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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sun Space and Time

 Hello People,

Just want to get this little bit out before I forget again.
I have been commenting about the effects of the sun on my body and spirit lately and this issue of ''the sun'' is a huge one we are only just tapping into with our poor little minds. I have decided its too big for my mind and have let go of intellectualizing. So this leaves the right side of the brain free to offer me info and for my body's cells to articulate it into some understanding which I then have to translate into English so I can speak of it....a lengthy process.
Over the years I have learned that the sun shining speeds up time, and cloud cover slows it down.
huh?  :-/

I know, but its what I've learned, I do not care what it sounds like to a mind, mine, yours, anyones, its what I've learned and continue to experience daily.

I learned this slowly and totally unconsciously. I realized that I am still a year later!..... closing blinds and curtains after wanting to do this for the first time in my life ever, for about only a few days or so when I felt I was having a rough time and needed to cocoon. But then I kept doing it because it just made me feel better. It took getting used to less light as I love well lit, bright naturally lit spaces, I've gone through alot to get more light in here from every window over the years.  Now I'm realizing the light is disturbing on so many levels even though intellectually I loved it.

Check and see for yourself if this is true.

I also test it. On sunny days things feel too speeded up and hectic, busy, loud, ostentatious, chaotic, I feel out of place, out of time, out in general of anything harmonious. Nature appears more fake, more stressed, less nurturing. I close up the blinds and curtains, light some candles and it slows down for me. I can handle the day better. I can move through it with grace, feeling like I am actually occupying my own space and field of energies, and keep track of time internally without a clock well enough. Mind you I am a sun loving person, so how this comes about is not because I am shy of the sun quite the opposite. I love tanning and being in the sun, love it. Lately, past couple years not so much. It is a rare day I can walk out in sunny Florida and want to be in the sun.

On cloudy days everything feels much slowed down, a peaceful pace, a civil pace, quiet, less din, and I can feel myself moving through space/time in a more natural rhythm. I literally feel like there is more natural time for me to move through....that time is not just a line, but a dimension and the space I occupy feels more comfortable.

Maybe this is unique to me and I wouldn't be surprised, but I know there are others "out there" like me so maybe this is happening for you too?

I think the sun/light is changing space and time by warping how we experience time and space. Any discussion about space or time involves light or the sun.
I think that the parallel universes that are converging evident by the Mandela Effects are proof of the ability of space and time to be "bent", "merged" "coalesced" etc, according to the qualities of light.
I think that we are no longer experiencing reality as we knew it as children or back in the 50's, that everything including physics is different now because of light/space/time interrelationships.
I think things will never be the same and that more changes to what is called ''reality'' are happening and that the best way to navigate through changing realities is to give up everything we thought we knew. Especially if they were dictated by men. Truly the male paradigm is by necessity, and thankfully, crumbling totally to shit.

Tired beyond belief......
Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. What a coincidence. I've always loved lots of light and never close the curtains during day... until recently. I pulled the curtains recently to keep my little dog from barking while I was out. Well, I intended to pull them up again as soon as I arrived home but it was so cozy and peaceful...

    Now I leave a corner up so I can watch the birds at the feeder and I feel snug in my little squirrel hole.

  2. I have been noticing for quite some time that the color of sunshine of a silver hue. It is brighter than I can remember. Even my sunglasses seem not to be able to filter out the glare on a sunny day. And this may be due to geoengineering of an undetermined amount of crap that physicists are slamming into the atmosphere through nuclear means, or from the copper needles which were embeded into the lower Van Allen Radiation Belt some thirty years ago through man's advanced technology to destroy anything natural, to mess with nature is a horrible and unforgivable, and also non-stoppable evil, at this point in time. And the silver oxide which has been sprayed for only God knows how many years, via commercial and military jets. So, yes, we should be seeing and feeling, and experiencing inadequacies which have altered the natural state of our environment in the skies, in our water, in the air we breath, etc. And if you notice, the rain is sometimes, if not all of the time, now tinged with a reddish hue. Hence the silver oxide (oxide is red in color) coming down to the ground wrecking havoc upon all life forms. Not just that, but whatever radiation 'they' are refusing to admit which has NEVER dissipated from Fukushima. The Earth is broken and even if true environmentalists could try to halt this debauchery, it won't happen in our lifetime. I have always loved sleeping in a completely darkened room. It rejuvenates the cycle of the body. So, the sunshine IS different than what it was 50 years ago.
    And it was about the time of Japan's nuclear disaster that the glare of the sun began to become more intense, I believe this to be a factor.


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