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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Antidote to WW3 Nanobots and Pathogens is Beneficial Microbes

Hi Good People of Earth,

*Notes Updated Point: Bacterias as they are called are also the answer to clean up of oceans and all kinds of pollutions in the outer world as well. Our bodies are the micro version of the body of this Earth. What we can do with our bodies can also be done with the body of Earth. Bacterias of the life affirming kind, Heals all things organic.

I have a few things to say that I hope will be helpful to some and so I'm writing this out and sending to as many people as possible so that some will actually try this and see if what is in this information packet here is of value to the Good People of Earth.

* Warning: I will be using F bombs. And I have repeated myself several times, but it is necessary. I did not go through this post for poetic impact, this is friend to friend, a desperate plea for you to act.

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your ignorance, disbelief, or failure, especially denials if refusal to try this doesn't produce results......did you get that?

*Caveat Lector:  While I am not believing I can save the world, what I do believe is I along with many others can HELP save the world and so this is part of that endeavor. Often such things as the following can seem so off the wall and ''out there'' so called ''intelligent people'' will scoff and move off without investigation, experimentation, and experience before foolishly dismissing what ''does not resonate''......but I encourage you to read this through and finish to the end, try it and see for yourself. This is my theory and I am sticking with it. I am not speaking to ''intelligence'', I am speaking to heart.....to people who actually want to do something and experiment with everything within their ability to try to improve their own lives ergo the life of this planet.

I do a little trick to see if something is good or not. I take the thing in question, and then say '' what if the whole world did this''......and what I can see in my minds eye tells me. If it was not a good idea, then the whole world doing it would be disastrous. But if there are no disasters, and only goodness....then it is a go. This one is a go.

I wish I could just download this into your consciousness but alas, this day will end with my eyes sore, my mind tired, my heart hoping, and fingers crossed.

Biological War Upon Humanity and Earths Life Forms.

As the title of this post implies, I am onto the war upon life both on humans and on the planet, the study of who does this, why, and where we are as people. I have researched everything I could to see and confirm that this is indeed true and those who do not see this by now need to be whacked with the holy 2 x 4 because they are at this time both dangerous to themselves and to others for their willfull blindness. Those who are insisting on being ignorant of the dangers we are in due to ugly information and facts, become not only a burden to be carried later on if they should survive, but are current dangers now in that they are the food that feeds the collective hypnosis and encourages more sleeping heads. I have no respect for that. Onward.

The Psychopathic, Pernicious Patriarchy Took Over, Now It is Transhumanist Phase

There is a war against humanity, and it is in fact at the very least the third world war, but this one is not being fought with the usual weapons of the madmen, it is more sophisticated and is being done through stealth, and the weapons are not visible and the causalities are not dying immediately. This is a silent weapons war with slow deaths. It is an invisible takeover so that there can be no ''accused''. They have figured this out that to be recognized as the murderers means one must hide and this is not something they want to do anymore, they want to be free, unrecognized, unaccountable, and with total impunity.

Madmen run the world and want to kill as many people as they can. Just look at their weapons, and wars and science, and all their creations.....they have polluted fracked the world with all their creations, polluted our waters, our air, the animals, and our foods, spraying chemtrails, creating gmo everything, seeds that do not reproduce, animals bred for specific foods, they create virus's in labs, contaminate the soil with chemicals, etc ad nauseum. This is an agenda of a combined consortium of madmen/aliens destroying life as we know it from the inside out, patriarchal to the fucking core......distorting and morphing life into something sick and hideous first. It is a designed slow death. Their plans long winded so that it is not achieved in one persons lifetime, but throughout several generations....this so they are not seen, they are the hidden hands. Nano-bots are already found in our bodies, with many people seeing them through morgellons........ nano bots gone wrong.

We know that the war waged upon humanity is now biological and also technological. There are both biological weapons and nano-robotics being used to infect and take out the human and natural immunity systems of this planet. The natural systems are trying hard and fast to adapt to these new foreign invaders being produced in labs by franken-fuckers, and though it is a full on assault the entire planet wide, there are still beneficial life forms of this planet that need our attention.

