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Monday, June 20, 2016

Urgent Visions on Condition of our Planet

*Thank you to Alana for your discourse with me, your concerns, for forwarding to me the audio of this lovely woman Lady Yeye who is moved to tears for the Mother and moved me to tears. And also thank you for your fasting for clarity in these times. You are a jewel in our cosmos. It is because of you that this movement is now in the hands of thousands of other people, passing hands now to others. Many blessings to you.

Hello Everyone....
There is an urgent plea from the Mother Earth Herself for help. I want to share this as I feel and know this deeply, that this planet is in trouble. Many of us KNOW this. Some are receiving visions and messages from the Mother Herself asking for Help at this time.
​Lady Yeye Osun has had a vision along with the State Oracle for the Dalai Lama and ​
I want to respond to this call for help because without ​Mother and Her waters NO one lives, so this is a call for help from us all.

I beg and plead for all to participate in an event centering around June 25th but can be done anytime before or after or even continually. Listen to the audio linked here and below in the email sent by Yeye for the full experience and allow yourselves to be moved in your heart, to feel into the truth of what is being said, that we know deep in our core.

I do not know how to reach the hearts of all who read this, I can only say that this is a visceral, deeply felt urgency from those who are connected to the Living Spirit of this Earth, the Mother, who is in a condition that can ​barely if at all support us as she is being poisoned and destroyed at every possible level. She is not merely dying She is being destroyed. We Know this too. Those who depend on Life Waters and Air and Earth for Life and living must take up the mantle of responsibility and care for assisting the wellness of that which gives us life and we must act through our very Being and Life energies and powers which are our Spirits, our Love and Intentions from the Heart. It is for those who live on this Earth who are Spiritual Beings, who have hearts, who have love, who care for LIFE and Earth and all upon it to DO all they can to assist the dire conditions of this Earth and of humanity who is also, as is the Mother, sick and dying. I for one do not want to go to my grave without doing all I could do.
The future literally depends upon us, for the life of the future, for the children of now and for Nature.

Listen to her story here. http://www.yeyeosun.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Conference-Call-...
Many have given their energies to the darkest of news media and become despondent and hopeless, this contributes to the dying of Spirit and Life​ as we are not separate from this Spirit of this Planet Earth​.
​ It is proven that combined intentions, love and prayer changes realities. It is proven that the Heart in Action can change realities. WE are being called upon, all of us who are Humane Beings to assist when assistance is needed and it is needed now. We need all, not just on this site, but all people the world over. ​
I ask you now to ​put aside the mental mind, events, news etc, and switch to your core power, to Heart based energies, to life affirming energies, to the Power of "Yes, we can do this" to enliven Earth and Humanity alike with your own love and heart and intentions.
​You can ​Do this alone or with others​, yet a joined effort on June 25th is magnified many times over​. ​ There are no set ways to do ceremony for prayer, simply authentic Heart Intentions are asked for in unison over this period of time.​ Info below.

Please listen to the below audio in full to hear ​the moving, heart based experience of Lady ​
Yeye Osun's experience of the messages she received ​from Mother along with the State Oracle for Tibet who also received ​​just 2 days earlier the same messages from Mother of the Urgent Visions of the Condition of this Earth.
Please be with us​ for the time of June 25th (before and after)​, and ​please please ​share this with everyone you know, on every media, and let us all gather, physically ​and spiritually in love from Heart to offer true Spiritual Healing for this Earth, for Our Selves as symbiotic beings of this Planet.

I would ​discreetly ask that all refrain from judgement of names, cultures, titles, etc, and know that the messages below are for ALL OF HUMANITY and Life on Earth​, from a place of Love and Care​.

Blessings, Serena



Be Part of the Vision 
Call to Four Elemental Mother Ceremony
Saturday June 25th 
@ 6.15 am EST
Asheville NC 28806
Save the Date
I Invite You to Be Part of the Journey
Dear friends,
I have not forgotten the promise to Kuten La, The Tibetan State Oracle, to encourage others to do ceremonies to the Elemental Mothers in order to appease "the great suffering" predicted simultaneously in his and my vision.
I have been in meditations for week praying on what the ceremony should look like. I knew it had to be a universal cross cultural appeasement. This morning in a state of meditative trance it burst forward. I saw the details of one main multi-faith ceremony to begin with where the Elemental Mothers are invoked and  propitiated. I also saw many other smaller ceremonies held in people's own cultural ways across the country and world. There appears there may be a few more main multi-faith ceremonies held. 
So, as always with spirit there is one major catch, the first main ceremony to be held has been set by the oracle for next Saturday June 25th 2016. I tried to get out of it, but the oracle said no it must be this date. I have been very anxious about it, but many women and men have come forward to help hold the ceremony. Many have also offered to hold smaller ones in their location. 

