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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's OK to NOT Want to be Here on Earth, You're NOT NEGATIVE

I just want to express some things that have been on my mind for about a decade.
I want to address those people who think this planet is a rough place and so miserable on so many levels they simply do not like being here.  I am one of those, have been since the age of 4 years old.
This is normal for the being who has any heart left in them or brain cells that are not fried by EMF's or poisoned by flourides from water or sky sprayings, or traumatized by ceaseless incomprehensible violence to human and animal alike. This his-story of violence for so long many become inured to it, even believing it to be "normal"......and become passive of evil, of violence in culture.

There is alot of judgment of those who are rightly sad and depressed, morose, or gloomy, insatiable or who find no joy in simple things on this earth.

This is normal for a real humane being at this time on Earth. It is normal to feel these things.  There is even an entire industry that is making possibly billions of dollars on those who are depressed, unhappy, with a ubiquitous nameless unhappiness of life here......an industry of books, workshops, positive thinking courses, drugs and therapies, groups, blogs, newsletters, audios etc ad nauseum even, to try to "treat" or "assist" those who are feeling this way, and I find this rather arrogant in many cases and in many ways.

First of all, billions of people on this planet who are lets just say ''Unhappy people" due to the violence, brutality, murders, rapes, wars, psychopathy, killings and pedophiles, political circus's, murderous religiosities etc, have every right to be unhappy about all of this. They have normal responses to this and in our day and age it is proper to feel all of this unhappiness and sadness about the tragic state of affairs on this Earth, and with people, an endless and growing stream of decay and debauchery for which there is no end in sight. This is why even young people are committing suicides and they are being assisted by more madmen who are creating and distributing designer drugs on the streets for them with encodings to cause suicidal tendencies. There is a pandemic happening now with this in some states affecting mostly the young men who flock to these types of drugs.

In the media and television there is a plethora of horrific shows of blood and gore written by countless men, lots of sick stuff coming from them, which they call "entertainment" but which your brain knows no difference from experience.
They have fantasies and fetishes of all manner of heinous corruptions of humanity and they produce them in books, movies, artwork, etc and they flood the media with this. Hybrids are being bred by those franken-fuckers who have organized human kidnappings where they steal women from all parts of the world and forcefully impregnate them with cross bred contaminants of all kinds with all mixes of DNA. Some of these are born to the horror of the mothers, and some do not make it. Men are cloning people, stealing women, making hybrid monstrosities who are immune to Humane Virtue. These hybrids are designer monsters born and bred to serve a psycho patrix.
What human being doesn't go into an emotionally paralyzing shock!? We know these hybrids are among us, we can feel it and we can watch them carry out the psychopathic patrix agendas worldwide.....all these the inception of that male mentality, and executed by them.

They are making women whores, and children sex objects and manufacturing serial killers, is the Saturnian Brotherhoods goals. Their "artwork" over every form of media rife with women as every sick fantasy they imagine freely fostering misogyny over the world.

You are being methodically traumatized at every turn.

There is an assault upon the human species that is so overarching, so all encompassing, and so thorough it is mind boggling that there are people who are able to ignore it all and simply live as if none of this is happening. These are what I refer to as 'fringe' people, people who do not believe in paying attention or who refuse to respond to their environment or the people around them, the circumstances, or poisons, they simply live for themselves. These are fringe people.

*edited input: There are so many non-real humans on this planet by now, I had estimated years ago the percentage was around 80% non-real humans, or those without out soul. Animated by ''spirit'' but no soul to see/experience their greater existence beyond this 3D simulation. The male mentality of controllers along with their allied powers and principalities are in direct control of this system of control and those who see this are attacked. Those who follow their system are not bothered. Those who try to exit their programs come up against a force that begins with obstacles and ends with direct personal attack even to the poltergeist type of interference. Those people around you will act against you too. Real humans will feel this and these are the ones who wonder WTF?! is going on here.

Most on Earth are suffering, some quietly and some not so quietly. But anyone who has inner virtue of compassion and care are looking, seeing and responding to the atrocities worldwide appropriately with emotion, but however not with wisdom in how to handle all of this, either personally or collectively. Many are psychically suppressed even when they don't look because there is no escaping the collective or whole of our symbiotic relationship to each other and to Nature.