Vaccines are a huge diabolical agenda to infect everyone with beneficial bacteria killers. No ones immune system is ever the same again, UNLESS ones makes it their business to replace what has been killed.


I've been studying (lightly) viruses and bacteria and its effects both in the macro and micro worlds and I am fascinated. The media is rife with all the negative information of microbes, bacterias, viruses, this one, ebola, that one etc....and so our attentions once again, are hijacked and overwhelmed by that which is being shoved down our throats as if it were the only news, the only reality. But what of the friendly ones? what of the beneficial microbes and bacterias, the ORIGINAL ones? that have been around for billions of years?

Bacteria controls biology. It either makes us sick or it give us health. Microbes are the answer to all.

Understanding microbes is vital to understanding the past and the future of ourselves and our planet.

* I want to make it clear, this is not merely about "health" it is about the natural organic spirit being able to inhabit its own body with soul, and not be taken over by parasites or other entities....these beneficial microbes are types of spirits that can fight off invading negative spirits, along with the strength of knowing who we are. There is more esoterism involved in this than I am able to explain right now.

Something/someone/s have been tampering with our biology and putting in genetic programs of sickness, disease, dying etc, but normal they are not. Cells are naturally designed to reproduce themselves indefinitely, so why the breakdowns?
Clearly something has been causing it. Consider it the enemy. You don't think we have any? They are just ''waywards'' or ''victims of fear'' who decided to perpetuate terror upon others because of their fear and deserve some compassion for their ''erroneous ways''? Whatever helps you sleep at night. But we have enemies who are rabid now. Enemy number one is the one who programmed this nonsense into our biology eons ago. The question remains as to why? Well I have a couple of answers, one is so we do not see this ''tampering'' because we live such shortened lives, and two so we remain so sick and stupid we do not become wise enough to transcend it. In short, they have slaves.

Ok. we have the who and motives, now we need to know the weapons..... genetic manipulation, deliberate poisoning of food, air and water via long term slow acting degenerative chemicals, religions, school systems, creations of religiosity, born in sin, misogyny, governments/leaderships etc., are the common ones but we need to examine closely Microbes, bacteria, virus, nanobots.

Everything in our environment is filled with thousands upon thousands of chemicals detrimental to life. Are you going to tell me the environmental protection agencies do not see this? nor any of the other thousands of agencies designed to monitor and oversee our safety in all areas from industrial poisoning and dumping to lab experiments gone wrong have missed all this? Of course not, they recognize everything is now polluted. So how did so many of these sick bastards over decades be unleashed to be able to do this worldwide with a negligent and ''look the other way policy''?
There is no such thing as safe levels of any kind of toxic or cancer causing agents, nor heavy metals such as mercury, etc, they are all poisonous and when in the environment, the entire world should be in a crisis of remediation. But it is not. They are killing willfully.

We Are What We Eat and Breathe

We can look at the populations now and see many people sick and out of shape, sick bodies, bloated abdomens, puffy swollen faces, most with diseases of some kind or another and all of this is due to poisoned foods, air and waters....and pharmaceuticals when you go the doctor for treatment of what ails you. They are NOT spraying your soils and air with beneficial microbes and flora of the kind which are keeping you healthy and alive, they are spraying you with the ones which kill them including nanobots or nanorobotics which are self replicating and being deliberately designed to be small enough to enter your blood cells and to replicate using something like silica which is a natural crystal and your body wont fight it. Your/our bodies no longer have what it needs to fight the thousands of pollutants you are hourly being sprayed with and consuming through foods and air and water owned and run by pathological industrialism. It is not you being attacked, it is what keeps you healthy that is being attacked.
Your immune systems have been systematically attacked microbially, biologically, and they are down. You are getting sick and dying according to plan. Biological weaponry and war is on fully right now. YOU and your air and water are the vehicles. Look into the history of biological warfare.


