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Monday, July 11, 2016

Barbara Marciniak 2016

Hello People,

I have given up channeled materials some years ago, vehemently actually.
For some reason these past 2 weeks or more, I've been listening to Barbara Marciniak again, some chance youtube on the sidebar from listening to other things.....and I decided to listen to something recent from her. I've been listening alot and searched out her most recent and finished part one today. I could not find any objections to anything that was said. There is empowerment in agreement.

There is alot of talk of the anunaki in this and I have to say I had also abandoned all of that "information'' as well, even having read all of Sitchen's books back when they were written, yes I read them all, but I cannot read any of it now. The anu sagas got tiresome, but.....they have not gone away, they are still coming up as the roots of the multi tentacled montsers in all the texts, and as evidence we see today points to them, so why would I dismiss them? I don't. I know there are controllers (of many stripes and colors etc!)  and these are the names of them. It seems they do not seek to remain hidden. And I would recommend knowing those who are controlling, how they do and why. Know they enemy comes to mind. I do not run from this "dark" information because first of all, they have made themselves known to me in the harshest of ways, and secondly to do so makes me ignorant and these days there is not even the comfort of bliss from it. I prefer to know as this is power. We as humanity simply must make radical changes in our ways of functioning. I intend to.

The mention of word-play in the English language such as it is, specifically of the name "Elon"....as in that ''musk'' guy who runs space X programs etc, I had a visceral response to. It just all fits.
One quote from him is : ''There’s a ‘One in Billions’ Chance Reality Is Not a Simulation''.
So there is ai which is "artificial intelligence" and the archons are this for sure, and then there is another ai, which is the "alien installation".....which are the anunaki, ETC.

There are many people who are against Barbara.M, say many things about her and honestly I don't know about her nor do I care what is said anymore. I only know everything said in this video I found to be true as far as I know and I recommend listening to her, putting aside all prejudices etc, as I have done in my quest for those who are speaking truths that birth understandings we need for openings of consciousness and knowledge that empowers. I am going to listen to the other parts later.

She, or the Pleiadians are obviously not using their usual neutral soft talk, they are being blunt as the times, also obviously, are calling for it since so many of us are dim witted lately thanks to all the chemtrails and chemicals in food and water and drugs, nano tech, and just plain old denial....and well, all of that.

If you listen let me know what you think.

 *Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind, what I think and what I believe.


Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. My Dear Serena, I watch for all your postings - THANK YOU~!RE: Barbara
    I have twice traveled from NY to NC to see Barbara - got all the books, had one-on-ones after the sessions. etc. She and the "P's" are as real as it gets. I can not read or listen to any others - none of them 'ring' true.
    Let me tell a short story - from my first visit. At the end of the 40min. she allows questions - but no personal readings. I tentatively asked a question about a crystal growth idea that I was working-on.
    Instantly the atmosphere in the room shifted with such force that I was afraid I had broken the channel - I was shocked - the change was palpable. Another "P" had stepped-in, most probably a scientific type, to respond to my question. He (it) was authoritative, kind and gave me a direct answer and a warning regarding the un-wanted 'attention' I would bring to myself. FWIW, I did not pay strict attention to that warning, and continued to dabble in that area. I nearly was killed. That's a whole 'nother story. But, yah, she's for real - and a sweet heart to boot~!!!

    1. abguy4, thank you for your comment and your readership.
      That is very interesting what you say. I am going through her other recent videos and I agree with them still.
      I've developed, though hesitantly, but with necessity, a healthy cynicism even something appearing to be helpful.
      I simply don't understand why ingenious energy sources developed by people are not better protected.

  2. Would you please elaborate on what you mean by 'ingenious energy sources....are not better protected?'

    1. Its in reference to positive energy devices etc developed by people that are shut down......I want to see them protected. I "assumed" probably erroneously that your "crystal growth idea" was something like that. Forgive me if I'm wrong. But my point was about positive/free energy beneficial tech and those people who work with them being "attacked".

