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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Silent Incipient

Hello People,

A great discourse between myself and another powerhouse of a humane being I am publishing here below. With her permission I am copying it here. There are powerful lessons in this if you are so inclined as Laughing Crow is a teacher.

Hello Laughing Crow,

I hope things are not too unbearable for you. I live in a constant state of WTF? so I have not much to say lately.

I wanted to forward this quote to you by the man who runs a space X program.....

"There's a billion to one chance we're living in base reality,"

LC Response:

I have zero doubt that we are. There are no other explanations for the state of our lives. The scary part is that the sleeping masses think its normal. But I continue to fight it 24/7 because there IS a normal reality beyond this and I intend to get there.

WTF indeed.  L.C.

I intend to get there too. I wish it wasn't a 24/7 fight......I'm so tired and I know you are too.
I am believing those who are real humans and not merely avatars playing a game must have a strength that is superhuman, herculean, to survive this long.....it helps when you find others in the same fight....


This next exchange from LC and I respond in between, my lines are in purple:

I think with those of us at the head of the pack, it is even more than just intention. It is simply a situation where staying in this reality is not an option. Period. With me it has become an iron wall that nothing can penetrate. When a baby is ready to be born, you can't keep stuffing it back into the womb. That's why we are such a threat. And wearing us down is one their last resorts, but at this point, the fact that I'm worn down is just an annoyance and not a hindrance.
​ You are an amazingly brave and courageous soul, heroic, that kind of strength and courage and wisdom should be whats in our his-story books, not the crap of warmongers, murderers who are celebrated! what absurdity!.....a life like yours is worthy of being recorded for posterity!​
And they have been beyond annoying the past few days. Their main goal seems to be to freak me out, because it's been one thing after another. For instance, about an hour ago, I went into the greenhouse to get some cucumbers and herbs for a salad and heard this crackly sound, like fire, which of course did freak me out a little. So I ran to the back door, in time to see a perfectly live and vibrant oak tree come crashing down right at my property line that ends where a half-mile of woods begins.
​WTF, I said.

So, armed with only a large rake, I beat my way through several acres of brush in 90 degree heat to see what happened. Well, what I can figure out is that some dumbfucker had apparently cut down a tree with a chainsaw and it didn't come down at the time, and has been weighing down the much smaller tree until it finally gave way. But it was still freaky.
​ yes I know that sound too! I experienced it in a "bizarre" situation: (edited out as not relevant to discourse)

The thing I've discovered, and we've discussed this before, is that I cannot get emotionally involved, especially with fear and anger. I have honed my skills at this point to be able to step back and say, yeah, that was scary, but NOT REAL.
​This has been the wisest course for me as well and I thank you for repeating this, it bears repeating often! ​ Separate your emotions from your mental perceptions. Go ahead and let your emotions feel what they do, but know at the mental level that it is only that, an emotional reaction.
This is priceless! absolutely well said! I may quote this one day......​ Once you get caught up in the emotion, they've got ya, and the domino effect takes over, and then they CAN hurt you. Keep it separated from your reasoning mind, and all they can do is be a pain in the ass, while you continue to move forward.
​ yes, indeed....you are really something...

I have found this to be my strongest weapon. They are working like mad to program us to create disaster in our lives.
yes, that is exactly what they are doing, isnt it? to get us to program our own lives with pain.....fuckers are clever and devious, and its a long life when you learn this late in the life!​
​But I find even when we can avert that self made disaster by responding emotionally, they send in matrix agents! or do something with mechanical things......they got it all covered.....​
It is an act of final desperation, because we are nearing "game over." All signs point to it. Just keep hanging on. 2016 is the year. I look for the final collapse any day.
I m right there with you as so many of us are....but we keep ourselves hidden and mostly quiet.....but we're here.​


More from LC and I respond in purple in between again:

Thank you for the kind words, but in all honesty I don't see myself as heroic at all.
 Of course you wouldn't see yourself as heroic, that is part of the definition of a real hero, they don't know they are. Again, it is not the asshole in history books who kills people and gets a badge for it. That is psychopathy and insanity. ​ I identify more with the Rosa Parks type. In the stories I have read about her and why she made that historic choice to not give up her seat on the bus, her response was simply that she was tired.
Yes, because she knew better and so do you. Its a quiet heroism, the silent incipient.

