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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Your IMAGINATION and Your Love.....Hijack them Back !

Imagination with Love is Power.


If WE do not IMAGINEER the beautiful world of peace and love we want, IT. WILL. NOT. HAPPEN.

Geniuses, movers and shakers all know that worlds, realities, paradigms, changes, desires.....can only be created by actions guided by imagination.....new thinking.......lots and lots of ''what if's."

Imagination with Love is Power.

Is that understood?

I've written alot about this before. Sadly its importance seems to slip sideways into the sideroads as our focused and high speed driven minds are on a highway into a collision with a man-u-fractured fate, as some force is pushing away our inherent ability and even desire to imagine.
Speaking about certain things, certain words, seems to be received with a blank slate mind, like the words have hypnotic black magic over them so that when they are heard, read or spoken, people just go blank and do not hear, do not receive. It is odd! Other words are caught, but the whole point is missed. ''Imagination'' is one of those words, covered over and forbidden, misunderstood, underestimated, ridiculed into shamed...... Why?



The all powerful IMAGINAL REALMS are where our creations lie in wait for us to bring them to life. It is the glittery place of inner cosmos where billions of stars are merely twinkles in our eyes, until we make love to them.


Imagination with Love is Power.

GOD POWER is the Imagination, the fertile grounds where infinite possibilities lie quiet as seedlings, until we water them with emotions and deeds intending to bring them to Life.  We have this. It is Ours Now. To NOT use this power is to allow others to create something for us that serves them and fills our space with creations that are not ours.

We must always be in the act of creating, for not to do so means we will live anothers creations and if those creators are sick murderers etc, then we live in a reality of pain and suffering. The counter to this is creating its opposite because doing nothing gives them carte blanche.


I had another blog about this and made it a village type blog where all those who wanted to be members of the Village could join and write about their experiences in this Beautiful Village of Loving Beings.....few joined, and I was basically the only one exercising the ability of Imagining a beautiful Life. It was called in fact "A Most Beautiful Life"....and the blog was all about living this beautiful life....what a day looked and felt like, what we saw when we opened our eyes in the morning, how we moved about the day. I made several posts of such beautiful days with fantastic imagery and music, and I adored this world. It was all about putting ourselves in that place we wanted to be in, everything about it from feelings to what we ate and what we wore, to what we did, to how others felt, to the landscapes, the sounds, the weather....all of it......imagining ourselves back into a Life of Beauty....first through using our imaginations and heart to envision this beautiful life and then by feeling it and contemplating it throughout the day, feeling it into reality. Eventually it would become so. It is precisely how we counter the realities we do not want, is to create another.


I felt and still do believe and know we can create another world and reality.  I say imagining ourselves ''back'' into this life of Beauty as this is where I come from and I remember clearly. I realize now this could be projection and that maybe others did not come from this place and so cannot imagine themselves 'back' into it. I am sorry for this. But those of us who can, should do this. And I believe love and intentions aligned with Light can do the rest.

Forget about karma, its run by lords, its their creation. Forget about yugas', we don't need cycles of darkness and cycles of light ceaselessly throughout eternity! Forget about all the ''rules'' and ''laws'' of the universe. There is only one law and it is LIFE and there is only one path and it is LOVE.  Creators can negate what doesn't work and create something that does. We must also KNOW this.


Imagination with Love is Power.

I hope to hear from others who also can utilize their faculties of creation and Imagine this life into being. I think we desperately need the practice. We need to get away from what realities have been crafted for us due to ignorance that others are manipulating our own powers which most did not know we had, through gullibility and apathy, and unwitting compliance due to an enforced atrophied imagination by overdoses of fear which crushes imagination/creation, into forced acceptance.


A new world, must be created by numbers of people with a common dream. I speak to those who have a common dream of peace, love, beauty, abundance and lots and lots of fun.
I would like to see us really begin to re-energize and revitalize that Creative Faculty we are "all'' born with, which is a very real power and creative generator.....our IMAGINATIONS.

