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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Energetics: Heat, Fry, Flashes, Ion Toxicity, Magnetism

This energetics may be personal to me but I dont' think so, so am posting.

I've been experiencing heat spikes, and positive ion poisoning. I come to this knowing the summers here are almost unbearable and getting worse each year though this is only part of it.
I am not, briefly speaking of "global warming", seeing the entire planet warming up, especially when the ice caps are growing faster than they are melting, but what I'm seeing is that each climate is experiencing extremes of whatever weather they have. Hot places getting hotter, colder climates getting colder. So here it is hotter than ever and I'm pretty done with this.

But what I'm feeling and I don't expect everyone to  have experienced this as it is extreme.....can be the equivalent of hot flashing, internal furnacing resulting in difficulty breathing, intense weakness and profuse sweating, not feeling the air conditioning even standing right in front of it. These come in waves. What I find is these are not from heat or humidity alone, both of which are causing this, but also the increase of positive ions (which I spoke of here) and way too much emf frequencies from the air's saturation of everyone in this state right now using all their air conditioning at full blast all the time, and the general psychic heated mental fields of the world at large. I am mostly inside the house and though I open the windows every day to get in fresh air, I still must close them after an hour or two because the heat is suffocating and I cannot find efficient ways of cooling down due to assaults of climate heat, excessive positive ions, and saturation of emfs. I feel emf poisoning as electrical over stimulation, a type of "fake heat" but real. Reading or hearing news causes heat spiking.

The emf "heat" waves I can remediate by being outside, but that is not an option right now because then the heat kills me, I literally struggle to breathe. So I come inside for the cool. The emf's cause another type of "heat" because they are speeding up my atoms and causing the intense speed to generate a type of false electrical heat in my body, so I am getting heated up from both the climate and atomically speeded up via emf's and there is no escaping. My nervous system is overtaxed. It is highly uncomfortable, distressing, draining, but zapping is the worst as when I get zapped by either too much humidity or emf's I can do literally nothing and it takes a couple of days to recover from that.....and it is tiresome to always feel this kind of intensity of heat and electromagnetic saturation. I would have to go to another climate which I cannot do right now......or try to find my inner bear and slow down my own metabolism and go into a type of hibernation and an emf free cave to cope with these extremes. Anyone else?

Along with this, there is the brain fry, the mental confusion, the memory loss, and eventually the lack of caring about anything even those things I love to do. I find this is also a product of deliberate poisoning too, because this condition totaling up to apathy, is what "they" want....."they" being the dark force controlling forces.

And so while the above is nothing special or new, the intensity is, and this is worth noting.

I write this as I find these energies are being experienced by other people in other climates. The heating up is extreme, coming from not only the weather, not only the emf's (electro magnetic frequencies), elf's (extremely low frequencies), and positive ions, but they are coming from satellites, and nano technologies that fall from the chem sprayed skies into our bodies so we become virtual antennae for whatever frequencies they are modulating, as well as transmitters and receivers both, more electric than magnetic and THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM.

We need more magnetic energies and if anyone can advise me on how to acquire this, please write.
Its complicated.

"They" are messing with our organic fields of electro-magnetics, and by frying our brains which produce more electrical current and imbalancing our bodies, into feeling fried by electro and not enough magnetics. Those bastards ever on the quest for imbalance, to yang this planet and its people out of its yin.

It is my sense that generally and loosely, electric energy in the body works on the brain, nervous system, and bodily functions, and mostly left brained activity, while the magnetics works on the subtle body systems, the psychic fields, the right brain and all our abilities beyond the physical 5 senses, and the hearts emanations, those that make us the beings we know we once were and could be again. Do you see why they are electri-frying this planet and people? Messing with the Schumann Resonance which is the magnetic field of this planet? Spraying the planet over, preventing cosmic energies from the sun to magnify us with its magnetic fields, and tampering with the magnetic poles to further imbalance the magnetics.

Electric is yang, magnetic is yin. Its to separate us from the symbiotics of us and Mama Earth and the sun, and to disconnect us from our many natural super-human abilities beyond the physical, disable us into merely physical beings, crippled as left brained shunted physical insensitive non empathic, non telepathic non metaphysical creatures.

Magnetic-field deficiency syndrome, or MFDS, is a term which describes a limited exposure to the geomagnetic field of the Earth.

Its the magnetic fields which are the energetics of the Heart........and they also carry the prana, chi, energy we need for life and feeling good....which is why we feel so good in Nature, not cities. Nature emits chi/prana/energy from the sun and earth. Magnetic Human Fields are the invisible information packets which harmo-genize (just made that word up) us with the cosmos.
There is ALOT going on.

 Some interesting symptoms of magnetic imbalance in the body from here:
Some of the other symptoms of magnetic energy blockage include goosebumps, light headedness, numbness in a particular part of the body, etc. These blockages can lead to severe headaches, nausea, diarrhea, pain in the heart and stomach, extreme sensitivity issues, and tiredness.