So now what needs to happen:

  • I need help finding a suitable location that can be donated to hold ceremony in Asheville
  • I also need women who can help hold the energy of the Water, Earth, Fire and Air Mothers to attend Asheville ceremony
  • I need men who can help hold the ancestral energy to come down to ceremony in Asheville.
  • If you want to hold space and ceremony for the Four Elemental Mothers in your local area let me know. I will make a list all such ceremonies. They will posted on Yeye Osun website and also soon on WaterSongline Website. 
Ceremony information
Main Ceremony
  • The ceremony will take place in mandala medicine wheel
  • It will take place first in Asheville and then perhaps in various other locations
  • Four Elemental Mothers will be represented at each quadrant of the ceremony circle. There will be various main mothers represented from various cultures. So Tara, Osun, Changing Woman, Oya, will feature strongly. 
  • The Mothers will be invoked, offered apologies, offerings and allowed to speak and dance in the balance
  • Water will help open, close and hold the energy of the ceremony 
  • Ancestors from all cultures will be invited in and honored 
  • Naga spirits will be propitited 
  • Meditations to purify the mind and body will occur
  • Supporting Ceremonies
  • Will be held in everyone's own cultural ways and practices
  • Will be held throughout the rest of the year
  • Example of supporting ceremonies include Caitlyn Flynn who is holding a beautiful Earth Blessing to balance the Earth Energies tomorrow. 


Venerable Thupten Ngodup, Tibean State Oracle welcomes Yeye Osun to Dharamsala India to Share Urgent Visions on Condition of our Planet

_DSC1546_Dalai Lama Talking to me and family

(linked recording)

Listen to Recording of Recent Teleconference Trip Update


  1. Press play button on above (link) audio player to listen recording
  2. Right Click on audio player icon above and click on “Save As” command to save recording
  3. Share recording by copying and sharing the following link with friends and spiritual circles  http://www.yeyeosun.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Conference-Call-...

Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers Ceremony

This is the Answer to the Call to Balance our Earth 

Omi profile

Attend the first main ceremony or hold your own with others or self. Every drop becomes a river

Main Ceremony Location & Time

Saturday June 25th
@ 6.15 am EST
Asheville NC 28806

Save the Date, Further Details of Exact Location to Be Given Soon

This is the answer to meeting and visions between Yeye Omileye, Chief Olu Derrick Lewis and  Venerable Thupten Ngodup (Kuten La)  Tibetan State Medium for the Nechung Oracle to balance the earth to avert the “great suffering” in the form of huge natural disasters to come. The call is for us all to all to begin ceremonies to balance the Four Elemental Mothers. The process will begin with a main ceremony on June 25th in Ashville NC. We call you to join us or to do your own with others or yourself.

Every drop makes a flowing river

Let us know about your ceremony

We will begin to honor each section by listing it on this website and WaterSongline

Recording of Free Teleconference Available – Spread the Urgent Visions Among Your Spiritual Circles

I shared the urgent results of this trip in the free teleconference with you. Now the recording is available. Please spread this urgent message and visions amongst your spiritual circles.   If you want further information please e-mail omileye@yeyeosun.com

Tibet An Inner Journey2




  1. I will be praying for our beautiful Earth. It came to the point where I could no longer view the devastation of the life in our oceans dying, every week, horrible statics of the most beautiful creatures on earth, the whales, the dolphins, the seals, the crabs, dying off in such horrendous numbers all over the planet. The hug Sequoia trees are under stress here in California from lack of sufficient water. I am seeing less and less birds in flight, they have also dropped dead from the skies in the past few years in droves. This is not right. Something is terribly wrong with this sacred, rare, planet of ours.
    Down on our knees in heart-felt prayer for deep peace to come over those who will be praying. Our spirits live forever. The created breath of all things living know who their Creator is. And they are mourning as we mourn.

    1. Miss Teresa this is so beautiful and so true, thank you.
      I just really wish we didn't have to mourn, that instead there were changes we can make to create health and joy. I am after this, always will be till I die.

  2. I just left a profound message on Yeye's site about the pollution of our city's water. I left a comment on the Mother's Water post of a couple of years ago. Something needs to be done about Mother's Water before all life forms are affected. This is crucial to Earth's survival. May God bless all of those who have higher up connections to make a difference. I can pray and hope for a resolve to happen. Right now I have a very heavy chemical taste in my mouth because of the 'Cascade Complete' liquid dishwasher detergent which I just washed my dishes. This is Cascade's latest 'new' product which now states 'eye irritant and skin irritant'. WTF?


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