patrix (patriarchal matrix) definitions set up on Earth, is to be stunted in all forward movement of spirit, soul, mind and body.......to be confiscated of your independence and to be indoctrinated into reverse psychology. All of which leads to sickness.
Human minds are gullible.

The human soul doesn't have "goals", we have purpose, some of which are to have more and more feelings and emotions of heart, and mind and fluidity of body, nuances of sentiments which have diversity in the thousands. Souls also do not have "ambitions" as Earthly defined, we possess intentions......for the pleasure of our virtues. And we do not define ourselves by ''success'' in ones existence or life because we have constant self satisfaction much of which can be 'defined' by having a large family of loving beings to whom you are telepathically/empathically connected to whether you are ''related'' or not. "Relations" being an entire book on its own. We define ourselves by self awareness integrated with others to the degree we feel expansive and luminous. Forgive the vocabulary, it is so limiting.

Recovery on Earth From "The Set Up"

We need to recover from the 'set up' that is toxic to our beings. We all (humane humans) need to unlearn what schools have taught and to teach ourselves what is meaningful for us and reinforce it. We all need to know our souls and hearts, its contents and turn them inside out and be who we truly are, what makes our souls sing. We must dismiss the patrix ways, and embrace what they have demonized. What has been demonized on this Earth? The feminine which is in all ensouled beings. This is the part that will nurture your mind and body, heart and soul back to its original beauty, hence the campaigns against Her. There is no beauty without the feminine, and this is beyond body parts I'm speaking of. The feminine is what is closer to The Divine Spirit and is desperate for expression in all of us, and all of us are desperate for its magic and healing abilities.

There are many ways of doing this, but you must be desirous of this. If not, then question yourself, why would you deny yourself the beauty of this healing? of the ineffable magic that can do far more than the mind can conceive of? There is true magic in the feminine and this is the mystery of the feminine which has been for eons defiled by fearful sub human men and who have devised many words of evil from their iniquitous minds and perceptions to curse such a beauty they do not possess. Who would deny themselves beauty and healing? Beware of such corruption, it can be contagious. A mind that is convinced can be very convincing. If they speak of any feminine virtues in dark ways, they are corrupted. Move away. Maintain your inner cleanliness. It is the only way for you to move forward.

Doing Nothing

What is needed for us is to close off and close out the outer toxic din of the man made world. It is taken by unnatural forces who build cities of cement and cold rectangular geometry to enclose the spirit, all of which is antagonistic to your well being. Your feet must be in bare contact with the Earth, this is referred to as ''grounding'' which has scientific validity but is much more. The Earths ''gravitational field'' is a force of healing energy which is in constant transference from your magnetic/electrical body to hers, in constant cycles of movement which keeps all of your ''systems'' in harmonic movement and balance. Wear rubber shoes and you cut yourself off from magnetic and electrical energies which keep all of your bodies, from Ka to physical in good integrity.

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/33/db/52/33db522477c6b07ad1cf5d6bd5d889d6.jpg       Without this field in perpetual cycling, your own electro magnetic field goes out of balance, develops holes which then allows negative forces who are waiting for such holes to enter your energetic field to take you down and out.  Your thoughts will be hijacked and your mind compromised. Your emotional body pained which hurts your Self, and the downward spiral begins.

I am learning something very big these days and it is that "doing nothing" is the healthiest thing I can ''do'' on this Earth, in ''this reality'' as it ''has been set up''. That ''doing nothing" is the beginnings of a reclamation of my own spirit, which gives me the space to ponder and contemplate what are the organic alternatives. How those alternatives feel, and what can be achieved with in.
A friend recently said to me, I was accomplishing alot by doing nothing. Thank you Miss P.

I thought being busy was good, positive. It made me disappear from society because I blended in. I was one of them. So it appeared. Even when I left the matrix and did only gardening and home tending I still felt I needed to be busy.
I had my mind hijacked all my life to believe I need to keep doing something like schooling or working. Peace of mind was impossible in the ''set up'' by the worlds peoples whose every aspect of life reinforced this belief. Even when I had nothing to do, being a master nesting artist, I felt guilty I wasn't doing anything....not making money, not doing something ''out there'', not having a title or job description, not running around, writing, speaking, having no goals, and "lacking" ambition. What utter nonsense. Turns out, that for the ensouled being, "nesting" is the natural way of "being" and that is only the basic foundation of life, is to begin with having nothing we are coerced or forced into doing. It is having total freedom of space and mind that gives us the ability to be creative, to utilize the imaginarium to be the creators of beauty that we are.

So How Do WE Live?

