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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Of Speeded Manifestations and Current Mythological Heroes

There are lots and lots of people today seeing the same thing I'm seeing....the speeding up of manifestation.....this is on every scale imaginable....from a small thought of "I haven't heard from John" and then he calls, to a movie that had certain events in them which have come to pass and these manifestations are now taking no time at all....where they used to take months, years or weeks before, now they are instantaneous within hours. And I'm talking about almost everything that is said, mentioned, or portrayed on film! I had noticed this in my personal world, the outer world and now I'm hearing many people say this. Because it is happening. Why?
Is it cern? some say this machine running its metallic and technological ''veins'' underground in the body of Earth is doing something to all the fields of electromagnetics to plasma to aetheric on the planet.
Some say the illumi-nazi's have been inserting into their films and television programs the symbols and signs of what they ''plan to do'' and during powerful astronomical time-frames, they act them out. Some are saying there are entities now in our dimension who are wreaking havoc. I say all these are plausible and true in some cases. But not all. I'm seeing something else.

They lie to us about everything, all of it. We are misinformed and dis-informed into idiocy.

I'm seeing the power of the collective mind, all focused on the same broadcasted medias of movies, news, articles, website, etc.....being utilized to manufacture these things. Think about it.
If you knew the power of your mind and the power of your subconscious mind, the power of living emotions, then you would know that you are creating whatever is before your eyes, going into your brain as information, and your reactions and responses via feelings and the limbic part of your brain, generates a living field of power that literally creates it. While these abilities can make US Heroes, Heroines, those who know of this human power is using us against our selves.
We are the Mythological Beings of Future Legend......we are living and alive right now, but are being used for anothers Will! Why do you think they shunted everyone in schooling left brainisms? Why do you think ''they'' discourage the use of intuition, of heart, of questioning, of thinking for ones self instead of ''learning by rote"? Why do you think school systems have been set up at all?
Why do you think there were the Inquisitions which continue to this day? It is all to shut down and destroy the thinking feeling intuitive heart based CREATOR.
They knew what they were doing.
Its been a long winded plan.
But they will fail.




Think about how the ''laws of physics'' don't apply to the bumble bee.

What if.....
what if, ''they'' are not doing the creating.....what if they are not speeding up manifestation? what if they know the powers of the human collective mind, limbic brain, and human resonant fields and are using us to manifest what they are scripting out in movies and television programs of all kinds?
What I'm seeing, is they put out the script, the layout, the story, and masses of living organic energetics of manifestation otherwise known as ''people'' are feeling them all into manifestation, either by conditioning or by possession.

Lately these are happening within hours.....why? Because they have brought in plethoras of entities and spirits seeking bodies to live through and have utilized cern, not as a form of testing and smashing particles etc., looking for the god particle joke..... I believe cern is already doing what they set out to do, they are active and ON all the time not doing testing, but has generated power that amplifies and magnifies the free and already existing powers of human living organic abilities and fields of our minds and e-motions and have found a way to generate instant manifestation of every ones imaginations who are focused on common media, to create their shit.  It has been noted that their most powerful surges often coincide with astronomical events of powerful alignments. Why?

They put out a movie and what happens in that movie takes place, immediately. An article is written and it happens. People on blogs, and networks, forums, radio shows, youtubes etc....share, repeat, share repeat.........all of it, is manifesting due to a speeded up mechanism of technology and human energy which is creating all that we are seeing in the world now.

Life with all its organic powers, is imitating art.

Because people blindly energize the wizards scripts.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"


These are the men of black magic, using Holly Wood to create darkness in the world. And unlike the man of Oz, will not apologize for his ''indiscretions'' nor help you to return to the real world!

Interesting comments from here:
......''Now what's interesting is that back in the 1960's, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and its American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, had one of their international meetings. They held it in England to decide which country using its film industry would create the international culture of the future and this was in the newspapers back then. I think it was two or three week long meeting and it was ultimately agreed upon that Hollywood would be given the job to create the worldwide culture for the public for a global society......''

There is only 1% of them, and 99% of us.......the odds are in our favor!

The world we are seeing now is being created....
by whose inception? Theirs. And whose energy? Ours.

Before these technologies, it used to be much slower, not much happened and we all had time to recover from some tragedy before another one took place. Usually those tragedies were on the news of some crash, death, fire or whatever. Now the movies of Hollywood have taken full on the powers of manifestation utilizing both human energetics and cerns activities. The wizards and sorcerers of Hollywood are the men behind the curtain writing out horror stories ad nauseum of sickness, psychopathy, robotics, X men monstrosities etc, all the products of their own mental/alien aberrations, not because ''this is what the people want'' but because they have the archontic agenda of taking over the human mind to serve technology, to reduce the populations, to take over the world  because this is an Artificial Intelligence which has deemed itself greater than "God" and wants control over ALL. Movies of this ilk are seen by the masses of people who are addicted to adrenaline rushes because they do not know how to manifest their own passions, so they flock to cinema or television for ''rushes'' which make them feel alive, but this is no desire, it is addiction.