So much that we do not want is being created for us. The script is written for us, through mass organized political and religious structured events, and through mainstream media it is broadcast out, and through our attentions, witnessing, feeling and reacting.....we actually bring it to life, by believing it. Often what is portrayed in media is false, crafted from the imagineers of the demonic/archontic social controllers like wars for example, but it is the masses of us who enlist in their horrid inventions who make it real, and then whose emotions create more. It is us who take an archontic script who react to it, give it attention and it becomes real. There are those who are creating wars and horrid violent lives and ignorants participate in this. This is insanity. WE must not participate in violent creations, negate them, and turn around and create some peace, where there is harmony and beauty. Do not participate in insane creations of others. WE can and do minimize the entire violent state of the world by neglecting those insane calls for war. There can be no war if none want it!

If we did something else.....like imagineer our own lives, how we want to live, those who feel peace and love and abundant bounty for all.....we can create this too. I don't want to have to escape this life or this planet. I was born here, this is my home and this alone makes me an authority on what happens here.....as it does you too!

Now is time for us to Create what we actually want.
The time is Now to negate what we do not, with full on full blown intent.

Imagination combined with feelings and emotions to propel the imagined into existence IS OUR POWER. Fact. Full Stop.


The Imaginal Realms is where sleeping dreams lie in wait....where the unborn are born, and where the forgotten becomes re-membered. The emotions juice it up and give it literal life, we act on it....and it becomes real. Emotions and Feelings are the Water aspect of elements of which all Life is made, and water is crystalline and intelligent and forms itself into the vibration we give it. It is the source and blood of Life.

"They", you know ''they'', told us what is real, what is reality. "They" invented war and weapons and mind control constructs via institutions, religions and left-brainism, drugs, gmo's and television. "They" stole your minds to serve them. 
"They" told you not to daydream! ..... to ''pay attention'' to the history lesson in front of you, or the algebra you would never use in life.  
"They" create toxic places called cities and industries and destroy Nature and all that is soft and kind.....''they'' tell us to believe this or that so that you comply with their mentalities, their science or religion or bureau-crazies. They don't want you to escape them for they need you......but you don't need them.
 "They".....gave you schooling, then when you got home and reiterated their ''teachings'' as homework, they further had designs to continue to keep you captured.....they gave you the television programming to watch what they created so that you would be ''engaged'', busy, hypnotized, and believing......perpetuating a false reality so as not to create your own.


"They" KNOW the power of imagination. They use theirs against you. We must use imagination with Love for us.

They are entertainment psychopaths because they posses the knowledge of imaginations power of hypnotic suggestion and desire mind control over you via mass social medias. "They" tell you/us, the masses what they want to because they need us to create what they cannot do alone. Then with your feelings and many numbers of people who take all this in, believing they ''are experts'' or because there was enough violence to traumatize you into submission, you comply.
Imaginations are being hijacked through an over emphasis of left brained mechanisms from schooling to every structure in the social world that discourages right brain abilities, heart, intuition, daydreaming, time off, feelings and self autonomy. This is the cut off of your own creative faculties. Our reality has entirely been set up for eons to control our every thought and movement to function within a matrix system that feeds on our energy because we work for them. We don't need them.
This is how our imaginations have been hijacked....for we did not know the full power of this.....what was being done, how it works.

But it was not your creation, it was theirs, and they are dying now, and we need to create what is ours.

 http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ldeleaqHQN1qb6t6wo1_500.jpg.....or for people who had it stolen from them!

The Imagination is far more powerful than intellect. Intellect is just what is recorded in the brain as what has already been noted as information, and this changes with the winds. The Imagination is where all possibilities in all the cosmos lies in wait for someone/s to give it life.

Einstein said about the imagination: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

I tweaked it thus: "Imagination is far more important and powerful than intellect. Intellect is what is recorded in the brain as information and this changes with the winds, while Imagination with heart is the whole of unlimited possibilities of the entire cosmos without end waiting for us to give it life, and that is our Power".


And....I want to have fun!
Remember that word? FUN. Remember what it feels like? What if we could end all this miserable crap the patriarchy and aliens and archons and assholes have created for us and we begin to both negate them out of existence and create something else of our own?! I say this is exactly what is needed. I have tried this before and I will try it again. I think eventually people will catch on and some of us will be held responsible for literally creating a life of beauty and harmony and fun days and loving families, and I raise my hand and take full responsibility! Yeah! Count me in~!


Look at what is happening to us.....the news alone is taking OVER peoples lives, ruining them, and causing paralytic shock......and most of it is trauma based mind control deliberately heinously creating terror to keep humanity in this state. It is enough to just be a witness to pain to be traumatized by it. "They" know this too. It is horrible what they do, but we must extricate ourselves from what they are doing and do something else, something entirely different for all of us.

