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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Beyond "Motivation", We Need Nurturing

A totally spontaneous post.....

A series of emails, phone calls, events, etc has patterned an awareness that I want to speak of right now.
I am seeing the downtrodden, the pained, the sick, the tired, the weary, being "told" they need to be more motivated, more energetic, more optimistic, more.......fill in blank.

I want to say bluntly, that this world has tormented ensouled beings from before birth, and every minute since. Whoever has survived this planet without going insane has plenty of congratulations due to them. Many have gone by the wayside, slipped into the oblivion and dark places we work and struggle with daily to avoid. If you are still here, you have medals of honor and badges of accomplishment to reap. Better yet you deserve a life of peace in beauty and harmony.

I am not only "tired" I am sick, literally, of living life on such a hell bent patriarchal planet which has been conceived, designed and built by and catering to the male mentality, his life, his needs, his body, and his morals, his ethics, his business, his trauma based mind control,.....his malls which he believes ''serves womens needs''....is a twisted projection, but it is a way of understanding how he thinks, what he believes women to be as he inverts his beliefs by saying malls serve women when in truth malls serve the businessman and nothing else. I am tired that they have created a nightmare of a planet that has neglected the feminine gentle spirit OF BOTH WOMEN AND MEN BUT ESPECIALLY WOMEN THEMSELVES!.....of needing more nature, more quiet, more space and time...... for 'being' rather than 'doing'........, more places of nurturing in the landscape to cater to quiet times, inner wandering times, for ventures into the imaginal realms, for meditation, for down time, for disconnecting from crap, and for reconnecting to what is real, those feminine circles of honor which appreciate women for the wisdom they posses to keep life harmonious which is not happening on earth in any place......and is directly a cause for the demise of an entire human species. But I am beyond tired of good soulful sensitive people being told they need to ''do more'', ''be more''.....change anything about themselves to suit a deceptively "progressive" or "positive" ''motivational lifestyle change''.....when in fact what people are needing is spiritual hospitalization and convalescence.

What real humans are needing is lifetimes of respite, respite from the endless wars of men and their ceaseless psychopathic death/rape/pillage/hate/anger urges, his splitting of heart from human - man from woman, or even passive rejection of woman, etc etc....... We need respite from landscapes raped bare of nurturing green life, trees, flowers and water and pollens which enrich the ethers of the air which nurture thoughts. We need respite from the mentalities that tell us we need to be controlled, that gentle kindness is weakness, that rulership is what humans need, and all those psychopathic ravings of the hysterical hormonal male. In fact we need respite from him altogether.
We not only need respite from these, we need environments catering to needs of wearyness so we may reinvigorate, we need caring humans with soul and hearts so that we are reinvested with faith in life, we need quiet so the mind can wander and stroll playfully through the imaginal realms and create there and then manifest here.....We need technologies to be frozen in its monstrous tracks so that the spirits of humans can thaw out from being deliberately frozen in its evolution, and recover from the monstrosities of tech progress which has engulfed spiritual progress. We need time to develop skills we've been tricked out of, reanimate abilities the inquisition type minds have violently coerced into submission. We need freedoms to develope our humanity of spirits, and heart, to investigate who we are as beings of love and souls, and to build worlds to cater to kindness, innocence and beauty.
We command the right and freedom to destroy on the spot any who get in the way of that.


We must live in peace but recognize the psychopath and bully who comes to us with his slithery claims of helping when it is he who seeks hosts to parasite from, it is he who we need to dispose of upon sight!

We do not need ''more''  motivation, more money, more pipelines, more politicians, more cities, more positive attitudes!.....we need absolute asylum from the patriarchal death urge and his abysmal stupidity and atrocious lack of spiritual intelligence.
We need woman energies, not the male interpretation of woman or what he has turned her into against her will, over thousands of years of his tyranny, ......we need the natural organic woman! We need to recover, to convalesce, to heal, and we need everything on Earth to support that.....

we are all in critical condition! the feminine in both women and men is in dire straits! 

We don't need more......... we need less of everything this world has been created by and for!

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Brilliantly written. I couldn't agree more. So inspiring to read what my inside thoughts have been for quite some time. Thank you !

  2. You know, it's weird that back in the 60's the Ecology days, and the people who helped to begin the clean air act, and the clean water act were on the right track, and yet, today, we don't even see this type of care for our beloved Earth. Obviously, the agenda is to speed up the destruction of all life forms, or so it appears, 'they' are doing a good job of it. And the idiots who have begun this debacle have refused to see the forest for the trees, because they don't CARE about the trees or the forest anymore. It is definitely diabolical, the male mind, the wars, the destruction, the debasing of the feminine element of nurturing the Earth has gone down the tubes and it is so apparent that the causes and effects of this have been planned with the intent to demean anything of beauty and hope. The Earth cannot be redeemed without a supernatural event to bring Her back from this destruction. It will take nothing short of the Creator to bring Her back from this ravaging of all things good, and pure.


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