What people are not seeing is that there is a direct and orchestrated war upon humanity to divide us so that an abysmal stupidity gets in the way of people uniting in their humane qualities, and being divided into warring amongst ourselves. This is the design. These archons and lords of control are artificial beings, highly "intelligent'' in computations, and they have shared memories which keep them a tight knit group of units of cosmic pirates and buckaneers with hive minds. Humanity has been divided with languages and differing cultures to keep us all separated, erasing our histories and implanting absurdities as "human history" and we have no memories to guide us. Now there is the Mandela Effect full blast, changing realities and driving people nuts.
People are still arguing over democratic, republic, tax or no tax, which god is real and which not, etc, this is all the stupid gaming of those overlords or archons using the entirety of humanity as their avatars in their gaming, using real life and real humans on the planet as their field of play, instead of the insipid computer CGI crap they give to us as toys......they are using us, the real thing, us as their avatars for their ''gaming''.
Dont you see this?

Yes there are countless victims on this Earth, always have been. Do not allow anyone to warp this fact into making you guilty for what you do not do. Countless victims on Earth from the beginning of time, from innocent children being raped and murdered to more brutalities, who are truly victims of a sickness which needs to be purged from this planet. I want to stress also that the word "victim" has been marginalized also by the psyops of wily hidden hands who tell you they do all this at your own request and because they love you.
I ask you: what is the definition of insanity?
It is the insane who create victims, they are the perpetrators of unwanted deeds. This is their doing, not yours. Let victims care for each other. It is the perps who twisted this into victims blaming other victims, so the perps have deflected proper attention away from them. This has been a clever tactic of psychic warfare upon human psyches.

I want to speak to those sad people, those (so called) "negative" people, don't let anyone keep you down or tear you apart because you are sad and cannot be repaired with temporary and ephemeral fixes and useless empty platitudes. The human being is no toy.....it must be in harmony symbiotically with all life to feel the beauty of life. And when it is all sick and dying we will feel it all, make no mistake.

It boggles my mind people are still giving birth to children.....what is their future I wonder? What are the fathers thinking when they plant their seed either into a womans body or a test tube? What are they thinking when they are creating a child to bring into this world? Have they thought to make this world a beautiful place for their future?

I want to say to the sad wanderers, to lost souls, to the "weird", to the "different", to the visitor, the starseed, to the oddball, to the alienated, to those who are longing to belong......that you feel all that you feel for dam good reason and there is no quick fix. The only "fix" possible is when the entirely of life is no longer being manipulated, no longer being poisoned by madmen psychopaths who spray all of the earth with chemicals designed to fry our brains neurons, destroy memories, and poison and age our bodies for rapid decay purposely to prevent any sudden rebellion against their actions, who feed us garbage for the mind, manipulate realities and twist time lines and parallel universes.....you should feel as you do, and no workshops, no course in miracles, no books, no therapies, no job can fix this.

Maybe they can offer some ways of "dealing" or "handling" your personal eruptions, or manage what you feel so you can function, but you are not broken, the world around you is. There is something very sick and toxic being done to life on this planet and you are simply responding to this. There is nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with what is being done to you. Yes, that is right, I said it, there is something, LOTS OF SOMETHINGS, being done to you that you have no idea of or control over and though I am NOT saying it is ok to fall on the floor in helpless fetal position to cry for the rest of your days, though that is your option and your right.......I AM saying that there is so much shit and incalculable fuckery happening to us all, to this entire planet that it is beyond human comprehension to grasp, that no one has any right to tell you how you should feel or that feeling unhappy is YOUR problem, and that to be happy is the way you should feel, despite all the iniquity you are being assaulted with every single hour of every single day by poisons, by psychotronics, by spirits, by dark hidden hands, by etheric energies, by celestial bodies and by an endless stream, an egregious population of dark feeble minded sick madmen, monstrous soldiers of evil who are hired to kill children, hired to kill people and do so willingly, from the chemtrail sprayers, to those men of war whose sophomoric war cry is to some corporate country or insane god.....men who have far too little heart (bred out of them for this purpose) and too little intelligence and way too much funding and arrogant iniquity who are literally being manufactured in open air labs to swathe this planet with their black deeds from mass shootings, to rapings, to pedophiles organized to satiate the men who run all of these things, both on and off planet and to terrorize in general. They do this because this is 'THEIR' game, their toys r us. They are bereft of human intelligencia, but crafters of war, drugs, vile iniquities, using and abusing humans for their phallacies of evil who seek to keep prisoners in secret bondage and suppression.

