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Monday, July 25, 2016

Recommended Listening Barbara Marchinak 2016

Hello People,...

I have finally gotten through the 4 part series of this talk for 2016.     Twice.
The first time was for the information, which again, I could find no objections to anything that was said in all 4 parts. Of course not every single word, but throughout the 4 parts there is alot of worthy information and worth the time. I'm not interested in all the astrology at all, but there are many who find it valuable. To each their own in peace.
The 2nd round was to listen deeper, to feel, to hear on other levels, and still I am in agreement. What I feel is the P's as they are referred to, want as many people as possible to know what is going on, what has been going on on this Earth, since all of his-story books are total patriarchal nightmare distortions written by the "conquerors" of both men and alien(s). And that though they've been telling us for years, still too many people are not getting it, though all the discord and perverted evidence of it surrounds us in this world.
They want us to wake UP and NOW. The feeling is there is a window of opportunity Now. Interestingly Max Spiers who recently passed, also said we are right now in a window of opportunity to break out of the matrix.
The energy of the P's is they are frustrated that so many still do not act upon what they know, or simply want to go back to sleep and continue on as if nothing is terribly wrong.

Many of us are feeling an intense frustration of something, thinking it is about our personal lives when we are in fact responding to the urgency of this planet and timelines moving ever closer to the crux of matters that need our attention or to the closing in of this timeline or window of opportunity. What to do? Apparently it is not about "doing" it is about our frequencies, maintaining our knowledge, non compliance to the Anu and Sons Machinery (my term) and minions, and I would add not breaking down.

There was nothing groundbreaking in this series for me, just lots of confirmations. We know these things, but the majority are not paying attention to the dismantling world around us, attributing these things to immature ideas which the Pleiadians are here to mature us up about and I am grateful they do. If they sound frustrated, they are and they should be, I am not Pleiadian and I'M frustrated with people!

That said, I want to be clear, I still am not a fan of channeled materials, nor of the Pleiadians specifically at all, just this series I listened to.
Nor would I dismiss what she is saying because of her accent or any such absurd criticisms. Nor would I take this 4 part series as a complete picture, not at all, not by far, there is still so much. Just that this series is recommended for all the truths that are expressed within.

I love to make highlighted pointers of these types of series but I am not going to do that, its just too much work here, but she does make it clear throughout the 4 parts, this planet is being run by off worlders for eons now, who use the ignorant and stupid for their wars, raping and pillaging. Clearly for the defamation and breakdown of the Family Unit, its a reptilian thing.

Some of this information is difficult to take in, but it is necessary to understand the realities from a truth perspective and not merely because we don't want to know it or hear it. We must grow up.

Another critical point is the Anu and Sons Machinery have installed various creatures or watchers in the "outer dimensions", guards for the after death process, to trick people back to earth for deceitful reasons, to keep us recycling, to not reach our center Soul, and that is why there are so many humans here as they are being recycled back to earth in ignorance, (karma is a bullshit lie given to humanity to willingly return) and it is up to us to realize this and to discover the ways to stop this.  "The ultimate is to restore an open corridor for humans souls to get really in touch with freedom of choice, not to be recycled." Part 4 at 36 minutes in. "Once that is restored you have stopped the tyranny, and once that is restored that will make the frequency."

My Favorite is this: part 3, 6 minutes in...... ".......as this awareness is flourishing, even if you do nothing but sit in your property and think about it, as you become aware, you begin to dismantle the system, because you don't believe in it. ....without saying a word, you change everything."
.....and it is THIS my friends, that is the power of us, the dismantlers, our minds, our intentions, our collective passion to dismantle the patrix system on this planet imprisoning people and tormenting them......it is this which is what we are doing, have been doing with every bitchin complaint about it, and every angry moment about it, and every writing, article, every conversation, email, every private moment of anger about all the corruptions and injustices that we've  been going through for all of our lives, and we know who we are!.....it is and has been this very thing, that has been the power from within, dismantling this entire fuckin, patriarchal, murderous, war mongerous, drug lords, priested, perverted, misogynist, predatorial, money worshiping, psychopathic system on this planet.
So you see, all of our lives, all of our anger and rage against it all, has been the dismantling energies of it all.

Every time you see something corrupt, claim with all your rage, dont just stew in all that power, use it like a laser beam!! claim out loud.......... "YOU FAIL", "YOU CEASE TO EXIST!"

It has been a painful life, but we're doing it. It is done.

Part one is mostly about the history of the incredible interference of Anu and his Sons:

part 2, 3 and 4 is more information with lots of questions and answers from savvy people:

part 3

part 4:

Listen carefully with your heart, slowly, and take in what you can but more importantly Share, speak, talk, to everyone who will listen at all. These are the seeds planted and soon the imprisonment of humanity will be common knowledge, the 1000th monkey affected and hopefully a rising frequency of dignity restored to a broken, abused and tortured humanity will return and the break out is ON!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Serena. My heart breaks within me when people don't 'get it' as they are then continuing to be slaves to this blood-lust planet of ours, the planet controlled by the trolling dark entities and equally beastial men and some equally deceived women. But yes, we are fighting for what is good, and pure, fighting against this system of diabolical deception. I will gladly listen to these videos.


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