And so am I, and more and more of us are reaching that point of resolution because, as I said previously it is immovable and impenetrable, and that's why it is so threatening to the alien agenda. When someone refuses to comply, you can beat them and even kill them, but an energy has been released that will change the world.
Exactly, an "energy has been released that will change the world'' is due to the seed planted by the hero, the non compliant....... NOT a man who dons a uniform and goes to a field of ignorance to kill whoever moves because he was told to, but a seed planted by a sane woman who knows what sanity and knowledge really is and how vilified this knowledge is. Especially when from a woman. Only that one is sane and chooses to be powerful in a world that is completely and totally insane and backasswards, inverted, upside down and reversed in every single way possible,.....and this seed planted by the sane and powerful quiet one who goes against the 99% is the act of a hero. Of course it doesn't feel like heroic, but to live to effect that and live consciously for sanity against the 99% IS!.

And so it is. ENOUGH.

And final email discourse response from LC:

Thank you again. Yes, the insanity of the world leaves me in a state of befuddlement, until I snap back and realize that it's a simulation, and I believe at this point that the vast majority of "humans" on the planet are alien hosts, agents or pure mechanoids. Very few of us carry the true auric DNA of a human. I think it's always been like that--we're just awake enough now to notice how they've infiltrated our lives. When they are purged, the few of us left will feel like my maple tree when it got rid of the diseased branch. (see my latest farm page for the story and I also published a new article if you wish to read it. It is based on our recent conversation). They are both on my Home page.
~end discourse.


Now I want to share this latest article by Laughing Crow who is to my mind one of the amazing humane Heroes of Consciousness of our times, a person who is a warrior for consciousness, for non-matrix compliance, who goes against the willful ignorance of 99% of the population to maintain real organic intelligencia, who fights alone hourly and daily to discard the manipulations and bullshit of the patrixs' matrix, and those agent smiths who seek to make us "one of them" by ridicule then force, ''back into their line'', but who simply will not have it.

Please go to Laughing Crow's site to read this latest:

"Down to the Nitty-Gritty: Consent by Ignorance"


and find out ways your mind is being worked over.

What I would add is most of this worlds population is actually not human anymore.

Yeah. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Hi Serena,
    yes, this is about where I'm at also, I have talked to LC at length many times, and we are all on the verge, I just wish that I could find that hole, that little window that shows we are just about there and how we can make the final move.

    Blessings and keep up the strength,

    1. Thank you Steve, yes, real humane beings are so very very tired, but I understand things are moving right now....some of those are our directives, and this is good.

  2. As with yourself I'm not keen on channelers nor the so called SS re Miles J
    However a few folk who are more downloaders have stood out
    Max was one (saw him confirm an insight i had via another's question)
    So is Sarah, so when I heard what happened to Max,
    I looked up Sarah to send condolences and listened to her newest
    it covers several subjects of interest
    but the monuments holding this reality and gaia bound relate to subject
    no need you public it unless you feel it helpful .

    I get the
    Feeling, though is more a picture, that we were moved to an AI Holodeck simulation whilst we slept
    No fear, they can not block everyone from connecting with Source.

    1. Chirons Sister, you sent this in when I was listening to a talk by Max, somehow I liked him.
      What is the gist of the youtube? before I engage more time in these, I've been very deep in research lately and need to distill what I'm listening to.
      Simulation indeed, is what Laughing Crow is stating repeatedly and passionately, she is convinced especially with her knowledge about computer programming herself, and many "leaks" from echelons stating as much bluntly. Basically we humanE beings, the small percentage left on Earth, are organic beings in a false simulation/prison, and we need to get smart, strong, and savvy about how we deal with this knowledge and apply it accordingly, there is no time to waste!

  3. http://angelicfille.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/black-cubes.html

    I looked for written work by her
    Two brief articles that relate to manipulation of reality
    Yes interesting synchronicity re Max
    I had not watched any bases stuff for a long while
    It popped up in my inbox
    I was not a follower of his vids
    I just liked him thought him a good vibe
    I been crying quite a bit about it, not usual for me
    Is it that a bright light went out a loss to us all
    I didn't cry over long term close spiritual friends passing
    Sorry not better details on video
    When have time I will have to watch again and give times parts start
    Eiffel Tower* antenna and others trap Gaia and our reality.
    What animates Clones
    Clones used to bring entities into this reality
    Soulless and soul sucking humanoids she's encountered
    How we are being manipulated into a conflict by finger pointing
    When it's the entities who've done this to other planets that are behind this
    Top Psychics manipulating shattered psyche Patsys re Paris*
    and other so called terror attacks
    Though actual ones exist most are manipulated
    Can be done over distance but look for who is nearby when they happen.
    Gaia would use earthquakes to bring down the monuments that control her
    Ancient knowledge of the right points to place the monuments