But :D there is the organic and natural systems which do know how to find foreign invaders and some of those organic and natural systems are ingenious adaptogens....adaptogens meaning they adapt themselves to become what the body needs. We can find these both in the inner and outer cosmos.
If the Hermetic axiom is true, ''As Above, So below, As Within, So without"....then we must use this to our advantage.

Nature is also producing what is naturally the remediation and always has. The thing is ''they'' know this....and this is what has been attacked deliberately so that they CAN GET TO US.
Let me explain.
We as biological beings are made of 90% microbes of all kinds that keep all our inner systems alive and in a complex and beautifully harmonious balanced human life form. Thousands of varieties of microbes have various jobs in our bodies to keep us healthy and alive, and we feed them through our foods and waters etc. Without these beneficial microbes, we die, simply and quickly. But those franken-fuckers who want our slow death and declining populations of stupid and sick degenerating serfs to live short, miserably slavish lives have been doing something for decades now without our knowing. They have been intentionally killing off those friendly microbes that keep us healthy and inserting abominable amounts of those toxins into all our air and water and foods, to kill off, mutate, and pollute those microbes who keep us in healthy and vital stasis and to prepare our bodies for the final invasion of an environment that supports not organic life but technological life. Slowly the nano robotics invade, replicate and within a few generations have a host, the human. This is deliberate. They didn't want to kill off humans, they could do that in a minute. They want to kill off what keeps us healthy and long lived. You can know this too by simply researching all that which is found sprayed into soils and foods, the air etc, all of those chemical and virus and biological materials being sprayed via chemtrails is all that which is harmful and fatal to the friendly microbes of our own bodies. Have enough of those and you begin to die slowly and painfully via disease. Your life has been programmed to be sick and die through the manmade microbial war on humanity. This in turn happily feeds the medical industry with an endless supply of sick people generation after generation and call ''sickness and dying'' ''the way it is'' and the pernicious mindset of the inception of and hand shaking deals of all this is of the same root of psychopathy who create their puffy bodied serfs.

So, the remedy then, is not to go after those dickheads who are doing this, not yet.....they are there in their offices laughing at you as you bitch and complain in all your sickness, and they know you are only around for a few more short years and those years will be replete with sickness and pains of all kinds due to the toxic loads your polluted bodies are carrying and at the same time they keep you traumatized and distracted with all their killing, raping, wars, and pope visitations of all kinds, both secret and public and all unholy. Monsanto, industrialists, chemical labs and all those inimical inventors of nano robotics designed to enter and live in your blood stream touted as ''repairing agents'' are already weaponized....we are getting sicker, not healthier.....are waiting for the next generation to seal the deal. They will laugh at you as your sick pathogenic ridden self shakes a fist at them. They expect this, and are bored of it. Their attack is done. You are on the way down and out. Or are you?!

Why not do the unexpected? Do something different and begin to fight back the war upon you with microbes of your own? Replace what has been damaged. Restore what is regenerating to you. If you don't want to be so compliant and die as they want you to then You must decide to wage a war back, because there are enemies of the enemy, whether you like those terms or not. The solution is to regenerate our bodies with the friendly microbes which have been slowly killed off and return our bodies into lean and mean vitality filled beautiful human bodies. We don't have time to replenish the soils just yet but we can replenish our bodies and that is far quicker and totally efficacious.

My theory is that we can fight nanorobotics, nano particulates, even transhumanism and all kinds of negative microbes of any kinds through replenishing our bodies with beneficial ones, and these can even break down heavy metals. All of these things directly our mind/body condition, not just our bodies but our thoughts and quality of thinking and moods and directly make us either depressed/sick or joyful/healthy, literally. If I am right, replenishing our bodies with these beneficial microbes with not only save our sanity, but in turn our bodies, our minds, return our negative feelings to positive ones by transformation of the law of signatures of those beneficial microbes, return our selves to not just being human as hosts but humane and sovereign. And then we have what it takes to go after those who do this....but first things first.

Fermented Foods, the Live Microbe Immunity Booster.

