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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Energetics: The Big Nothing of September

There is alot of nothing happening. Not that its not the same ol same ol of loads of shit from rabid psychopaths, that is going on for sure, but this month of September which has just passed 43 minutes ago, and was portended to be a huge ascension wave, or wave x of something so huge that no person on Earth could miss......well......I missed it. Alot of other people missed it.....but wait.....there was nothing to miss. Nothing happened. And so the ''Dr.'' who was all over the place emphatically speaking about this wave x to whomever would listen, and far too many did......what does he have to say now I wonder? And what of those poor gullible believers of this and those who thought their belief could make it happen, force its manifestation......well they probably will talk themselves into believing ''it happened''......I would sure love to find out what they think did. Then they will also say it is such a refined energy only those on the ascension path will feel it.....and since most of Earth's population would say they sensed and saw nothing, those who insist on it will find some ascended masters or some angels not of our realms who would be able to explain why. Even though no wave came. But they will insist saying they felt it, got blindsided by exhaustion, energies, etc. I call it life.

I've always wanted to keep track of those who made predictions of grand events that never pan out, just to see what they have to say, but that is far too much trouble for such trite ones.
I think they are manufacturing those guys in some freak laboratory somewhere who are mind controlled and brainwashed with tons of shit info, unleashed unto a thirsty and gullible alternative community, like a carrot to strive for.....I think these guys are mass produced now and each has their own "information bits" they are briefed on dishing out and are so arrogant in their egos, and the community so desperate for ''news'' this makes for a compelling disaster.
I think these guys all need to be hung and quartered for all the tons of shit and miles and heaps of false hope they deliberately create within the desperate populations, only to leave them as always, empty of the last drop of hope they have for ''changes'' or ''salvation''.
I do not believe in hope, but I have watched the community filled with the silence of it, only to now watch their despair, hope once alive with bated breath, turned to stone.

So.....the ambience is not sensed, but palpable by many right now, the dissappointment, the new 2012 despondency kicking in all over again, for all that was hoped and prayed for did not happen.
Though we will see many things happen, it will not be anything of what was desired. The only thing we will see is more of the same, more of the same evil done by the psycho-patriarchy....we will see tons more of their shit for sure!
We're getting a wave for sure and it is coming through the chemtrailed sprayed skies filled with nano bots and biological materials Trans-humanizing humanity without our consent and it is huge, worldwide. October may hold something huge they say, but I'm not holding my breath. Because when that passes, then it will be November, then December, then March 2016.

But I believe there is no wave, there is something going on but its all too complex for us especially since we do not know most of what is happening cosmically or in the Earth. But all we are feeling is the very real effects of technologies and evil gone ballistic, nano bots in the air, and people just flat out getting sick from all the very real pollution of air, water, food and chemicals......this is real and what the alternative community calls ascension symptoms are just people are feeling lots of the same things from pollution and poisons. This is fact. It is not ascension. But Earth is changing, She has to, She is being tortured and poisoned and She as a living being will have responses.

I am sorry for all the people who got hyped up on the hype. But I also feel those who did the hyping should be held accountable.....and let none of those mass produced, briefed, mind controlled talking dickheads talk their way out of it either.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. You have a great blog. I commented before but for some reason it didn't go through.

    I agree. I knew that nothing was really going to happen in September after doing some deep thinking about it after hearing from those who didn't buy into it, but once October passes I'm going to laugh at the fact that again people hadn't learned their lesson in 2012. I honestly thought after sometime and hearing from others who didn't buy into the whole Wave X thing that this was indeed more BS hype and such! People need to understand that change is only going to happen slowly and most of us will not even see the fruits of REAL change in our lifetimes here I estimate considering the current state of humanity right now and how it still has way too much work to do to get out of their nonsensical belief systems and other ways of thinking and living that is out of harmony with nature and the natural laws of the universe, and that we as a collective on the ground level still will have to do the hard work as much as I hate to say it since I wonder how the hell is humanity going to do it on it's own myself since I have little faith that anything will get done on their own if they don't want another positive/negative cycle to happen again?

    How are we suppose to ascend if we don't even understand consciousness and how are we suppose to ascend if most people here on this planet don't even want to do any shadow work? Again people are looking for an easy way out which is why they still gravitate towards New Age BS, savior programs through organized religion, and other false light paradigms that tell you that you don't need to do nothing as someone else will save you or you just have to think happy thoughts all day, NONSENSE!

    I think this whole Wave X thing that was suppose to happen may have a connection to CERN actually, but I don't want to get more into that since I hadn't fully done enough research to confirm if it is the truth nor I'm qualified to say that I'm right about this especially after hearing how CERN went down again during the blood moon (I think that was the date) when attempting to do what it was suppose to do back in 2012 once again. Let's not forget about that huge stock market crash that was suppose to happen, that didn't come to pass as well!

    It amazes me that many people have bought into it so easily without being skeptical. I expected better from people, but maybe I had too much faith in them to not fall for that again. Anyway, there is still October like I said since the months predicted were either Sept-October, December the latest I think. If nothing happens then I would not be surprised if we hear more hype of something happening around late March to May of 2016 (or even earlier) which is around the time of the dark occult season of sacrifice (the time of year where false flags and/or deaths normally have been happening in full gear over the last few years). Just baseless estimates of mines. Just telling you this to have your head up for any more hyped events.

    The good news is that the earth is going through her own ascension, but if people want to ascend with her then they need to do the work on themselves (like I have been for the last few years and I have ways to go myself) and stop buying into astral/matrix programs that offer you an easy way out. I understand that this plane of existence is no fun and I hate being here myself, but if we want change, then it starts with yourself! Be the change! If you do seek information that is outside of yourself make sure it comes from source (prime creator itself), your higher-self, or "Mother Earth!" I personally don't trust anyone else, especially astral beings since many of them are only interested in keeping humanity trapped in another positive/negative cycle here on this planet or golden cage that will rust in simpler terms.

  2. Sometimes predictions are just what they are -predictions. Great thoughts, and greetings!

  3. I am still here. I didn't believe a bit of the September forecasts from the talking heads of hype. A big smile there. : ) And it is amazing that they fade so easily into the woodwork with each succession of hype when the hype does not 'come to pass'. I have looked for YouTube videos which retract the so-called prophecies which did not come to pass, after the fact. Like you pointed out, 'they' will somehow with a slight of hand, make the magic disappear, and begin again to see who they can manipulate to believe more hype.

    There are powers that be, who are more sinister, waiting on the sidelines to wipe out humanity if they dare, but, the Light is more powerful than the darkness, as Light dispels darkness so that the darkness has no where to hide.

    Changes are afoot. Darkness is trying to reign ultimately, but it isn't going to work. It never does. This may very well be the beginning of the end of a new beginning. I believe it in my bones and in my spirit. The evil entities KNOW THIS, so, unwittingly, they are rushing to their own doom. Their time is short, compared to those of the Light who shall go beyond this lifespan.

    Very well spoken, this post, my dear.

    Miss Teresa in peace and in love


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