So this brings us to the perennial question of ''if we dont' make money how do we live''? We create from a place of knowing that spending time ''earning money'' to just pay for housing etc is a waste of an ensouled beings life. I knew many years ago I didn't want to do this anymore, I uttered a command and statement of what I wanted which meant I couldn't be bogged down with ''having to have a job'' to pay for a home, I didn't have time for that, and that I wanted to live in a house with a quiet man who was ''handy'' at fixing things, I didn't have to pay rent cause he didn't care, and if I should get sick, I would be safe in a home. A decade later I had this.

There are other ways of creating this. Maybe you can find others who need a housemate who can do certain things in the home and that these agreements are maintained with integrity.
I take care of this entire house, every corner, and make sure it is nurturing every single day, filled with flowers and essential oils in diffusers and beeswax candles, and no chemicals in any way in anything. I do my part. So it is worthwhile for the owner to have me here.

Barter, exchange, make agreements and arrangements with people who have space in their homes. There are so many people who have so much space.
I invite you to open your homes for select beings.

We can find others who have space to share.
WE must begin to design and build homes with many rooms to have with us others of our kind. Enough space to have privacy and enough space to be social. There are many who are doing this with ''co-housing'' ideas, and other types of communities. WE must be active in finding others like ourselves. Yurts can be set up on larger properties.
Garden. Those people who tend to the Earth and soil are beautifiers and nurturers, they hold the keys to kingdoms. Have only nurturers around you at all times.

We must be persistent in creating ways of being with others who allow us to share ourselves in the best way we can, to express our virtues and share our abilities. We must make ourselves desirable.

I can tell you that ensouled empathic beings are desirous to have around you, they have gentle energies and are very loving inside. Give them shelter and comfort, space to live and be free and they will reward you tenfold.

We must find our safe homes. A place where we can live out our lives in peace, either alone by choice or with others by choice. Then we must allow ourselves to live as needed which on this Earth means first to be in recovery from Life on Earth, convalescing from the harshness of the ways the patrix has set it up using our bodies for their labor, convincing us that money is necessary, and degenerating our minds to be nothing but parrots of their sick teachings.
I was 10 years old in classroom when we had the history book open to where they were teaching Christopher discovered America. I was appalled inside in that moment and then and there vowed that I would no longer take any schooling to heart, that I would pass all their tests, but "learn" nothing from them. School taught me nothing. It was total inane stupidity, a waste of my life.

 Nurture Your Selves Back to Your True Selves - Take The Time - Give Yourself A Year

We must relax and breathe for hours, days, weeks or years if need be until we have a natural desire to do something. As long as this is feeling good in the body, then it is needed. WE must find peace and quiet for as long as need, even to the point of ignoring the 24 hour day/night cycles. For me the nights are not long enough, the morning comes too soon. So I am making it darker inside, and lighting beeswax candles which make me feel peace (unlike synthetic "wax" candles which never did). The peace I feel from beeswax is palpable and has become an aspect of the loving mother of nature affecting me with her organic nurturing, which I can no longer live without. It is necessary to me now. I understand now why churches have always only burned beeswax, there are mystical properties to burning it in the atmosphere, knowledge the priests kept to themselves, along with the knowledge of the power of living in domes as opposed to squares and rectangles, but that too is for another book.

I thought initially a few days of this cocooning would be enough. It turned into weeks. Now months. Of course giving myself a few days is the thinking of a well trained earthling agent. A few days was not nearly enough. There is a process happening here which I do not understand but utterly respect.
I have no idea how long I need to be convalescing from my life. They say it takes a month of healing (under ideal circumstances) for every year one has been sick (or a slave). So it could take years. I can tell you, so far months of being in cozy candlelit darkness with Himalayan salt lamps for lighting dark corners, feels great. So this is not depression. I sigh with deep breathing once I close off the harsh light of the too brilliant Florida (fake?) sun, and it feels nurturing. This is feeling good. If I were depressed nothing would feel good and the dark would compound it. So I am needing the cave of the Mother, like a womb, and I need to be here for as long as it takes. I am fine with it now. It took me a while to accept this was happening, but as long as it feels right, and I feel something positive coming from it, I will keep doing it. I can lie down all day, listening to lectures or talks, and then I can sleep at night. I literally do nothing else but eat, tend to a few things in the garden, and then back inside lying down. Being a New Yorker and bodybuilder, this is shocking to my mind. But but my hipjoint pains are slowly getting better.  My physical body is healing from many traumas of this life including several car and motorcycle accidents, but I feel those have healed mostly. What is odd are the bruises I used to wake up with, and the battles I feel I've been in during sleep time which for years felt like I never got any sleep and in fact felt only like I was at war, fighting and getting very hurt. There is something about that I feel I am now healing from.
There are odd things happening with humans on Earth and we cannot know them all, and some things truly are left a mystery for the sake of our sanity.