And I would love to get more people involved in utilizing this most important aspect of Divine Intelligencia, in taking up the reigns of creating what is experienced in your personal life and in the world in general. I hope we can create lovely things together, things of beauty, harmony, love and all kinds of fun things.

But it must be understood, our Imaginations have been hijacked....first in school when they told you to stop daydreaming, then when you saw the other beings others couldn't see, and then when you were older and told over and over again, to just follow the rules and don't look sideways at anything you were not told to.


Fortunately I learned early on to ignore those people and the mental straitjacket they tried to put me into at a very young age and listened only to myself. But most people didn't escape that and their creative abilities were turned off and their minds hijacked into merely being processors of math, history and told to worship the pasts militant heroes who were merely murderers with an excuse, or to admire other historical people most of whom contributed greatly to a violent world and hysterical religions.


Schooling should be spending your precious time in Natural Environments with the assist of trees and forests investigating your own minds abilities and encouraging your powers to invent and imagineer realities and paradigms of your own.
''Their'' ways negates the encouragement to create something else as they ''teach'' you about ''false truths'' and violent histories and simultaneously invalidate your ability to be something not just equal to past heroes, but better ones. They did this purposely, because god forbid you created something the patriarchs didn't have written in religions or corporations, or militaries. God forbid you actually loved the right side of your brain and embraced their supernal abilities therein and awakened abilities they didn't want you to....because we could imagine them right out of existence. So we live in world of their creation, an inception of horrific imprisonment of body mind, heart and spirit unnecessarily.


But thankfully we have no choice but to hijack back our imaginations, and I say we should do so with a hysterical empowered vengeance! *grins*

I say fuck the archons and order followers. I say we imagine another world into existence right here where we stand.

I do hope others join me, for if nothing else we have created a thought form that with enough energy, emotion and repetition, it will be created.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. This is one of the most powerful posts I've read. Your paragraph that began, "Forget about karma, it's run by..." is perfect. It stimulated this thought in me... We let the mind interpret reality or the heart direct the mind to create reality. Pick one.
    ♥ Welles

    1. Perfect! I could not have said it better! thank you.

  2. I hope this isn't a double post since my web browsers don't like BlogSpot.

    Again you leave me at lost for words. It's just personally that I have been let down so much by this reality to this day along with the things that have been going on in my personal life over the last 10+, it's hard to remember that we have the imagination to change what we don't want into something we do want. Being cynical about what to expect in this world makes it harder for me as it's a barrier. You're imagination can lead to change, but your imagination vs. the collective will of a willingly ignorant populace who will try to slow you down just makes it a great challenge, though of course not impossible.

    1. J Remi, so many feel as you, as do I, but somehow I maintain a need to create something else in place of what is being created for us. We have been led to feel so dis-empowered by many many diabolical things and much tampering and still we stand and some have maintained their hearts. My life too has been difficult to say the least, and some ask me how I still stand. I am always on the edge of the sword of being cynical, but the moment I cross over I feel ''they have me'' and this I will not allow. I am hoping the imagination becomes the collective will of a common dream of at least a peaceful place.....because as you say, nothing is impossible, and the imaginative will makes magic happen.

    2. I understand. It's not about giving up, it's just I've been asking, where am I'm going? I ask what I could be doing right now, and I look at my options, and there is really none. Not because I think I can't change anything, I just don't know what to do with myself in a world that seems like it has nothing for me to offer.

    3. I understand. It's not about giving up, it's just I've been asking, where am I'm going? I ask what I could be doing right now, and I look at my options, and there is really none. Not because I think I can't change anything, I just don't know what to do with myself in a world that seems like it has nothing for me to offer. I feel like I have nowhere to go. I don't belong anywhere here. I rather just be in my own head, but of course that can't happen. I do know my life purpose, but I honestly at this time don't really care about it or have any motivations to care since that is not a source of happiness or anything like that.