Another interesting read about the magnetic effects on our entire being here:
So the magnetic fields carry the prana, and we interact with these fields everywhere we turn. We find that green park areas that feel so healing and nurturing are filled with prana. The prana comes out of the green plants and it feels good to us. This certainly feels different than spending time in a city, paved over with cement! Our bodies take in prana, located on our left side a few inches above the hip bone. If you have a damaged or blocked spleen, complete prana absorption will be difficult or impossible. Magnetism is not confined to only physical plane matter. There is an emotional magnetism that exists in all emotions or ideals, a mental magnetism that exists in all ideas, and a physical magnetism that exists between you and all physical objects.


Then there are the Mandela Effects going on both in general public arenas and on personal levels to people individually which boggle the mind.

All of these things effect a state of mind that is not able to remain grounded, a psychic energy which is fractured and scattered as opposed to coalesced and stable, bodies that are under every form of stress 24/7 and needing Esoteric Nutritionists as opposed to ignorant medical dogmas......and it is very very challenging to gain ones center and keep it. 

Other points of interest:
* waking up at 1;30 on the nose every morning.
* everyone else I speak to/hear from seems to feel flattened out and bed bound lately
* the eyes being super blurry
* the painful question of us being and living in an entirely false holographic simulation
* "seemingly" rapid aging, dramatic body changes from day to day

However, anything that makes me feel like a useless eater, or that life is completely futile, is rejected by some powerful default divination from my inner planes which often get me back on track to finding purpose, even if it is the "purpose of the day".....and that I exist because I am an eternal being of love.

I crave the Expanse of Mother
from the cradle to the grave...
Her form of Nature
Her Essence of nurture
Her rhythm and Lushness,
and a billion lovely faces.
~ Serena

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Answers. Grounding, best nutrition, rest and recreation, forgive "them" be in love not fear, focus on what's right not what's wrong. Heart is magnetic 600 times stronger than electric mind
    Love and let it be :-)

    1. Daren, great "answers"....here's what I do....I garden as a way of life, or spend time creating something. I eat mostly organic and very well, healthy foods I prepare myself only and cook to music. I take few supplements that are food sourced. I'm not in fear as far as I know. I am a heart based person naturally, goes with being a woman. I utilize the mind as the tool that it is and do not worship it to the exclusion of the right brain which would be asinine. I move my body when I am not in extreme pain to keep me limber, was a natural bodybuilder most of my life. And love is natural to me 24/7, also being a woman who did not adopt the paradigms and memes of a patriarchal world. I trust myself first and am ruled by heart tempered by mind. Daily living is an exercise of patience to walk against the common talk of zombieland in this matrix but I do it. I go on talking fasts regularly, listen only to uplifting music that warms my heart, and interact with people only when it is beneficial for both to speak from authenticity. However I do have deep questions about this Life on Earth and am ever questing. If I have missed something please let me know. :-)

  2. I love your blog Serena and value your insights, Serena. The sea ice is shrinking in the arctic but growing in the Antarctic. Odd, isn't it?

    1. thank you kmackenz, and yes its "odd" how those guys put out information that is both contra-dick-tory and autistic, they simply can't get themselves on the same page about a single topic. So is it the facts that are contradictory or the guys whose men-tality is getting in the way as usual? That is a rhetorical question. :-) Everything men have put out as "facts" or "science" was never based on the fact that this world is a magical reality not subject to physics or anything like that, and so perceptions abound, and their science breaks down every year with "new" laws. Their hubris knows no bounds.
      Their laws of physics are slapping the shit out of them, is why cern does their inane dances.

  3. Serena, Thank you so much for your posts. I look forward to them and they always make me feel better about things. The way you describe your day and how things are going, is very helpful to me. Thank you for being you.

    1. Miakoda, thank you so very much for your kind words. I am happy to be serving in this small way.

  4. Thank you Serena for this post. I have had a heavy metal taste in my mouth for some time now. It won't go away. I can relate to the blurred vision, and I have my good physical days and my bad physical days as far as energy is concerned. I think Vitamin C can rid the body of the chlorine which does not go away in our city water. It is in our clothing when we wash our clothes, or showers, our drinking water, even when it is purified. The chloramines do not dissolve, only with Vitamin C. So, I have been adding a 1/2 teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals to an additional rinse only cycle to my clothes after the initial washing in completed. Otherwise, I will be sleeping on sheets which still have chloramine in them. Complaining to the water dept. does nothing. They really don't care. It's to dumb us down. Our city's perimeter has a grid of high definition electrical wires which I can hear humming late into the night. Not all people can hear the hum. I know you can. I am just talking about things that go along with your train of thought here. I take Hepar Sulpher Cal daily as it seems to thwart some of the heavy metals in the atmosphere which are drawn into the body through air pollution and our water sources. I can tell a difference when I run out of Hepar, as I begin to become lethargic and exhausted.
    Blessings to you my dear friend,
    Miss Teresa

    1. Miss Teresa, you are always full of fun facts and tidbits. I never thought of adding Vit C to the laundry, seriously? to remove chloramines? Will try it next time for sure.
      I use soapnuts mostly for my laundry, then a homemade one from felspar soap, washing soda and borax mixed in a jar. Its a much cleaner greener laundry soap.
      Every time you mention the Hepar, I grab them and take some, its not a daily habit yet, but it will be. Thanks for this.


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