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Monday, December 26, 2016

Upgrade to The Understanding of a Four Year Old by Jen Ward

A Friend sent this to me, and I find it to be A masterpiece, of the genius of common sense of loving beings. I am reposting here with permission from the Author Jen Ward whose other writings are equally compelling and worthy of consistent engagement available here:

Written by Jen Ward.


Upgrade to The Understanding of a Four Year Old by Jen Ward

I imagine the generations that survived during the war. The people quietly living lives of meaning with the whole world crumbling around them, raising children, providing for love ones and seeing each other through with no sense of when the madness would end.

I don't imagine that they sat around and perpetuated the negativity of the situation by talking about it incessantly and how awful it was. I don't think they wanted to acknowledge the madness in which they were living. Perhaps their greatest survival tool was looking for glimmers of hope where they were giving little evidence of it.

The same powers that enjoyed conflict back then try to sweep the land and kick up controversy and hate so as to pull the masses into that whole experience again. Those who did not get enough of the "excitement" in a past life, may be leading the brigade this lifetime.

Notice how experienced battle fatigued veterans are not over zealous for war? Many of us incarnated this lifetime are battle fatigued. In fact, the majority of us would really like to experience the flip side of the experience. We would like to dip our toe into the perpetual presence of Universal peace. That is an intention worth feeding.

The psychic band of power is always at play, it seems, goading us to stand up for our rights in a peripheral way. They use the best fear mongering that propaganda can buy. They have the best tactics of sectioning us up in demographics and prodding us to defend these imaginary divisions to death. They have programmed us and conditioned generation after generation to the affect that we have lost the ability to question or to implement common sense.

The truth of the matter is that if the powers that incited us to war really wanted peace, we would have it. That is not their true purpose. Their true purpose is to immerse us in infighting and reacting in fear so much that we lose sight of our unalienable rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are not being stripped away from us by the enemy on the other side of the world. These are being dwindled down by our own government and institutions that we trust; regardless of what area of the world we live.

Our best defense from becoming a world of puppets supporting a global police state is to think and discern for ourselves and question every group that we have given blind allegiance to. So many of us are like the adult child whose independence is stunted by an over strict parent. It is a distortion that everyone can see except the parent and child.

It is disturbing to hear anyone in a position of authority salivate over using power. But what is even more disturbing is watching so many competent individuals stand by and witness such a thing and do nothing to address it. People need to understand that the media and anything with mass audience is polluted and distorted towards power.

Power enjoys razing things to the ground. Power enjoys creating devastation and seeing innocence suffer. Power considers individuals as a necessary sacrifice. In fact, the more emotion that power can exploit through the suffering of individuals, the more it is fed. Need an example? All those videos of the soldier returning to surprise their child in an emotional reunion at their school event.
We all cry and love them. Who gets angry that the parent and child were separated to begin with? These videos feed the cogs of power that have created the pain in the first place. I refuse to watch them. The participants don't realize their tender reunions are used to normalize a heartbreaking separation.

All this emotion feeds warmongers. Who is excited about joining the military? New adults that are so hungry for opportunity and adventure that their hormones are bursting to sign up. It is no different than the young girl being deeply devoted to the first man who makes her feel like a woman. The military seduces our young people in a similar way and yet that is fine. In fact, I may get attacked ruthlessly for speaking against such a well oiled propaganda machine as the military.
Those support of the military that we see propagated by our precious football teams, is paid advertisement by the military. It hits people when they are all immersed in the sportsmanship of our favorite game and gets us to believe that we are all on the same page about the military. It is like getting a husband to agree to something by buttering him up. That is what is happening with war being advertised during football.

But someone has to crack through the facade. And you are not seeing truth happen in the media or in any group at all. Because all groups are a finely woven interplay of different means of robbing the individuals of their God given rights of empowerment and discernment. Anyone who subscribes to a mentality and conditioning that was implemented during the dark ages is still living in the dark ages.
I am not trying to desecrate what others hold sacred. But if it leads us to policing each others body and sending each others husband and children to war, then it needs to be questioned. People have to stop romanticizing God as someone who wants to degrade individuals and be worshiped. If you think about it, that sounds more like political power brokers that we are all seeing wield power in current events. Can God not do better than that? 
Can we not raise the bar on how we perceive the Source of all life? Can we not see it past gender or needing its ego stroked. Can we not see it loving individuals with at least as much kindness and unconditional compassion as a mother loves her child? When the systemic diminishing of woman happened during the dark ages, so were these altruistic qualities stripped from our understanding of God's virtue.

The fear, and threats of perpetual hell are what we have been deduced to by the power plays that use our devotion to the divine to diminish and control us. We, if not in hell, are at least in a purgatory of which the bible once wrote about. Purgatory is earth. When they stripped all references to past lives out of the bible, they also stripped out the belief in purgatory because they realized that some day, we would figure it out. I was four when I did. It is time for humanity to upgrade to the understanding of a four year old.

I am like you. I don't like to offend. I have been polite and have been non confrontational while the rest of the world stumbled on truth of their own accord. But with each crop of new adults truth has been dumbed down even more. Young people don't even realize that a few short decades ago, you could actually get clear facts reported on the news with no slant or guile. News reporters where mandated to stay neutral and were fired if they wavered. The younger generations may never realize truth unadulterated or free of corruption.

