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Monday, June 27, 2016

Energetics and Mandela Effect in My Life

 Hello Good People of Twilight -Ville.....

Just wanted to share an energetics and the Mandela Effect in my life.

First energetics: I am completely drained of life force, alot like the krypton effect I wrote about here.
It is not making any sense to me, how I live, what I eat, or anything. Nothing I do is affecting my energy in a positive way, even when juicing and relaxing....something is definitely messing with Human energies. Nothing more to say about that, except this is taking a monumental effort to sit at this computer and think and write.
I got up this morning feeling ok, but as the hours pass I become drained and the pains off the charts.

Mandela Effects in my life.

I can only list a couple of them here because I am so tired, but this last one happened just today. Forgive the mundane descriptions of life but they are necessary to take you through a tour in my shoes.
I shop at a little Italian market called Doris's. I was driving home today with two little bottles to store my vitamins in as I abhor plastic jars and labels etc, when feeling content with my organizing projects of late I thought it would be nice to stop and pick up a couple of things from Doris shop so I pulled in. Once parked I always look up at the environment as I like to take in what and who is around me, and I noticed a new restaurant right next to Doris's, a Vietnamese restaurant no less and I love Vietnamese food. I should also say I'm always looking for new Asian restaurants and Indian as well, but there are far too few in this neighborhood....so seeing this new one was a pleasure. They even had a little table outside with two of their workers sitting outside. I walk up to it and look at the window and take in all the details and then walk in and everything looks nice and new. No one was there but the waitress who thought I was there to eat but I only wanted to check it out and pick up a menu so I can have it on hand for when I am craving Vietnamese foods which is regular. I said ''no, I'm just checking it out, here, how nice is this! How long have you been open?'' She says.....about a year.      !!!

Ok....so I go through my memories of how many hundreds and hundreds of times I've shopped in this store about every week for 15 years, parking outside and knowing every store in this plaza and this restaurant is right next door, literally the wall behind the veggies section of Doris' and I NEVER FUCKIN SAW THIS? NOT POSSIBLE PEOPLE!
I ask her again? ''how long?!"......''about a year'', she says.

I want to look in the menu there, my usual inspection, but I was too Mandela fucked to think straight.

There is no way I would have missed this, for one I am always looking for Asian restaurants for when I'm in that mood, for another it was literally the wall next to Doris's which I have seen hundreds if not thousands of times and third I'm always looking around me when I get in or out of my car to take in the surroundings.
I never saw this restaurant until today. Because it was never there. A beauty salon was there. I didn't even bother to check if it was next to it, I simply am having too many of these experiences to play detective, it doesn't pay. I asked the waitress ''then where is the Greek restaurant"? she said a couple doors down, which it was. I was there once for my birthday. I remember that. But this Vietnamese one was not right. next. door. and. I. never. saw. it.

The last time I told people of my experiences of this kind, I'm sure they thought I was nuts, or disoriented in some way, but I can speak of them now, why? because they have a name and many people are speaking of it now, called the Mandela Effect. And Mandela dying  years ago in prison was not my first one let me tell you.
People are experiencing different things than their memories tell them, most of this being in print, media etc, but few are having their own experiences. I am thinking that some major fuckery is going on, not merely glitches, but this ME has a cause and the cause are archontics who are messing with realities big time. I am thinking that there have been installments of people, maybe tons and tons of ''false'' people, from a parallel universe who have been installed into our reality but who have different memories of their past, and some of us who have been around the block for half a century are seeing the "original" memories along with the new "false" ones implanted. So the installment of parallel people are having their memories clashing with our "original" ones. And 'someone' is having alot laughs.
Another is that realities are really simply clashing, with parallel universe people along with ours, many duplicates of our selves, and this could account for the huge numbers of populations on this earth, with all kinds of "truths" that are true for some but not for others. The thing is, what does it lead to? What is the meaning of realities being such shifty fickle things?

Speaking of duplicates, just yesterday I was shopping yesterday for a specific cabinet drawer in Bed Bath Beyond, and the one I wanted was not in a box, but the sample was there, two of them and I wanted one so I got some help from a woman who works there. When she was free to help me, we looked for the one I needed, I had measuring tape in hand to measure the thing myself and she said, "oh, I remember you, I helped you the other day, you bought a bunch of these, you had your measuring tape in hand and all"......"uhhhh......no......not me, I didn't buy anything, I am here now and I just need the one". She looked at me like I was on drugs. She repeated that a woman who looked just like me, (which is rather tricky I'm told), was there just days ago, with measuring tape (pointing to the one in hand) and bought a bunch of the same (exact) item which is probably why there are none there. "ummm no, it wasn't me". She frowned and said humfph......and we found some stacked up high nearby. She was very confused, according to her face.

One woman Cynthia Sue Larson has written about this Mandela Effect for over 19 years, so she's also been observing shifting realities for a long time.

