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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sense of "panic" this morning....and evening update

I had a rough night last night, something building up.
Slept enough and physically ok but dreams manipulated and too much in astral realms.
Upon awakening around 4am, thoughts of gross and nasty things shocking to my mind, all attempts to rid myself of them through all my known means failed, until I resigned to getting up to be distracted and have a cup of tea.
In the hours following a building up of a sense of ''panic''.....I do not know the source, but it is there.

I feel things in my body, mind, body and spirit, and as mentioned before, when all my process of elimination is complete, what is left is "not mine"....it is from the ambient environment. So this morning I am clearly sensing panic somewhere, something is building up and I would like to know what it is.....anyone?

It is almost 8pm and the rest of day was fine. I had also felt but did not mention, some kind of unusual quiet, and stillness that I kept looking outside to check in on and it was not normal for this kind of quiet and stillness, but did not mention it thinking it was just me over-sensing.
However I did speak to someone this morning who began to tell me of how quiet and still it was by her, and she lives in another state, and how unnatural it seemed so much so that she stood outside to just take it in. So I told her I felt the same here, and now I'm writing it here. But all seems to be well.
Thank you.


  1. Serena this is not from my intuition but from what I have gleaned this morning. They have closed hiking trails around the Yellowstone/Teton Mountain range to all hikers, allegedly because of "weather" .....for some reason "they" are not coming forth with the actual volcanic potentials awakening in so many areas now. This is one thing I noted this morning. I awaken every morning at 6 a.m. to walk in nature for 2 miles along our river here in central Ohio....it clears my mind and bridges the dream time to the wake time. I will see what else I perceive as the day progresses. I know there are planetary alignments occurring on May 28 that some see as having strong potential for earth changes....

    1. Aha Lily! thank you for your input! and I am reading your comments and I appreciate them greatly. Here on this blog we as sensitives and empaths will find our home base as all feelings will be respected and well received. I thank you so much. Please check back here for my responses to your comments. Thank you again, I will consider this. I feel that more input will come in today to explain this....as I do need to know why. I am being reminded now also through listening to some talks, that grounding deeply into the Mothers Earth Core is critical right now, and this is what I/we must spend the rest of this day doing. gosh, its all too much sometimes!! I look forward to hearing from you again. Welcome dearest one.


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