  3. OK,OK, you're a little psychic. I was trying to not mention that BUT, yah, we are attacked - and not just on the 3D level. It's sorta g.d. amazing how they can tap into a person on that venture path. I was SUPER careful about not publicizing or reaching-out to FE Groups. They probably found me just thru my internet searches, on-line purchases - as best I can tell. The bottom line is that the blk ops have these technologies, and its the source of their power, and power is what they are ALL about. PERIOD.
    Thank YOU

    1. Sorry, didn't mean to expose anything, I was trying to be discrete too. I can delete these comments if you wish.
      It is quite amazing to us humans the unseen levels of observation we are under, how the slightest improvement in our mood and sense of personal power is detected and the outer world responds in kind with some form of penalty....this of course is not what happens to everyone, those who do not post a threat to controllers at all can even be rewarded. But those who are aware of controllers and aware of their own personal power, when activated, (creative, inspired, etc) will find every act and sensation of power is matched with a "get back in line" event from the outer world. It boggles the mind. Those who dont' experience this come up with all kinds of "logic" about what is happening, but in fact are clueless unless it happens to them and repeatedly happens. I experience this on an almost daily basis, there is no denying the levels of observation. Inanna Returns also speaks of the technologies which I thought at the time I read it were fictional, not anymore, but the evidence is it is working exactly as they say....they operate from ships with monitors picking up individuals frequencies and when we experience power spikes in any form, they send frequencies in return, which can be experienced as pain, confusion, memory swipes, sadness, etc. If these don't work they send in people, matrix agents per se, to nudge you back down.
      And yes, they have tech power, which we will catch up to soon, but they do not have intelligence of spirit power, so they cannot move forward except in eternal hubris. We however will move forward and fast.

  4. I could not have said it better. From experience, I concur 100%
    "..they operate from ships with monitors picking up individuals frequencies and when we experience power spikes in any form, they send frequencies in return, which can be experienced as pain, confusion, memory swipes, sadness, etc. If these don't work they send in people, matrix agents per se, to nudge you back down. "
    Actually, that nudge was a confrontation I never saw coming, concussion and broken bones. Less than one day after I shouted, "Nothing is going to stop me from working on this project~!". That must have lit-up the screens in the Mother Ship , huh?

    1. that's pretty intense abguy4! and yes such passion and determination lights up those screens, I know. One wonders however, how "they" came to know, was it after your talk with the P's? Why no protection from the P's or were they the source of the confrontation? I just don't trust "beings" who have been notorious for using humanity's childlike trust to further their own comic agendas, and humans become "collateral damage" .

  5. It was the Remembering (that I called bringing from the back of the brain to the front in the 70s before reading Barbara's book ) that was one thing that caused me to feel she was authentic as we all have the knowledge of everything within us and so it was not just another belief system.

    An Eastern Guru in those times said not to be too concerned about ETs because we all have the same God, ( who was called Creator in this) ( Though not a name I use myself and I think it more a matter of who they believe and intend , there are many cases of Greys being halted/blocked by folk calling on JC)
    Just like when dealing with spirits )

    Under the stone slabs of Marduk's temple in Babelon they found stone cylinders on which were written the exact words that are in parts of the OT. Except it missed out one word Marduk. The word proceeding it is Lord. So it therefore looks like the words belong to Divinity, Source.
    These parts of the OT are attributed to being the cause of much bloodshed in and between the religions based on the OT. It is thought the Judaic folk had this happen to their scriptures when they were slaves in Babelon.

    I stumbled upon incest in the OT recently and how this produced one of their tribal leaders.
    Two daughters got their father drunk and lay with him. The elder encouraged the younger
    The elder got pregnant.
    I think it was with Moab who then led the tribe.

    (Some other extremely heavy things there, like being made to eat their own children and murder others by (the) god ) A book that guides a religion that one is not allowed to question can so easily be used by the dark to misguide folk by slipping such things in.

    In India they cleanse all diamonds as they are considered to carry very negative vibrations.

    I mentioned an extreme though gentle level of telepathy to do with someone connected with Barbara's work and the Pleiadians elsewhere Serena

  6. I have also avoided getting into the Annunaki as the info is from so long ago and we are dependant on translations and translators .
    With so much about Nibiru getting confirmed it is becoming more necessary.