I invite any who can, who are able, to set yourself up for time to do literally nothing for as long as it takes to find a peace that comforts, and a place inside that allows your mind to go silent or to wander. And then find others and help them.
Set yourself up for nurturing through simplicity, herbs, organic fragrance, natural fibres against your skin, sublime lighting and colors to suit your mood. I have bought 6 silk scarves in different colors to put up on the windows and I choose colors to suit my moods. Lighting needs to be changed and not remain static every day nor all day, it compromises your brain. Avoid overhead lighting completely and utilize many small lamps throughout your space and change which are on and off on a daily basis. No natural light remains static in nature. It changes every hour. The sun rises and moves all day creating different shadows and plays with our perceptions and the mood chemicals in our brains that keep those areas alive and connected, and then the sun goes down and darkness too has is nuances. You too must keep your home lighting changing. A simple and cheap way is to buy white Christmas lights and put them in creative places in your home. Frame your bed, or a mirror, or around plants.
Find beauty and bring it inside. Flowers, rocks, seashells, crystals, your own artwork, stones, a simple glass of grass.

Make them friends and eternal companions. Play with them, until you're smiling inside.

Compose every item in your environment to make music for your soul.

Always pay attention to moods and question their existence, their message. Learn from them and then treat yourself accordingly. Follow nothing and no one but your own organic processes as long as they are moving you towards more feelings of peace and all things desirable.
Discover those things that would nurture you from fragrance, to textures, to color, sound and lighting. If you need ideas the internet is full of them, google ''relaxing ideas" or "spa ideas", or just ask me.
Do not stump yourself because you don't have something you feel would be essential to those needs, reach out to friends and ask, discard pride, and allow others who can to help you.

Wear ear plugs for silence.

Take baths to nurture your emotional body. You didn't know caring for the skin takes care of emotions? Well now you do. Bathing is for emotional intelligence. Not just pampering ladies. The skin is the most mysterious organ, which thinks, eats and sheds, and breathes, and changes with every thing you do. It loves water. The emotions are taken care of through the skin. Taking baths or lots of showers, and anointing your skin with vegetable oils infused with essential oils of your liking immerses your emotions in a cocoon of care. Try it.

But do set your self up to be the antithesis to the enslaved workforce humans are being used for now. By doing this you will free yourself and create a template in the aethers for others who can tap into this and become empowered by your own maverick ways.
You are breaking free.

Give yourself a year and see how you feel. It will take no less time.

Please share this with others and give them also permission to be free of the patrix.

*Also please read the comments section for more from others.

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. A wonderful agreeing response sent to my email in 2 parts:

    Blessings, dear Lady of the Woods,

    Your words speak volumes of truth. Your insights are echoes of things I have been aware of but have pushed to the back of my mind in order to not have to look at how utterly horrible this world is.
    Since I was a young boy I have always been troubled by the discord and madness I see in the world. I have a streak of righteous anger at what I see, and I have always wanted to be an activist in righting the wrongs of this world.

    We are surrounded and totally outnumbered by soulless programmed humanoids who have no connection to Higher Spirit. How can a souled, caring, compassionate individual prevail against such blank humanoids?

    I have traveled the paths of philosophy and psychology, religion, mythology and magic in search of truth. I have delved into the deepest pits of humanoid depravity in my thoughts but have also explored the beautiful and inspiring musings of the poets and artists who have shone a light in this overwhelming darkness.
    To me it appears that the entire human race has been infected with a devious, insidious and malevolent kind of mental virus that makes life very difficult for those who would aspire to beauty, honesty and equality and compassionate living. In fact it could be argued quite successfully that this entire creation was designed to achieve the maximum pain, anguish, anxiety, hate and fear for all of its inhabitants.

    So much for a loving 'god'. This predatory world is WRONG.
    A new creation must be established through our will and intent which allow those of us who have souls and higher consciousness connections to be able to live and create things and conditions which nurture the soul and spirit.

    Only those who have discernment, either of mental, emotional or spiritual, have a chance at overcoming the countless ways this world has of leading us astray. The rest are clueless and will be herded around like sheep or run off the cliffs like lemmings. Only those who can listen and see the faint signals of spirit through the maddening fog of lies, false teachings, false visions and the blanketing smog of electromagnetic interference layers around us have a chance of escaping.

    And we are very FEW compared to the rest..............

    1. continued: part 2.......

