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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Holy Are Among Us

The Holy are among us, they are us. Some of us. And we know who we are.
Some are simply here to live, play, laugh, experiment, etc. But, some who love the whole, are the Holy.

The Holy are those who continue to hold love deep in their hearts, and not allow rage to rule, not all the time. They are those who feel and need a sense of purpose and that that purpose is larger than ourselves....there is no effort in this, it simply is.

Great Souls give themselves purpose, a purpose that is not merely ephemeral but perennial.

We know we are here for a reason. This gets squelched and squashed in the din and noise of the archontic set ups and reptilian run hosts of this planet, but we still feel, quiet and deep. It shows up when we give rage and frustration a break.
The "purpose" of our selves, our lives, says "I'm still here."

Josephine Wall

We live and breathe and wonder why? why?! why?!!!?.....but that is the mind, the chatter, the noise we generate ourselves. It doesn't serve us, we need to discipline our own minds to become quiet. It may be all day every day, nipping thoughts in the bud, before they generate energy of emotions, but it needs to be done. We need to grow up, to mature, to real-eyes and see that a false mental installation has been give to us by those who would be "wardens" of this prison planet and lords over humane consciousness. But it can be done. It does not require efforting, or work, if it does, you're working and efforting. :-).......it happens with a quiet will that is also there, quiet, when the mind is finally silenced and emotions still.
"They" have given us their mind, it is referred to as the reptilian brain. This causes the problems. The mammalian brain is family oriented and feeling oriented and when I say ''feelings'' I'm referring to kindness, care of siblings, nurturing, softness, helpful and sharing natures.....all those things the reptile works against and which this patrix paradigm has tried to snuff out.

We are torn apart. We are hurt. We are betrayed. We are beaten. We are ridiculed. We are told what to do, what we can and cannot do, what we should do, who we should be, what we should act like. Listen to no one but your heart if you have one. Your heart is guided by your soul, if you have one.

In this, you know who you are. In this soul you are eternal, and in this heart you are guided. You know this world is insane and sick patrix's run and rule everything and want to run and rule you too.
You know this is sick. You know you need Mothering Powers of KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM of what is Divine contained within every being ruled by heart and soul.

Nicholas Roerich "Mother of the World"


This is the Holy One.
They walk among us.
They are us.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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  1. Beautifully expressed
    We need remember who we are and why we are here
    Then we won't be daunted by the largeness of our task

    Compassionate Wise
    Universal Mother
    unbound and unbinding

    Blessings from The Kindly Light


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