    1. No need for details on the vid I scrolled through it and caught the points you mentioned anyway. She has a hard time articulating what she knows, the dilemma of a womans brain forced to work in limitations of male paradigms.
      Yes every so called "monument" has been suspect to me for decades, the eiffel and statue of liberty too.... but mostly especially the pervasive phallic marker of domination and control, the obelisk.....diminutive of ὀβελός obelos, "spit, nail, pointed pillar, needle, shaft"...as indicated, it is the male marker much like when male animals urinate on a spot to claim it, men of this world dominated and marked all what they believe to be "their territory" which is all of the world {and beyond} with an obelisk, they spit, then nail or pierce, then mark with their shafts. An obelisk exists in every city the world over regardless of economics....it simply is their marker.

    2. Yes Sarah struggles to express though is worth listening to for her depth of insight
      I think of it as being more right brain as many of us in this work are
      Her girliness put me off her a bit originally
      but I think it is her coping strategy from childhood trauma
      Neglect creates a weakened sense of self
      she externalises her way of affirming herself harmlessly
      rather than the unconscious harming others way of narcissists

    3. It was many years ago (about 36 so before NewAge )
      That I first psychically picked up on the Patriarchal Black Magick
      Male priests blocking the Spiritual Realm at Mental Plane level
      Also known as the realm of Archetypes
      So of course would effect what reality manifests

      Seemed to be after a natural disaster had weakened trust in Mother Earth

      According to several spiritual systems we are complimentary in our different level bodies
      Male and Female to each other and to each level in ourselves

      It is obvious on the physical
      Who is stronger and dominant
      Who is receptive to procreate
      we even have it shown in technology via male and female sockets, positive + and - negative

      On the emotional level it is females who are stronger
      Males unless balanced can feel vulnerable to women emotionally or feel more emotionally lost
      A male reaction can be,
      to try dominate on either the physical level
      Or on the mental level, intellectual (left brain)

      On the Spiritual level Females are positive, males receptive

      I'll remind this is also a dynamic within
      Each level receptive to the ones above
      and positive to the ones below

      So to block us at the mental plane not only manifests a patriarchal society and religions
      It blocks our Connection to Source

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I observed a war memorial erected at a meeting of roads
      I could hardly believe how Phallic it was
      Squared off, but head with foreskin ring, stem and a scrot ball at each side of its base
      A wreath ring carved between
      Either side a sword was carved as a cross
      These small ones are found in villages as well as cities
      I've no idea how common this kind of design but remember similar
      This one was at a point where 3 roads met but are often at crossroads
      I was not looking for such I'm not inclined to see masonic buildings everywhere
      I was simply on an evening walk and there were seats near
      So I was more aware of its silhouette than I may have been just passing it by daylight.
      I've no wish to disrespect those remembering their loved ones
      Yet it was a different kind of sacrifice than they are aware
      I wonder what are the energy dynamics.
      It is usual a member of council, often a mayor, attend on Memorial Day 11.11
      So there is often a Masonic rep, though I've no idea of what degree
      Whenever the sincere are gathered there

      Just a small observation

    6. those patriarchs of evil need to ascribe the obelisk some meaning so the "plebeians" (a disgusting term they invented to describe people who serve them unknowingly) do not question, but their marker is there standing in deceit, the people are gullible and just walk on by.
      But I'm realizing this conversation should actually be on another post, it is valuable but will get lost on LC's article.

