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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

All is Quiet, But Suspiciously so, >another attack on the horizon? *UPDATED

*this sorry heartbreaking update comes only a couple of hours? after making this post.....I have come to learn though the oddest means, of finding out about yet another very psychopathic madman killing yet more people in Orlando, Fl.....came across this by accident as I wanted to hear the latest from the Dalai Lama and clicked on his talk of just today the 14th June, a man who says he hopes the law enforcement agencies raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so he could martyr himself.

And yet another "man" (beast) kills a beautiful young girl, an amazing singer, he simply shot her dead. Yet another psycho man killing strangers.
Women do not do this. Yet how many men throughout human history have killed for self glorification or some decree from a voice in their sick minds telling them they are god and that their god told them to do this?
How many of these men must we live through? how many women and others must die before we understand the sickness that lives amongst us that will never allow us peace? This human race is doomed and is dying a slow painful death at the hands of madmen all throughout the world.....and women..........they suffer soooo much at their hands. I am distraught when I thought I had no more in me.
I will post here one of my favorite songs of all time.....a song sung by that beautiful young singer Christina Grimmie who was shot by a "man".....in the spirit of woman......"I Will Always Love You"

Hello all,

just wanted to post a sense of peace actually which is quite nice for a change. The weather here is brutal over 80-100 degrees with a consistent 90% humidity which will wilt you, drain you of essence and leave you vegetating, but there is a sense of peace that comes with weather too hot for life.

I went for my walk this morning after some days of highly unusual feelings of ailment, sickness, fluelike, then not, headache, then not, all kinds of things too numerous to mention or even remember. Last night I took my homemade Queen of Hungary Formula, some aspirin etc, and went to bed, today I feel fine except quite beat up.
So on my walk I usually have more interesting internal dialog than not on a walk and I felt the peace in the energies, which I am always ALWAYS grateful for in the deepest way. However, I also noticed it is quite a pattern that is showing up after years of paying attention to the quiet and then the attacks that seem to come. There is a proverb that arises from this which is ancient so this is also noted by others, which is to say ''the quiet before the storm''. I hate to sound cynical but it is far beyond cynicism it is a pattern, clear and distinct.

However right now I feel the peace and quiet and just hope I am wrong about yet more of the endless breed of madmen disturbing the world with his insane violence.

Peace to all.

Serena, Lady of the Woods

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