    The myths of the fallen one say he resented the gifts we were given that he and the Angels did not have.
    Our Creativity is one and tapping into such gifts will give us strength against our adversaries.
    Barbara mentions the importance of our creativity in her first book.
    As also does Cara who co wrote a book with Harold.
    I picked up on how Cara downloads and recognised it.

    Remembering who and what we are will be of great benefit to us in dealing with them,
    we have a direct connection with Source within us.
    Compassion is of great help in connecting with the source of compassion within us.
    Reptilian Brain Dominants do not have this capacity.

    Covert / Stealth / Vulnerable Narcissists give us some clues on how a mind low in empathy works They via trauma are forced to operate from the reptilian brain / base chakra survival based, with no regard for others yet are good mimics of good qualities.
    They can be used by the dark for they are often in our social groups and even our families. They are to varying degree and can border on sociopathy. As children they are harmed and as adults they can harm us as children or adult. once we spot them we can see how toxic they are.

    That bright lights are spotted when we incarnate and get targeted from subtle realms concurs with my experience and understanding, though I have seen that as dark occult, that it is related to dark magic.

    We have the capacity to learn through even dark experiences so can bring light out of such situations and if we keep doing that we can not be defeated by them, it's a kind of psychic Aikido.
    It's in dealing with such that I developed an understanding of how the dark works.
    I understand the energy and psychology rather than the technology which is probably going to remain beyond our capacity to understand , yet below where we draw our strengths from.

    Black magickians amplify this part of themselves IE the reptilian brain and this gives them, the reptoids , we used to call demons, ingress into this realm. Barbara may not have mentioned this but it is a kind of Black Magick the Reptilians have over us and our reality.

    We have to access the level above that, the Creative Intelligence within us.
    They actually need us for their aims of sustaining non Source sustained realities
    Not unlike a Narcissist needs us to sustain their false egos reality through Narcissistic supply.
    Us waking up to their games and disengaging (revoking all contracts) cuts off that supply.

  7. Re being observed I felt observed from the sky possibly the moon whilst I was in the area most of the crop circles appear in. Never felt that before except perhaps in Ireland which has a lot of 'activity' large crafts observed etc. the crop-circle area was not necessarily negative just very strong.
    Ireland was mixed when I was with a person of interest
    There was a greater awareness of such there anyway perhaps as it is on a very large Quartz rock foundation. Perhaps because of who turned up to investigate gave credence to the reality. Some very large ships were seen by some.
    When I was on my own I had a very positive experience via very lucid dream or was it.
    This was almost 20yrs ago.
    Anyone know when they started ramping up the technology that can give vision like experiences.
    I thought that in the last 30 or so years when the new age illusions expanded.
    I trusted experiences more before that and was wary of new age as it lacked the safety of older traditions.

    1. Thank you for your comments and insights, and knowledge they are helpful as always. :-)
      Cara is part elemental, or has the soul of one and she has the sharp "eye" and "ear" of one who can hear, see, collate and de-mystify what the dull senses of ordinary humans cannot.

    2. Re Cara , I was tired slipping between states glimpsing the 4th as I passed from one to other as I was listening to her, so I 'got it' at the level she was downloading from
      the Knowing that comes from Spirit / Higher Self.
      This is insightful on the elements and explains them well

      Earth grows , Water flows , Air blows , Fire glows , Spirit Knows.

      The states waking dreaming sleeping are like veils we can make finer for the light of the 4th to shine through enlightening them,
      I see them as on a circular rail and that as we pass from one to other it is like light shines through the chink between them, the nectar sweet moment we get a glimpse
      of as we come out of or go into a sleep state. Sunlight on water the lucidity of vision .