    4. J Remi, you are a classic human being, just like me. I ask every day, with visceral concern, what can I do??!!! I don't why I'm here most of the time, and if there is something to do, complications, undoing, sabotage etc take place....but! the question remains does what we do really do nothing? Isn't there somewhere it is taking place? But more than that I feel those who are truly human beings, the humane ones......just by breathing and living, having the consciousness of awareness as a frequency that constantly radiates out, the concern, the heart, all of this is critical to maintain the frequency of Humane Virtues....even if we don't feel like we are doing something, we are by our frequency of concern....It is a tragic mistake to think ''we are not doing anything''....or that our desperate inquiry into what to ''do'' leads nowhere but frustration because it is often not what we do, but what we feel and radiate that ''does'' it. This is why so many of us have found no ''place'' in this life, it is because while there is no physical place, it is our physical vibration that is the ''doing''. I stand by this.
      While I no longer pound the pavement, I write.
      I live by eating naturally, organically, I do not use the chemicals of madmen, I use water frugally, I make my own natural products on my body, bake my own breads, cook all my own meals, wear only linen, silk, or cottons...all of this is doing something for me that makes life an art form, a creation of beauty at least for myself, but everyone who comes here enjoys all the beauty too and are inspired. They get a glimpse of what its like when there is heaven and love.
      Start small. Everyone can do something.
      You can create beauty of some kind and share it.

    5. J Remi, you said: ''I do know my life purpose, but I honestly at this time don't really care about it or have any motivations to care since that is not a source of happiness or anything like that.''
      What if you take your life purpose and do it anyway?
      But I do know how it feels to not be motivated even when you have talents.
      This is the beginning of depression and it is not your fault, there are frequencies being broadcast out through nefarious technologies that make people feel this way. Try not to take it personally or think it is you, it may not be at all.
      The response is to be gentle with yourself. I too am doing something I never thought I'd ever do, but I get lethargic too, and I just give in and do it well....no guilt, that would defeat the indulgence. Often we need to take time off from our selves and the world. "Doing" is overrated.
      But I come back to the need to care, to create something of beauty because beauty is the life of my soul.
      Just find something to make you feel good about yourself. Even coloring books can take your mind off enough to allow inspiration to speak through the language-less spirit of your heart. Utilize color, scent, sounds, nature. Find quiet time enough, long enough, until your spirit tells you its ok to come back out. In all the time you take to listen, do so gently and with love....otherwise don't bother. It can be done.

    6. Well I'm working with my life purpose, but I'm just taking things slow right now. It doesn't matter if I'm doing it or not since like I said, it's not a motivator for me to be here. I've been feeling like this since late 2007 by the way, this is nothing new. I only do it because of the soul urge to do it, and because as long as there is ignorance and insanity around me, It's impossible to be silent and there is not enough people speaking out against that insanity! Unlike other people, I don't have to worry about the emotions of losing friends or family over it or care what other people think since no one can hold me ransom for anything as I am a sovereign being that isn't depended on no one. It's something I can't ignore even whenever I like it or not.

      I've been taking time off from the world since 2013, but I can't live like this forever nor I want to. I'm really going to be pushing for something in 2016 though since I can't live like this forever financially speaking and mentally speaking. The only kind of relief I found is through just thinking of nothing, and quietly keeping myself focus on what is around me while trying to ignore my mind chatter. Silence and even dwelling alone in dark places while not thinking of anything as much as I can is something I've been doing a lot lately since it's the only thing that helps center me. Even though I'm not perfect at this, at least I've been getting less painful nightmares and fewer intense dreams lately since I been trying to keep that mind chatter down, so there is good news.

    7. I think you are doing what you can. Sometimes there seems to be nothing we can do and years go by and this can bring on a panic of purposelessness, but this is a trick of the mind. It just helps to have others to speak to with this, that we are not alone. Rant away, if you have the energy :D
      Does Nature help you? do you have the ability to go out and sit with the trees?

    8. I would love to rant away since I have no one to talk when it comes to expressing my real self, especially anyone who would understand without seeing me as strange or crazy,but I would rather do that elsewhere than here. I email or Skype would be fine. I also do go out a lot when I can. Nature does help a lot though there is some days where I can't go out due to bad rhinitis issues or days where I don't even want to look at so-called normal people outside, and especially during the summer since I don't like warm/hot weather so I have to out in the morning or during sunset, but that is not too much of a hindrance though.

  3. This is all so beautiful! Serena! I needed this for my soul today. Thank you for your imagination!

  4. And yes, we live in our minds. I was thinking about this the other day, that we have our physical body which our mind and soul exist in. Someday, we will have a celestial body which will fit our mind and soul to a much higher plain of love.


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