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Saturday, May 23, 2015

What I feel Today May 23

Today, though I am preoccupied with writing and doing various things online, I am feeling some energies. But I have a bit of a process of deduction and elimination before I loosely conclude.

I have first eliminated personal interference which there was some. check. Then I checked the weather, because I am sensitive to barometric changes...check. I also get sick when quakes happen but I have to be near them. Nothing here. Also when the environment is full of noxious positive ions which feel toxic and I only want to hide.....rain fixes that and fills the air with beneficial negative ions so I must wait. There are no solar flares, and my emotional/psyche condition is fine and neutral. All of those are personal checks and so what is left needs to be examined. I do not follow news for decades so I do not know what is happening ''out there'', these are purely my sensations at the moment.

What it is, is the ambiance of the ''pending'' ....there is an extremely tight creepy tension with alot of fear combined with a ''whats the use'' resignation, and a discombobulation, a quiet desperation, like assaults of too many at once creating a global ''WTF is going on'' and lots of silent screaming. This of course is not news, but it is when I am feeling it to this degree.

It could be heightened tension combined with fear due to many quakes and ''weather'' anomalies happening all over the place, and the ever pernicious relentless persistent threats by madmen all over in their various boots and suits and weaponry wreaking havoc on everyones psyche and emotions......these are two things one does not need the news to know because they are constants in our lives........but there is much desperation and something tangible in the air that is ''pending''. I am never definitive about anything because especially those things which are negative, whether or not they are pending, can be assuaged by various means and sources and often are. But I do have the physical signs of something in the air, and it is environmental and psychological....which in addition to the fear created by psychopathic madmen, could be the messing of various frequencies of psy ops technologies.

That is all for now.

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