  8. ''......One wonders however, how "they" came to know, was it after your talk with the P's? Why no protection from the P's or were they the source of the confrontation? ''
    Fair enough. The question was asked to the "P"s almost 5 years after the physical attack. Why the hell would I still have questions about going forward in that research, after barely avoiding death? Well, I sincerely thought that it was my life's purpose to bring about the FE - AND that I would have some Divine protection IF I just slugged onward like a good xristian soldier- since my motives were so pure and hi-minded. But NO, The Dark intervenes as much as it suits them, apparently. The Positive entities do not, in my experience.
    So the question is; "How do they know?" It's quite simple. They have total access to our thoughts - and as we both know - some of us are monitored on a moment to moment basis. We have "attachments". These entities are mostly - like 99% - residing in 4D and above. They communicate telepathically - Exclusively(~!)they read each others thoughts, and ours, instantaneously. I have witnessed this personally. Also they are 'networked' on a total scale. We know this phenomena as a Hive Mentality. So for example, when the one monitoring you senses a crisis coming, (something above the monitor's pay grade - so to speak) - they can instantly access support from more powerful dark minions. And those entities can call-in humans who are possessed, to act out the physical attack in 3D. And that is EXACTLY what happened in my case. OBTW, they are ABSOLUTELY dispassionate in their endeavors. Do not attest any emotion to them or their activities. They live in an emotionless void. They do not sleep, eat, have sex, they 'live' 800-1000's of years, never have any change of status. You could call that Hell if you like. How do I know this? One of the low ranking minions talked to me one night when I caught them scanning, and since they (3) were in close proximity I think they had something like an abduction planned. You see, when the channel is open, it is open both ways (that makes perfect sense doesn't it?). So I could read them as well as they could read me. It was engaging in the sense that my poor brain was struggling to keep up my end of the 'conversation'. In the real time sense, I was lagging by paragraphs.
    OBTW, although they seek to move us to hatred and anger, they do not 'like' it aimed at them. It drives them away. Now I just wrote that they do not 'like'. That simply does not apply. They are emotionless - I just can't convey that thought any other way.

    1. abguy4, you have the same knowledge I do, and from personal experiences too, over and over again. It is just as you say.
      I am amazed none the less every time I experience it or hear about it. As of this morning, I have been interfered with in my dreams with something that tortures my heart. It, the nightmare, did come true and this then became the torture of living days. I was interfered with just this nights dreamscaping. I had to stay up. Pure evil knows no pain.

  9. Thank you posting this information. Is there a way to get the rest of the recordings?

    In love, light & joy

    1. if you go to the youtube link, there on the side are parts 2, 3 and 4. I'm going to post about this again in a day or so, enjoy.

  10. Another layer of ET reality manipulation revealed

    As it is about Spaceships ETs, Anuaki , Sumarian History
    them genetically manipulating us as slaves
    ET gods and goddesses
    How it was manipulated to make ETs and their craft and tech
    look like they are about a divine Creator
    being used to create religions for control
    by putting in the religious parts from various cultures;

    Niberu causing Noahs flood

    in an interesting revised history
    it also suggests Nibiru may have seeded life here initially

    You may find the Literal Translation of the books bible is based on interesting
    by multi lingual religious texts translator Mauro Biglino

    The book that will change the way you see the bible forever

    Spiritual Mystic christians who do not think bible infallible,
    and can cope with changes in world view
    and are not offended by other spiritual wisdom sources
    may find a few things helpful.
    Meaning, although there is a lot of bathwater needs chucking out,
    there is a small baby left.
    One thing being
    John, the more mystic gospel is held as having some authenticity,
    maybe a bit modified for his audience,
    but he is thought to have actually known Jesus Yeheshua.
    It does not deny His existance or Him sharing something of value spiritually
    but it does take the religious dependancy out.
    And it chucks God out of OT

    I have not read it all yet, as I had a general idea about the Sumarian ET history parts
    and I was looking for where christians could find something to avoid destablisation.
    As seems many are being steered either towards that
    (similar to 'them' setting up heros for the people to discredit later to truamatise )

    Altenatively christians are being manipulated to think Revelations is happening now
    The CERN and rail tunnel dramas really got folk stirred up
    and when I read 'they' are using Rev as a blueprint
    it clicked about the dramas enhancing the predictive programing of Eevelations

    'Thought preceeds manifestation'

    I know I found it rather a challenging shift myself,
    even though I have been sorting wheat from chaff for over 40yrs
    have explored several spiritual paths,
    and have the experiential spiritual,
    rather than dogma, as foundation

    Serena as usual only publish here if seems best place x

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