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Monday, October 19, 2015

Energetics: Winds of Change, They are Friends

Hello People,

I have been feeling for a couple of weeks, a lightening, a lessening of a grip of strangulation, moments of normal capacity for thinking and feeling my own thoughts and feelings, to choose how I want to feel and find myself there......and for feeling good about myself. Initially I thought this was because of my change of diet specifically the introduction of lots of cultured foods and beneficial bacteria's which did and continue to have positive effects upon me and others who ingest them, within 24 hours....so I thought my well being returning was due to that, and part of it is no doubt.
But there is something else, and the only reason I'm writing about it is because I realize it is not just me, that something else is going on that has been helping others to feel lighter too.

This morning was my personal confirmation of this ''thing'' being in the aethers as I like to refer to it, as possibly photonic energy or that something that has been portended for many years now to be coming from the galactic core.

Sorry, though I digress below, this needs to be said. Hopefully others will try it and experience this organic form of prozac and pain and infection killers.
This morning I get up as usual, my pains lessening by the day miraculously due to the beneficial-bacteria of homemade living kefir, kimchi and kombucha, my Sacred K Trinity now. You would all do well to study this post haste and begin to ingest those things which are life affirming.  I have experienced kefir and kimchi diminishing my hip joint agony of the past 2 years, significantly each day so that I am now able to move normally and walk normally, one would not be able to tell anymore. This has caused me untold tearful relief as the pains were terrible and 24/7, except for the odd days where they vanished completely as if they were never there, only to return at odd moments again following no normal patterns. This come-and-go-again of this type of ailment reeks of quantum strangeness. I refused to ''claim'' any ailment or disease knowing that in time I would be free of it as I have all the others. I also keep reading how kefir cures those with bi-polar, ADD,depression, anxiety etc. This stuff cured a compressing doom and gloom mindset. Now.....gone.

The kefir and kimchi I had begun to ingest for other reasons never suspecting it would affect so much more, I took for my stomach pains and they helped with that wonderfully and immediately. But the oddest side affect is the steady diminishing of my hip joint pains. I have heard that kefir has helped others with arthritis and this makes no sense according to medical 'opinion', to those who have been told arthritis is an incurable disease of degeneration and deterioration which I never believed. So what I have discovered is that it is not only ''not what they say'', but that arthritis-like conditions are more like an infection which positive bacteria of the right kind taken regularly can and will correct by both destroying that which causes the inflammation (whatever is eating away and causing pain) and giving you the nutrients you need to rebuild what was damaged. This is fact, bar none, and undeniable. Every ailment in the body can be traced to some chemical or element, and can always be remedied. I am proof of the scientific mind and medical community being epically wrong yet again as they have been for my entire life of odd ailments. I have always found the cure for whatever ails, and always it is living in Nature.

Back to my morning. It was dark still, but the sky was just beginning to light up. I was standing at the back door looking out the window to my lush back yard and pond and seeing the winds blowing strongly. I went outside as I always do first thing, and I was struck with something divine ..... the winds struck me as unbelievably fresh and wonderful. They did not whip, they caressed. They were not sharp, they were soft, like an old friend surprising me with his long over due visit. I had the sensuous need to take my hair down because I wanted to feel this wind throughout me, through my hair blowing it around and feeling these winds caress totally and fully. It was delicious.


I went inside and opened all the windows, even those normally locked closed and opened the doors. The winds were blowing through my body, my hair, my mind, taking up everything to dance in its wake...... moving everything and I could not get enough. Now they were blowing through my house, I wanted everything touched by this wind for as long as it would blow and dance. I wanted more.


This is odd because I normally do not like wind at all.

So my response to these this morning was revelatory, was responsive to a benevolent energy. It told me I was in a different place and the winds were my friends of old, returned, the elements visiting upon me as family, to be close, to interact, to be intimate essence to essence, grabbing me up in its whirl saying ''remember when.....?"......and smiling reassuringly ...... ''it can be so again".

These I remembered as the Winds of Change....those zephyrs who blow only when there are new tidings from a fresh and clean place.

 I can continue to wax lyrical about this because I am deeply touched. I felt a visitation of love this morning, but only I would truly understand how it manifested. For me Nature is my relations.

What I do know is that things are different, things are better, there is less of some evil and this is permanent.


Serena, Lady of the Woods

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