Also Hollywood wizards have brought in all manner of demonics into our realms and these are taking over human beings who do not know this is even real. These possessed humans then act out the scripts of the archontic wizards.
But they have taken this further.
"They" have taken the ability to manifest through the workings of possessed humans with supernatural powers, the technologies of cern and other alien technologies which amplify the organic energetics of the billions of people on earth, to do their bidding and desires worldwide. The mind of humans has been scripted by the tons of iniquity the wizards are staging out and human emotions are the gas that give it life. Manifestation has speeded up because of the use of these technologies along with human resources and it is now instant.

One could think we are screwed, but are we?

What if we decided to know of our own powers too? To Have this knowledge of ourselves and how they are being utilized by others and not ourselves? By what is being done by the sorcerers of media? What if we could take their shit and reverse it?

I like to take ''what if's'' and play with them in all directions, using 360 degrees of brain power and making all kinds of connections that defy all of reason, logic, science, because I know human creation defies all supposed ''laws''. I like to be wild in my thinking, and wild in ''what if's. This is the most dangerous threat to those archons and wizards....those who think spherically and wildly. Women.

We could ignore their scripts, false flags and movies, why pay for being terrorized and traumatized into useless dribble? You think you will be in control of your mind and be able to detach from what you experienced in that theatre, or show, or news? Your subconscious mind doesn't know this, and this is the part that manifests what your ''conscious'' mind has no clue of. And this is why the magic of wizards and holly wood is so diabolical. You ''think'' you're ok, off to another form of entertainment but you don't know the effects of what you gave energy to. It creates.
Why not take this knowledge and run with it in another direction?

We can acknowledge and claim our abilities and decide to do something else. WE can do the unthinkable to them and create other stories which can also manifest with enough people generating attention and responses to them......we can do this......why are we not?!???
Why are we not doing this?

Is it because you have been intimidated by the ''powers that be"? that you imagine and feel that they are so powerful to be able to do this? That their sickness and violence is stronger than you because it takes life? Yes, this is true BUT ONLY UP TO A POINT! They can not continue to do this without the complacency of our minds and hearts. We can temporarily become crushed with trauma and then weak of mind, our hearts sink into an abyss and we are lost, for a spell, the spell they cast with darkness.


Break out of their spell........do you really want to give them what they want?

So many are in this place, but this is a fools place, the ones who believe they do not have power. It is not where we belong. We belong in control of our own minds, our own hearts, in no abyss of pain, but on top of the world demanding stoutly and commanding gently our own abilities.

But you think this takes herculean strength? the strength of orcs perhaps? or the strength of the ruthless? Energy?
NO my friend.....you do not need strength of muscles or mountains of passion or rage.....though this helps :D.......only the spark of Will. The spark of the rebel. This tiny spark will kindle and light fires.......


In our world....in our reality.....a spark of ''madness''' is the only ''normal''.......we need this to fire up.

Great Power lies in a single spark of Human Will, and Will when serving the Heart moves mountains effortlessly. 
Heart is the Seat of Great Power, and the Imagination gives it shape, color, sounds and landscapes.


Have some heart for your Self.

We are the Mythological Beings of our millennia. The entire future of the universe lies in our every moment of life, with every decision, and every spark of the heart in action....imagine this collectively?


It takes only the very tiny grain of sand of firm WILL that says, "I am the owner of my mind. I am the controller of my world. My heart, not the wizards of darkness rules my mind, and any other who dares to interfere with that shall be fried to ashes".  Make this your decision. That is all. It doesn't take a huge momentum, or massive amount of energy. Just a spark of will.
This can be done by the poor wretch sitting at the bottom of his soul, who suddenly has had enough and says:
''NO. I will not go this way. I am going the other way.''
It is done.

Great Power starts off as a small speck of Will.

Great short clip of Dr. Rauni Kilde....We Have a Mission



Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. I too give a lot of thought to what Power lies within each and every one of us and is just awaiting release and Manifesting Wonderful Destiny! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Thanks for reading my other blog and commenting Dawn...how have things been in the Desert?

  2. Hello

    I was wondering if you are familiar with the work of Scott Onstott.



    I think you might find it interesting

  3. The sorcerers of media are definitely a problem. But do you know of the creature from Jekyll Island?

    "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.

    Most people don't understand that money doesn't exist in our society, only federal reserve notes. Understanding what a federal reserve note is provides much insight into how our sick society works.

    "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. - Henry Ford


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