The only way some people will ever know truth or be able to discern it for themselves is if people stop being polite and start speaking truth as their native tongue again. As it is now, truth as gone the ways of the language Latin and is only taught as a intellectual exercise. People must get over their need to be polite or over the fear of being bullied for speaking truth. Anyone who is brave enough to do so, is protected by the Ancient ones in sharing truth and advocating for those who are so lost in rhetoric or programming that they will spit at you for your efforts.

Individuals sharing truth is how this world will be salvaged. Going along with the group consensus in any way that diminishes others or propagates fear is a desecration of truth. Talking about how miserable current affairs are without offering a resolve or a way to empower others is merely indulging the power mongers with free press. We are all better than this. So many may resonate with this message and yet unless they share truth and add their goodness to the mix, truth will be like damp kindling.

Look at our commercials and you will see glimmers of truth. Don't be fooled that this is perpetuating truth. It has merely ensconced it in a soundbite to perpetuate the enslavement to materialism. Advertising collects what we hold dear to feed back to us merely to hook us back in. Advertisers are like using pieces of fish on their hook to catch bigger fish. They troll for what humanity cares about only to hook them back into mass appeal. Please stop falling for this.

People of a spiritual nature will talk about free will to leave others to suffer in ignorance and this has created a systemic apathy. It has also created a glass ceiling on our spiritual efforts. One has to wonder if even the most profound group teachings have not been railroaded by a male agenda which has left most of those who feel advanced, duped in a most dubious way.
People would have free will if they weren't all sinking in quicksand. It is cruel to sit on the sidelines while someone is drowning and lecture them on having free will. Pull them up out of the mud first, clean them up and give them a meal and then when they are on a level playing ground, leave them to free will.

If the spiritual community feels that their teachings are beyond reproach, I challenge them to challenge anything that they have been told outwardly and direct themselves back to the more subjective inner realms for an upgrade. The Ancient Ones are using all those that are open to truth to break the mass enslavement that humanity has been pummeled with.

If anyone is still concerned with a particular stance in any way; and is butting heads with others to perpetuate an agenda, they are still immersed in the power plays at a subtle level. But if one is tuned into the suffering that happens beyond their station or privileges in this life, then perhaps they are more tapped into truth than their inflated ego of self importance.

Those who are tapped into truth will be free to incarnate into better conditions. Those who perpetuate an agenda, no matter how adamant that they are that they have a direct line to the grand poobah, will need to incarnate back into the conditions that they have contributed to creating. This is the free will that so many use to quantify an arrogance stance. The later is indeed a choice that so many are in need of correcting. 
~Jen Ward


  1. Thank you for posting this, Serena. This is the most lucid anti-power/war piece of writing I've read in a long time... maybe ever. At one time in my life I was threatened with prison if I didn't go into the military. I ended up repairing medical equipment in a hospital which was the main staging unit for the wounded returning to the west coast from Viet Nam. I saw tens of thousands of crushed lives. I have no use for war or those who push it. Period. It was during that time that I began imagining a world of Love. ♥

    1. Welles, it was more a call of duty to loves common sense that compels me to repost this here. I seem to still be on some mission, revised from its origins to something I cannot articulate, but when I see it or read it, it is clear.
      I went to your site and perused briefly and your Nobull Peace Prize is invaluable! I must delve into that more and hope to be a part of it somehow.....If the bits I read were enough, then I'd nominate Jen Ward right away. I've been reading her free ebook online this morning, a very brief easy to read list of wisdom in quotes. I added one of them to my email signature linked to her site. I will soon get her books too. To read of love from such a woman and be inspired to feel it even more is priceless!

  2. Awesome article by Jen Ward. Thank you for sharing this. - Therese Kravetz www.thereseaylakravetz.com

  3. I agree completely with everything Jen has written in this article. I'm old enough to remember when news reporting was (generally) neutral, and I especially enjoyed the occasional journalist who would add a personal comment or question at the end of their piece. I usually found this would set me thinking about what else might be at play in the situation that was being discussed - what was not being discussed or considered that may have had more importance or truth than that which was being reported? (I hope that makes sense...)
    I was not good with religion either - I questioned all the rules and assumptions that were designed to keep us in thrall to the system of belief. I asked a minister one day: "How can I worship a god who drowns his children and turns them to stone when they act outside of his accepted rules of behavior? How can I aspire to be like a god who locks his children away from the happiness, security, and beauty of the garden for wanting to learn and know more about life? I would never do that! How can I worship a being less loving and compassionate, less evolved, than I am?" The minister felt it was more about symbolism. It doesn't matter - symbolism or not, it still perpetuates a lack of compassion and encouragement of growth outside of the narrow confines of the rules of an organization not set up to promote truth and compassion. The minister was a wonderfully kind and compassionate person and highly intelligent and I wondered how she got caught in the net of religion.
    It has occurred to me that if everyone became a conscientious objector to war and conflict, if no one showed up when conscripted, if no one would carry weapons, if everyone taught their children that true bravery was about refusing to harm all others - including non-humans, what would our world look like? Kudos to the draft dodgers of the Viet Nam war!!
    Thank you for letting me rant...

    1. Debbie, thank you for rant! It was wonderful. I find so many women who have always been aware of the warped mentalities that are the media, religiosities, war mongers etc, and they have always spoken out but never heeded except by other women. War is a psycho male thing and yes, if sane men (and now women!) would refuse to go to kill people willingly called by one or two vile psychopaths "in office" who declared war for their own purpose, if people would see this for what it is war would end. Its insanity all the way.


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