      Serena, your thoughts on cocooning yourself away from the din of stark insanity of the world and its static seem to be the only way a souled individual can keep a minimum of peace to themselves. I have been doing this myself, off and on for many years. Yet the part of me that wants to change the world for the better has frequently put me at odds with the existing 'way things are and have always been' and I have suffered and been marginalized when I speak my true feelings. So I have see-sawed back and forth between actively trying to influence the world and withdrawing into a reclusive solitary life.

      There is a fire below which goads me into action and extreme declarations of disgust and loathing of the way humanoids act. But at the same time my desire for beauty, peace and harmony impel me towards totally removing myself from this entire world. Neither extreme has been totally satisfying for me.

      There must be something to the statement you made about needing a year of healing for every month of abuse we have had inflicted upon us. At this rate it will take a couple of lifetimes for me to feel whole again. Maybe when we had much longer lifetimes we could accomplish this. Or maybe when people had such longevity there was less strife and terror in the world that allowed this.

      I rather think that our life span here has been shortened in order to achieve the maximum abuse in the shortest time for the benefit of hyperdimensional parasites who feed on our fear, hate and violence and gorge themselves on these low ugly vibrations. This wears our minds and bodies down much quicker. Then we can be recycled, mind wiped and set again on this playing field of hell. ENOUGH. IT IS WRONG.

      Let those who can hear and understand this begin creating a new and better creation. Those who don't understand this can remain in hell.

      Sincerely and with great respect,
      Tom Paine

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. From Miss P:

      Tom Paine,
      Your impassioned post is heartfelt, and filled with the kind of yearning that touches every awakened soul.
      Thank you for sharing this.
      And Serena, you express a wonderful idea...ALLOW YOURSELF the FREEDOM to do (seemingly) NOTHING, and to eventually experience the fullness of your BEING.
      Basically by cocooning yourself (ourselves) with the intent for inner solace, for deeper awareness and resonance with that which
      is Divine Benevolence...
      It is likely only in this way, when there are no distractions
      especially the all too local distraction of our own minds
      (guilt) telling us we should be DOING something! HA!
      In this "place" of (seeming) nothingness, we are more easily divorced from our identification of ourselves as Human.
      It offers the space for us to connect with our real Self.
      (as in...the only way "out" is "in")
      It is only in the frequency of our (self) caring intent, that we just might bump into the understanding of who we seek to be, and actually who we ALREADY ARE.

      An offspring of Divine Benevolence!

      And I will add here, the likelihood that the creeps, and those who inspire all that we deem so wrong and repugnant, may have, themselves, been created in error, as a deformed creation,
      without connection to Source.

      And it just may be, that these ones never even had a conscience
      and set about their so called life through predation. As well as setting themselves up as the imposter "God".
      (which does not negate the existence of a Benevolent Creator,
      though communication with this One may require some finesse,
      and for sure, more internal seeking)

      And yes, Tom Paine, I agree that these ones indeed designed
      this zone for maximum pain of every kind. As their feeding farm.

      What a sad and pathetic "existence".

      If they are afraid of dying (which is partially why, I presume
      they are interested in feeding themselves...) well, they should
      at least recognize, that they are already "dead".
      And perhaps then, they may question, just what it means to live.

      And while it is not in my job description to "save" them,
      it behooves me to understand the situation.

      So as I, too, have judged and railed against them (the machine)
      it has been mostly because I have in error, assumed they just
      might know better! (Nope)

      I was assuming, that they had even a fragment of the sensibilities
      that I have. (guess again)

      So, our predicament is a dire and sobering one, and yet, if all of us fully woke up to who we REALLY are, I'll bet this frequency would evaporate in a second.

      But to toil HERE for change, I think is futile.
      To do the quiet work within, I think is fruitful.

      Like Dorothy with her ruby slippers (the avenue for true "Home")
      And the wicked witch of the west seeking just those slippers,
      is perhaps analogous to us having some Divine Spark, even
      unbeknownst to us, as the creeps so desperately want this.
      And, this, I believe, has led to such predation.

      And back to your excellent article, Serena, well, that could
      very well be all anyone need to read for some time to come!

      The photos you selected to accompany your words of wisdom
      are beautiful. Perfect.

      Coincidently, a decade ago, I was inspired to do exactly as you
      shared, by going to a fabric store, and buying a few yards each
      of chiffon, in soft pink, creamy yellow, light blue, lime green and lavender, to hang from several windows in a sunny room.
      I also have sprigs of tea lights in several potted plants.

      By evening, I turn down, or off the brighter lights, allowing the many mood lighting to take over; the 25 or 15 watt bulbs, in amber shades.

      So, a big YES to our doing great things, by, (in the eyes of distortion...) doing nothing : )

      Anyway, thank you Serena, and Scottie for your earnest and
      enlightening sentiments.
      Blessings, Miss P


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