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Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Am In Awe Of Women

I hear the most beautiful loving gestures of love for all, from women, all over the world. Women who truly do love all, who want to embrace all and include them unto her bosom embraced in her love. She welcomes all.....the sick ones, the psycho, the criminal, the good, the bad and the ugly, she is quick to forgive, she will accept apologies, she will be beaten and still forgive, believing either rightly or wrongly that her abuser just needs more love, she wants to change the world to one of beauty and harmony, she cries for the world, she is gathering women in circles all around the world, she is networking, emailing, twittering, facebooking all for peace for inclusion of her offerings into the social dynamics of the world. And still.....still.....women are pushed back by aggressors of the regressive male whose dominance over the world is all business, surgical removal of emotions and his way of what he refers to as "progress"......the path to destruction.

Women amaze me. She still thinks he can change, that he will wake up, that he will smell the coffee, that he will become conscious, that he will lose his death urge, that he will begin to love......to love her, to love more, to love children, to love animals, to love the world, to love others in the way of woman who thinks he might do the same.  She waits for him to gather his brothers in office, in government, in institutions, in boys clubs, in priesthoods, in gangs, in industry, in science, she waits for them to come back to humanity. She still cries for him to see that love and family are the core universal unit. She waits for him to wake up, believes he will turn around and begin to protect the beauty of life that is within her waiting to blossom with his care. Women are still wanting to believe men will become men and become the loving being she is. She projects, she hopes, she prays, she waits, she nurtures, she demonstrates, she begs, she speaks, she gathers, she cooks, she feeds, she gardens, she labors over a million of the finest details of life to make it the nurturing space ripe for healthy growth. And she waits and prays some more.

These women number in billions......they do. Even when they are acting out with survival tactics they have been forced into after eons of time and adopting male ways of thinking and being, both resisting them and joining them to test for what works. Even when they are hurting and crying and men think they are merely emotional, even when women say they no longer believe in men, that men are lost souls who will never gather themselves to protect and love the life that is here, love her for her soul and not just her body, amazing women are both speaking up and acting out, waiting for men to do the right things, all of them, together.
Women still wait. They are gathering, they are stronger than men, wiser, more loving, and more intelligent in what matters. Women amaze me.

Below is from Carrie Anne Moss, a woman who is many many things, but most of all, a woman.

Softness ::: from Carrie-Anne Moss

I have given birth three times.
Each time as unique as each of the children I have birthed.
I have given birth to ideas. Sometimes daily, or even hourly.
I have birthed new parts of myself. Each of those experience has consisted of a seed of intention; care and growth; pain and surrender; letting go; and becoming.
That's why I love giving birth so much—the whole beautiful mess of it all, the tangled revelations, the strength from surrender and the many other paradoxes in between.
All the ideas I may have of how I want it to be are left at some point in the process of birthing. My best laid plans are kicked to the curb in the surrender.
There is no pleasing anyone in birth.
There is no looking in the mirror. No one else can birth for me. But the cool washcloth placed across my forehead can be the kind and wise action that supports my push to the next level. And the belief reflected in the eyes of the wise midwife of yes I can yes I will fuels me and I gather my strength from nothing, and I keep going forward. Then there is an opening to another dimension, and that opening brings me to my knees. That freedom is an elixir like no other.
I long for sitting around the fire. I long for singing songs of beauty and fullness. I long to birth ideas in community with others who are birthing their soul-fueled passion. I want to soften into the edges of feeling and transportation. I want to gaze through eyes of love, not the eyes of stress or panic.
There is a moment, that moment, where we see the flicker of an idea. I want to have space in those moments to be able to see the birth as well, or the potential for it. I want to live in the gesture of birthing. The gesture of freedom. The gesture of letting go to make room.
Saa:: beginning
Taa:: life
Naa:: transformation
Maa:: rebirth
This mantra soothes me time and time again. It reminds me of inarguable truth, inarguable power, and the perfect, delicate place where when you let go, it all happens.
Over at Annapurna Living, I have been posting video blogs every Monday ::: have you seen them? I also started again with my Annapurna Woman interview series, as there is no better source of love and inspiration than all of us women in this world.
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Softness ::: from Carrie-Anne Moss

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  1. I can't believe no one commented on this post when it was initially posted. All of this is so rich and enlightening. Oh well, I guess I was supposed to read it now and glean what I may have missed a year ago! As Carrie Anne Moss is such a vibrant and wise soul. Kudos for this!
    from Miss Teresa in California


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