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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Energetics: Kryptonite and Full Moons *updated

Hello Everyone,

*just adding an update seeing many are speaking about a "magnetosphere reversing" for 2 hours? I don't know what this means but what I was feeling took days and began around sunday  the 24th.....and this "magnetosphere reversal" happened on the 25th....so unless I am responding as the canary once again which is totally viable, and have been in recovery since......." So. had to include this perception though I don't know what it means at all, if anyone cares to explain it to me. I am tending to think along the lines of something in the aire completely changing my brains wiring, it felt like serious drugs which I abhor but atmospheric sun activity is also common for me to respond to in such a way.*

Just a quick energetics report of what I'm sensing. As always my personal energies are weeded out so I can feel into the outer energies and though I thought initially these past 3 days were my own, turns out they are not, so I'm posting.

Also I do know these energetics do not affect everyone, only some of us. The 'canaries' as it were.

I have felt completely drained, no energy, no will, no desire, no interests etc and this happens often but sometimes it is due to my own diet, weather, etc.
But these past days I feel now are not. It is not my diet, and the weather is gorgeous actually, a rarity I've not encountered in all my years here. But the drained feeling means that I cannot even push myself into working out or doing something to energize me because it will put me under.
I just tried to force a walk/jog and I schlepped the whole way. I tried to pep talk myself as I do enjoy this when I have the energy, I love feeling energized and often the walk/jog will give me energy, but I could not even do that much. I went through all the factors and I could not understand why I was feeling this way. I layed down yesterday the entire day from morning to night and I do not remember doing that ever through any ailment I have had. I did get up to walk to the gardens periodically but could only lay down with relief every time. I had no pains or anything, just felt completely zapped.
I do not want to move. The sun is too bright, every noise exaggerated and painful to my brain, movement too vulgar. I really need to be in a dark quiet cave deep in the mountains, cool with a trickle of fresh water and only a bare reflection of movement in the water to calm all my senses.

I thought today would be better, it had to be. Though I could not sleep last night and I did not want to be up another night too, I did have small something to eat with red wine to knock me out. I went to sleep feeling quite euphoric so I was pretty sure the next day I'd have energy for my walks. I did not.
As I forced it anyway, I could not build up speed, nor track my energy at all. I used monumental effort of will and that drained me even more. As I neared the halfway point I asked myself what the hell is this?! as I knew it was not physical and not caused by the normal things, my feeling by now was it was something external somehow, and with great incredulity asked !what is going on to cause this!, it doesn't feel like ''me''.....and then I looked up and saw a car with its trunk door open and with large bold print on the outside it said "KRYPTON'' and I knew.

The effects are being felt as kryptonite.

 Something is happening with the earths energies, from the outer spheres is all I can conjecture. Every time I struggle with trying to find out what has zapped me, I usually find out late that there is something going on in the atmospheres of the planets.
And while I have seen nothing to tell me this is so, I know it is so. Some energy breach has occurred.


I am not a fan of the moon. I do not feel it is a natural celestial body, and it causes lunacy for a fact.

With the full moons lately, for months now, maybe 6 months, I am noticing that on the full moon night, I am wide awake, cannot sleep and have too much energy I dont know what to do with.
I always could feel the moon throughout my life, but never like this. What I usually felt was some kind of restless, alertness that was piqued but it never kept me from sleeping.
The past maybe 6 months, the full moon night has been keeping me completely awake, alert, not sleepy at all, wide awake.....a feeling that is very odd for me especially at night since I love my sleep. I do not sleep much on those nights maybe 4 hours, and I do not seem to suffer from it either. It is almost as if I don't need the sleep on that night. Whereas before if I did not sleep I would suffer.....these full moons of late are energizing and not causing suffering later.......ODD.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. The heavy metals and lithium being aerial sprayed in those criss-cross patterns across the skies have a debilitating effect on health. Look up on the days you are zapped... if the white haze from chemtrails is spreading then you have found your culprit!

    1. kmackenz, I try to keep up with the white haze and spraying, monitoring how I feel for years now and do notice I feel off on heavy spraying days. But these past days have been extreme. Maybe they mixed their cock-tales don't know, or there has been another influx of something with all the breaches in our atmosphere, but this has been rough. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I did not notice any chemtrails, but I did feel as though I was hit with Kryptonite around 10:30 11:00 today. Every part of me was affected, even my tissues were weak, stiff, I ached. It didn't start to lift until about 4:30 pm. I'd like to say it was the first time but it wasn't. I could be my diet, I get to feeling very lazy, it's more than just lazy almost rebellious. But every part of me is wrong when it happens I am not myself and I feel like I'm burning up.

    1. yes Evelyn, everything feels just all wrong and off. I may have responded before others, as I say often I'm a canary of sorts in these things. I think people are going to feel more of this later this week. I watch the skies and have seen the chemtrails here every day, but this is more than that, its quite a few things, hard to nail. When I get this bad I get more strict with my foods and go to more water and juicing than solid foods. Thanks for commenting. Stay well.

  3. I can never sleep during the full moons either. It's like I am a zombie during that time. NASA did send two rockets through the Auroras May 12th. I have no clue what that could do to the balance of the solar winds which are part of that system from the sun. But, anytime man begins to play with nature, there are consequences. NASA is measuring the plasma and magnetosphere of the Auroras. It's on their website.

  4. I am not a fan of the moon either. It's interesting women are trained to believe the moon represents the feminine energy (mysterious, sub-conscious, emotion, instinct, etc) and herein lies my conflict as I feel a severe disconnect. I've often felt a sense of being watched by the "man on the moon". I shared a comment earlier choosing to call my menstrual blood, "moon blood" because I wanted to sound more "feminine". I do enjoy howling at the moon and sometimes I'll look up at the moon and think "Oh it's you, you're not fooling me"...Perhaps this is the lunacy you speak of.. or perhaps the moon is artificial and not celestial as you stated earlier. It is beautiful and I've set intentions on a new moon which I've read is a good time to do...but I do not worship the moon (or anything for that matter) and perhaps I should not give the moon any energy what-so-ever and stop the intention setting during those times. Life sure is confusing...Most of what I have believed has been lies and the truth has been found in its exact opposite.

  5. Bluejean, I too was "trained" to think of the moon that way, yet if I had only paid attention to my experiences and feelings I would have noted I do not like the effects of the moon. I am ashamed to say that I too used to "repeat" what is taught, that the moon is feminine the sun masculine, what bullshit. I see it now that the delusions I had of romanticism in life have been torn asunder by the harsh brutality of the patriarchal infections on this planet which corrupts all beauty. The moon causes lunacy, insanity, this is fact and anything that does that by rote, by routine, every month, criminality wreaks havoc especially violent crimes and these mostly against women and children, I will never romanticize this diabolical installment into our reality again. The man on the moon is also an ancient representation and many foolishly ignore that. It provides a light in the night sky and is the only one in our skies to illuminate the night, this does not make it a beneficence. It does have magnetic abilities to cause things on this planet and some say it increases plant growth when planted on the new moon, yet this has been tested and the new moon plantings did no better than the test plantings.
    Yes, most of all if not ALL of what we have been taught by the patrix mind has been both false and insane, much of it deliberate some simply egregious ego combined with toxic arrogance with violence to back it up.....eventually all will believe under such tyranny.
    And yes, the truth lives in the exact opposite of what is being touted as fact by the patrix mind set...what a crock. And what nightmares they create.

    Glad you can see it! Keep it up and keep us posted in your increased awarenesses! Good job.


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