There are many sites online to learn about regenerating your bodies with life affirming microbes who are both friendly to you and deadly to the enemy. Friendly microbes, the ones that belong in our bodies will kill off those that do not belong if you have enough of them, and keep replenishing them. Do your own homework, but more importantly if you do not want to spend the rest of your life sick or suffering, miserable, depressed, focused on the end of the world or how fucked up everything is, if you want to find your natural spark of life and the *peace of natural things*.....then you can do something so simple, it boggles the mind. I'm not saying this will save the world, but it can save your world, and the next persons world, and on and on until we find ourselves no longer helplessly racing to our deaths as hosts to diabolical pathogens killing us slowly and surely, but instead enjoying our time here on earth, until this earth is repopulated by life affirming beings, both microbially and humanly. As the microbes are the within, we are the without, on the body of this earth....we each are a cell on the body of this earth and many of us are cancerous and this can be reversed in short time. If enough of us do this, then life can be restored to its naturally peaceful and radiant state. This is a small thing to do, but you as an individual have many madmen trying to kill you from the chemtrail sprayers, to the pesticide sprayers, to the franken-fuckers in labs inventing deadly viruses unleashing them onto the people, to serial killers, to war mongers etc etc.
One person, has many murderers. One person, can restore many lives.

These microbes and friendly bacterias are found in fermented foods. All of that which is life affirming and healthy rejuvenating and regenerating to our bodies and mind, spirit and psychology is found in the 90% of microbes which make up our bodies. These have been attacked and we need to replenish them by deliberately creating and consuming friendly bacterias and microbes via fermented foods such as kefir, yogurts, kimchi, lacto-fermented foods of all kinds, kombucha and homemade sauerkrauts. Sounds too simple I know, but I love simple especially if it works. I have reversed so many of my own issues here with this simple thing of consuming these things that I cannot begin to express my excitement at the beauty of the epiphany and common sense of this microbial situation and the quick remediation by just consuming the friendly microbes with my own homemade fermented foods.

The effects of the negative microbes and nano particulates take over your bodies, spirit and psychology and replicate exceedingly fast especially if you do not have the positive microbes to fight them, you become host to takeover. Every disease known to humanity begins in the gut, either consumed or breathed in. Those microbes also are that which make up the immunity systems and all its defenses. Attack that immune system via dead foods from poisoned soils and chemtrails and pharmaceuticals and the person has no immunity to any pathogens introduced into the body.
All mental diseases begins in the gut.
Just imagine how negative bacteria impacts thoughts/feelings.
Ever seen a person wracked with fever from a virus? their thoughts are dark and they have night terrors. They can only feel sick and see negativity. Those with healthy bacteria can see the good, are not sick nor have nightmares.
The microbes themselves generate thoughts, visions, feelings and psychology of its human host.
Ever see a virus?


Tell me that doesn't look like machinery? These are man (alien?) made. Care to break that down?

The pandemic autism and all those ADHD diseases is not only pathogenic and brain toxicity but also I read somewhere that all those conditions such as Attention Deficit Syndrome and diseases can be described as ''extreme left brainism''  and are being successfully treated with beneficial microbes.

First Put On Your Mask of Oxygen, Then The Others

There are tons of sites online that promote the information of the critical importance of building up our bodies with our natural defense systems, the friendly microbes......all the information, how to's of fermentation are mostly a ''lost art''......are prolific and easily found. If you decide to embark on this, and I strongly urge you to, you can begin to do this within the hour by finding a health food store which sells organic fermented foods and eating them with every meal, and by buying some veggies etc, and begin by making your own. Let this be your life. Flood your body with beneficial microbes and be rid of all ailments manmade and programmed into our biology. Make yourselves un-manipulable!
The positive benefits are endless and effects are holistically within the total human systems physical, psychological, spiritual and mental all at once.
It is not just a remedy for health, it is a total baseline correction for balance to an entire singularly wholistic body system which is not separated as mind, body and spirit, but addresses and affects the whole being as one system. This is entirely different than the box of western thinking. Time to break out.

