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Friday, May 22, 2015

May 1st "Hit" with What Energy?!

On May 1st, between 1-2pm afternoon, amazing how I can remember that!.....I was just taking a sip from a fresh bottle of organic tart cherry juice which is supposed to be a natural tranquilizer and sleep aid, when I was hit with sudden nausea, queasiness, confusion, foggy brain, etc and a quickly developed full blown migraine.....(in which I have to close down all blinds and lights, shut all noise as these aggravate the pains terribly)....took 2 Exedrin, put lavender and peppermint oil on the pained areas, then lied down with ice packs in the dark, and waited for relief.

These migraines are nauseating and debilitating, but having suffered from them all my life since a child, in 2009 a man offered me ''spiritual protection'' and from that day I had not experienced them again....until this day in May. So what happened?

Being the investigative person I am.....from how my body responds from food to Solar flares to why men declare war on other humans.....I had to know why. Why? Because since I was a child I had all kinds of ailments which none of my 4 sisters or mother or anyone else had, was always in the doctors with something going wrong and since my mother didn't allow them to perform the surgeries they wanted to remove my lymph glands or whatever else they wanted, nor take their horrid drugs I soon realized I had to take matters into my own hands. No one was helping me, I was suffering, and the experts were insane and my mother sadly clueless. So I had to figure this out and I began to think from what I thought was the beginning of logic, with what I was putting into my body via my mouth, meaning foods. I had this ''privilege'' of being different in so many ways, my mother used to ask me ''where are you from?!!

I can safely say now after 50 years that it is Earth and all its poisons, toxins, bad thoughts, feelings, technologies, etc which I am allergic to.
But I digress.

On this day at the beginning of the month on May 1st, I was drinking my first sips of cherry juice when I was suddenly hit with this sickness. I naturally thought it was the juice since I was just drinking it for the first time. I did wonder however, how anyone could become so violently sick from organic cherry juice (lol) unless it was deliberately poisoned, which I didn't believe it was. Soooooo.....the rest of the day was spent trying to heal this and recover. I did smudge with sage as I have been hit with such negative psychic attacks which smudging with sage did remove that I thought it also could be that, but it didn't work, so I really thought (WTF!) it was the juice!?!?
By the late evening it began to abate but I was still so sick I stayed in bed till the next day where I felt like I was beat up the day before or run over by a truck.

The mystery of this boggled my mind. Such has been my life  so that I have been forced to literally THINK differently than the majority of people on this planet since their modes and pathways of thinking and thoughts never applied to me, there was something unique in my world, so I literally had to learn how to think differently from the entirety of the rest of the entire planet.....as I came to feel about it. Yes, there are more of ''me'' around the world, but before the internet there were none.

The next day I had a conversation with someone and when she asked me how I was doing as all conversations begin, I told her of my mysterious sickness of the day before and how confused I was and that the poor cherry juice seemed to be the unlikely villain!!....she immediately said.....''I know what happened, can I tell you what happened?'' (enter dumbfounded look here).....''yes, of course, please do!"
What she explained to me was not totally confirmed as she said, but I will try to give the gist without giving away what she asked me not to talk about.
Basically there was an event which happened in the astral realms, involving the living organic beings of Earth = all living beings from trees to humans, and those who are soul/spirit connected, all felt this event. Apparently it was a positive thing for humans, but as infections tend to be painful as they are being cleaned out, it hurt. This is one explanation for what happened and since no other explanations outside of the tamperings of cern have come up, and neither were there solar flares which also make me ill, I must rest on this explanation for now.

In closing, what happens in the astral realms, and for that matter in other dimensions.....happens here, to *us*, in our body fields and minds, and canaries-in-the-mine will feel it all. We humans who are Organic Earth Beings, symbiotically related, have multi-quantum spacial experiences which are far from being limited to our bodies, we are huge in Beingness and so must our minds be so huge.

* "us" is a term I use loosely, as when I say ''us'' I mean those truly organic *ensouled/*spirited beings who feel all there is to feel. After studying human history and observing life for over 40 years, I firmly believe there are those who do not feel and this is because they are not ''connected'' literally and metaphorically, are not entirely human nor humane. Some ''people''...another term I use loosely......are simply animated biological creatures void of some true essential Nature. We see their deeds and workings all over the planet. Many people feel they simply need care or love to be ''returned'' to their humanity, and while I used to believe that too, I no longer do.
It is clear to me there all kinds of ''beings'' walking around disguised as humans.

*''soul'' and ''spirit'' "enlightenment" "awareness" etc.....are also terms used loosely. I have not definitively defined these, and many people use these terms interchangably and others have their own definitions, but I use them loosely until I am sure.
I do not ascribe to ''knowing'' something when it is merely a ''believe'' or an ''opinion''.


  1. Dearest Serena,
    I am fairly "drinking" in your words and observations , as they are resonating strongly with me as so essential and important.
    I have been persecuted for many years by family who considered me so unscientific and illogical, before I even knew what an empath was . I had no defense for myself. I have done much reflection on why the Feminine has been so cast out and persecuted , and I desire for myself to be totally connected with high source. Just two days ago my friend dreamed of lying in bed and watching on a large screen TV a live feed of an ocean, in which an enormous wave was coming. She felt herself saying This is IT , and realizing it would "take her out".....though she survived in some way not knowing where she ended up ! There seem to be so many potential occurrences all racing around the track and nose to nose, that I cannot discern WHAT is impending, but that sense of watchfulness and vigilance is with me as well, and I am desiring much silence to process it. I am comforted that you are also watching on the inner levels as well.

    1. Lily sooo many people are talking about their dreams of tsunami's etc, so so many. What I must feel about them is that those are astral meme's implanted into the minds of those who are dreaming this. These used to happen to me too for years, but no more. I refuse to believe in tsunami's, and this could be my downfall, but I am negating them at every turn, to derail them. I do not consent! Know what I mean? :D....because all those dreamers also feel panic and fear with them believing them to be real, or prophetic etc, and so in a sense they create them, but I am here to negate them. I would say to all those who have those catastrophic dreams to connect deeply to Mother Earths core and ground in her stability and feel the best stabilizing feelings they can muster.
      Yes, the silence is good, I am needing silence alot too, noise is greatly disturbing. I too will be comforted to hear I am not alone in this vigilance and thank you dear sister for being here with me! stay in touch.


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