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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Conversations With Wisdom: Remi

Sometimes I get really good emails from people and this is one of them. I got permission to publish this and I will here. This email was in response to this video below by Guru Jagat (who I am totally in love with), and emails we've been sharing these past weeks, real heartful and soulful expressions. Feel free to listen to the video and read the email.

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Guru Jagat: Take Back Our Sovereignty

 Remi wrote:

"That was indeed interesting. The idea that you can't let anyone hypnotize you unless you know how to hypnotize yourself. Anyway, this is one of the things I never openly got around to talking about as much and that is the constant social engineering and mind programming that is coming from mainstream TV and radio. I have first hand seen how these things influence people growing up even when I was younger which lead me to understating how everyone that is hypnotized by this wants to emulate what they see in popular (cult)ure which is one of the reasons why I have become so distant with people growing up to this day since nothing has changed. Things such as what makes a person attractive or desirable to be around also plays a role in this as well which is a long story in itself.

"Young women are affected by this the most and its a sad sight to see, but overall at worst it turns people in general into degenerates since it promotes a culture of trash and base instincts as a life to aspire to that involves money, fame, soulless/heartless sexual pursuits (something they really shoved down young men's throats as an erroneous indicator of achievement in life) and other material pursuit which are all dead end illusions to keep you distracted and trapped in a life of no true innate meaning. In other words keeping you asleep. Degenerates are not going to change the world, make a difference, and most of all discover the true nature of this reality! That is why they need people like that.
"Its all apart of this agenda of dehumanizing people and this is one of those things that makes it hard to tell who really has a soul or does not since it makes one become similar to someone who is soulless in a sense. 
"Training the mind to know what are your real thoughts and what are thoughts that are being projected to you is very important. Most people lack this training as it's occulted (hidden) from them. I have felt this before, but I quickly realize that said collective belief is not actually mine, so instead of blindly parroting it, I would critically think about it and test the validity of it or go by my heart based intuition if breaking said collective belief down is not necessary.

"Many people within the so-called "truth movement" and in various alternative spiritual communities need to really learn this lesson as many have not fully gotten out of that mind programing yet which is how the false light can still easily trick people who are awakening into staying in the matrix at some level! A sovereign being is someone who is not easily fooled by collective delusions no matter how many people believe in it.

"Personal sovereignty is knowing yourself and not letting anyone whether its a group or an individual judge actually try to tell you who you are since a sovereign being of high enough consciousness knows the ultimate truth about themselves while not being bothered by others own ignorant perceptions of them which is all hearsay! The media constantly always try to make everyone feel like they are not enough, especially women, and it's really sad. I always tell any woman if I can that they are fine the way they are if this topic does come up or when appropriate. Many women underestimate their own natural beauty when it comes to the topic of insecurity about their own looks.

"Even then and I say this from personal experience, or more so interactions, a beautiful personality with depth and soul outshines ones looks to begin with as I have seen toxic people who may look good on the outside, but I become quickly turned off the moment they open their mouths if they are indeed toxic, shallow, or have no depth to them, and I'm not saying this to sound politically correct or like an ass kisser (I'm no ass kisser to begin with), but out of honesty, but I know you get what I'm saying here.
"Watching the video made me understand that sovereignty is more than just knowing who you are and that you are not a slave or servant to anyone, especially those who are a part of the false light hierarchy in general who want to fuck with you, and no one has a right to dictate what you can and can't do with your life, your body, or your mind.... as long as you don't harm or infringe on other people's rights!

"Its also about not letting others make you think that you are not good enough, or that you are dirty and need this belief system to fix it, or need a savior or else you will be damned (one of the top 5 most insane concepts on this planet)! Yes that is so true!
"Serena, you're an great example of someone who's soulfulness and loving energy bringing out a beauty that comes from their heart that looks can't offer alone, and I mean it! I have briefly come across a few caring women in my life that did show me that their heart really matters the most when it comes to attractiveness. Its not just about looks as looks are nothing if you have nothing to back it up with, but sadly there are many people out there that get hypnotized by what they see on the outside not even caring about what is on the inside.
"This all points to externalization once again since we live in a world that is trying so hard to get souled beings away from themselves to the point of thinking that everything has to be out there, and that there is nothing important in here. All the treasures are within yourself, its about finding them first. It's a slow but rewarding life long lesson.

"Overall it does go into the things we have talked about over the last few weeks including how I talked about how adults think that they can no longer be a certain way and it has to be all business and no play or play that is soulless! Doing what you want to do no matter what others will think of you for it if it means being happy as well. That is why people are so suppressed on every level whenever it be emotionally, sexually, physically, and spiritually. Being told that they can't be this or do this, and are shamed or ridiculed if they do because of these artificial constructs called norms. Norms? Many of these so-called norms are anything but normal. They range from repressive to outright insanity as these norms where created to make people in said "norm" creator's image!

I have energetically gave you a heartfelt hug of appreciation after I wrote this! You are a good example of real beauty which is something that only souled sovereign beings can create from within themselves, not that proxy version that the media tries to claim that they can give to you while shoving the idea down people's throat!

Wasn't that just grand people? woohoo, yeah!

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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