Yes this is a scathing piece of narrative in defense of human emotions for those who are sad beyond repair.

The planet is now drenched with the tears of keening women, and men rabid with frustration, whose sorrow is given no respite thanks to the vile men who shoot and kill on a daily basis the most beautiful of innocents on Earth.
You will not escape their sorrow either, for that kind of grief is psychically embedded into our DNA worldwide. We have been given no respite. WE have been given no rest from insane vacuous violence.

You have every right to feel like shit. Every right to want to hide, to want to not be part of society, for ''it is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a sick society'' ~ Krishnamurti.
If you feel this, is it normal, do not further berate yourselves for normal appropriate responses. We are grieving and there is process in this. There is a reason why so many on this planet simply do not want to be here, this is not our "game", this is not the way of "life", we KNOW this inside, deeply, in our divine souls.

But I will say, try, try not to dwell in them. Know it is sick, and you are right to feel grief, but try to find some beauty in any small thing on a regular basis. It is one thing to know you are living in a sick society but another to give in to it. Know who you are. Know you are ok. Treat yourself as if you love yourself anyway, even if it feels like no one does. Find the beauty. Make it a way of life to discover what beauty lies within you, even if is is simply your sense of humour, an ability to laugh until you cry.
And cry. Cry until you are done. Feed the crying to get those tears out, they were meant to feel the air, not be locked inside you for this creates a pain until they are released. Find your release. Make this release an art form.

And do not allow this sick world, to make you sick. Do not become as they.
Stand Alone In Your Heart, And In Your Power. Yes, "alone" can suck, especially if it goes on for years, but you have no choice. Talk to the cells in your body and tell them to get tough, to get stronger. If they were strong, then they must get even stronger. You must be your own avatar at no ones bidding, no ones beck and call, let no thing yank you hither and yon into any abyss of their making.
You call your own emotional shots.
Yes its a sucky situation, but you are here for a reason. If you don't know the reason, then make one up!
Create your own Purpose.
If you don't know your purpose, make it up on the spot and then walk your talk!

Its ok to feel like shit.
Just don't let shit become you.
You are heroines and heroes. Be radical and bring personal heroism to life ~

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Wow really long post ...I read the whole thing ...I thought I was the only one who feels this way. I always wonder how other people can go around thinking life is wonderful, life is great. I too have always hated it here, because of all the evil. I do love the earth for its beauty, but I hate the world that man has made. I have a poetry blog where I write about this very thing I think you might like reading. Thanks, Tallulah ... http://tallulahsmusings.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for your comment. And for me, it was a moderate post as they can and do get longer, some shorter. I simply sat and wrote what I wanted. I don't feel a need to abbreviate.
      I did go to your blog and your "so called dark blog" lolol, and it was not "dark" at all to me....it was rather normal, very normal, refreshingly so. Thank you for writing, you may be one of the rare real humans left on this planet. Welcome to my blog! :-)

  2. Thank you for this, dearest Serena. Even God says 'I hate, every false way.' The Creator is not happy with mankind as a whole. This equates to the severing of the soul from the deep connection we need in order to exist in our love and the freedom we need to keep as our 'constant' focus. We cannot focus on the evil, the rife, the debauchery, it is too over whelming to grasp. And we cannot grasp it in our hands without seeing the innocent blood being shed. But we cannot turn our eyes against humanity but mourn and weep and then turn our backs on the evil, and take up our shields, our staffs, and turn our most inner consciousness to fight the evil, to veil our eyes, to shun it with a degree of loathing for what it stands for, in order to protect ourselves and walk on pure stones of healing and love abundantly sharing our insight to others who will listen and bring the Light to those who want to escape the darkness that pervades our blessed Earth. Well said, and timely met in this dark world. You are a shining light, a beckon of hope, and healing.
    always blessings,
    Miss Teresa

    1. You said it all Miss T, thanks again.
      So many have every single right and should feel as they do and my heart breaks at how many just want to be the fU*k out of here and I don't blame them, this is not a world that is catering to the hearts and souls of real human beings. Not sure what is to happen yet.....sigh.

      Walk in Beauty and in Love.


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