  4. There was also something about an energy surge re Paris event and tower
    I am wondering if that was a counter to Gaia trying to break free

    Something I noticed is how folk were reacting

    It's a false flag event no one was really killed
    Like it was worse than if people were
    So messing with folks psychology values
    as well as the fear and control agenda

    1. I think people do get killed in these false flags, it is not entirely staging.
      On another note, listening to Max'x latest he says clearly what I've been observing for decades, that the draconians are trying to destroy the female entirely, creating men who will birth babies, they are doing this now, growing hybrids in fake wombs and eggs, no mother he says, they are a construct, put together by lab work, and the child grows in a vat. Will find quote now:

    2. Quotes from Max: "so we're looking at the alpha draconian queens, the draco prime, they are negative feminine in nature, anti male, anti male to the point of getting rid of the female gender completely, getting rid of them and placing a womb within the male, having males create babies rather than the female. (interviewer: or in artificial womb?) Max: "they like it better if its done through the male itself because then its closest to being a 'b'and they want the new world order to be an actual physical being rather than created in an environment like that, it would be a little 'b'. (interviewer: there are more than one of those?) Max "yes, theres plenty more, there's plenty of them". Then the interviewer says he looks like he's being attacked, one can hear it. Yes he was because it is this very bit of information that is wanting to remain hidden. Max "died" the following week.

  5. Thank you for this, Serena, and Laughing Crow. We are Holy with the Eternal Spirit which fills our souls. This is why we are who we are. And we know this deep down inside. And it is so heart-rending to see those who we love, succumb to what they consider as 'normal' in today's messed-up programing of the human mind. When try as we can, to interrupt the sequence of the down-dumbing of humanity, all I get sometimes is a blank stare from someone I am trying to 'reach' to get them to search their choices and their thoughts, and they cannot see it! They are blinded by the devious principals and powers in high places, those demon hordes who filter in between the cracks of the human psyche. And so we fight the demonic forces, and stay steadfast in our resolve to be unconquerable in our holiness. As that is what we have chosen to be, HOLY!

  6. Something has been revealed
    I am taking some reassurance from how much I was getting through
    That we are getting support
    I was saying we need cling fast to God
    Like being tied to the mast in a storm
    Maybe for another Mother Earth is their rock to cling to
    Point is if I am reading this right
    I think we are going to be experiencing
    Timeline / reality shifts
    We need keep centred and without fear
    If anyone has another insight on this
    That is welcomed

    I was getting info come through / downloading
    about 9.11 powering CERN
    and predictive programming in bible
    Revelations in particular
    About vying realities
    I mentioned to a Christian that I'd heard something about old bibles changing
    The answer
    They have changed if you look up Isaiah 11:6 it should say the lion dwells with the lamb. But now even in my Bible I had for 5-6 years in my house it now says the wolf will dwell with the lamb. You do know that Jesus is called the Lion of Judah, and also the Lamb that was slain. Well if you look on line of the picture of Isaiah 11:6 you will see a picture of the Lion and the lamb but it says the wolf will dwell with the lamb.

    1. Yes, I think I see what you're saying re cern etc, and the timeline shifting is already happening, as part of its effects are known as the Mandela Effect, where dead people are alive, or died twice like Mandela and this is where it became very noticeable, to the quote of the lion and the lamb which is how I remember it and now "someones" for some reason changed it to the wolf OR it was so in another reality and I believe realities are merging, I wrote about this in a previous post. And that is why some people are seen to die twice, etc, or be dead and then alive somewhere else, and that names and monikers and logos are different and people have legitimate memories of both. And what is fascinating is that many people who know their bibles for years and have read "lion" are now checking and seeing "wolf" and there is no "logical" left brained interpretation for this, as there is not much for anything In what we refer to as "reality" because there are many realities and now that they're clashing people are losing their shit because for too long we've been indoctrinated and brainwashed into the male way of thinking, elevating the left brain and negating the right, which equates to elevating the male and suppressing the female......hence devolving humanity with its limitations and fostering an abject rejection of the illogical feminine Malleable Universe all which squelches left brained physics. Male mind domination has created a retarded species which has no way of intelligently or emotionally handling the larger truths of this universe. And the logical mind previously revered and worshiped as supreme lol has no room for this so they either say its impossible and people are having mass delusions, or they simply make some b.s. thing up out of pure air and speculation and call it a name and then a theory and then science, just to have something to say for their egos don't allow them to admit to "not knowing". It is best to go with the soft mind, the feminine mind and heart to be open, shun the patriarchal limitations and all their inane "expertise", re-open to what has always been and which is now slapping all of us in the face since for so long the dominant male has negated the Magical Universe and now its knocking them all on their pathetic asses. So people would be wise to call for open mindedness and heart and water abilities of the feminine flow, and with HER wisdom to guide the flow because I believe these shifting realities can be guided. We are in the Wild Ride of the Feminine Universe lololol


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