Another one was this 3 years ago:

I go for my walk or jogs daily, living here for 15 years in this area, walking the same route. One day as I just began my walk about 5 minutes into it I see a house on my left, a really really cute house and it struck me because there are no cute houses around here at all. No one really cares for their homes except to have a lawn service, but gardening and landscaping is beyond these peoples cares. So when a house is gardened and landscaped it grabs your attention. And this house was really cute, for this neighborhood anyway. It had white iron scrollwork on the front porch with 4 healthy beautiful hanging plants from it. Around was planted lots of beautiful plantings, carefully thought out. I had most of the same plants too but they didn't look this pretty. I stopped and stared at this house and took in all the details of what was done and how I might take some tips for my own house, but I didn't want to just stand there staring, I thought, I wanted to get on with my walk and I would study this house on my way back. I walk and jog and on the way back I look for the house to study and I could not find it, I must have passed it. I will look for it tomorrow thought I. The next day on my walk I looked for the house in the same area but I must have missed it again because I didn't see it. I thought I would look more carefully on my way back from the walk. On the way back I looked but again I didn't find it and thought I must have missed it again, looking up too late. I would look again the next day because I wanted to see this houses details and how different it was compared to all the other uncared for houses. The next day, 3rd day, I said I'd begin looking straight out from the walk and I didn't see the house with the white iron scrollwork with hanging plants and garden plots. On the walk back I studied every house and it was not there. Ok....what's up....where is this house? I studied every single house I have walked for over 15 years......this one was not there. Now I am angry.....I am determined to find this house that I saw and stood in front of and studied for a few minutes, and I must find this house again. Unless the owners decided suddenly to take down the plants, remove the iron scrollwork, and uproot perfectly beautiful planted plots with healthy plants and replace them with the weeds to look like everyone elses, it didn't make any sense at all because even if they decided to do that, it could not have been physically done in half an hour!
I determined to find the house, because houses don't disappear in half an hours walk right? So I get into my car and thought I'd drive the entire walk path and search for this house, but there was no such house. It was gone. I have not seen it since.
This was 3 years ago. When I told a few people, they just tsk tsk'd me and said it was strange, and they must have quietly thought I was losing my shit after all my lifes' shit, but were too polite to say anything. Mind you I only told this to those who also know of paranormal things and anomalous metaphysics, but again, none of them could relate.
Now.....the Mandela Effect seems to answer this.

I have had many experiences of this kind, too many to write and too many to even remember.
It is one thing to see things "mislabeled" or words changed in bibles, or text, or anything, or hear of the dead being undead, but it is quite another to experience these in ones personal life in so many personal ways.
This Mandela Effect is real, has been happening for a long time, and is now happening to many many people, or many people are now looking out for it.

I wonder what is happening. I do know this. "Reality" as we ''know'' it, is not reality. Laughing Crow says it is ALL a computer generated program. And the programmers are now having a field day.

I am very tired today, as I was yesterday, and I really really need to rejuvenate somehow.

Take good care people, take good care of yourselves, and those around you.
Be love.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Hi Serena,

    Thank you for your great blog posts! They are always informative and justify many of my experiences and feelings! Often I cannot put them into words, but your posts help me to do that.

    I have been having the experiences you speak of here. They have not been big as a house yet, but I have noticed little things out of place. For me, this is accompanied by a feeling of surrealness and WTF-ness. My thoughts when this happens is usually that I moved between realities even if it is for a mere second. But I do like your explanation that these parallel realities may be overlapping rather than me moving into another one.

    Thanks again Serena for sharinging your wonderful knowledge! Take care and please continue to share your thoughts with the world...it is making a difference! :-)

  2. Jeannine, thank you so much for your words. I do hope to make a teeny bit of "sense" of some things, my brain is ever "ON".....Some things I simply NEED to know....so many strange things happen all the time. I hope to make more posts now that others are aware of the Mandela Effect, I can speak more freely lolol.

  3. The Mandala effect is happening to me too, in very subtle ways. I had two, small French's mustard containers. One was in the frig and one was out on the kitchen counter top for me to rinse out and recycle for our city. Recently, I was hoping to find a larger bottle of mustard, and couldn't find any in the stores. So, here I am, I get up and on my kitchen counter top is a LARGE, empty container of French's mustard. No way! I say to myself. I haven't had a LARGE size in the house for over a month. Very disconcerting. Just stupid little things happening, including de ja vu experiences, like I know exactly what is going to happen next, or it actually happened a few years ago. And my mind goes 'What!?' I take Homeopathy on a daily basis. When I don't take two particularly effective remedies, I get brain fog. The remedies are from Boiorn and are Hepar Sulphur Calc 30c and Ledum 30 c. One keeps mercury out of the body, and the other one is for bites, and stings and rashes. Sorry you are experiencing the negative aspects of the environment, of the mind, spirit, and body. I am getting rashes from something and I think it is in the products we use for cleaning clothes, and dishes. Most now have the label saying 'eye irritant and skin irritant'. The skin irritant is a new one, and is in liquid dish detergent 'Cascade Complete'. That one also causes a reaction of fumes when used with our chlorinated city water. I get a very heavy chemical 'taste' in my mouth which won't go away for hours, just being in my kitchen using those products. I feel as though we are all 'test' subjects, seeing how long it will take to cause more cancers and sickness. There is no more ecologically minded 'cause groups' out there anymore, if there really were any to begin with, back in the early 70's. If they were real, they have been squelched by the Big Boys who are running the 'show'. May heaven help us all!

    1. Miss T, you must try to stop using those chemicals you don't need them.! My friend has a dishwasher and she uses Thieves soap for it, and the hot water does the rest. There are purely natural things to use for everything that are effective and some better than those ''convenient'' chemicals created by madmen!

      Also please tell me which homeopathic remedy you use to keep mercury away? I probably have it, but not sure which.
      I had a homeopathic kit of 200 remedies, that was simply "taken" "vanished" from my home.....recently the battery recharger for my camera is simply "gone" no where to be found and I am highly organized for I loathe wasting time looking for things so I have every single thing in its place and this recharger is no where......arggghh!! so I cannot take pictures and I wanted to post a few things on my other blog....

      Anyway, am super tired right now, got zapped from speaking to someone, connecting to someone today with a real heart, a real human, not an organic portal....so am going to bed now.


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