We are in a war, and our bodies and minds have been attacked with biological warfare for a long time and yet in the wisdom of the Great Mother Earth, who is full of remediation for every ailment known and unknown, every violation done already and yet to be done, She has the remedies built in for any weapon men can conjure up. Enemy microbes are their weapon, but beneficial microbes are our weapons/immunity.


Some recommendations are to look into this excellent presentation of Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.  Also look into the GAPS diet, which is an acronym for Gut and Psychological Syndrome because this doctor who needed to help her son, a classic autistic boy, and the doctors were failing her epically. It took her own determination as a mother to find out how to cure him and she did. She has since helped thousands to get over such things as depression and all kinds of diseases with discovering the relationship of all diseases including mental psychosis with replenishing the bodies necessary gut flora. WE NEED to learn about our bodies, and know what weapons makers know.

I know for a fact that healthy gut flora can cure things like arthritis, depression, digestive disorders which everyone has by now, suicidal thoughts and even chronic stupidity etc....all of these unnatural toxins in the brain and body are pathogens like archons, entities etc, which do not belong and feed off of something they need to thrive and those things become cravings like for chips or sugar or starches, which feeds those entities who generate thoughts and feelings and behaviors and cravings for aggression, abuses, hostility etc etc....all things of their own ilk, their own vibration, of their own kinds which is nothing but sicknesses of all kinds from anger, aggression, to any kind of ''itis'' to sheer idiocy.

Bacteria and microbes generate thoughts, feelings and health or sickness......YOU choose which microbes you want in your body with every meal you eat. Time to get smart about this.

At this critical juncture in humanity's survival or demise, there are choices we can make knowing the source of attack now. There are things we can do, not by pounding the pavement or trying to talk order-followers out of their chronic insanity or by signing endless petitions. The war upon us is from the minutest particles sprayed onto and into us.....so the retaliation must be those tiny particles who can and do consume them. Those sick bastards have deliberately destroyed our friendly and life preserving microbes by the spraying of their chemical pesticides on our soils and genetically modifying foods and installing tons and tons of friendly microbe killers into everything we touch and breath. This is intentional.

"They" are also killing those natural doctors who know there are cures for cancer etc, who promote wellness through natural foods and remedies. This is outright murder of those who promote health.

The sick microbes take over humans who then take over more humans, on and on.

Microbes eat pathogens which cause sickness both mentally and physically. That is why our immune systems have been attacked. We must fight those manufactured assassins with the natural immunity-warriors they took out, replace them with full on intention and determination, with living strong microbes from fermented foods daily.
There are many many people who are onto this inner microbial life condition as being the root to either sickness or health and that healthy inner flora is remedial in ailments which are not typically related to current ''scientific studies'' all across the board.....and give excellent talks and advise on how to help yourself and to help others. All these amazing women promote teaching this for free and sharing with others, and making and even giving these fermented foods away to help others.....this is a true altruistic endeavor which has all my respect. The following videos have alot of facts about friendly bacteria and clear how-to's.




I have given you a remedy for a path to sanity, to health, an ancient and lost art and possibly a way to take back our individual bodies to the entire body of humanity. This is my theory and I'm sticking to it. It is up to you to regenerate yourselves and others. In no way can it hurt, it can only help.
If you do this, do not keep it to your self, share it with everyone you know and help to spread the friendly microbes to every organic being to restore them to original health and beauty. It is the least we can do. For now.

Serena, Lady of the Woods


  1. Dear Lady Serena,

    Your writings are so exquisitely sensitive, intelligent, and courageous. I deeply appreciate
    the fierce awareness of your journey and your willingness to share your experience with others.
    I have traveled as well in this manner. Thank you for your beautiful blog.

    Perhaps, I can offer a part of my heart in reciprocity and gratitude.


    Shilea (of the waters)

    1. Shilea (of the waters) thank you for your lovely comment and the reciprocal video....I think I tried to listen to this one before but the sound quality was a bit abrasive to my ears, maybe one can speak to Tolec about this as all his guests sound like they are speaking from a spacecraft far away with too much echo etc....but I will give this another shot. Thank you for reading. namaste.

  2. Hello, Serena
    We have been very much upon the same path. Another life force is oxygen. There is an oxygen chart of foods which some internet servers have been completely 'disengaged' from the public's eye. I found two such sites which said 'Server not found'. Again, it is my conclusion that when cancer researcher have found something so vital to a cancer cure, Big Pharm is right on their trail and they do everything possible in their power to snuff out any potential cancer cure. Thus, it is with foods high in oxygen. I was doing some research two days ago, finding that Curcumin, Cloves, Cinnamon, are extremely high in oxygenating the body, which incidentally fights cancer. Curcumin reverses brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, and restores the liver to normal function. Curcumin takes toxins out of the body. Less is more, in homeopathy. There are natural remedies which will also take heavy metals out of the body. I have been taking three homeopathy remedies for the past two years on a daily basis, and when I miss some doses, I feel rotten. I have a Materia Media for Homeopathy, which is an extremely extensive Holistic description of the alchemists who were so in-tuned to the human body, they were chemists who did extensive years of research 'cause and effect' with the one founding father's critera that 'like works with like'. Such as, Arsenicum Album is a highly potent metal/chemical with arsenic in it; yet, when used in tiny, incremental doses it actually promotes a path of resistance if one happened to be poisoned with arsenic. Hence, taking a tiny microbe dose of arsenic itself, it counteracts the effect if that substance is in your body, hence removing it from your system. 'Like heals like.' Even when it is a dangerous herb such as Aconite, Wolf's bane. The alchemists of yesterday were wise and used the actual plant through lowering the doses through tinctures, similar to what some essential oils dropped in water does to heal the body.

    This past week I have felt horrible after we had our first rain for a while. I am sure the rain was washing impurities out of the air and bringing them down to the ground causing a lot of people to begin the so-called flu season.

    Our poor Earth that the diabolical savages of mankind have so horribly polluted everything. When I used to feel like a real live person, and didn't have to worry about how I would 'feel' the next day, it is when things began to get really weird as I basically wasn't eating any differently than I had all of my life.
    One of my sons pointed out that most butter and dairy products are from dairy cows which are feed GMO corn. So the butter we are eating is polluted. He said Costco has an Irish butter called Kerry Farms which comes from grass fed cows. I know for a fact when Monsanto began polluting just about every food product under the sun with GMO corn products, which is high fructose corn syrup, THAT is when the obesity of America was begun. I have no other explanation for it. That and the fact that chlorine alters the chemical composition of both male and female reproduction, causing men to become more feminine...hence gays. Swamps in Florida where male alligators have inhabited had their male genitals shrink as a result of the chlorine dumped into the waterways. And we have to put up with both chlorine and ammonia in our drinking water. I can smell it when I turn on the faucet, it reacts with ALL of the dish soaps I have tried to the point of me wanting to almost pass out or throw up from the fumes/chemicals which are released on a daily basis in my house, in my shower, in my clothes, etc. ad nausem.

    Amen! Girl! They say if you chew on a probiotic capsule that it will get rid of the bacteria/bad breath syndrome we are all experiencing from the crappy toothpaste and polluted water which does nothing for our bodies.
    Okay, that is my rant and my input.
    Thank you so much for yours!
    Miss Teresa

    1. I just love hearing from you, and thank you for your input.....still waiting for that blog of yours....
      I'm not seeing the men becoming more feminine though, I think that is what is needed, for men to
      stop rejecting the feminine in themselves and in women and Earth, get smart and become whole
      and then maybe we begin to see men become the respectable creatures they think they should be. But I'm seeing them get worse, more killings every day worldwide....they are just insane. And
      women need to be more aggressive I think and stop being so passive and begin to kick some ass when they see men hurting other women, children and animals....they need to step up and stop
      them, but they are as passive as ever. I am seeing more women in this patriarchal world being
      driven insane though, the eons of abuse have driven them to it.
      I have not much more to add to yours, I think we see the picture, but thanks again for writing.


I enjoy hearing from you.